bitten by midges – what to do, you remove the swelling?

Then came the long-awaited summer holidays, and, of course, the majority of people at this time active rest on nature. but, sally out of the city is often overshadowed by the unpleasant bites bothersome insects - midges, mosquitoes, horseflies. What to do first, if you are bitten by midges?

Атака мошек всегда происходит внезапно. В большинстве случаев человек даже не успевает понять, что с ним случилось. Это связанно с исключительной агрессивностью мошкары. Насекомые настолько быстро нападают, что рецепторы кожи не успевают зафиксировать раздражение
midges attack always occurs suddenly. In most cases, people do not even have time to understand, what happened to him. This is due to the exceptional aggressiveness of mosquitoes. Insects are so quickly attacked, receptors in the skin that do not have time to fix irritation

If you are bitten by a gnat in the eye or lip, the inflammatory response (Otok) - is developing very quickly. Especially swelling is expressed in children. So if a child bitten by a gnat in the eye (- or rather, in the eyelid or the delicate skin under the eye), you will need to quickly eliminate inflammation.

Why is formed edema

The main characteristic of a midge bite - this is a very strong irritant effect on the skin of the affected insect saliva, because it is composed of a substance of relatively high toxicity. midge, as known, bite completely different, than mosquitoes. His jaws are chitinous sharply pinch off a small portion of the epidermis, then it gets into the wound saliva, It contains a special ingredient - an anesthetic. That is why the initial bite of midges is virtually painless. After this insect licks the blood and lymph protruding from the wound. If you are bitten by a gnat in the eye, the delicate tissues of the area give the appropriate response quickly enough (cm. A photo):

Кусая, мошка может заразить человека опасными заболеваниями: лейкоцитозоонозом птиц, онхоцеркозом скота и человека. Кроме того, вещества, содержащиеся в слюне насекомого, могут вызывать тяжелые аллергические реакции — симулидотоксикоз
biting, midge can infect human dangerous diseases: leykotsitozoonozom birds, Onchocerciasis livestock and humans. Besides, substances, contained in the saliva of the insect, can cause severe allergic reactions - simulidotoksikoz

midge saliva, or, how else to call it - Gnusov - it is a serious hemolytic poison. It provides a rich set of agents, including vasodilators, antykoahulyantnыe, enzymes and other substances, break down blood components for easy digestion of insects it. These substances belong to proteins, and they cause itching, swelling of the bitten area, soreness, inflammatory and allergic reactions.

Often after a bite victim sees,Depending on the location of the bite, he was swollen leg or swollen eyelid - and it happens in a matter of hours.

Should we do something in this case,, what actions to take?

Укусы мошки игнорировать не стоит. Если отеки не лечить, они могут спровоцировать заболевания сосудов. В борьбе с отеками все подручные средства хороши
Midge bites should not be ignored. If swelling is not treated, they may trigger vascular disease. The anti-edema all available means good

Council! You will need compulsory treatment - in fact it is a pathological condition. And in medicine, this poisoning is even a special name - simulidotoksikoz.


How do we determine, that you have been bitten by it midge? There are a number of signs:

  1. The lesion center point is wound;
  2. increases swelling. Eye (if the bite occurred in an area of ​​the eye) - blush. If the bite affected limb - arm or leg - it can swell totally;
  3. There is an acute itching, burning;
  4. The patient greatly swollen eyes, observed tearing and decreased vision, palpebral fissure may overlap completely;
  5. Blisters and stains;
  6. Healing is long enough.
Укусы, болезненные и зудящие, из-за специфического состава яда, все время хочется расчесать. Чтобы сгладить зуд и предотвратить расчесывание, место поражения советуют протирать 9% раствором уксуса либо раствором соды пищевой
Bites painful and itchy because of the specific composition of the poison, we always want to comb. To smooth the itching and prevent scratching, spot lesions are advised to wipe 9% solution of vinegar or baking soda solution

note! For each person is characterized by an individual reaction to the bite of midges, of course, the child has all the symptoms are more pronounced, special, when gnat bite in the eye.

The degree of damage depends on several factors at once:

  1. insect species;
  2. The immune status of the victim;
  3. age;
  4. Layers of secondary infection.

note! The tendency to allergy victim - his skin rash may appear, often the pressure increases, and body temperature. And in some severe cases the patient has generalized angioedema, It may also develop a dangerous condition - anaphylactic shock. These conditions are an indication for urgent treatment with antihistamines and sometimes hormonal therapy, and hospitalization.

