The process cabbage from caterpillars? Folk remedies and drugs

Caterpillars on cabbage - one of the most dangerous enemies of the crop. If you miss time and time does not destroy them, It pest damage has kochanы. Experienced gardeners know, than to treat the cabbage from caterpillars, to save the crop. Also, do not neglect preventive measures. That good care of young plantings to protect against parasites and various diseases.

description pest

Cabbage butterfly - an insect, relating to the type of arthropods. She has white wings with black spots. It feeds on flowers of cabbage juice. Parasite lays eggs on the underside of leaves. It was there they are best protected from rain, sunlight and birds.

Гусеница желто-зеленого цвета, со светлыми волосками. У взрослой гусеницы 16 ног, длина до 35 мм. За свой жизненный цикл они переживают 4 линьки
Caterpillar yellow-green, with blond hairs. The adult caterpillar 16 legs, length 35 mm. they worry about their life cycle 4 moult

After a couple of days from the eggs crawl small larvae, called caterpillars. They feed on cabbage leaves and growing rapidly. Because eating caterpillars continuously, they can cause serious damage to the vegetable garden. Depending on the weather, parasites in phase caterpillars staying around 14-20 days, then leave the garden with broken plants and crawl on fences and trees. There they attach to the surface with the help of spider thread and turn into pupae.

note! For the season cabbage butterfly can produce a light from 2 to 3 progenies.

How to keep the cauliflower from pests

To protect the cauliflower from slugs, caterpillars and other pests, follow the rules:

  1. Around series with cabbage plant garlic. Its smell will repel insects from.
  2. Planted near tomatoes or cabbage heads dill. His umbrellas will protect the plant from the attack of parasites.
  3. Sow the land borage. Its fragrance is also repels ticks, slugs and butterflies.
Рекомендуем также обработать капусту от вредителей жидкостью, получаемой после варки листьев табака
We also recommend you to process liquid from the cabbage pests, obtained after cooking tobacco leaves

Prevent the occurrence of pests in cauliflower help tobacco dust, ammonia solution or normal vinegar. The treatment should be carried out by any means of rubber gloves to prevent allergic reactions.

Treatment of cabbage pests with chemicals

When large populations of caterpillars on cabbage should be used for their destruction chemicals. The most popular are the following:

  1. able to. Highly effective insecticide is a new generation of fast-acting. Release preparation in the form of granules, powder, tablets and liquid concentrate. It has on insect gut contact action. The active substance is thiamethoxam. It instantly penetrates the plant through the leaves and the stem extends. First stop feeding parasites, then killed. The protective effect persists for Akhtar 24 days.

    Если растения обработать Актарой, вредители перестают употреблять обработанное растение через полчаса, пропадают в течении суток
    If the plants process Akhtar, pests cease use of the treated plants in half an hour, disappear within days

  2. Bankol. Insecticide contact-intestinal action. It affects the nervous system of parasites, provokes their immobilization and termination of power, that leads to the death on the third day. On 10 l of water requires 5-7 g product. Bankole can be combined with some fungicides and growth stimulants. The active substance is bensultal. It does not accumulate in the soil, plants and water. Benefits of the drug - a low toxicity and no pungent smell.
  3. Butyzan. It is a selective herbicide. It penetrates through the roots into the cabbage and protects the plant before 6 weeks. The advantage is that, that there is no need for seals and between rows of machining. Release means in the form of a suspension concentrate. Active component therein acts metazachlor.
  4. Fury. Preparation based on active isomers, belonging to the class of synthetic pyrethroids. The active substance is zeta-cypermethrin. Fury release in emulsion form. He copes with most garden pests, not addictive and economically spent. The protective effect persists for 10-15 days. For the season should be carried out 1-2 processing portion. Fury is prohibited to mix with other drugs.

    «Фьюри» – инсектицид, который, несмотря опасные вещества в своем составе, с практически стопроцентной вероятностью поможет избавиться от всего того, что мешает развитию капусты и других огородных культур
    "Fury" - insecticide, which the, despite the dangerous substances in its composition, with almost one hundred percent probability will help to get rid of everything, which prevents the development of cabbage and other vegetable crops

Processing backyard biologics

Quite often, instead of chemicals gardeners prefer Biologicals. They affect only the parasites, without causing environmental damage.

