Food mol kitchen – how to get rid of the pest?

The appearance of the food moths in the kitchen - a dangerous signal for the hostess, talking about, that bred larvae in insect products. Food mol may destroy a significant portion of the products, tk. it multiplies fast enough, but not so easy to get rid of it.

The fight against the food eaten must begin immediately, as soon as the apartment the first signs of insect, and to use all known methods for pest extermination.

Каждая хозяйка знает, что появление моли в квартире - это плохой знак
Every housewife knows, that the emergence of the moth in the apartment - not a good sign

Who is food moths

Food moths in appearance resembles an ordinary butterfly, which lays larvae on food products. These butterflies are "ognevok" type, representatives of which are usually found in nature, but are also found in our kitchens.

To get rid of the pest, need to know, It looks like food moths, and be able to distinguish it from the wardrobe (duffel) asks. Normal food moths does not exceed in size 10 mm, It has a brown or gray streaked, unobtrusive color. Food moths moves through the air, therefore, to distinguish it from the clothing can be, trace the path of a butterfly - if it tends to the kitchen, we are dealing with a food threat.

By the, which product prefers mol, You can determine the species of moth:

  • flour - lay larvae in flour;
  • grain - settles in cereals;
  • Mill and barn - rarely appears in apartment kitchen, preferring homes;
  • potato - eats potato tubers;
  • Kakaovaya - extended to cocoa products and coffee;
  • Fruit - lays eggs on dried fruit and mushrooms.

Different types of moles may be near, so, noticing mol, We need to review all the food before, how to get the food in the kitchen mol.

Important! If the started up food moths, on food can be seen cobweb thin whitish or yellowish appearance of the larvae.

Пищевая моль может легко завестись практически в любой крупе
Food mol can easily be got in virtually any rump

Which product should be checked for the presence of the moth:

  • rice;
  • Pasta;
  • Oatmeal;
  • Buckwheat;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Manka;
  • nuts;
  • Tea;
  • Sugar;
  • Cocoa and coffee;
  • Peas;
  • Biscuit;
  • Pet food.

It is in these products moles often settles, and only one, she gets into ready-made meals. In this case, it is the larvae cause damage, tk. The adult does not eat foods, but only sits on them to lay eggs.

Food moths larvae eat dry foods, leaving behind feces, skins, cobweb, the remains of the dead larvae. All these waste products can enter the food and poison her largely.

note! Food mol short-lived (from 7 to 20 days), but it may be postponed for the period up to 400 larvae.

Having discovered in his kitchen cootie, Do not immediately blame yourself untidiness. The cause of the food moth - substandard products, brought out of the store. Insect larvae often already "live" in products, that offer unscrupulous sellers, neglecting product storage and handling conditions.

Пищевая моль в рисе
Cereals - a favorite habitat for moths

How to display food mol forever

Food mol several stages in its development, and to bring it from the kitchen, you need to consistently destroy, themselves as the butterflies, and the larvae and eggs of insects.

To begin the fight against food moths should be to destroy the larvae - they spoil the food, leaving their typical moves and gluing cereals in small lumps.

From adults to get rid easiest - simply prihlopnuv flying pest or by using sticky traps in the kitchen.

Step One: total revision

We need to find and get rid of all products, infected moth, but it is advisable to throw out all stored products, tk. insect multiplies rapidly and spreads in several products.

How to detect mol:

  • Inspect all of the kitchen cabinets for the presence of larvae.
  • Check unpacked groceries, tk. mol foil may proest, cardboard, polyethylene.
  • Pay attention to the lids of cans - they can accumulate gossamer moths.
  • inspect the ceiling, chandeliers, corners and skirting the top - it is a favorite place for adult moth.

Especially valuable stocks can try to save (but, unless it comes to grain cereals). To this end, food packages can be taken out into the cold for a few hours or ignited in the oven or in a frying pan (at 60 degrees per hour). Such activities will help to kill the larvae, but does not relieve cereals from their waste products. Therefore, it is better to throw everything at all contaminated products and acquire new.