Самым критическим последствием укуса мошек может быть развитие анафилактического шока, что требует незамедлительных реанимационных мероприятий
The most critical effect of the bite of midges can be anaphylactic shock, that requires immediate resuscitation

On average, the bite will heal around 3 of the week, and if we neglect treatment, then healing may be delayed for an indefinite period of time and be complicated by the addition of a secondary infection.

bitten by midges, swollen leg - what to do

  1. Immediately after the injury of the skin area of ​​the bite swells strongly and there is a burning sensation. In no case, scratch or rub the place, you do not accidentally enter into the wound infection. The wound should be thoroughly rinsed, and then treated with an antiseptic solution. You can use these drugs, how Furatsilinom, Miramistin, chlorhexidine.

note! Rinsing should be done with extreme care, if the drugs are used in the eye area.

  1. To get rid of the itching sensations, take the following drugs are a number of antihistamines: Diazolin or Suprastin. Drug therapy prevents the formation of allergic reactions, eliminating patient discomfort from, and also a way, removing edema, if it has occurred.

Another option is to wipe the injury parsley juice. Fresh herbs should chop and squeeze the juice, moisten it cheesecloth and apply to the skin. This means, by the way, It removes not only the itch, but also swelling and redness.

Because pharmaceutical drugs, besides the above-mentioned, You can also use hydrocortisone cream and ointment Levomekol. Ointment to anoint need a thin layer of the affected area, making it 2-3 r daily. These drugs relieve inflammation and, and itching, and swelling.

Council! Lubricate plot puffiness - strictly around the wound, since in contact with the drug directly into the wound with a sharp increase in itching and burning sensation appears.

Места где образовались раны лучше обрабатывайте перекисью водорода 3% и смазывайте мазью "Левомеколь". Если по прежнему улучшения не будет, посетите врача дерматолога
seats, which formed wounds, better treated with hydrogen peroxide 3% and salve "Levomekol". If you still will not improve, Visit a dermatologist

From itching and pain great help green peppermint leaves or plantain. Green mass should be washed thoroughly in cold water, tolkushkoy mash and apply to the site of injury. Plants have a cooling effect and pronounced edematous. Peppermint and plantain also possess antibacterial properties, preventing the development of infection and inflammation.

note! In the treatment of the eye area can not be applied to the skin with an alcohol, dinner and apple cider vinegar, peroxide and means "Zvezdochka", as this may eventually cause damage to the cornea. These drugs can only be used for application to the body!

  1. remove the tumor, and not only when damaged limbs, and especially, if midge bites into the eye, in the ear, or lip, ie in the areas of the skin, in which the epidermis is particularly thin and delicate, help cooling compress. To this end, the ice cubes turn into a cotton cloth and applied to the affected area for about 2 min.

Excellent results also provides the use of cool lotions sodium chloride solution - baking soda (concentration 1 no. l. on 1 glass of water). swab soaked in a solution is applied to a place for a few minutes bite. You can also apply a fresh plate of chilled potato or cucumber or skin smear their juice.

  1. By redness eye drops well help Sulfatsil, operating as a combined anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent.
  1. Bites of blackflies avoid intoxication should observe adequate water regime.

Council! In the treatment of child drugs, listed above, you must first consult with a physician - children's eye doctor! since it is known, many drugs can cause side effects and have an age restriction and can be strictly contraindicated in children.

Реакция на укус мошки у детей может проявляться гораздо интенсивнее, чем у взрослых. Это требует более серьезной лекарственной терапии, поэтому при значительном отеке и болезненности обязательна консультация педиатра
The reaction to the bite of midges in children can manifest itself much more intense, than adults. This requires a more serious drug therapy, therefore, with considerable swelling and tenderness obligatory consultation pediatrician


If midge has not had time to bite you, but you are going to relax in nature - protect yourself and your children by using repellents. So-called special funds, that repel mosquitoes, mites, midges and other insects.

Council! choosing a drug, study the instructions carefully. Some of the repellent effect on a limited number of species of insects and are strictly forbidden to use children. The difference between these drugs and the degree of protection, exposure duration and are available in different forms - creams, gels, sprays, napkins, and ointments. For areas often use fumigators, aerosols and ultrasonic devices.

The drug is distributed to areas of the body, not protected by clothing, and the very clothes. Do not apply repellent to the lips and eye area. Be treated ears, as one of the "favorite" places midges bites. Avoid contact with the drug on the damaged skin. After the walk means rinsed with soapy water.

At itself carry a first aid kit with antiseptics, antihistamines and bandages to provide timely assistance.

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