How quickly and effectively cure herpes labialis?

Virtually every one of us is faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, like herpes labialis, outwardly manifested in the form of watery pimples, that later crusts, itch and hurt. The disease is called "lip fever", "Herpes" or "cold" and cause its virus herpes simplex type. Almost all people are carriers of these viruses, but for some, they themselves do not manifest. Others suffer from recurrence of the disease in the form of a rash on the mucous membranes, in particular on the lips, which always appears unexpectedly at the wrong time, delivering psychological, aesthetic and physiological discomfort, especially the female. Therefore, the question of, how to get rid of cold sores on the lip, relevant for most people.

Герпес на губах имеет название «губная лихорадка», «герпес» или «простуда» и вызывают его вирусы простого герпеса первого типа
Herpes on the lips is called "lip fever", "Herpes" or "cold" and cause its virus herpes simplex type

Causes of herpes on the lips

Herpes transmission methods:

  • airborne, sneezing, or even a simple conversation with a patient;
  • by household appliances, towel, dishes, linen;
  • at birth from mother to child.

In order to avoid the appearance of herpes on the lips, or to minimize it, it is important to understand the causes, which provoke the exacerbation of the disease:

  • stressful situations;
  • Frequent use of alcohol, smoking, addiction;
  • supercooling;
  • inadequate sleep and rest;
  • colds and other infectious nature of the disease;
  • exhaustion and rigid diet;
  • travmyrovanye each hiding, chapping of lips;
  • a general weakening of immunity;
  • long stay in the room with working air conditioning;
  • after excessive tanning;
  • critical days in women;
  • limited power;
  • intoxication body.

Nowadays medicine know different types of lesions of herpes virus, but often suffer exactly the mucous nose and mouth. For a large number of people data rashes are just a cosmetic problem. Healthy people are not afraid to move a relapse a few times a year. But under reduced immunity, This virus is a serious threat. Basically herpes labialis appears briefly, often on the upper lip or in the corners of the mouth. with liquid bubbles eventually begin to burst and form sores, covered with a crust. The problem with the wound occurs, when a person speaks or takes food, crust soak or crack, there are new bleeding wounds. Herpes simplex virus has the ability to be incorporated into nerve cells and therefore, suffered from rashes even once, in the future to get rid of it is simply impossible, and they can be repeated over and over again. But if symptoms are fever lip sporadic, are mild and relatively short time, then there are many ways, how quickly heal cold sores on the lips, the main time to determine its symptoms, the sooner you start treatment, the faster and more efficiently, it will.

Symptoms of the common cold appearance on the lips

People, suffering from symptoms of herpes, can almost immediately identify its symptoms:

  • slight tingling and pricking the mucous membrane of the mouth and more pronounced along the contour of the lips;
  • the appearance of a light redness and swelling on the lip;
  • the appearance of small transparent bubbles, that over time, the pressure increase, and they are very painful;
  • after a couple of days, the bubbles burst, and in their place appear sores, actively crusted, at this time the patient is most contagious;
  • ulcer healing and complete restoration of the skin - flows 5-7 day, at that time it felt itchy and tingling in the field of healing.
В наше время медицине знакомы разные виды поражений вирусом герпеса, но часто страдают именно слизистые носа и рта
Nowadays medicine know different types of lesions of herpes virus, but often suffer exactly the mucous nose and mouth

Seldom, but still there at the time of primary infection and exacerbation of symptoms of the disease, like fever, nausea and weakness. They usually last before the onset of rash.

Important! If you see a cold sore on the lips during pregnancy, you must visit a doctor promptly, since there is a risk of harm to the fetus, and only an expert in this case can appoint the most secure and timely treatment.

stern of, the child has cold sores on the lips is dangerous, because the virus can cause serious complications for the immature organism, so it is important to immediately begin treatment of the disease.

How to cure cold sores on the lips medicine

At the moment, there is no drug, which would permanently and completely cure the disease. special equipment but are designed, helping to reduce the multiplication of the herpes virus and suppress the development of possible complications.

Council! In case of frequent relapses, more than two times a year, be sure to go to the doctor! He will be able to identify the cause, assigning a different survey (eg, immunogram), and on their basis will be for you the scheme of complex treatment.

Treatment of herpes on lips is mainly aimed at weakening the virus during the initial exacerbation and relapse to, to prevent development of the disease and to get rid of some of its symptoms. The most common tool is the protivogerpesnym acyclovir. He is an analogue of a component of human DNA - deoxyguanosine. Its effect is aimed at, that in the human body, it stops the synthesis of viral DNA, not interfering with the synthesis of host cell DNA, thereby stops the virus from replicating in the case of early onset of the drug can be blocked completely. Its creator was awarded for his development of the Nobel Prize.

