Where does the fungus on their hands and how to get rid of it? Medicine and folk remedies

Skin Fungus Hand (cm. pictured below) more rare, than a foot fungus (the ratio of the frequency of diagnosing fungal hands and feet can be displayed in the form of proportions 1:3 – 1:7 from various sources).

Грибок кожи рук возникает гораздо реже, чем грибок ступней.
skin fungus hand there is much less, than a foot fungus, but still is a very unpleasant disease

The basis of power for almost all types of fungus - a keratin. It is for this reason, especially in the pathological process involved areas, in which the protein is the most accessible: nails, hair and skin. Fungal skin lesions of the disease known as "athlete's foot".

types of fungus

Fungal pathogen, caller on hand mycosis (skin and nail fungus), usually refers to one of the following:

  1. dermatophytes (mostly kind Trichophyton: T. mentcigrophytes и Т. red);
  2. Candida yeasts (1/4 diagnosed cases of mycosis of hands).

At the same time, all of the fungi killing power is divided into the following groups:

  • zooantropfilnye (can cause fungal infections in the majority of animals and humans);
  • antropofilnymi (Once a person becomes ill);
  • zoofilnye (sick animal may only, people do not become infected).

Hands affected by dermatophytes in contact with someone, patients with mycosis (rarely - with the support).

It is interesting! There is such a term - "single brush syndrome and two stop". This name reflects the mechanism of infection: taking care of your feet, man infects his own hand (lefty - left, and right-handers - respectively, right).

Ухаживая за ступнями, пораженными грибком, можно заразить свои руки.
Taking care of your feet, porazhennыmy fungus, can contaminate their hands

Causes of

Mycosis on the hands is more common among the elderly (age from 65 years and older), increasingly affecting the male population. but, nail fungus and the fungus also occurs in women on the skin of hands, which in turn are more prone to yeast fungi defeat. In children, skin fungus and nail lesions occur very rarely, but, they are accompanied by painful sores oozing character.

The risk of morbidity mycosis include housewives, cook, confectioners, cleaners, dishwashers, workers saunas, pools and baths. Simply put - it is the people, on whose hands is prolonged exposure to detergents, solution, water, test, alkalis, which disrupt the structure of the protective layer of the dermis, due to which it becomes brittle and cracks. These factors create a favorable environment for the development and penetration of the fungus on the fingers. Even perfectly healthy people may be unwitting carriers of fungal microflora, and damaged skin instantly become a gateway for infection.

by the way, the chance of infection is high at least in persons, using antibacterial soap instead of the usual dressing for daily repeated hand washing.

so, What other conditions can be caused by activation of opportunistic fungal infectious microflora? They are there many:

  • weakening of the body - stress condition, long-term illness;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • during pregnancy;
  • teenage years, elderly age;
  • failure to comply with hygiene rules;
  • long reception of antibiotics;
  • transferred chemotherapy;
  • diabetes
  • endocrine disruptions.

Normally fungi peacefully and quietly live in a human body and cause him harm.

Important! Any athlete's foot indicates that, that not all is well in the body, and it would be very handy thoroughly examined.

Грибок кожи рук (микоз) - это тревожный сигнал, который говорит, что с организмом не все в порядке.
Skin Fungus Hand (mikoz) - a wake-up call, who says, that the body is not all right

Infection often remains undetected for a long time, as people simply do not represent, It looks like a fungus, and accept the symptoms of irritation and local allergic reactions.

What does he look like

  • dermatofitozov. When infected with fungi-dermatophytes mycotic lesion is starting to show with interdigital folds, often having normal skin cracks.

symptoms defeat:

  1. White stripes and spots on the nails - Leukonychia (can occur when a lack of vitamins);
  2. Itching in the palms;
  3. Redness and maceration (get wet) skin;
  4. Yellow stains portions and a thicker nail plate;
  5. Callus skin;
  6. Skin cracks in the skin, especially in the interdigital (3,4,5) intervals;
  7. Interdigital skin peeling, kraterovidnye education on the palms;
  8. bubbles, erosive lesions then merge;
  9. allergic rash (can reach the level of the elbow, characteristic mostly for pediatric patients).
Зуд в ладонях - один из признаков микоза.
Itching in the palms - one of the symptoms of athlete's foot
  • candidiasis. AT 84% of cases of "guilty» Candida albicans, about 10% - called C. parapsilosis; and all 2% accounted for C. Tropicalis. pathological chistyuli, washing hands too often, It may be a long time not to notice the signs of a yeast fungal infection in his hands, whose peculiar thickened dry skin, lunkoobraznoe, powdery or plate-peeling, water washable. But when the athlete's foot is already moving on nails, it becomes difficult not to notice.
На фото показан микоз, который перешел на ногти.
The photo shows the athlete's foot, who defected to the nails

Candidiasis indicate such symptoms:

  • Developing paronychia - inflamed cuticles and Patriotic, navisaet gives nogtem, It turns red. Maybe when pressed to allocate whitish liquid. Most often it appears on the middle and ring fingers;
На фото показана паронихия - воспаление и отечность над ногтями.
The photo shows a felon - an inflammation and swelling of the nail
  • Thickened horny layer of the skin and nail (develop keratosis);
  • There is a nail plate dystrophy - groove, waviness;
  • It felt itching and burning, and if the process is started, it often takes place and pain;
  • Palmar furrows become brownish, whitish or brown tint;
  • The palms are dry, shelled the areas mealy, lunkoobraznyh and rings, there are deep grooves on the skin. Most often, the boundary of the affected area runs along the edge of the palm, it has a dry and crumbling structure of a whitish color.

