fungicide Kvadris – how to use the drug?

To get a good crop you need to use fungicidal agents, that help in the treatment of a variety of plant diseases, and also effective for the prevention of. One such means is a fungicide Quadris. The means used to combat fungi. How to work with a fungicide? What dosages used?

Фунгицид Квадрис – это препарат для защиты овощных культур открытого и защищенного грунта (томаты, огурцы), а также винограда, лука, капусты, картофеля, гороха от основных болезней
Quadris fungicide - a drug for the protection of vegetable crops open and protected ground (tomatoes, cucumbers), and grapes, Luke, cabbage, potato, peas from major diseases

Description and action

Fungicidal Quadris manufactured by the Swiss company. It is a concentrated suspension, sealed in ampoules 5 and 6 ml. Also, the drug is sold in plastic bottles with large volume - 1 liter.

The composition of matter includes components such as: azoxystrobin, sulfur, phosphorus, metal ions. After contact with the leaves of plants blocking access of oxygen substance of fungal spores, which leads to their death of. Thus vnutrilistovye pathogenic microorganisms die after approximately one hour after preparation of spraying. The active substance dissolves in a time on the safe components - hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. Therefore, all the fruits and shoots of the treated plants do not accumulate harmful substances and are completely safe.

Препарат обладает системным и трансламинарным действием, проникая через листовую пластинку, и защищает ее с обеих сторон от атак патогенов
The drug has a systemic action and translaminar, penetrating through the lamina, and protects it from both sides of the attacks of pathogens

With proper compliance with the recommendations on the use of Quadris retains its effectiveness for two weeks.


Initially, a drug developed to improve the condition of the grass vegetation. Due to the elimination of such diseases, how to spot and Fusarium, the grass becomes more resistant to damage. Thus Turf treated with the appearance of the first leaves in spaced 20 days. During the season, the number of sprays can reach 4 time.

Quadris fungicide may be used to protect crops such, as:

  • cucumbers (muchnistaya dew, perenosporoz);
  • tomatoes (fitoftoroz, alternaria, muchnistaya dew);
  • Potatoes (silver scurf, rizoktonioz);
  • Bow (peronosporoz, gray mold, neck rot);
  • Vinogradnaya Lausanne (oidium, mildew).

Pros and cons of funds

Due to the properties of the fungicidal agents can be for 1-2 Season eliminate pockets of fungal diseases in the area. Besides, Quadris has the advantages, as:

  • Clearly limited spectrum of activity. The drug is only influences the harmful fungi, and does not affect the useful. Therefore there is no need to accurately diagnose and analyze disease.
  • Absolutely harmless to the soil microflora and fauna. If applied before planting means, it significantly reduces the likelihood of infection and the need to use stronger drugs.
  • It does not accumulate in the shoots and fruits. It works exclusively on the leaves.
  • The duration of action of the fungicide is not dependent on weather conditions, so it can spray at a temperature of 4-30 * C +.
  • Compatible with other measures to improve yields, eg, Contributed compost, humus.
  • Metabolites of the drug increases the rate of photosynthesis, which affects the plants resistance to bad weather conditions.

The disadvantages fungicides Quadris should include the following points:

  • The prepared solution has 2 Hazard Class;
  • For fish and aquatic organisms it is extremely dangerous;
  • It can accumulate in the flowers, as well as in the leaves, therefore, considered to be unsafe for bees;
  • It may be addictive (resistance) to matter. It is for this reason, experts do not recommend to use the drug for more than two years in a row at one site. It is desirable to alternate with other means (not strobulinovymi).
  • It is important to dispense the correct tool, not to exceed the norm, as this may affect to some plants.
  • Mushroom mycelium is not destroyed fully and so it is best to supplement funds from other fungicide.
  • Means quite expensive.

dosage Features

Instructions for use contains the following information regarding the preparation of working solution and its use for various plants:

  • grape. must 60 ml suspension diluted in 10 liters of water. Spraying should be done before the start of flowering vines and after harvest. Suffice it twice a season, but, if necessary, you can spend more spraying. In this case, the interval between treatments should be two weeks. You can not use a fungicide during coloring of berries.

