Gardnerella men – how to manifest the disease and how to treat it?

Gardnerella is the causative agent of genital infections, which lives exclusively in the microflora of the vagina, that is, a disease caused by them (gardnerellez), It is typically female. The representatives of the stronger sex infection is much rarer, but gardnerella in men can cause serious complications, so it is important to know, where the disease appears, what are its symptoms and treatment.

Where does gardnerella men

Bacterial vaginosis in men are not considered medical, as an independent disease, tk. in essence, this pathology is a vagina dysbacteriosis, and therefore, inherent to women only. But bacterial vaginosis can occur in men of sexual partner, contracting the infection.

Заражение мужчины гарднереллезом может произойти от сексуальной партнерши
Infection men gardnerellezom can occur from sexual partner

Do gardnerella transmitted through a handshake, kissing, household items?

Important! In fact the main and only reason of infection Gardnerella is unprotected sexual intercourse with an active carrier of infection (sexual partner).

By itself, the bacterium according to the urologist is not harmful to the male body - it can not adapt to the body and come out in the urine during the day. But in the presence of certain factors gardnerella can cause diseases of the urogenital system different etymology.

Favorable factors for the development of infection in the body is male:

  • The strong decrease in immunity;
  • Frequent change of sexual partners without the use of protective equipment;
  • Great physical and emotional stress;
  • Chronic vaginosis have a permanent sexual partner;
  • The presence of chronic diseases of the urogenital area of ​​a man;
  • Prolonged treatment with certain drugs (eg, antibiotics);
  • The presence of a man other sexually transmitted diseases

With strong immunity pathogenic flora bacteria are suppressed and can not cause harm. But, if gardnerella penetrated the urethral channel, under certain circumstances, an infectious agent starts to multiply rapidly and cause inflammation of the urethra.

A healthy man bacterial vaginosis can not be shown, while it will still be a carrier of infection - that is able to infect a partner during unprotected sex.

Symptoms of infection

Often, the infection does not manifest itself - a man feels no discomfort and continues to lead a normal life (while it is a carrier bacteria).

Reproduction gardnerelly in a man in the first place leads to inflammation of the urethra (urethritis), Therefore, bacterial vaginosis symptoms are similar to this pathological process.

How does bacterial vaginosis in men:

  • The appearance of discharge from the urethra: allocation is not plentiful, not vodyanystыe, have an unpleasant odor ("Fishy smell") and gray or greenish tint;
  • Darkening of the glans penis;
  • Burning of the external genitalia;
  • Discomfort and itching in the urogenital organs;
  • Skin rash on the penis (balanoposthitis);
  • Painful urination and sex (if untreated rez man can disturb even at rest).

The first signs of developing bacterial vaginosis usually appear on the fourth - fifth day after infection.

What if bacterial vaginosis

Before, start treatment bacterial vaginosis requires careful medical examination. Since the disease is often asymptomatic, man should seek medical attention if you suspect the presence of infection in the partner.

Запах тухлой рыбы из влагалища партнерши один из признаков гарднереллеза
The smell of rotten fish from the vagina partner - one of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis

What should alert: the smell of rotten fish from the partner's vagina, yellowish or grayish-green discharge on the underwear woman, partner complaints of discomfort during sexual intercourse.

At the first sign of any reasons to suspect the disease need to see a doctor (andrologist, venereal diseases, urologist). The specialist conducts a visual inspection, and then assigns a survey, aimed at detecting other diseases, Sexually Transmitted, tk. often accompanied by other gardnerella Venereal infections.

Usually it is taken swab of the urethra and produced a comprehensive survey of the prostate in order to identify infectious agent, stage of the disease and to form therapeutic measures to eliminate bacteria.

To treat bacterial vaginosis in men it is necessary to. First of all, the man, as a carrier gardnerelly, It poses a risk to their sexual partner. Secondly, against this infection in men may develop complications: urinary incontinence, vesiculitis, chronic prostatitis, pyelonephritis and other equally dangerous urogenital diseases.

