Why does the spider mites on cucumbers in the greenhouse and soil? Control measures

Spider mites on cucumbers - small insect in length about 0,5 mm, brown or red color. Life expectancy - up 30 days. Spider mite can cause huge damage to crops, if not promptly begin its destruction and not to carry out a set of preventive measures. For this purpose, chemical agents or folk remedies can be used, depending on the number of pests on plants.

Паутинный клещик – мелкое насекомое 0,2 – 0,5 см в длину, без усиков и крыльев, имеет 4 пары ножек. Цвет – бледно-зеленый или зеленоватый с желтым оттенком
Spider mite - small insect 0,2 – 0,5 cm in length, without antennae and wings, It has 4 pair of legs. Color - pale green or greenish yellow tinge

Reasons and signs of infection

Spider mites and multiplies appears only at high temperature and dry air. Adults hibernate in leaf litter and topsoil, greenhouses and manure. To protect crops from the invasion of parasites, It should be regular agro-technical measures.

Recognize the presence of spider mites on the site can be on the following grounds:

  • bright spots on the back side of the sheet;
  • transparent spider web;
  • slow growing plant;
  • yellow leaves.

Most female fertility accounts for the period, when the pest only began to hit a plant. The number of eggs can reach up to 300 pieces for 1 clutch.

Паутинный клещ также способен спровоцировать развитие серой гнили, поражающей всю надземную часть растения и неизбежно ведущей к его гибели
Spider mite also able to trigger the development of botrytis, affecting the entire aboveground part of the plant, and will inevitably lead to his death

Upon detection of spider mites on the site should be removed and burned all of the diseased seedlings. Also, before the onset of the new season should conduct such activities:

  1. dig the soil.
  2. Alternate planting cucumbers and cabbage and tomatoes.
  3. Systematically weed cucumber beds.
  4. In the process of growing to inspect whips and leaves daily.
  5. Handle special preparations locally plant pest detection.

Danger spider mites for the harvest is, that he not only sucks the juice from the leaves, but also reduces the protective properties to resist various diseases of cucumbers. Infected seedlings eventually wither and die.

Plants, that will protect cucumber against pests

Protect cucumbers from spider mites, you can use certain plants:

  1. aconite-nosed. Mix the crushed roots or grass and 70% alcohol. The resulting extract is diluted with water in a proportion of 1:10 and handle seedlings.
  2. cow parsnip. Squeeze the juice from the plant, pour a bucket of water and pomace on leave 8-12 hours. Then separating the liquid portion and mixed with the juice, previously pressed. Use spray cucumbers. Procure raw materials should be before and after flowering.
  3. Gorceac repens. To prepare the infusion should take the dry ground parts of the plant in the amount of 1 kg 10 l and boil for 30 minutes, then leave on 8 hours. After infusion and drain the liquid portion diluted with water before spraying.
  4. Onion. take 100 g onion peels and pour 5 liters of water. Leave overnight.
  5. Datura stramonium. It should be finely chopped dried plants in the amount of 1 kg 10 l, leave on 12 hours. Then you need to drain fluid.

The processing of cucumbers from spider mites chemicals

Experienced gardeners believe, that spraying insecticides cucumber seedlings in the presence of spider mite pointless. They recommend the use of miticides and insectoacaricide. These drugs have an enteric contact action and are safe for the human body.

Processing plant chemicals should be very carefully and accurately. Also need to re-spraying to kill the younger generation vermin. It is carried out depending on the temperature:

  1. at +20 Seedlings ° C was treated three times with an interval of 9 days.
  2. at +30 ° C must be sprayed cucumbers 4 times at intervals of 3-4 day.

If the outside air temperature is higher 30 °C, it should abandon treatment, because it will be useless.

Important! Spray the plants should be in the evening, when the sun has little activity. If you spend the day processing, the poisonous substances, contained in preparations, quickly evaporate and destroy parasites.

Many gardeners recommend treating cucumbers as a preventive measure. It should also be borne in mind, that long-term use of the drug causes spider mite addictive and produces immunity. for 1 spraying dies no more 50% parasite. This is because, his web water repellent, so repeated treatments should be carried out.

By popular chemical and biological preparations against spider mites are:

  1. Vertimek. unsystematic insectoacaricide. The active component therein acts as abamectin. It inhibits the parasites on the upper and lower side of the sheet. The protective effect persists for 20 days. The drug was well tolerated by plants.

    Вертимек - несистемный инсектоакарицид биологического происхождения, кишечно-контактного действия
    Vertimek - non-systemic insectoacaricide biological origin, enteric contact action

  2. tick-borne. Insektoakaricid based aversektina. Detrimental effect on spider mite nervous system, causing paralysis through 8-10 hours. The death comes after 3-6 days. The protective effect lasts 5-7 days. On 1 l of water required 4-6 ml formulation.
  3. blasphemy. Biopreparat, the effect of which comes through 5-7 hours after spraying on the chewing pests and 8-16 hours sucking parasites. During this period, the insects lose the ability to move and stop feeding. The advantage is that Akarina, that it is not addictive. A bucket of water is required 10 ml formulation. Akarin is compatible with most fungicides and insecticides.
  4. aktellik. high-performance, but unsafe for human drug. When processing should wear gloves and a respirator. On 2 liters of water is required 1 ampoule.
  5. fitoverm. biological insectoacaricide, which does not pollute the environment and breaks down rapidly in soil and water. Effective even in hot conditions. The protective effect persists for 1-3 weeks after treatment, the indoor 1-2 week in the open. Preparation is not toxic. Never mix with other chemicals Fitoverm.

