Where does the fungus in the groin than in men and to treat it?

The fungus in the groin in males is an infectious disease, associated with lesions of the skin in the groin area by different fungal strains. In this disease, there are other common names - "groin ringworm" and "jock itch", as well as "male fungus" or "jockeys disease".

men, still does not know about, that they are already suffering from a fungus in the groin, found in this delicate area of ​​red spots, which cause discomfort - itching, pain, burning sensation.

Council! Found himself listed symptoms, as soon as possible, refer to a dermatologist, because in the early stages of the disease is treated much easier. Do not try to cure the disease on their own folk means, as this can lead to an infection becomes chronic.

The fungus never cured itself, he can only temporarily back off - for, then start to harm the body even more. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, many men are too embarrassed to seek advice from a qualified dermatologist, which leads to worsening of the patient's condition and the development of complications.

На фото грибок в паху у мужчин
In the photo the fungus in the groin in males

The causes of the disease

Healthy person fungus can be transmitted while in the sauna, pool or bath, where the staff is insufficient compliance with the sanitary conditions. Infection and possibly by close contact (eg, intercourse, while relaxing in bed, when sharing common bath, etc.. P. supplies).

Грибок в паху можно получить в сауне, где не соблюдены санитарные нормы
The fungus in the groin can be obtained in the sauna, where sanitary standards are not met

Fungal infection can be localized not only in the groin, but in any area of ​​the skin. but, ideal place for the development of fungal infectious agent is wet, comfortable warm environment, that the person has in the skin folds, in particular - inguinal.

Active reproduction of the fungus is also associated with a marked reduction in general and local immunity. And normally on human skin at home to diverse opportunistic flora, but it can become dangerous with a decrease in the protective properties of the organism.

so, predisposing factors are the development of mycosis:

  • accommodation in areas with humid and hot climate;
  • poor hygiene intimate zone,
  • frequent use of the services of public saunas, bathhouses, Active pools;
  • application of general hygiene with the patient - for example,, when you visit the sports center or gym;
  • wearing underwear without changing for a few days.

Risk groups include:

  • Patients, with endocrine diseases and diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • person with diabetes;
  • Patients with metabolic abnormalities;
  • obese;
  • persons with diseases of the immune system;
  • Patients, already have athlete's foot;
  • people, It is in the long-term stress;
  • Patients with hyperhidrosis;
  • employees, activities are related to a permanent stay in a sitting position - drivers, crane, machinists, Secretaries, programmers;
  • people, wearing tight underwear;
  • person, neglect of hygiene rules.
Заболеть микозом могут люди, у которых сидячая робота - офисные сотрудники, водители, программисты и тд
Sick people can mycosis, whose sedentary robot - office staff, drivers, programmers, etc.


The main symptoms of the pathology:

  1. Itching in the genital area and in the groin area is the main symptom of "male athlete's foot". Over time it becomes permanent, becoming intrusive and painful. Itching can also go on the anal area, but at first it does not affect the penis.
  2. On the surfaces of itchy rash of red color, that separates the border of the infected area of ​​the healthy skin is quite clear.
  3. In the next step for developing the disease becomes a characteristic formation of small bubbles with the liquid.
  4. The affected areas of the skin begin to peel and covered with a network of fine cracks.
  5. Healthy skin turns red, and then darkens bordering the affected area becomes dry and. Foci of infection at this stage resemble burns, and within them, in some cases formed blisters with fluid contents - clear or unclear.
  6. Pathological lesions run together.
  7. In the advanced stage the disease spreads to the genital area, in which there are small wounds, pustules and crust yellowish. Fungus at this stage is already affecting the penis glans and foreskin.

The photo below shows the appearance of tinea fungal infections in men:

На фото паховое грибковое поражение
In the photo inguinal fungal infection


  1. Dermatologist conducts a visual inspection of the patient;
  2. After that, he takes a scraping and bacteriological sowing directly to affected areas;
  3. When microscopy sample detected mycelium filaments, jock itch confused with any other skin diseases for the medical practitioner is almost impossible;
  4. This scraping dispels doubts all available, and, according to the results of analyzes of male doctor decides, than in this case to treat athlete's inguinal.


To medication fungus was effective, men need to follow all these rules:

  1. Wash with soap and water affected areas before applying the antifungal topical agent (it may be an ointment, solution, cream, spray or powder). Antifungal powder supports dry skin in skin folds.
  2. Medicine applied to the capture of healthy skin.
  3. The drug is used in strict accordance with the supplied installation instructions and recommendations of a physician.
  4. During the treatment of mycosis, Daily replaced as lower, and bedding.
  5. If different parts of the body involved in the process, they should be treated simultaneously to stop the spread of a fungal infectious agent.

