What antibotikami can cure a sore throat in adults?

Infectious disease acute tonsillitis, which is more commonly known as angina, It is characterized by the inflammation of the tonsils. Almost always pathogen is Streptococcus, although it is also found pneumococci and staphylococci. Antibiotics for sore throat in adults - a key component in the treatment of disease.

To assign the correct formulation is important to seek medical advice. can not be solved, how to treat a sore throat, conducting self-diagnosis on the photo on the Internet. It is necessary to know the type of disease, and then it becomes clear, which antibiotic to use in this case,. Symptoms in adults can be lubricated, therefore, accurate diagnosis will be able to only an expert.

Как распознать у себя ангину, но главное, как вылечить это заболевание, вы узнаете из нашей статьи
How to recognize angina at, but the main, how to cure this disease, you will learn from this article

Types of angina in adults

Acute tonsillitis has an extensive classification, numbering about ten kinds. One of the most famous is purulent tonsillitis in adults. It includes a variety of types, such as tonsillitis. The characteristic symptoms are:

  • Very severe pain in the throat, which gives to the ear.
  • Heat. It appears sharply, It comes down to forty degrees, it is difficult to bring down
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck.

A few days after these symptoms of sore throat in adults, follicles appear on the festering, congestion occurs glands. Ulcers soon opened themselves, in their place scars. Against the background of the follicular type can develop complications such as meningitis, sepsis and rheumatism.

note. Although most types of this disease is caused by bacteria, There is also a viral sore throat in adults.

Despite its name, usually herpetic angina triggered by coxsackievirus, instead of a herpes virus. Most often acts pathogen group A, although sometimes in the blood of patients exhibit the so-called ECHO-virus. Herpes angina appears, Firstly, all the same pain in the throat, fever and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck.

List of other symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain,
  • increased salivation,
  • Rotten smell from the mouth,
  • Reddish serous bubbles in the sky and the glands.

Gerpangina is most common in children, while it is possible to recover only once. Subsequently, the body produces strong immunity to the pathogen. Antibiotics for sore throat in adults tablets are appointed in the case, if a long time is not observed improvements, and if a disease was joined by another bacterial infection.

Помните, что высокая температура - это один из главных симптомов ангины
Remember, the heat - it's one of the main symptoms of angina

Lacunar abscess and type

Lacunar tonsillitis usually only affects the tonsils, but it can also get to the larynx and the pharynx. Fast enough for an adult shows signs like:

  • Sore throat, pain when swallowing,
  • a temperature of about 38 degrees,
  • Soreness and increase regional lymph nodes,
  • Aching joints,
  • chill,
  • Headache.

Raids on the tonsils form a yellow-white hue, which are able to merge with each other, filling the entire surface. If plaque covered the entire oral cavity, This may be an indication of complications of tonsillitis in adults in the form of another type of disease - angina fibrous. It is especially dangerous possible accompanying inflammation of the brain.

A photo, Symptoms and treatment of quinsy in adults are similar to the type of lacunar. Both diseases are most often caused by streptococci, although abscess pathogen species may also be stick Pfeiffer. As is the case with fibrous angina, This option is often develops as a complication of follicular or lacunar types.

Quinsy manifested temperature, chill, sore throat and ear on the side, where amazed tonsils. A person's voice is changing, it becomes more nasal, and it would be hard to work the lower jaw. Sometimes the patient has to hold his head only in a certain forced position. In particularly serious cases, phlegmonous abscesses formed.

Ангина бывает двух типов, но определить какой из них у вас, сможет только врач
Angina can be of two types, but to determine which of them you have, Only a doctor can

Temperature angina

Symptoms of tonsillitis in adults and children always include a high temperature. However, there are situations, When this symptom does not occur. Such is not the norm and, Moreover, evidence of problems of a different kind. Angina without temperature occurs in the following cases:

  • Pregnant women. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and breast-feeding significantly affect the immunity. Its decrease leads to, that the temperature does not rise.
  • Older people. With age, the body's defenses deteriorate, and therefore harder to the body reacts to a collision with the pathogen.
  • people, suffering from immunodeficiency states. The classical case - HIV infection or, eg, tuberculosis. In this case, the body is also not harmful microorganisms notices.

Inflammation and fever - this is a normal reaction of the human body to foreign objects, which are including and pathogens. Angina without temperature - not a cause for joy, as an occasion to reflect on the state of its immunity.

If a person has been a big part of the symptoms of tonsillitis, but there is no heat, it can talk about the development of some other disease. Accurate diagnosis will deliver only physician after all necessary tests.

Если у вас болит горло и при этом резко поднялась температура тела, тогда возможно вы заболели ангиной и нужно посетить врача
If you have a sore throat and at the same time the body temperature rose sharply, then perhaps you are ill with angina and need to see a doctor

How to treat a sore throat?

