How to get rid of hornets? The best methods of struggle against insects

Many owners of country houses are afraid of stings of bees and wasps, but often on the sites can be seen, and other insects, It called Hornet. He is a kind of wasp, and its main difference from it - the size. The mature individual can exceed 50 mm, what in 2,5 times more wasps. However, in comparison with it hornets belong to the people much friendlier. They will not attack a person for no reason.

These insects prefer to build their nests under the roof of a house or, eg, attics and barns. Beehive in the backyard garden is unlikely anyone will be pleased, since there will always be around to fly Hornets. By themselves they do not napadut, but if you accidentally touch the insect, the bite is unlikely to succeed to avoid. Therefore it is necessary to understand that, how to get rid of hornets nest.

Шершни — это разновидность ос, только более крупных размеров. В поисках пищи любят селиться вблизи дачных участков. Они обустраивают свои гнезда в дачных строениях. Чаще всего строят гнезда под крышей сарая, дома
Hornets - a kind of wasps, Only larger sizes. In search of food they like to settle near the suburban areas. They equip their nests in suburban buildings. Most often build nests under the roof of the barn, houses

Who are the hornets?

Hornet - it is the largest member of the family of wasps. It belongs to the Hymenoptera, and all them, there are about twenty-three species. Individuals united in the family, arrange your accommodation near the food source. They will feel great in the tree in the apiary, hive will give them just two types of food. Adults can enjoy the hornets as bees, and manufactures of honey.

It is interesting! Unlike other types of wasps, hornets enjoyed slices of rotten stumps, to build houses. Therefore, it has a slightly brown color.

Juveniles consume insects chew. They are suitable for food mol, butterfly, mosquitoes, flies and moths. These relatives wasps may be of different sizes and colors, but they will always seek to protect the nest.

The greatest danger of the insects on the site are for people, prone to allergies. For them, simple bite can result in a spectrum of various manifestations, like:

  • puffiness,
  • Heat,
  • cardiac arrhythmia,
  • suffocation.

However, many gardeners get on with hornets on your site. In winter, the nests are killed all the individuals, except fertilized uterus. If she does not see from the man any threat, it organizes a new colony in the same place next year, where was the old. Think about, how to get rid of hornets in the country, first need the, who have children. Out of fear, they can easily hurt an insect, resulting in bites.

Если шершни нападут на человека, то они укусят его и впрыснут яд, который приведет к серьёзной аллергической реакции. Укусы шершней куда болезненнее, чем пчел или ос.
If the hornets attacked man, they will bite him and injected poison, which will lead to serious allergic reactions. Hornet stings much more painful, than bees or wasps

Where to begin?

The process of struggle against hornets should begin with preparation. It includes several aspects. First of all, We need to study the behavior of the inhabitants of the nest, in particular - the transport path. Although essentially hornets - a simple insects, they pack instincts are well developed, and therefore to deal with them in the open is very difficult.

It is particularly important to study the route of flight, if you have to understand, how to get rid of hornets in the attic. After that you need to prepare PPE. These include:

  • Pasechnik mask,
  • gloves,
  • clothing, covering the entire body, like overalls.

The next step - to wait for the right moment to start the struggle. Usually, this is best done, when the first hornet scout. They are females, who study the surrounding countryside for suitable locations for the nests. They consider a hollow tree, plexus branches, rafters and windows, as well as empty birdhouses. Usually this happens in the middle of April.

Эти насекомые становятся агрессивными в моменты опасности. Нельзя допустить, чтобы вблизи жилья шершни разводили целые колонии. Когда насекомых становится слишком много, в агрессивном состоянии крупные осы могут угрожать жизни людей
These insects become aggressive in moments of danger. We can not allow, to housing near hornet diluted whole colonies. When the insect becomes too much, aggressive big wasp state can threaten the lives of people

Ways to deal with the hornets

People have different rid of hornets nests. There are a variety of techniques, They differ in degree of safety, and effectiveness. for example, widespread use of simple plastic bag. You will need to insecticides, like:

  • Agrana,
  • Get,
  • Fosbana,
  • Karʙofosa,
  • Dobrohima Micro.

To work need a durable plastic bag, which can be pre-treated inside the selected tool. Begin to act better in the dark. Although the hornets are not strictly nocturnal or diurnal strictly, at dusk they become a little less active.

If the nest was built on the branches of trees, then get rid of the insects have the following:

  • The package must be placed directly under the hornets, to nest fell into it.
  • Location of the bag should be adjusted so, to drop has not led to a breakthrough.
  • Using a long-handled scissors, to be cut or the entire branch with a nest, a place, to which the socket is attached.
  • After that, as the Hornets will be in the package, obrabotannom insekticidom, can be injected again remedy.
  • Will only close the bag.