    В основу Фитоверма входят продукты жизнедеятельности почвенных микроорганизмов, что делает его безопасным для окружающей среды и позволяет быстро разрушаться в почве и воде
    The basis fitoverm included soil micro-organisms, making it safe for the environment and allows you to quickly break down in the soil and water

  6. Aktofit. new generation biological product based on aversectin. He does not accumulate in the soil, therefore, considered to be an environmentally safe. Aktofit has neurotoxic effects on the parasites.
  7. Plant-pin. The tool is designed for cucumbers, grown in the greenhouse. Release it in the form of sticks. enough to stick 1 stick around and shoots water the plants. This leads to its dissolution and release of active substances, harmful to the pest.
  8. anticlea. Acaricide based malathion. The effect is observed after a couple of hours after treatment. The protective effect lasts for 2 weeks. The drug is not selective and non-toxic to surrounding plants. Approved for use in greenhouses.

It is also advisable to use anti-parasite Acarofungicides. They act on the spores of pathogenic fungi, that ticks are often transferred to the Statement, infecting plants.

note! When using chemicals, it is important to avoid getting funds into open water, as they pose a threat to fish.

Before spraying the seedlings should be possible to remove the cobwebs. Since the pests can some drugs develop immunity, is required for each change acaricide treatment.

How to deal with spider mites on cucumbers folk remedies?

Destroy the spider mites can not only chemicals, but also folk remedies. They are safe and accessible. The most common are:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. take 20 ml 3% hydrogen peroxide, Add to 1 l oxen, and the obtained solution spray plants. repeat manipulation 3 times with a break in 5 days.
  2. Ammonia. mix 1 no. l. ammonia and 1 liters of water. Such means suppresses the development and life cycle of the parasite.
  3. Herbs and spices. It is useful to handle cucumber seedling decoction on the basis of calendula, yarrow, shtavelya, dandelion, garlic and onions. Suffice it to crush any of the listed ingredients, fill it with boiling water and leave for 24 o'clock. After spraying, the cucumbers this tool is recommended to sprinkle tobacco bushes to protect against the secondary attack spider mite.
  4. suds. Add 200 g soap in 10 l of warm water. Infuse a few hours, then mix and process the landing. after 3-4 hour to wash away the remnants of the foam plant. To improve the efficiency can take 50 g soap and 500 g of fresh garlic. pour ingredients 3 liters of water and leave for 5 days in a dark place. Thereafter, an infusion filter and diluted with pure water.

Important! Spider mite can not tolerate UV rays, therefore planted plants useful to irradiate the UV lamp. The session should last 2-3 minutes. Repeat the procedure is desirable 1 once a week. It helps to reduce pest populations and increasing cucumber resistance to many diseases.

What cucumbers are resistant to spider mites?

Every year, breeders are developing new varieties and grow vegetables, to be resistant to pests. Experts identify the following varieties of cucumbers with good immunity against spider mites:

  1. hybrid SPRING. pcheloopyljaemogo hybrid, suitable for fresh consumption and conservation. The variety is resistant not only to the spider mites, but also to powdery mildew, anthracnose and kladosporiozu. Characterized by high heat resistance, but require abundant irrigation. The disadvantage is the rapid withering of cucumbers - during 2-3 days after collection.
  2. Murashka F ripening hybrid cucumber, wherein high taste performance in fresh and saline as. He is unpretentious in the care, It has an aesthetic appearance, no empty shell. This variety can be grown in the garden and in the greenhouse.
  3. Benefit F ripening self-pollinated hybrid mid-size. Resistant also to root rot, and powdery mildew.
  4. Admiral F Medium early hybrid universal, which does not require pollination. Characterized by good taste, without bitterness. Resistant to many diseases cucumber crops.
  5. Nasko 104 Early maturing hybrid F, grown in the open ground, and in greenhouses. Variety refers to the universal. Has resistance to cucumber diseases most.


Cucumber avoid defeat spider mites can, be prevented if timely. This includes:

  1. Weeding plot of weeds.
  2. digging the soil in the spring after the departure of snow and autumn.
  3. Destruction of infected plants.
  4. Disinfection in the greenhouse.
  5. Planting high quality seed, which have been decontaminated.
  6. Using cucumber varieties, resistant to many diseases.
  7. soil decontamination and its fertilizer.

Landing cucumber crops should only be done in a clean loose and warm soil. the soil temperature at a depth 12 cm should not be below +12 °C.

Все поврежденные листья и даже целые растения удаляются. При этом их обязательно нужно поместить в полиэтиленовый мешок перед тем, как вынести и сжечь
All damaged leaves and even entire plants are removed. In this case, they definitely need to put in a plastic bag before, how to make and burn

To spider mite does not live on cucumbers in greenhouses, should perform these actions:

  1. Make humidity more 70%. The pest is killed when 60%.
  2. After harvesting carefully removed or dug soil topsheet, especially in the corners - it is there for the winter like the female mite.
  3. Make the soil phosphorus fertilizer.

In the off-season it is recommended framework and disinfection tapestries. It was there that often inhabit adults.

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