Для избавления пищевой моли есть множество ловушек и аэрозолей
There are many traps and sprays to get rid of food moths

Step two: spring-cleaning

All kitchen cabinets and shelves should be released from products, after which the inner walls of the cabinets must be thoroughly vacuumed, paying special attention to cracks and corners. After the procedure with the dust bag should necessarily throw.

Then, the inner wall of lockers, cans and containers from the products to be processed by means moth.

How to deal with food moths:

  • Laundry soap. Grate the soap and mix it with water in equal proportions. Soapy water to treat the inner surfaces of furniture and container.
  • Vinegar. Dilute with water in identical proportions vinegar and treat the surface inside the cabinets, paying special attention to cracks and corners. After processing in the airing cupboard leave.
  • Industrial means of moth. These surface treated lockers. But such funds are not safe for stored products, We should therefore be used with caution.

step three: destruction of adult

Female moths can be killed by conventional mechanical means - newspaper, muhoboykoy, slap hands.

ordinary sticky traps are used for male moths, which hung on the kitchen or the perimeter of the trap based on pheromones of female moths (eg, Trap for food moths aeroxon).

Aerokson, like other traps, It designed to destroy only adults moths - to get rid of the pest, It is ruthlessly discard all stocks, insect infestation.

Step four: preventive measures

This is the final stage of the fight against moths, the purpose of which is to prevent the emergence of new species of moths.

All kinds of moths hate pungent smells. Therefore, the entire kitchen furniture should expand the bags with herbs or odorous substances.

Пищевая моль не переносит запах лаванды, цитрусовых и лаврового листа
Food does not transfer mol smell of lavender, citrus and leafs

Scents, which can not tolerate mol:

  • Lavender;
  • Geranium;
  • carnation;
  • Citrus (orange peel);
  • Garlic;
  • Basil;
  • soul;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Mint.

Important! Food moths quickly becomes accustomed to odors, therefore it is not necessary to lay out "odorous" repellents to the complete extermination of moth, otherwise the new larvae acquire immunity against pre-decomposed poison.

Folk remedies will act to adult mol, not allowing her to postpone the larvae. But if on the shelf with lavender, eg, put already infected larva moth products, they survive well, and will continue to destroy stocks, svyknuvshis with lavender scent. That is why the fight against moths must pass all the stages and implement integrated.

Chemical means of moth

There is a very wide range of products, used against food moths. They can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Insekticidы - liquidation funds, containing toxic substances and kill adult insects;
  2. repellents - a means of moth food plant-based, Pest repellents.

Get rid of the food moths in the apartment to help these funds:

  • Raptor "protection praying». Sprayed on furniture and carpets and affects not only the adult butterflies, but also on insect larvae. It is effective for one year.
  • aerosol Armol. Instantly kills adults and intoxicating effect on insect larvae. Effect - up to six months.
  • aerosol Combat. Mol kills at any stage of development. Harmless to others.
  • Pills, records, tape from moth: Dezmol, Fitotsid, antimol, Zitol, arsenal, Gela. These funds are laid out on the shelves of cabinets in the kitchen and do not allow food to be got back moth.
В магазине можно приобрести множество действенных аэрозолей от пищевой моли
In the store you can buy a lot of effective aerosols from food moths

Despite the relative safety of these drugs on assurances of manufacturers, use aerosols away from better products - that is, to make the food from the kitchen before processing and back through 1-2 day.

Prevention against food moths

Quickly and efficiently take steps to prevent the occurrence of food moths in the kitchen, than a long fight with the results of the pest of life.

How to get rid of the food moth surely:

  • It is not necessary to store in the kitchen supplies for the future - better to buy food at 2-3 week ahead.
  • Products that have expired immediately throw.
  • Bulk goods store in airtight containers.
  • Carefully check the purchased products for the presence of larvae and moths. Give preference to proven brands.
  • Mole likes stale, stale air: it is necessary to frequently ventilate the kitchen, include hood.
  • Keep in cupboards in the kitchen bags of fragrant herbs and strong-smelling spices. This food scare mol, but it is absolutely safe for food.

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