Antibiotics in adults treat acute tonsillitis is almost always - is the basis of conservative therapy. Tablets are used in pathologies, caused by streptococcus, and that the vast number of types of disease. While adulthood probability of negative consequences on the background of the pathogen activity is somewhat lower, treatment still apply antibacterial preparations.

Used to identify Streptococcus smear on the bacterial flora, which is taken from the rear surface of the throat. If the disease is actually caused by this bacterium, then its characteristic clinical manifestations, Firstly, are high fever and pain in swallowing.

note. Coryza with sore throat does not happen. Its presence indicates the development of some other pathology. The same applies to cough.

After that, the doctor decides, which medications are better suited to the specific case, you can continue to treat a sore throat at home. Therapy includes bed rest, consumption of large quantities of liquid, regular airing of the premises and the use of separate cutlery. medications, in the absence of contraindications, They may be accompanied by folk remedies for sore throats in adults.

Учтите, что не стоит подбирать лекарственные препараты при ангине самостоятельно
Note, it is not necessary to pick up medications for angina alone

How to treat purulent tonsillitis?

Antibiotics for purulent tonsillitis in adults are the mainstay of treatment, can not be ignored. Otherwise the infection may move to other organs, like joints, kidney or heart. What exactly treat purulent tonsillitis in adults, will solve the doctor, but the most commonly used drugs penicillin group. If the patient is allergic to the component, then used drugs other groups.

In adults, treatment of purulent angina for a doctor's appointment may be accompanied by antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs. To improve the immunity sometimes multivitamin complexes used.

The gargle with angina purulent type:

  • herbal teas (calendula, chamomile, sage),
  • salts solution, soda and iodine,
  • tablets furatsilina,
  • chlorhexidine.

Rinse should be carried out from the very first symptoms of the disease. For each procedure should spend about two minutes. The treatment is repeated at least once per hour. May be further lubricated chlorophyllipt tonsils or Lugol's solution, and irrigate mucosal spray bedtime.

Только ваш врач сможет подобрать вам оптимальный препарат на основе антибиоотика для лечения ангины
Only your doctor will be able to match you with the best product based on an antibiotic for the treatment of angina

Drugs for angina in adults

Most often prescribe anti-strep throat penicillin. This is a cure for sore throats in adults characterized by a narrow focus action, and therefore less impact on the intestinal microflora. The main drawback is the high probability of an allergy, so doctors often prescribe pills from the list:

  • amoxicillin,
  • Panklav,
  • Augmentin.

Amoksiklav angina also be appointed in the event that, if the patient is intolerant of penicillin. If it developed a severe form of disease, it may be a combination of these drugs. Also added to them clavulanic acid, which does not disintegrate under the action of amoxicillin gastric enzymes.

Another embodiment of preparations - macrolides. In addition to streptococci, such means are effective against staphylococci, mycoplasma and hladimy. Among the pills for sore throat in adults are used erythromycin, azithromycin, Sumamed, Zitrolid and Azitroks. Unlike penicillin, which is taken for ten days, Here treatment is three days.

In severe inflammation of the tonsils drink cephalosporins, classical representatives are drugs Cefuroxime, Cepiform, CIFRAN, cephalexin, Ceftriaxone and Cefepime. carbapenems injections are also used, eg, Imipenem or meropenem.

Народные средства для лечения ангины также хороши, особенно, если принимать антибиотики нельзя
Folk remedies for the treatment of angina are also good, special, If you can not take antibiotics

folk methods

After that, the doctor decides, than to treat disease, it will be possible to supplement therapy safe folk remedies. Treatment at home is better to carry out by means of the list:

  • propolis. It can chew in its natural form, three grams at a time. Sometimes this raises a burning sensation. Permissible to dissolve in a glass of milk a tablespoon of propolis oil and drink it three times a day. In severe stages of angina drink a tablespoon of alcohol tincture three times a day.
  • Peroxide. Help cure a sore throat teaspoon of three percent peroxide, diluted in a glass of warm water. Gargle need five times in a day, and after the procedure requires further rinse the mouth with water.
  • acidic foods. Alkali food like cranberry juice and sauerkraut help neutralize harmful pathogens. You can chew a slice of lemon. An hour before and an hour after that can not be eaten.

Among other common techniques - honey, which is placed in milk or tea, and can breathe on boiled potatoes. However, all the folk methods can not effectively influence the disease, if treatment is not accompanied by the use of drugs.

Sore throat without antibiotics in adults treated in the event, if it is caused by fungus Candida. In such a situation advantageously applied external means, and antifungals. The same applies to viral etiology - in this case drinking antiviral and anti-inflammatory agents.

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