    Замечено что после проведенного распыления патогены на листьях винограда гибнут в пределах 1 часа
    noticed, that after spraying conducted on grape leaf pathogens are killed during 1 o'clock

  • for cucumbers. Add to 10 liters of water 40 ml fungicide Kvadris. With this amount of solution can be treated with a little more 10 m. It helps in controlling powdery mildew and perenosporozom. Processing before and after flowering.
  • for tomatoes. Working solution (40 10 ml / l) sprayed prior to the color and after the formation of fruits. For greenhouse crops better to prepare a concentrated solution of 80 ml substance on 10 liters of water.
    Томаты в открытом грунте и теплицах обрабатывают фунгицидом, чтобы защитить от сухой пятнистости (альтернариоза), фитофтороза, стеблевой гнили и мучнистой росы
    Tomatoes in open fields and greenhouses treated with fungicide, to protect against dry spot (Alternaria), blight, stem rot and mildew

    At the same time spraying should not be done more than once a 10 days.

  • Potatoes. fungicide (0,3 l / 10l) sprayed on the soil before planting the tubers. In this case, the effect of the drug will be kept for two months.
  • Bow. mix 80 ml means with 10 liters of water. Only three sprays per season. It helps with mildew and fusarium wilt.

Important! Not to harm the plant, you must strictly adhere to the dosage and recommendations for fungicide spraying period, certain plants.

Preparation of the solution

Для безопасности раствор рекомендуется разводить в баллоне опрыскивателя
For security solution is recommended to breed in the tank sprayer

Experts recommend diluted solution was used directly in the tank of the sprayer. In this case, it is necessary to pre-rinse well, to further the nozzle is not clogged debris or impurities. To prepare the solution needed follows:

  1. Carefully shake the vial with a fungicidal substance.
  2. Fill the vessel to 1/3 treated water.
  3. Pour the desired amount of the emulsion and thoroughly all move until complete dissolution.
  4. Fill the tank with water to the desired volume.
  5. The drug has a tendency to settle to the bottom, so you need to regularly shake the container.
  6. The solution will pass after cooking during the day. Therefore, you need to prepare as much, as needed at one time and no more.

Important! If the tool is left, it must be disposed of, observing safety rules, and thoroughly rinse the container used and nozzles.

Precautionary measures

Using Quadris fungicide must adhere to certain rules and guidelines when working:

  • To carry out protective measures is better to choose the days, when there is no rain and strong wind;
  • To spray in a mask and protective clothing. After contact with skin or mucous immediately rinse them under running water;
  • Never store the drug, as well as the capacity to spray near food and household items;
  • It prohibited the use of fungicides near ponds and pools;
  • Spraying is best done in the morning and evening;
  • If the drug hit the respiratory organs, then you need to consult a medical facility, pre drinking absorbent means;
  • Keep fungicide needed in the package, which is not damaged. In this place should be dark at a temperature from -5 to + 35 * C. the storage period does not exceed 3 years old.


Buy Top fungicide Quadris possible for 1680 hryvnia (capacity in 1 liter). capacity in 100 ml cost 240 hryvnia, a bag with 6 ml - 24 hryvnia.


If desired, you can buy a more affordable and equally effective substitutes fungicides Quadris. These are the following drugs:

  • Prozaro;
  • defender;
  • strobe;
  • follicle;
  • Falcon.


People, have acquired and tested the fungicide Quadris on your site, positive about its effect. However, many say, that the drug copes well with fungi, even in very advanced cases. The drug also worked well as prophylaxis. Means actively apply for the protection of cucumber, tomatoes, onions and potatoes from diseases. Quadris Equally effective is the treatment of diseases vineyard.

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