body lice (a photo) – how to detect parasites and get rid of them

Lice - a very dangerous kind of parasite, tk. feeding on human blood, bring the wearer tangible inconvenience: bites cause itching and irritation, can provoke various allergic reactions and even typhus. It is therefore important time to detect parasites and know, how to get rid of lice on their own at home.

How are lice

Lice wardrobes - a specific type of parasites, It emerged as a result of the evolution of conventional head lice. Unlike the lice, wardrobes can not exist in the human body and placed solely on clothes.

note! Wardrobes parasites live only on human clothes - they should look for in your pockets, seams, folds.

In appearance cootie very similar to the head: an elongated body sized 2-3 mm, abdomen pale yellow or light gray. Parasites do not have wings, It is allowing them to move more quickly in the hair, but, in the same time, difficult redeployment from one host to another.

insect eggs called nits. Louse sticks the eggs to the fabric using special enzymes, because they pull out of the clothes mechanically difficult. Lice eggs reach a length of no more than 0,5 mm and discover them on clothes virtually impossible. larvae, emerging from the insect eggs, during growth molt three times, and of undeveloped individuals (length 1,5-2 mm) turn into an adult insect.

Despite, wardrobes parasites that are located only in clothes, There is a man they can not. When Famine louse of the clothes moved on the human body, which is saturated and then back again in underwear.

Eggs and larvae of insects multiply rapidly, warming human warmth, while the adults feed on human blood.

Important! Saturate the blood cootie a distinctive darkish-red hue and abdomen swells several insect. As such, the body louse may be confused with flea - but unlike parasites fleas can not jump and just crawl to the bite.

Parasites are most of the time between the folds and seams of clothing, preferring warm cotton and woolen fabrics. brilliant, satin and silk clothes do not like insects, tk. it was not "warm" them.

Платяные вши фото
In appearance cootie very similar to the head: an elongated body sized 2-3 mm, abdomen pale yellow or light gray

Where are the lice

Adults should eat 3-4 times per day, because they are constantly appearing on the body. But this same feature makes the parasites multiply in the people, whose clothes changed regularly, Unlike head lice. This establishes the basic "contingent" media lice: homeless, soldiers at war, refugees, etc., that is, those people, which rarely wash and change clothes.

Hanging lice may develop in different situations:

  • After trying on clothes in the store (especially in natural markets and second-hand):
  • When wearing someone else's underwear (if clothes hosts were unscrupulous people);
  • With the general with other people using the bed or bedding;
  • After that, in the house next to someone else's personal belongings were kept positive things;
  • After trips and tourist travel (with stops at dirty cheap hotels), rest in a boarding house or the children's camp;
  • After the sauna, bathrooms, public transport.

In fact, parasites can be transmitted after a visit to any large gatherings of people places. But more often this kind of insect it is passed by sharing linens and clothing.

Платяные вши фото
Parasites are most of the time between the folds and seams of clothing, preferring warm cotton and woolen fabrics

How to detect lice

Due to the small size of the parasites is very difficult to detect, visually they can be seen only with a magnifying optics. Because it is the symptoms of lice indicate the presence of parasites, rather than discovered insects.

Alerted people should suddenly appeared on the skin of allergic manifestations, bites, itch, swelling. These symptoms are often blamed on an allergic reaction from taking the medicine or any food, but manifestations of lice have their own distinctive features:

  • Bite marks disappear on their own after 4-5 days (when small amounts);
  • At the site of the bite begins itching, which extends around the bite of;
  • When multiple bites on the skin show through bluish spots;
  • At the site of the bite (most often it is the area of ​​the body, where the skin is closely connected with clothes - back, neck, armpits, shoulders) there are characteristic hardening, related substance, located in the saliva of insects;
  • body color in the area of ​​the bite becomes noticeably darker (launched pediculosis is characterized by unhealthy brown complexion, its peeling).

Pediculosis corporis can be expressed by the appearance of a severe allergic reaction, followed by a rash on the body, and sometimes more serious manifestations (headache, increase in temperature, dyspepsia and other.), sleep disturbances (due to severe itching).

Important! The main symptoms of pediculosis corporis - the emergence of bites and itching characteristic, usually appear in places snug clothing to the human body.

Itching and bites - not the worst manifestations of lice. Hanging type of lice is often a carrier of typhus, which can be fatal development. And the lice can cause the development of many different skin diseases: bites turn into boils and pustules, developing pyoderma.

note! Children bites lice react particularly painful. They often comb the skin, may start crying for no apparent reason, behave nervously and irritably.

Upon detection of the first symptoms should be immediately carefully inspect clothing and bedding for parasites. Identify adults is not difficult, but the eggs lice will be difficult to detect. But if you have multiple individuals should be initiated targeted measures to combat parasites, which will help get rid of, both the adult insects, and nit.

Платяные вши фото
Alerted people should suddenly appeared on the skin of allergic manifestations, bites, itch, swelling

How to get rid of lice

By body lice can be eliminated in a short amount of time with correct and timely approach. The easiest way - special health services, always ready to help. but, although this method very effective (tk. service have powerful processing means), there is an appeal to the carriers of parasites is not the most polite.

Methods of getting rid of lice in the home include manipulation:

  1. All things wash infected at the highest temperature in the automatic mode with the addition of insecticidal agents.
  2. The body is treated with a special pediculicides preparation and thoroughly wash it under hot water.
  3. Wear clean clothes, and the laundry to hang out in the sun (but better - the cold) us a few days.
  4. Furniture House (especially soft) treat the kerosene-soap solution or kerosene-soap composition.

Biting lice on treated alcoholic solutions, balm "asterisk" or "Rescue". If there are allergic reactions, used drugs, aimed at addressing the symptoms (antihistamines, medicine for headache, anesthetics, etc.).

Means for body treatments

To combat the louse use specialized lotions, sprays and shampoos:

  • Nittifor;
  • Pair Plus;
  • Nit Free.

Means applied to the body, processing most places affected by parasites, after which the skin is wrapped with polyethylene (or cling film), and after the time specified in the instructions wash.

Means for treating clothes

Garment processing there is a time-tested tool - kerosene. He guaranteed rid of parasites, but at the same time it brings a lot of inconvenience: the washing machine can not add kerosene, means may cause skin burns, and the smell of kerosene erode from clothing with difficulty.

Therefore it is better to use special drugs protivopedikulitsidnye:

  • Nok;
  • Pedylyn;
  • Bubil;
  • Medyfoks;
  • Karʙofos.

Important! Handling things, and the body should be carried out simultaneously, that does not prevent re-infection.

Folk remedies

In platyanom pedykuleze, who has not yet developed to enormous proportions, you can use folk remedies to combat parasites:

  • Tansy. It is used for the broth and used for bathing.
  • Plant repellents (possessing a specific odor): tansy, rosemary, carnation, eucalyptus. Means of display in cabinets, where clothes are stored and bedding.
  • For wound healing uses cream, made of white hellebore the rhizomes and angelica powder with addition of pork fat.

Getting rid of lice - a rather unpleasant process, therefore it is better to prevent the emergence of lice, than after a fight with him. Avoid places, where you can "catch" parasites, not sleep in questionable places, no contact with unkempt people, personal hygiene and do not use someone else's clothes and bed linens.

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