Scraping on enterobiosis children – how to take the analysis?

Enterobiasis - the most common disease in children. unwashed hands, habit "taste" is far from inedible and filthy things - here's a quick list of reasons, which lead to infection with pinworms. In the initial stage of the disease symptoms are blurred, or may not be available at all. However, there are signs, allowing a child suspected enterobiosis. But to clarify the diagnosis made on scraping enterobiosis. In this regard, parents often question: how to take the children to the scraping enterobiosis. Do I need training?

Симптомы заболевания
Health - the most important point in the prevention of parasitic infection

When do you need to scrape enterobiosis?

Infection can be asymptomatic pinworms, but often, especially as the disease progresses, acquires certain traits. Here are the most common symptoms of Enterobiasis:

  1. Itching in the anal area, growing in the evening and at night. There may be redness and scratches.
  2. fatigue, weakness, malaise.
  3. Decreased appetite, constipation, or, in front of, loose stools, abdominal pain.

In addition to the suspected presence of pinworms, scraping on enterobiosis children spend in other cases:

  • for admission to kindergarten or school;
  • when you make trips to a sanatorium or children's camp;
  • on admission to the hospital the hospital;
  • before obtaining the subscription to the pool;
  • if the child is in contact with the sick person enterobiasis.

Donating children scraping preferably once a year, regardless of the presence of signs and symptoms. This will help in time to identify the disease and to take action.

Important! If you suspect of being infected with pinworms sure to consult a doctor and hand scraping - the progression of the disease leads to negative consequences, and the probability of self-healing is zero.

При подозрении срочно обратитесь к врачу
One of the main symptoms of infection - itching in the anus

Preparation for passing scraping

After visiting the doctor and established the need for additional analysis, the next question is - how to take a scraping on the child enterobiosis? You can do this in two ways - in the clinic or at home. The clinic will do specialist, The procedure is quick and painless. Usually children quietly accept such manipulations. At home, scraping makes one of the parents or relatives. An important condition for the success of the procedure, the house is the accuracy and speed of action of the manipulation.

When taking on scrapings enterobiosis children special training is required. The only condition, increasing the reliability of the results, is the need not to wash in the morning before the scraping and the night before. It is better to carry out the procedure to cleanse the bowel.

How is the procedure?

And in a specialized medical institution, and home appliances in the child taking on scrapings enterobiosis same. Of course, better to turn to professionals - they have everything you need, to conduct research, the material is sterile and clean "hand will not tremble" when handling your child. But if this is not possible, the, and armed with the knowledge necessary for analyzing materials, you can do it yourself. How exactly do the scraping on enterobiosis child at home - you decide, on the basis of the following methods:.

note! Scrapings taken from morning, and deliver it for the research you need as soon as possible, but no later than two hours after collection. If this can not be done immediately, then you need to put stuff in the fridge.

There are several ways, as do the scraping on enterobiosis children. The first - a cotton swab, and the second - tape. taking technique is simple even for those, who never did. The main thing - the purity of the material for the procedure and the accuracy of the action.

Как делают соскоб?
Scraping on Enterobiasis - and painless procedures bytro

The first method: with a cotton swab

scraping on enterobiosis technique in children with a cotton swab is easy. To do this, you need to purchase a special container, which is a tube made of plastic with a cover and a cotton swab. Such containers are sold in any drugstore. Algorithm of actions for the taking scrapings such:

  1. Well wash your hands and put on sterile gloves (kindly get in a drugstore).
  2. Get a cotton swab from the container so, that it came to nothing touched, especially the party, which will take scrapings.
  3. Gently push the child's buttocks and rub with a cotton tip region perianal folds.
  4. Also, nowhere touching, put a cotton swab back into the container.
  5. Close the container and transported to the laboratory as soon as possible.

note! If the cotton swab after scraping clean, This does not mean, that the capture of data for analysis technique performed properly or no pinworms. Remember, their eggs are so small, to see them with the naked eye can not be.

Берем анализ с помощью ватной палички
Take the test with a cotton swab

The second way: using tape

Make scraping on enterobiosis child can be another way. It is produced with adhesive tape. You will need a clean glass and a conventional tape, whose width is less than two centimeters. make a blank: cut a piece of length 5-6 cm. children algorithm taking on scrapings enterobiosis such:

  1. Wash hands with soap and water, take a piece of adhesive tape.
  2. Push the child's buttocks and sticking tape to perianal folds, hold a few seconds.
  3. Peel the tape and place on glass, paying attention to, so that no air bubbles between the adhesive tape and glass.
  4. Send to a laboratory for research.
Алгоритм взятия соскоба
The algorithm taking scrapings

When waiting for the result?

Usually, after taking on scrapings enterobiosis result in children becoming known the next day. In some cases, if there are clinical signs of the disease, and a negative result comes, the procedure is performed several times at intervals of 2-3 day.

In case of positive results the doctor prescribes treatment. After a full course of scraping is taken again.

После проверки назначается лечение
The result of analysis is usually prepared through 2-3 day

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