attacked Hornet – what to do? A photo, taste, effects

Hornets belong to the genus of social wasps, However, conventional wasps compared to the hornets are converted into harmless insects. Hornet bite is very painful and can lead to serious consequences for human health, given the grave danger to life. Hornets reach quite large compared with wasp - up 55 mm in length. They are not set up to attack first, However, when human intrusion will be protected.

Шершень является очень опасным крупным перепончатокрылым насекомым, семейства осиных. Укус шершня представляет угрозу для здоровья человека и даже может привести к летальному исходу
Hornet is a very dangerous large Hymenoptera, family wasp. Hornet bite poses a threat to human health and can even lead to death

Why is dangerous bite?

How dangerous hornet sting, compared to bee stings? Hornet administered in 2 times more toxin. Besides, if the bee can sting only once, the Hornet is able to repeat this action several times. After being bitten by the sting is left in the skin, the insect does not die. Hornet takes it and can cause another blow. In an emergency it will allocate a special smell, which respond to other hornets, therefore the risk of serious damage increases significantly.

Кусая, шершень может нанести несколько атак подряд, при этом жало не останется в ране. Одиночные укусы активизируют воспаление в тканях, а множественные - сильнейшие аллергические реакции
biting, hornet can put a few attacks in a row, while there will be a thorn in the wound. Single bites activate inflammation in the tissues, and multiple - a severe allergic reaction

Sort out, Whether the bite is dangerous, can, Having considered the composition of the venom, which identifies the insect at the time of the bite:

  • acetylcholine. This substance, As a neurotransmitter, provokes amplification reactions and the production of nerve reflexes. It is because of him hornet sting to humans is very painful.
  • Mastoparan and krabrolin. protein components, under the influence of which there is the destruction of their own fat cells in the body, that is accompanied by increased production of histamine.
  • Histamine. Stuffing histamine triggers an immediate allergic reaction, the degree of which will depend on the individual characteristics of the human body.
  • Murder. substances, accelerate the heart rate and respiratory work.
  • Phospholipase and orientotoksin. Under the influence of these components of the toxin destroys the cell walls, with the result that their contents are poured into the extracellular space. The result of such damage becomes inflammation, hemorrhage, which may be supplemented by formation of pus.

clinical picture

Bite hornet accompanied by the appearance of certain symptoms. In this case, the bite causes not only local symptoms, but also the change of the human condition in general,.

Common symptoms of a hornet sting:

  • heart palpitations;
  • temperature rise;
  • low pressure;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • discoloration of the skin, - namely, blueing of the ears and lips;
  • jump in blood sugar;
  • general signs of intoxication.

The poison has an impact on the functioning of the nervous system. The first feature is the excitation, then appear inhibited reaction.

Яд обыкновенного шершня не вреднее пчелиного, но при попадании в кожу в большом количестве вызывает патологические процессы. Вещество, которое выделяют ядовитые азиатские виды, провоцирует серьезные последствия
The poison is not harmful hornet ordinary bee, but in contact with the skin in large amounts causing pathological processes. Substance, which emit poisonous Asian species, provokes serious consequences

The bite swells strongly. Severe allergic reactions can result in angioedema or anaphylactic shock. An allergic reaction is specific the bite body response, in which he needs additional support in the form of desensitizing therapy.

Particularly dangerous insect bites for children. In children, allergic reactions manifest themselves stronger, and all processes run faster. Therefore, if a child was bitten by a hornet, you should immediately take him to the hospital.

Among the local symptoms include:

  • sharp pain, which gradually increases in intensity;
  • redness of the skin at the site of the bite;
  • swelling of the emergence of;
  • pronounced inflammation;
  • the bite in the face region is an increase in the size of lymph nodes;
  • swelling;
  • appearance papular formation of white color on contact with the skin sting.

In the photo you can see, It looks like a hornet sting.

With adequate therapy and first aid effects from the bite usually does not occur. The period, during which symptoms disappear evolved it depends on many factors, in particular - on the body's ability to resist the action of the poison and its clearance rate.

Severe consequences

A few hours after the bite people nausea, vomiting, hyperhidrosis, signs of intoxication. Especially dangerous are multiple hornet stings. However, a single bite can be deadly. Die of hornet sting may be due to an allergic reaction, or if, when an insect bite in the throat or tongue. Such bites provoke swelling, overlying the trachea, with the result that the person is choking and death occurs. No less dangerous is the situation, where the bite occurred in the head or great vessels. According to him the toxin spreads very rapidly through the body, including penetrates into the brain.

Очень сложно переносят укусы люди, склонные к аллергическим реакциям, так как у них может случится анафилактический шок. Если не будет оказана своевременная медицинская помощь, то в этом случае наступает смерть
It is very difficult to tolerate stings people, prone to allergic reactions, as they may occur anaphylactic shock. If not timely medical assistance will be provided, death comes

Important! Even with prompt medical assistance mortality hornet sting is high - about 15-20%.

First aid

What to do when a hornet sting?

