Son of worms – as he warns?

Everybody knows, that dreams - a reflection of our unconscious, and their key symbols can give a hint of the future. Therefore it is not surprising, often dreamers wish to learn, what dreams of worms. Of course, people like to have at least some idea of ​​the coming change your life, But again, decryption ability is not given to everyone. But you can try to sort out their own dreams, drawing on the experience of knowing people.

Как не странно, но приснившиеся глисты являются символом неминуемого успеха в будущем
Surprisingly, but dreamed worms are a symbol of imminent success in the future

What are the dreams of worms?

The vast majority of the existing popular dream books read as, that the worms in a dream are a symbol of imminent success in the future, as well as the conclusion of new fruitful deals. therefore, If you had a worms, know, that the white band in your life closer, than you think. But do not relax, as unexpected minor troubles may occur even in the most peaceful moment of life. In the dream to see dead worms or destroy their own shows, that may soon be trouble. in front of, if the parasites grow large, strange color, it is to a large material gain, or meeting with old friends.

Often people have dreams, in which they are mere observers of what is happening, Take no action and no action was taken. In this case, if you watched the worms in his sleep, you can expect new acquaintances in the near future. But it is worth to be careful, because you do not know, the consequences of this knowledge, and who will be the man. Quite another important dream, in which you become the target of the attacks of parasites. This dream is not divine aggression of your enemies and rivals, so do not lose vigilance. best embodiment, in this case, It is to achieve its goal, not paying too much attention to people with no pure thoughts against you.

always dream, in which you were able to get rid of worms, promises joy and good news. With this dream to be expected, that your affairs will go uphill, and success is not far off. But what dreams to children about worms, which are then transformed into insects? On this question there is a very simple and logical answer. Children perceive in dreams of worms ordinary earthworm, which we saw the day on the street. But why dream of worms? Do not worry once again, as in this case,, the emotions of the day continues to actively exist even during sleep and give to know about it. Interesting opinion expressed on the subject in Miller's dream book. Sleep, in which the parasites in a child means, what a child needs extra care, possible probability to catch a cold.

Если во сне вы избавились от глистов, то ожидайте радостных новостей
If you dream rid of worms, then wait for the good news

Why dream of living worms and what they mean?

Of course, contemplation of worms - a spectacle not palatable to most people, but if it was in a dream, it is considered a harbinger of a new joy. Can confidently be expected in the near future successful introduction and a nice time with a bunch of positive emotions, and get ready for the unexpected surprises and frivolous efforts of. You can also expect a new romantic, which can later develop into a strong family relationships. But there are exceptions to the rule, if these parasites were inside a living organism, then be careful at work. So try not to exacerbate existing conflicts with colleagues and, if possible, avoid new.

Why dream of worms in the feces?

If you had a dream to see the worms in the stool, you know, you someone envies. May be, it may flatter you, but should rejoice, because often envy - it is a negative feeling. And the envious can greatly harm to you and your career. When, if you had a long enough parasite, do not worry. This dream - a harbinger of material success, small, but nice, so do not hesitate to show all their abilities. maybe, will, that your work is already expecting the long-awaited new position or a small prize for their efforts. If you follow Freud's dream book, the dream, in which you found in the feces of worms, means, that have flooded the bad and unpleasant thoughts from which you can not easily get rid of, as we would like. known psychoanalyst, as active substance, advises to use spiritual practices, to help sort out their own thoughts, and get rid of the negativity. properties turn out case, If you had a longer live parasites. If you happen to detect a dream of dead worms in the stool, it can be assumed, that your opponent was weaker than you. Also, it could spell the termination of the protracted conflicts, diseases or other problems.

Если же вас напугал сон, где вы увидели глистов в фекалиях, то он говорит о появлении завистника
If you are scared sleep, where you see worms in the feces, he says about the appearance of envious

What do the white worms in his sleep?