Against herpes on the lips produces several drugs:

  • Zovirax - the most sought-after in the world of medicine for fever lip. This antiviral agent is available in the following forms: ointment for herpes labialis, tablets and powder for injection. First created as ointment for the treatment of ocular keratitis, caused by herpes, but today it is actively used to treat the common cold on the lips. It should be noted, that its use is most effective in the stimulation namazyvanii place at a very early stage of acute herpes before the first puzyrikov. Then it can completely prevent the occurrence of rash. But already at the stage of manifestation of bubbles this tool helps not expressed, but further accelerates the healing of ulcers. Zovirax tablets and powder should be taken only when the complex course of disease and prescribed by a doctor.
Зовиракс – самое востребованное в мире лекарство от губной лихорадки
Zovirax - the most sought-after in the world of medicine for fever lip
  • Acyclovir - Acres. This is a cure for herpes on the lip is made in the form of tablets, containing auxiliaries - lactose, starch, calcium and other compounds. The drug rarely causes side effects, but sometimes as dermal reactions dermatitis can occur from him, digestive system disorders, drowsiness and dizziness. Most often it happens in humans, suffering from kidney disease. Acyclovir is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Valakciklovir - represents a strong drug, than the rest, and released only on prescription. It needs to be used in severe cases of the disease. The medicine is used twice - at the first sign of symptoms in the amount of four pills and later 12 hours after the first use of the same amount. If you have time to drink the medicine in the first 12 hours after the start of acute, there is a high probability, that the appearance of the main symptoms of the disease will be halted.
  • famvir - a medicine of base analogue acyclovir, famciclovir. Its advantage is, that it was effective against recently isolated strain of herpes simplex, which is resistant to acyclovir. The medicine is made in the form of tablets, in which the main active ingredient is combined with lactose, starch, ethylene glycol and titanium dioxide. Side effects are virtually absent, Only occasionally there are allergies and disorders in the digestive system.
  • panavir gel - this drug against herpes stands out among the rest of the, it is made from natural herbal ingredients: potato sprouts extract, a stirred with lanthanum salts, which in tandem have an antiviral effect. In the list of traditional products Panavir gel was referred, because it has shown high effectiveness in research, and doctors prescribe it for about ten years.

V can be used as an additional means:

  • Echinacea preparations, Esberitoks and other immunomodulating agents;
  • lysine, which is an important amino acid, which assists in tissue regeneration;
  • zinc ointment, which has anti-inflammatory action and a drying.

Council! It is very important to observe the recommendations on the use of medicines, because of their use of literacy depends your health and the effectiveness of the fight against herpes on the lips.

Drugs for herpes with proper application can remove cold sore on the lip in one day. Here the most important role is played not by the medicine itself and its application scheme, and the beginning of its use. If you start treatment before, like rash on the face of any, they, probably, does not appear. If the blisters are already, the medications they are removed, and speed up the healing and will not allow appear new.

Important! For rapid treatment of herpes on the lips, try not to touch the wound, or do so very rarely!

Herpes Treatment folk remedies

If you can not go to the pharmacy, and in the house is not the right medicine, possible treatment of herpes on the lips at home. The use of folk remedies is convenient, that most of the ingredients have a house on hand, as well as safe and non-toxic for the body. But their use is rather an auxiliary nature, since antiviral action more medicaments possess. Among the variety of folk methods, applied cold on the lips, it should be noted only, which indeed confirmed the effectiveness of the numerous results.

so, among effective and acceptable folk remedies can enumerate such:

  • Fir oil - if applied on its skin of the lips when the first signs of itching and redness every couple of hours, the number and size of the blisters will be much less, and possibly practically invisible. But we must remember, that this oil has a bitter taste and enhances the feeling of burning.
  • Garlic - to eliminate herpes need to crush two cloves and mix with one tablespoon of sour cream, and a teaspoon of honey. This means to smear the affected area until complete healing.
  • Sea buckthorn oil - accelerates healing of wounds, it must be applied in a circular motion from the center to the borders of the rash, in order not to spread the infection to other areas of the skin;
  • Streptocid mixed with Vaseline and smear has appeared rash. It has a healing and antibacterial action;
  • Potassium permanganate - you must use with extreme caution, that there was no chemical skin burns. Apply a small amount of need, gently only themselves sores;
  • Aloe plant and kalanchoe - lubricate the fresh juice of the damaged lip area for faster healing;
  • Valokordin and Corvalol - sear rashes;
  • Propolis - healing and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Toothpaste - has a drying and disinfecting;
  • ginseng tincture, briar, Lemon - strengthen the immune system.
Для быстрого лечения герпеса на губах старайтесь не трогать ранку или делать это крайне редко!
For rapid treatment of herpes on the lips, try not to touch the wound, or do so very rarely!

It is worth noting, that the application of national treatment of herpes can only be justified in cases of mild course of the disease is not more than twice a year. With frequent and constant aggravation of the disease it is necessary to go to the doctor - perhaps, They provoke the weakening of immunity or chronic immunodeficiency. In such a case will only comprehensive therapy and the use of public money as a supplement to strengthen immunity.

Preventive measures against herpes

In order to reduce the risk of herpes infection and reduce the incidence of exacerbations it is necessary to apply certain preventive measures:

  • try not to communicate with people, in which there are clear signs of herpes;
  • use only personal hygiene items and household;
  • avoid accidental close encounters;
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • : enhance immunity;
  • tempered and move a lot;
  • correct and balanced feeding;
  • not supercool;
  • not to succumb to stress, use relaxation treatments, defuse;
  • frequently wash their hands.

Often, the observance of these simple measures are sufficient for the, that even in the presence of herpes virus in the body to prevent the occurrence of relapses. For children, it is especially important - with a strong immune system and if they meet with the disease, it is easy and without complications will suffer a primary infection. And knowing, how to cure cold sores on the lips, you can take action and prevent the appearance of the rash is not beautiful.

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