Filled bag easiest to throw, but it can also burn. We must work carefully and quickly. When, If the nest fall yet led to a breakthrough package, you need to escape from the area and wait in a safe place, insects will not rest until.

Любой метод борьбы с шершнями нужно использовать только после надевания средств индивидуальной защиты
Any method of dealing with hornets need to use only after donning PPE

The simplest methods

Remove hornets in the building by using a conventional vacuum cleaner. This method is the main advantage, that suction does not lead to insect death. It means, the body does not provide a special substance, which will signal to other individuals in the nest of the impending danger. Usually this factor causes, that the whole flock of flies to attack disturb their peace.

Fighting hornets at home:

  • In the vacuum cleaner nozzle must be put in the form of a tube.
  • Her direct or on all the time slot, or on the individuals.
  • Hornets are drawn into.
  • They need to be destroyed after being hit in the filter.

Sometimes people can not find, where a hornet's nest is located. In this case, you can make special traps, who also prompt, how to get rid of wasps. As a basis almost always takes a plastic bottle, but there are many design options. Here is one of them:

  • Take the volume of a bottle 1-2 l.
  • Using a knife, the lid cross section is done.
  • The edges slightly bent inwards, to form approximately cm hole.
  • It only remains to put inside the right bait. From wasps and hornets fit beer smell, meat or honey.

To get rid of hornets under the roof of the house easily, If insects are still only started construction, and housing dimensions do not exceed the size of a walnut. In this case, you can take glanders, shovel or other similar instruments. With their help, the nest is removed, placed in a package, then destroyed.

В бутылку засыпается сахар, заливается вода и пиво, делается крестообразный надрез на крышке и загибается внутрь. Смысл таков: туда шершень попадает без труда, а назад уже выбраться не может
The bottle is filled with sugar, filled with water and beer, cross-shaped incision is made on the cover and bent inward. meaning is: Hornet gets there easily, and back now can not get out

Fighting hornets in unusual places

Some owners of country houses faced a situation, when the hornets build their nests in the ground. In this case, simply fill pack any liquid. One of the easiest options - conventional hot water. If you want something more efficient, then fit the engine oil, However, this method can not be considered harmless.

Another option - slot can be poured gasoline or kerosene, after which it will be easy to burn. This requires a pre-clean area from any flammable substances. of course, can not apply to this method, if you are near any buildings.

Hornets can settle in other tight spaces. for example, they live in the hollows, between the wooden beams, they can be found in the crevices in the wall or a tree stump. In such situations will come to the aid of the usual foam, which can be caulked like openings. The same foam actually processed and empty nest. If all the cells are filled, the, when the hornets fly back, they do not find there the uterus and leave this place.

Как все общественные насекомые шершни общаются между собой. В случае угрозы гнезду самцы охранники выпускают феромон тревоги, заставляющий весь рой собраться вместе и атаковать врага. Не забывайте о защитном костюме
Like all social insects, hornets communicate with each other. In case of threat socket guards males release alarm pheromone, causing the entire swarm to get together and attack the enemy. Do not forget the protective suit

Traditional and folk ways

The traditional method to deal with most of the existing insect is dichlorvos. This tool is based on pyrethroid, which is manufactured by numerous manufacturers. There are other known insecticides, such as:

  • DR. Klaus. It allows paralyze insects by spraying for fifteen seconds. This method is suitable for disposal of premises, windows and doors must be closed. Sometimes re-processing is required.
  • Mosquitall. This option makes it possible to get rid of the nests, that are high, since the power of its jet overcomes six meters.
  • Often people show video, where they dealt with the hornets, get rid of them using insecticides, originally designed for cockroaches and bedbugs.

Many people prefer to deal with insects folk remedies. for example, you can just hang near the socket piece of meat. Soon he fly off the hornets, and at the moment they can be treated bednet. Under the meat put a bucket, to dead birds fell right into it.

Убрать жилище насекомых можно с помощью плотной полиэтиленовой пленки или пакета, обработанных инсектицидным средством. Кокон быстро оборачивается пленкой, ее концы закрепляются скотчем на потолке
Remove dwelling insects by using thick polyethylene film or package, treated with insecticide. Cocoon quickly turns into a film, its ends are fixed with adhesive tape on the ceiling

Sometimes it helps to deal with the hornets red capsicum. These insects do not tolerate its smell and fly. You can prepare a mixture of the three mushroom caps, one hundred grams of honey and 200 ml of water. The ingredients are mixed, boiled for five minutes, and are displayed on the jars. Sometimes amanitas replaced with boric acid.

However, the most important, thing to remember when dealing with hornets, It `s that, they are potentially dangerous. If a person is not confident in their abilities, it is best to leave the solution of this problem experts. They understand with hornets in the house and on site quickly and efficiently, and the owner will not have to endure the consequences of bites.

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