At home, you need to view the site, where biting Hornet. If the wound were pieces of sting, it should be gently remove with tweezers. Bitten should be released from tight clothing, unbutton, remove the tie, remove rings and jewelry.

The bite should be washed with soap and water. To prevent the development of allergic reactions taking an antihistamine.

Recommended intake of kordiamina, to prevent a sharp pressure drop.

It is important to provide a comfortable environment for the victim - put, so it was convenient, shelter, otpoit tea.


It is forbidden to take alcoholic drinks, as they may provoke strengthening of edema.

If you experience the first signs of an anaphylactic shock is necessary to lay the person on a hard, flat surface, follow the breath and immediately call an ambulance. Signs of anaphylaxis include: pronounced pallor, a significant drop in blood pressure, clammy sweat, thready pulse.

note! Once bitten hornet venom out of the wound can not be squeezed out.

Once bitten hornet prohibited:

  • push or rub the bite;
  • cauterize, to warm the affected area;
  • used to treat or iodine Zelenka.

Trying to squeeze out the poison will lead to the spread of the toxin to nearby tissue. In the first few minutes after the bite can try to suck him the example of the snake. Combing, washing with water from a local reservoir may lead to infection penetration into the wound from the bite of a hornet, which will lead to the development of complications.


After being bitten by a hornet it is imperative as soon as possible to take an antihistamine. For a new generation of anti-allergic agents, that long run and do not cause drowsiness, relate:

  • Suprastineks;
  • fexofenadine;
  • Tsetryn;
  • Erius.

First aid for the bite of a hornet is processing the sting of hydrogen peroxide, or diluted ammonia. In cases, when the hand is not Pharmaceuticals - for taking clean water washing.

Самое грозное осложнение от укуса этих жалящих насекомых – сильная аллергия на яд. Эриус отлично справляется с аллергическими реакциями при первой медицинской помощи.
The most serious complication from the bite of these stinging insects - severe allergy to poison. Aerius copes with allergic reactions when first aid

After wiping the wound is applied wet sugar - this is another method, allowing to draw the poison. Sugar on top put a wet cold towel. This application will work for 10 minutes - sugar must be removed after this time, and instead attach compress with citric acid or acetic. The acidic medium will safener alkali hornet venom. In an extreme case,, the wound can make a piece of lemon, apple.

To slow the spread of the toxin through the body to the site of injury pin bottle with ice water. This intervention will also slightly reduce swelling.

Besides preparations for internal receiving treatment comprises an ointment for topical application:

  • Fenistil gel;
  • rescuer balm;
  • ftorokort;
  • Psili Balm.

For oral administration are also shown sorbents, which will reduce the toxin level in the blood, but, Consequently, and intoxication. You can use Polisorb, Entyerosgyeli, Smecta, Activated carbon.

Folk remedies

Bit to remove inflammation and flushing of the following tools to help:

  • juice and pulp from the leaves of agave;
  • leaves and the juice of plantain;
  • chopped parsley.

of course, These funds can not be compared in their effectiveness to pharmacy drugs, however, if no drugs on hand, you must take all possible measures and seek emergency medical attention.

Лист подорожника нужно хорошенько размять, чтобы он дал сок и закрепить на месте укуса осы. Менять несколько раз в день. Подорожник поможет снять воспаление и отек
plantain leaf need a good stretch their, that he gave the juice and secure on-site wasp stings. Change several times a day. Plantain will help reduce inflammation and swelling

Reduce soreness help application with aspirin. Tablets should crumble, diluted with water and applied to the site of the bite. You can also use salt lotion, soaking a fleece in sea salt solution.

Be sure to drink plenty of liquids.


The first thing to think about the safety of children. Before leaving for nature need to tell them about dangerous insects, show on photo, It looks like a hornet.

It is important to observe the rules of conduct when dealing with insects.

  • In no event should not be touched, and even closer to the nest. Do not attempt to kill the hornet, since they are sensitive to the danger and, highlighting the specific flavor, can "call for help" their relatives.
  • If an insect flies near impossible to make any sudden movements, trying to fend him. In the absence of danger hornet not the first attack.
  • Fallen fruits should be carefully collected. It is often found inside the hornets.

If an insect bite yet, must immediately give first aid. Adults should remember, antihistamine that should always be at hand.

Следует знать, что шершни гораздо более нервны и агрессивны в жаркие дни. Раздражителями могут быть также резкие запахи (например, духи) и алкоголь. Яркая контрастная или темная одежда также привлекает шершней
should know, that the hornets are much more nervous and aggressive on hot days. Stimuli may also be sharp smells (eg, perfume) and alcohol. Bright colorful or dark clothing also attracts hornets

If you go on nature, clothing should choose closed, muted tones.

Important! If your site you found the nest and want it removed, the first thing, what to do - to take protective measures. So you need to get dressed, was closed to the whole body.

In the case of the bite should not wait, when will the response of the body. In many ways, the effects depend on the localization, but in any case it is better to see a doctor. bee stings, axis, hornets can be very dangerous.

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