In dreams, white worms to serious, as well as the length of calls. Hold your emotions and stay calm as much as possible and kept. Unpleasant temper can spoil the reputation, try to think, about who and what is to say. maybe, even surrounded by close friends will have to be extremely cautious, because no one knows who, what thinks of them actually. In the moonlight dream book there is an explanation, Why could dream of white parasites. An ill-considered and not evil spoken phrase for a loved one can be too offensive for him. Your subconscious understands the essence of the offense and reflects it directly during sleep your night vision. When, If you saw in a dream, like white worms go, it could be considered, everything superfluous and unnecessary, and you left your mind.

Why dream of worms in the stool child?

Dreams of this kind are not good tidings. Such dreams often indicate the approach of any serious illness or traumatic injury. Besides, dreams of such content are a kind of warning that, Now that your child gets excessive parental care. After all, parents want their child is only good, but sometimes overly protected him from the outside world. Therefore it is necessary to review the methods of raising children of their own and discuss with him issues, that he was concerned about and try to find their root cause. And in the future to try more loyal and gently treat your child's antics.

but, There are other interpretations of dreams. for example, Dream interpretation of the XXI century explains dreams, in which there are worms in the child as an approximation of happy moments or interesting, promising love. A popular Dream Miller recommends putting baby warmer, because such dreams may indicate the possibility of contracting acute respiratory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Worms in food - interpretation

Increased demands on yourself can cause a wide variety of content on a dream. Permanent internal control does not always lead to positive results. So if suddenly you had a big worms in the food, it is desirable to how to stop self-examination as soon as possible and relax a little bit. It does not hurt to find employment, which will help to distract from painful thoughts and not to fall into a long depression, from which it will be very difficult to find a way out.

We should also mention the dreams, which marked the worms in fish or fish dishes. Seeing the dream, it is desirable to consult your doctor and make a full examination of the body. maybe, this indicates some diseases of internal organs. You should not worry too much, such dreams do not indicate the presence of any complex pathologies, but check does not hurt. Quite to the contrary they say dreams, where you see worms in the meat. Such dream mean unexpected joy and surprise. Therefore, in the near future you can expect a pleasant and unforgettable emotions.

Обнаруженные глисты в еде могут свидетельствовать о нарушении в организме. Следует пройти полное обследование у врача
Discovered worms in food may indicate a breach in the body. Should undergo a full examination by a doctor

Why dream of worms with friends

Such dreams indicate, that your friend may face any illness. unlikely, it's kind of difficult to curable pathology. If you dream of, your friend gets rid of worms, it means, that you will soon meet him and spend a fun time.

Why dream of feces with worms in animals?

Generally dreams pets often are good features. They show a short acquaintance with an interesting person, with which you can later become true friends. Besides, such a dream could spell long-term romantic relationships with the opposite sex.

Many wonder what cats dream about worms in? Such a dream - a good sign. Once they can embody all conceived ideas or plans, they will succeed. You will not be an obstacle, no noise and turmoil, everything goes smoothly and quietly. Besides, such dreams can mean an early ending prolonged disease, melancholy or depressed state.

Also, many dreams, in which the worms have a favorite dog. In different dream books, they are treated quite differently. If you dream you find worms in the dog's mouth, you should carefully monitor your statements with respect to the family and friends. After all, in a dream symbolizes the mouth conversations in the real world. Also, do not uchuvstvovat in discussions someone "behind", This can be bad for your reputation, a negative impact on your working relationships and affairs. Dream interpretation of the XXI century interprets such dreams as the internal struggle of man. That is, you subconsciously want to understand yourself, to change something in his character or actions, actions.

Anyway, If you dream of worms in your pet, it is advisable to go with them to the vet to conduct a survey. Because such dreams may indicate infection your animal parasites.

К сновидениям стоит относится серьезно и анализировать увиденное при помощи проверенных сонников. Это позволит избежать множества проблем
By the dreams should be taken seriously and analyze what he saw using proven dream book. This will avoid many problems

Do I need to trust dreams?

The dreams can prividetsya anything, and even parasites do not just come in dreams so. Of course, dream interpretations, there are many, but it is always advisable to listen to the explanations of dream books, that are proven. It is always a help in everyday life, It allows you to choose the right path in life, avoid major mistakes and attract luck and prosperity.

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