How to treat

Depending on the pathogen species, the degree of tissue involvement in the pathological process and the overall health of the sick, the doctor will decide whether, than to treat a fungus. Patients were assigned either only local, or systemic treatment. Sometimes it is a combination therapy.

  • locally appointed: ointment of the fungus, as well as antifungal creams and antifungal gels, paints and sprays - depending on, which form of the drug to be more convenient in each case.
  • When the dermatologist is faced, how to get rid of the fungus in the later stages - in the absence of contraindications direct patient appointed antifungal drugs for oral administration (Capsules and tablets). They allow you to completely cure the patient from the fungus, as the active ingredient enters the bloodstream and spreads to all tissues of the body, accumulating them in a fairly high concentration.


Systemic therapy is conducted with oral and capsule drugs Diflucan (a wide range of fungal infections), terbinafine (concomitant microflora, broad spectrum of activity) and Itraconazole (dermatophytoses), Children are often prescribed as a low-toxic drug Griseofulvin. Assigned and other drugs, antimycotics, which list is not fully represented here possible.

but, in the domestic market antifungals following items are the most common:

  • Bifonazol (Bifosin, mikospor);
  • terbinafine (amphotericin, Atifin, Fungoterbin, Terbizil);
  • fluconazole (Diflyukan, Flyukostat)
  • Sertokonazol (damage);
  • itraconazole (Itramikol, Itrazol);
  • ketoconazole (Nizoral, Mikozoral);
  • clotrimazole (compulsion);
  • Ekzoderil (Naftifin).
Начать лечить грибок на руках лучше после консультации с врачом.
Begin to treat fungus on the hand is better, after consultation with the doctor

If by ingestion of the drug added to the local media - receiving combination treatment. There are additional methods of laser treatment (in clinical trials) and therapeutic manicure.

Important! Duration of therapy is calculated by the doctor individually. In no case do not exercise "self-activity".

  • When interdigital mycosis apply funds from the fungus with an active substance Cyclopirox (cream and powder). processing is carried out 2-3 r / d for seven days.
    When actinic hyperkeratosis and recommended flaking dead skin layers using Salicylic ointment, and then - application of Miconazole ciclopirox or a crme.
  • For relief of the inflammatory process at paronychia, this method is well suited: soda, boric bath or manganese (3%) It applied for 20 minutes, then softened plate is cut, dead skin scraped off, wipe his feet dry on the treated areas applied antifungal preparations.

Sometimes it is appointed and the usual "Zelenka" (Brilliant green), as well as liquid Castellani, ihtiolovaya ointment, Iodine, Kortikosteroidы.

  • In acute moist dermatitis nail shaft, caused by yeasts, assigned antibiotic therapy (tetracycline, erythromycin, penicillin) and antihistamines (diazolin, Tavegil, suprastin).
  • In the formation of large bubbles, they reveal, is applied to the affected area "Zelenka" or methylene blue solution and applied with a lotion 2% Christmas tree.

note! External antifungals prescribed for treatment of an acute inflammation of the skin lesions.

Traditional methods of treatment

Council! Treatment of folk remedies in any case should not be appointed without the consent of a doctor, and as the main method of treatment. Otherwise you risk to bring the case to chronic process. Folk remedies, However, may become an addition to the prescribed therapy and to accelerate the healing process.

  • Pine liqueur - the excellent assistant in the fight against fungal skin lesions. It is prepared as: pour 100 Mr. cones rubbing alcohol in the amount of 250 ml and infused for 15 day. The finished product is filtered and applied to the affected area on a daily basis 1-2 twice a day for 30 days.
Лечение грибка с помощью сосновой настойки ускоряет процесс выздоровления в несколько раз.
The treatment with the fungus pine tincture greatly accelerates the healing process
  • It works well at a dermal ointment fungus and activated carbon with the addition of garlic and calendula. That's how it is prepared: a few cloves of garlic passed through the press or grinder; knead into a powder 10 tab. activated carbon; calendula flowers in a quantity of 20 g triturated mush; stirred components and added in an ointment base 100 g non-liquid fat. The ointment is applied to the affected areas at night and wear cotton gloves. On the morning of the hands are washed with soap and water. The procedure is repeated daily for a month.


  • Work with liquids and other substances should gloved;
  • When injury occurs - their tying, pre-disinfect;
  • Keep under control of chronic diseases - such as diabetes mellitus, HIV, obesity, circulatory diseases;
  • Eliminate beriberi;
  • Cure for yourself and family members fungus foot, if he is;
  • Eat a balanced, include in the diet of dairy products, and propolis, Brusnik, garlic, pepper, nuts and grapefruit.

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