Chlamydia in men: a photo, Symptoms and Treatment

Statistics of recent years shows that, that chlamydia in men began to meet more often, than a couple of decades ago,. Today, the consequences of this disease have become a real threat not only to men's health, but also for the family well-being. meanwhile, chlamydia treatment in men does not always lead to the desired result. Often chlamydia in men becomes chronic, which is difficult to detect and cure. Sometimes the treatment of many months away, not to mention the money spent and nervous feelings.

Своевременное обращение к врачу может стать залогом быстрого выздоровления и избежать тяжелых последствий
Timely access to a doctor can be the key to a quick recovery and avoid serious consequences

meanwhile, timely treatment to the doctor may be the key to a quick recovery. That is why the symptoms of chlamydia in men should be aware of all the representatives of the stronger sex, to visit a doctor in a timely manner. How to treat chlamydia in men, that the disease was only in the past?

What is chlamydia?

Хламидиоз – это заболевание, которое вызывается простейшими микроорганизмами – хламидиями
Chlamydia - a disease, which is caused by protozoa - Chlamydia

Chlamydia - a disease, which is caused by protozoa - Chlamydia. By the way, Chlamydia can cause men not only chlamydia, but venereal chlamydia and trachoma. Experts know several species of microorganism, but only causes a sexually transmitted disease chlamydia trachomatis, which in turn is divided into 15 subtype.

note! Chlamydia is particularly dangerous when, when it strikes a man, whose immune system is already weakened. In this case, chlamydia can affect not only the sexual system of men, but also the respiratory system, causing chlamydial pneumonia. If it affects the organs of the musculoskeletal system can diagnose a man "chlamydial arthritis", and in the case of organs of reproduction of chlamydia cause conjunctivitis. There are likely to get the disease and the cardiovascular system. Fill up this risk is very easy, enough to eat regularly, under stress, ignore proper rest, or simply do not give the body in a timely manner to restore power, especially after resistance training, or surgery.

What is dangerous for men chlamydia

In addition to discomfort, which gives the disease, it can also bring a lot of problems in the future. The most terrible consequence - it is male infertility. Infection can narrow channels appendages of testicles and thereby limit the output of sperm during intercourse. Semen man loses as much. Often spouses even have to resort to the method of in vitro fertilization using ICSI, to get a long-awaited pregnancy.

Одним из последствий хламидиоза можно считать простатит
One of the consequences of chlamydia can be considered prostatitis

Another consequence can be considered prostatitis. This seriously degrade and reduce the sexual life of the man, and may subsequently develop and impotence. A serious complication can be considered, and stricture of the urethra, as a result of scarring urethra significantly narrows in diameter. Treatment of the complications - surgery alone.

Ways of infection with chlamydia

Speaking of chlamydia in men, usually it comes to urogenital chlamydiosis, After all, this disease is the most dangerous, and with it men have often. They were men infected through unprotected sex with a partner, which already has the disease. A few years ago there was speculation about a possible infection chlamydia household waste, eg, through towel. Later this hypothesis refuted, because in vernal environment bacteria live very long, as required for infection of a sufficient number of, which can be reached only after prolonged intimate contact.

Risk groups for men

  1. men to 25 years old. Usually, young people are too careless about their health, and unprotected sex for them - something familiar and normal. For the first time confronted with Chlamydia and complex regimen, young people change their attitude to the barrier methods of contraception.
  2. Men without a regular sexual partner. The more sexual partners a man, the greater the likelihood of infection with chlamydia or other infections.
  3. men, recently been ill with venereal diseases. Any sexually transmitted diseases are in danger of reducing immunity, and therefore, the risk of catching an infection increases many times.

Symptoms of chlamydia in men

Основные признаки хламидиоза очень схожи с симптомами цистита, уретрита
Main symptoms of chlamydia are very similar to the symptoms of cystitis, urethritis

Main symptoms of chlamydia are very similar to the symptoms of cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis, and that this is the main risk of disease. It is as if by mimics similar ailments, putting men to visit the doctor. Men are not used to run to the doctor at the slightest changes in the urogenital sphere or another, counting, that some inflammation can pass itself. so, any signs of chlamydial infection in men should be alert and give rise to the suspicion of an infectious disease?

First of all, glass-like discharge from the urethra, who do not appear at the time of urination. Secondly, self voiding process is very painful. Man feels stinging and burning, that gives him the strongest discomfort. Thirdly, the color of urine may become darker than usual, although this symptom can not be called a classic, and at discovering not all sick men with chlamydia. Finally, raising the temperature to 37 degrees and slightly higher for no apparent reason may also serve as an occasion to refer to the dermatologist.

Important! The first symptoms of chlamydia after unprotected intercourse are not immediate. It may take a couple of months to meet with a partner, during which the bacteria will proliferate in the urogenital sphere men and change its flora.

Diagnosis of chlamydia in men

Для диагностики требуется сдать анализы
For the diagnosis is required to pass tests

To confirm or refute suspicions, should seek immediate dermatovenerologu. For the diagnosis is required to pass tests, in which case the material is not diagnostic Pap. To detect chlamydia dermatologist can take a man's urine, blood, sperm or scraping from the affected organ.

