Vinegar lice and nits – recipe effective means

Pediculosis - a parasitizing lice. Louse dwells exclusively on the person in the hair of the body, most often on the head. This neighborhood has been going on for centuries, and people can not escape from it. Nowadays, Unfortunately, lice again became a common disease, which can occur even in well-groomed and successful people. This is due to the fact, that in densely populated cities, people are pretty tight contact with each other in public places. It should be one family member infected with head lice, He easily passed the rest of the family members and others.

Эффективность народных средств проверена годами
Efficacy folk remedies verified years

This disease has long been considered shameful, and people tried to hide it. Many people hesitate to see a specialist for treatment. In pharmacies a wide range of tools to deal with lice, but they are not suitable for everyone and you can make a mistake in choosing. Therefore it is better to use folk remedies, that with proper application and can also be effective without the aid of medication get rid of ailments.

Vinegar lice and nits - one of the most popular tools for home use. Vinegar is an organic acid, which is produced from fruits. The most commonly used are apple, and grape vinegar. It is readily available and inexpensive means, available in every home, so it is often used to treat head lice. Its main drawback - it is a sharp specific smell, also when it is used it is necessary to take into account the proportion of dilution with water or other means, not to burn your scalp and hair. For, to get rid of lice vinegar, you need to know some of the rules and recommendations, which are discussed in this article.

Vinegar against lice. principle actions

The sharp smell of vinegar inhibits parasites, inhaling fumes, they lose their prytkost and easily combed out of the hair. To enhance the effect on head, soaked in a specially prepared solution, it is necessary to put a plastic bag or shower cap, then when the absence of oxygen fall into lice faster trans. Also under the influence of acetic acid corrosion occurs chitin cover of the insects, bad effect on them.

On nits acetic solution is not valid, but in its composition a substance, which softens the adhesive, with which the lice eggs firmly attached to the hair, which also helps to comb them out of my head.

Используем уксусный раствор
Use vinegar solution

General recommendations for the use of vinegar lice

For the safety and efficacy of the procedures necessary to carry out a number of recommendations:

  1. It can only be used 9% vinegar solution, and in any case can not vinegar essence, as it can cause severe skin burns and damage the respiratory organs;
  2. means for processing the head is prepared by mixing water with acetic solution in a certain ratio;
  3. before processing the hair must be clean and dry;
  4. after treatment is necessary to cover head with polyethylene and keep the recommended time;
  5. acetic solution must be very well washed after use;
  6. to extract the lice and nits from the hair, We need to comb their comb with metal teeth frequently, Special combs are best suited for the treatment of head lice;
  7. It is important to more than one processing head to the complete disappearance of the nits and lice.

note! These recommendations are also important for the treatment of head lice in a child. During the procedure, keep an eye on him, that he accidentally drank a solution.

How to comb parasites

Important! The most crucial moment of treatment - removal of loose lice and nits from the hair. The thoroughness of its holding efficiency of the whole procedure depends, because if nits remain alive, in the near future lice will thrive again.

For combing need a special comb, old toothbrush, which is not a pity to throw out, and a pan of hot water.

The following applies:

  • hair is divided into thin strands and carefully combed particular attention should be paid to the root zone, where the focus nits;
  • then it is necessary to dip the comb in a pot of hot water and cleaned of adhering nits and lice with a toothbrush, If this is not done, the parasites from the ridge will again move to the hair;
  • after repeated combing again.
Алгоритм действий при вычесывании
The algorithm with comb

This procedure requires a lot of attention, time and patience, but in another way not to get rid of lice.

Recipes for the removal of lice vinegar

There are several methods of using apple cider vinegar and table, through which you can get rid of lice and nits at home:

  1. Acetic wrap. mix 9% vinegar solution with oil in equal parts and apply evenly to the hair ten hours. After a rinse with shampoo and comb-conditioned parasites.
  2. Vinegar, tea tree oil. Wash hair with shampoo, in which structure there is tea tree oil. After the hair is rinsed with a solution of vinegar and comb comb.
  3. Vinegar and water mixed in equal proportions, handle head to give a solution, hold a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. This method is good for killing adults, but nits may remain alive, because the procedure is not long.
  4. Using vinegar and mayonnaise. To do this, the entire head evenly applied mayonnaise, wears a plastic cap, and so you need to leave for the night. In the morning head washed apple vinegar, and then shampoo. After these procedures should be well-combed hair comb.
  5. One part vinegar diluted with two parts water and apply on the hair along the entire length with a cotton swab. At the head wear a scarf and polyethylene, stand one o'clock. Then rinse thoroughly and combed out of the hair parasites. Repeat the procedure every two days within one or two weeks before full recovery.
  6. Vinegar with mustard. Take two eggs, one cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of mustard spoon and mix well, then apply to the hair and leave for three hours. Then thoroughly rinse your head and comb out lice and nits.
  7. mix 100 grams of vinegar, 50 gram of water, two tablespoons of salt and one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, mix well, spread on the head and left for eight hours. After that, rinse well and comb head.

Side effects, that may arise when dealing with lice vinegar

Do not forget, that acetic acid can not only be harmful parasites, but people:

  • hair from the vinegar dries quickly, lose their elasticity, become brittle and start to split at the tips;
  • after applying vinegar solution hair color may change and become more faded;
  • At high concentration of vinegar may get chemical burns, so you need to carefully observe the proportions.

Important! Especially sensitive to the effects of any children. Therefore, in the treatment of head lice in a child should be careful and attentive. Before applying the solution, his eyes must be closed tightly with a towel to avoid falling to the vinegar. Exposure time to reduce 15 minutes.

Vinegar is a highly effective treatment for lice and, if carefully follow the recipe and follow all safety precautions, then it can be used to deduce the parasites quickly and without damage to health.

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