Important! In the absence of tendencies to recovery after two weeks of treatment at a dermatologist, You should inform your doctor about the ineffectiveness of the measures taken.

Лечение микоза начинается после того, как врач-дерматолог проведет визуальный осмотр пациента
mycosis treatment begins after, as a dermatologist will conduct a visual examination of the patient


Patients with mycosis inguinal appointed antifungals two groups:

  1. Fungitsidы (Most medicated antifungal drugs) - act directly on the fungus, destroying it.
  2. fungistatic (eg, potassium permanganate or potassium permanganate, folk remedies, etc.) - Conclusions of the pathogen from the body, increase local immunity, prevent recurrence of infection. Used in combination with the fungicidal formulations.

preparations, included in traditional therapeutic range in the treatment of fungal infections groin include three main groups: antifungal, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory:

  • The most popular and well-proven antifungals are the following drugs:
  1. terbinafine (Lamifen, Lamisil, Fungoterbin),
  2. fluconazole (Diflyukan, Flyukostat),
  3. Nystatin,
  4. itraconazole (Itrazol, Itral, itraconazole, Orungal),
  5. ketoconazole (Nizoral, Dermazol, Ketozoral),
  6. miconazole (Mikogel),
  7. Bifonazol (Bifon, Bifonal, Kanespor, mikospor),
  8. clotrimazole (compulsion).
Клотримазол - одно из самых популярных средств по лечению микоза
Clotrimazole - one of the most popular for the treatment of mycosis
  • To eliminate itching sensations patients are assigned antihistamine tablets (diazolin, suprastin, Tavegil).
  • When the inflammatory process men show anti-inflammatory drugs, often prescribed glucocorticoids. The outer treatment is performed using lotions, impregnated with silver nitrate. In that case, when the treated area is not observed ulcers and pustules, then wipe the skin with iodine (one week every day 1 time), and then continue processing antifungal ointment.

In some instances the application is assigned to the drilling fluid as a compress over the two-week period.

note! Visually cured fungus may return, If you stop treatment immediately after the symptoms disappear, therefore, continue to use medications for some time, which will indicate the doctor (about one or two months).

Folk remedies

If in combination with treatment regimens apply to any effective national recipe - while, spent on getting rid of the infection, can be substantially reduced. but, do not forget before you start this treatment consult with your dermatologist.

Important! Folk remedies help to stop the inflammatory processes, effectively eliminate rashes. But they are not able to completely eliminate the infectious agent.

To remove pruritus

  • Mixed in equal amounts raw camomile, eucalyptus, yarrow, St. John's wort and violets. One F. spoon filled fitosbora 200 ml of a boiling water, then cooled means 30 min. and filter. Drink as a tea 3 p. / day ½ cup.
  • In equal proportions take series, oak bark, Yarrow and flaxseeds, combine the mixture and one table. spoon of this mixture is filled with one liter of boiling water. Ostuzhennoy infusion is filtered and used for applying in the form of compresses. After the procedure, be sure to blot dry the treated area.
Растение Тысячелистник
Yarrow herb helps in the treatment of mycosis
  • In the transition of the fungus on the area of ​​the penis are preparing the following mixture: birch buds of birch mixed in equal proportions with buds of poplar and pour vodka, and a mixture of raw eggs. The drug is necessary to insist 1 week and used in the form of simple widgets. After treatment of the skin surface must be dry, be sure to thoroughly wipe any liquid residues.

To eliminate rashes:

  • Raw celandine is pounded into a juicy pulp and a compress is imposed on 30 min. the affected area.
  • Fresh juice of celandine (1 part) diluted with three parts of olive oil and is applied to the intimate zone 5-6 g. / day.
  • Salt and baking soda were mixed in equal amounts and water was added until the consistency of thick gruel. The preparation is applied on the affected skin and the waiting time the, when it dries. The preparation was then rinsed with lukewarm water, wipe off the affected portion and covered with talcum powder or antimycotic.
Для устранения высыпания используют соль и соду, которые смешивают в равных пропорциях с водой и наносят на пораженные грибком места
To eliminate the rash use salt and baking soda, are mixed in equal proportions with water and applied to the affected place of the fungus
  • Take one hour. of olive oil, added 1 Drops of essential oils - fir, : Peach, clove and geranium. The resulting composition rub the affected area of ​​the skin fungus.


Preventive measures in relation to the incidence of jock itch are very simple:

  • wearing your own slippers, use only individual towel and underwear, particularly in public places with high humidity,
  • daily shower and a change of underwear,
  • use at least wet wipes then, when conditions do not allow the body to fully spend hygiene,
  • avoidance of casual sex,
  • taking control of the course of chronic diseases (diabetes, gastritis, HIV, psoriasis and others.),
  • balanced diet,
  • active lifestyle,
  • deficiency diseases prevention.

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