Types of laboratory techniques

  1. Linked immunosorbent assay. Man hands over a blood from a vein, which then in a laboratory study for antibodies (Ig, IgM, Ig G)to chlamydia. Here it matters, as the presence of a man of such credit, and then, How many points is each titer. So, elevated titer M says, is now in the body of the infection is acute, although visible signs yet may not be. The above figures, the greater the flows the development of inflammation in the male. Probably, infection occurred recently. A few days later the titer starts to decline gradually. Now comes the turn increasing titer A. There may be the first symptoms of the disease, however, in practice, few people pay attention to them. Contents A titer may be reduced only after 2-4 months after infection. So, If during treatment A titer is not reduced, but it remains at the same level, then we can talk about the chronic form of the disease, that is, the treatment chosen is not true with respect to the individual patient. Titer G appears later 2-3 weeks after infection, and it can remain in the blood for years. In fact, this caption says, that man has ever suffered in my life chlamydia, although at the moment it can be absolutely healthy. This method of diagnosis is especially good in dynamics, to track, how sensitive the body is to the proposed doctor drugs.
  2. PCR, or polymerase chain reaction. It is believed, that this method is the most authentic, and its accuracy is almost 100%. Material taken from the urethra in men, that is, it is there, occurs where the main part of the inflammatory process. In rare cases, the method gives false positive results, and therefore it is desirable to supplement this method of diagnosis other, before taking the appropriate medications.
  3. immunofluorescence. As in the previous method,, material taken from the urethra, and then examined under a special microscope, illuminant fluorescent light. Chlamydia in this light shine, so they are easy to identify in the material.
  4. bacteriological sowings. This method is most time-consuming and expensive, and therefore used less frequently. This analysis allows us to see not only the presence of Chlamydia bacteria in the material taken from a man, but a preliminary assessment, how organisms will respond to a particular antibiotic.
  5. Mini test. Such tests can be purchased at the pharmacy and analysis, Although relying on its accuracy is not necessary. At home, he can not show the accuracy of the above 20%, which can be dangerous in the event of, if false negatives man does not visit a specialist and thus will delay necessary treatment.

How to treat

so, if you were able to identify chlamydia in men, then you should immediately start treatment. Classic regimen basically comprises antibacterials. Preparations must choose only doctor, He also gives advice on dosage, because she can depend on, eg, the weight of a man.

Препараты должен подбирать исключительно врач
Preparations must choose only doctor

If your doctor has prescribed a range of drugs, it is necessary to drink them all, without exception,. The fact, that the effectiveness of many drugs is especially evident in the complex, and individually the effectiveness of treatment may be not the same. Failure to comply with the timing and dosage supplementation may also face the, that man get tolerance to active substances. Subsequently, these drugs are already ineffective. To cure chlamydia, You will need to purchase more potent and expensive means. For chlamydia sensitive following groups of antibiotics: macrolides, ftorhinolы and tetratsiklinы.

Current treatment regimens for chlamydia in men and involves the use of special immunomodulyantov. The main active ingredient of the drug - interferon, which is produced in the human body. The inflammatory process is combined with medication can greatly weaken the immune system of man, and therefore the stimulation of immunity is a must. Important, that these drugs can not drink uncontrollably, without a prescription, It may appear as a risk reduction of interferon production and reduce the natural immunity.

Also, simultaneously with antibiotics is recommended to drink a course of probiotics, which will not allow to develop diarrhea and dysbacteriosis. The doctor may give direction and physiotherapy. Electrophoresis, ultrasound and magnetic therapy has shown himself well in the complex treatment of chlamydia.

When visiting a doctor the patient should inform the manifestation of allergy to drugs, if any, have occurred previously. If the administration of drugs followed by urticaria, itching or other unpleasant symptoms, then it should also tell your doctor. maybe, You have to replace the antibacterial agent.

The course of treatment lasts an average of one month. During this period it is necessary to comply with sexual abstinence, and give up alcohol, as indicated in the instructions for use of drugs. It is highly desirable to be treated jointly with the sexual partner, otherwise possible reinfection.

At the end of treatment the man once again delivers an analysis to detect chlamydia. If they are not found, the treatment should be stopped, but talk about a complete cure is still early. A month later, the man will have to pass another test case, who will show accurate information about men's health.

Often one course of treatment can not be missed, and bacteria are detected again. This is the complexity of the disease, which is very resistant to antibiotics. Relatives and friends, who are aware of the treatment, which is a man, It encouraged to support him morally, because often patients, Faced with poor treatment outcome, just stop drinking drugs and thereby worsen the situation. The disease becomes chronic, and organism acquires resistance to certain types of antibiotics. Scheme of treatment of such patients is significantly complicated. so, how many treatments require the patient, It may depend on the immune status, nature of the disease and compliance with the recommendations of the expert.

As the prevention of a recurrence can be advised to use condoms, as well as a member of a light wash after intercourse with warm water and soap.

Recipes treatment of chlamydia in the home

It should be mentioned, to cure chlamydia exclusively by these methods can not be, because their effectiveness is much lower, than the classic regimen, prescribed by a doctor. funds are used in these cases, having antibacterial properties.

The most popular remedy is garlic. The easiest, that can be prepared, - chesnochnaya water. For this 8 garlic cloves finely scrubbed, pour warm boiled water and allowed to stand overnight. Filtered water should be cleaned genitals 2 times a day.

Another popular prescription for the treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis in the home consists of several components. It is necessary to mix the walnut leaves, bird cherry leaves, leaves St. John's wort, Yarrow and in equal quantities celandine, by 1 st.l., pour liter of hot water and boiled insist 20 minutes. Means you need to use 4 times a day, sprintsuya "elixir" on the genitals.

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