Methods of treatment of bacterial vaginosis

Driving gardnerelly treatment in men is reduced to the methods of intensive care and observance of certain rules of treatment:

  1. invalid food. At the time of treatment should stop smoking, drinking alcohol, fatty, sweet, smoked, fried foods. The diet should be enriched with vegetables and fruit, fermented milk products, nuts and dishes, strengthens the immune system.
  2. antibacterials. Are appointed on a mandatory basis for the rapid suppression of infection. They may be in the form of tablets, injection, ointments (better to use several forms of antibacterial drugs).
Лечения гарднереллы у мужчин включает в себя: диетическое питание, антибактериальные препараты, соблюдение интимной гигиены
Gardnerelly treatment for men includes: invalid food, antimicrobials, observance of personal hygiene
  • Pills: vilprafen, clindamycin, doxycycline, Yunydoks Soljutab, azithromycin.
  • Ointments and gels: imidazole, spleens, Myetrogil-gel, miconazole, clotrimazole.
  1. Observance of personal hygiene. To carry out intimate hygiene needs at least two times a day. It is advisable to wear comfortable cotton underwear, that will not irritate the skin.
  2. Antiprotozoal and antifungal agents. These funds are needed to eliminate the disease, protozoal parasites and fungi. These include: trihopol, Tiberal, Metronidazol, Osarbon, Ornidazol, cream Pimafucin, Terjinan, fluconazole.
  3. Taking prebiotics. To restore the microflora, impaired taking antibiotics, should be taken: Laktovit, Hilak Forte, Bifilakt, Bifidumbakterin.
  4. Topical antiseptics. To remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease and quickly get rid of the infection used local agents: chlorhexidine, miramistinom solution, Hexicon, Makmiror.

Until the end of therapy the man should refrain from visiting saunas, bathrooms, limit strenuous exercise.

Во время курса лечения необходимо ограничить сильные физические нагрузки, отказаться от посещения сауны, бани. Также необходим отказ от интимной связи
During the course of treatment should be to limit strenuous exercise, abandon the sauna, bathrooms. You also need a renunciation of sexual relations

In addition, the man to strengthen the immune system can be assigned to vitamin complexes and immunomodulating medications (Genferon, immunofan).

Important! During the course of therapy is important renunciation of sexual relations, and treatment at the same time with a constant sexual partner.

How to treat gardnerella determined by a physician, but the treatment regimen may be as follows:

  • Taking antibiotics (eg, Doxycycline - two tablets in the morning and one - in the evening).
  • flucanozole (or any drug of this group) - once a day.
  • probiotic (eg, Hilak fort on 30 drops three times a day).
  • Trikasayd or Trykhopol (twice a day).

During the course of therapy, the patient does not need to stay in hospital - often treatment is carried out at home. but, man must necessarily throughout the treatment time (usually - about three weeks) visit the doctor for a follow-up visit, and at the end of therapy retake tests. If bacteria activity was not suppressed, doctor may prescribe a different treatment regimen with the use of other antibiotics.

Prevention gardnerelly men

Since gardnerella only transmitted through sexual intercourse, the prevention of the disease is reduced in the first place to ensure the protection of sexual contact.

Защищенный половой акт - лучшая профилактика гарднереллы у мужчин
Protected sexual intercourse - the best prevention gardnerelly men

Other preventive measures are:

  • Careful adherence to personal hygiene;
  • Have a permanent sexual partner;
  • Avoid casual sex, especially vulnerable contraceptives;
  • strengthen the immune system, eat right;
  • Avoid excessive exercise, stresses.

At first glance gardnerella for men is not dangerous, but neglect the infection can cause a lot of trouble and cause complications. Therefore, it is not necessary to self-medicate at the first sign of infection, and you must always consult a doctor.

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