One known biologicals is Entobakterin. His release in the form of gray powder. Penetrating into the body of pests during feeding, it destroys it. On 10 liters of water is required 50 g product. Active ingredients therein act bacteria and toxic crystals.

note! The best result of the processing is observed at temperature not lower than 25 °C.

You must spend a minimum 2 treatment sprouts through 1 week.

Gaining popularity modern drugs against pests on the basis of different types of bacteria. These include:

  1. bitoksibatsillin. Effective drug against the caterpillars of the cabbage, Colorado potato beetle, Repnev Belyanko and other parasites.
  2. Lepidocide - insecticidal biological agent intestinal action. Protect cabbage from caterpillars and other leaf-eating insects.
  3. fitoverm. Insectoacaricide enteric contact action. It is effective against most types of garden pests.

It is important to start processing site immediately after the appearance of caterpillars, that they have not been able to grow up to adults.

Folk remedies to combat caterpillars

When invasion caterpillars on site can use such folk remedies for the treatment of:

  1. Mustard and vinegar. When there were holes in the cabbage leaves, should be mixed 20 g of mustard powder and 10 liters of water, then add 200 ml of vinegar. The resulting mixture to spray plants. In order not to burn it, you must take 7% vinegar and more 200 ml.
  2. Ammonia. Add 30 ml of the drug in 10 liters of water, treat the leaves and pour over the cabbage at the root. The sharp smell of money will drive away parasites, and podkormlenny cous nachet recover and develop.
  3. Bow. take 500 g onion skin and pour 4 liters of water. Insist 24 o'clock, then add 10 g tar shampoo. it is recommended to spray the beds 1 every 7 days for prevention.
  4. bird droppings. Add to bucket 250 Mr. bird droppings and leave 1 day. Watering infusion site after sunset.
  5. header for cover. Upon detection of the beds tracks enough to sprinkle the ground and bushes of corn flour. pests stomach can not digest flour, and soon they will die.
  6. Infusion of horseradish. Scare away vermin, you can use the infusion of horseradish. On 10 l need 250 g odorous materials. Instead of horseradish useful to use the orange peel.
  7. Kvass or beer. Many gardeners positive about such an unusual way to get rid of insects. It is to place on the bed glasses of beer or kvass. Night slugs and snails will slide the bait. Then they need to throw it outside the garden.
  8. Tobacco and ash. Avoid crucifer flea beetles by using tobacco dust or ash. They should overwhelm plants after every rain.
  9. Eggshell. When broken shells on the cabbage leaves, it will keep plants from butterflies, whiteflies. They see the shell of her rivals and do not occupy foreign territory.
  10. Soda. If you head out to sprinkle baking soda, it will destroy the cabbage white butterfly and other butterflies.
  11. Salt. A solution of the salt will retain the plants from flea beetle. Suffice it to dissolve in water 30 g salt and treat cabbage leaves.
  12. Sagebrush. Collect the plant during the flowering period, grind and quantity 1 kg add 10 l of hot water. Spray the cabbage patch 1 once a week.

Important! Carry out processing of cabbage whitefly and other pests should be dry and calm weather. Particular attention should be paid to the underside of the leaves.

Plants, saving cabbage pests

To protect the beds from the parasites of plants can be used with a daunting smell. For example, It can be planted between rows of cabbage garlic. Also helps protect the garden nettle. Suffice it to mow, wear gloves and spread out under the bushes of cabbage. Nettle is not only scare away insects, but also help to retain moisture in the soil.

I hated to have caterpillars smell marigold and calendula. They should land on the perimeter portion with cabbage. You can also use mint, sage and chamomile.


Get rid of the pests is much more difficult, than to prevent their invasion. Since slugs love dark and damp places, it is necessary to clean the area of ​​all debris, including leaves, wood and old rubbish.

Обработать капусту от вредителей-слизней можно порошком горчицы, порошком скорлупы яиц,горького перца
Treat the cabbage-from slugs can be pests mustard powder, eggshell powder, hot pepper

It is recommended to regularly remove weeds, to circulate between the air spaces is well.

At the end of August begins the period of active pest breeding. The female can lay at a time into the ground around 200 eggs. They should be destroyed to prevent infection of the crop in the spring.

In the summer after watering sure to loosen the soil. This measure prevents cracks, which can be a habitat for pests. Besides, necessary to remove the lower leaves of cabbage, that parasites are not settled in them.

After harvest, all plant residues is recommended to wipe the area. This will cause, that insects have nowhere to live and nothing to eat.

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