How to protect yourself from mosquitoes in nature? Means for humans and for the processing section

With the advent of summer, city dwellers often try to get out of the nature of. Many of them - the happy owners of summer cottages, so they can not only grow your own hands harvest, but the rest, enjoying the fresh air, cooled in the water every day and staying away from the hustle. But this idyll often spoil insects. That's why mosquito in nature is irreplaceable. These preparations require both processing portion, and for application to the skin, to avoid bites, itching and redness.

Защитные средства от комаров представлены разными видами. Это могут быть спреи, крема, молочко, фумигаторы, аэрозоли, браслеты. Часть их них может использоваться только дома, это относится к устройствам, работающим от сети
Protective means against mosquitoes are represented by different types of. It can be spray, creams, jelly, fumigators, aerosols, bracelets. Some of them can only be used at home, This invention relates to devices, mains powered

Methods of protection from mosquitoes suburban area

Protection area mosquito - no easy task: the number of these insects is significant, and they multiply quickly enough. But there are several ways, to help deal with it.

Обработка участка от комаров осуществляется в два подхода. Основная цель первичной обработки заключается в уничтожении личинок насекомых
Processing portion mosquito performed in two approaches. The main purpose of primary treatment is to destroy the larvae of insects

The best remedy in this respect is, which is able to destroy the larvae. This can be done with the help of chemical and biological weapons. They control the mosquito population, killing larvae and preventing their appearance for a period of 30 days. Such means are produced in the form of tablets or granules, which are filled into reservoirs or containers with water, because mosquitoes lay their larvae in such places. Use these drugs is recommended from early April to the end of summer.

Комары откладывают свое потомство в затемненных и хорошо увлажненных местах. Поэтому на первом этапе производится обработка сливных систем, канализационных труб, подвалов, канав
Mosquitoes lay their offspring in shaded and well-watered places. Therefore, in the first stage, a discharge systems, sewer pipes, basements, kanav

Among the means by mosquitoes, which allows to deal with insect larvae, characterized by particular efficacy following:

  • Baktitsid. According to instructions, it is - one of the most useful products, which is designed to kill mosquito larvae directly in the places of their appearance and subsequent development. At its heart - the microbial culture, which is capable of destroying more 80 mosquito species. Baktitsid is also suitable for the destruction of midges in nature. Once in the insect gut, means contributes to a violation of its functions, that leads to the death. The drug is allowed to be used in natural areas, as its active ingredients affect only insects, at the stage of larval development. Baktitsid low toxicity with respect to humans and animals;
  • Lasavet - means German production in emulsion form, containing no etheric acids, synthetic pyrethroids, and other compounds. Mosquito larvae are destroyed due to a toxic protein, which is produced by bacteria, included in the Lasaveta. It can be used not only in open water, but the fishery grounds and damp basements, where insects breed;
  • Biolarvicid Biolarvicid-30 or-100. This means efficient use of the country as a drug for the prevention of infection by mosquitoes territory. Biolarvitsida operating principle similar to the action described above preparations. The treatment of these means can be made as many times, as it should be, due to the lack of habituation effect. Biolarvitsid only influences the larvae, without affecting the flora and fauna. The drug acts quickly enough - within 4 hours reduced the insect population. to learn, how to get rid of insects, you need to carefully read the instructions.

Preparations for combating insect larvae diluted with water and applied in accordance with the instructions. The required amount of a substance depends on the area of ​​the treated area.

Council! Unfortunately, the fight against the larvae do not always yield positive results: a certain number of adults will still be in the territory. Therefore, get rid of the insects need complex, using means for larvae, and for adult mosquitoes.

Chemical weapons against mosquitoes, or insekticidы, contain substances, which have a paralytic effect on the insect specimen, causing his death. Such preparations treated whole territory suburban area, the perimeter: landing on the treated surface, mosquito soon dies.

note! In the treatment of the territory it is important to use personal protective equipment - respirator, rubber gloves, nepromokaemыm plashtom.

Rating effective products to eliminate mosquito combines the following tools:

  • Cifoks. This is - a clear liquid, which secures the destruction of mosquitoes, cockroaches, lice. Effect of the drug lasts 1 to 3 months - it all depends on the solution concentration and the area to be treated. Tsifoks takes effect immediately after the processing area. This tool was diluted with water, to get the consistency of the emulsion. Observe proportions, the data in the instructions to the facility;
  • Starship Troopers. This is a lamp, in which there is a bait for insects - UV diodes. Mosquitoes trapped inside the die by discharging current. This tool is equipped with a fan function - podletevshee insect is literally sucked into lamp. The lamp has a removable tray, from which it is convenient to shake the dead insects;
  • Comaroff Family - helix insect. The product made of solidified paste, which includes wood flour. When the coil is ignited, she smokes, exuding toxic to mosquito smoke. Under the action of insects killed. For full protection areas, we recommend to place a few spirals around the perimeter. It should be taken into account, that such products are toxic and harmful to human health, so you need to be at least a meter from them.

Buy mosquito repellent for the treatment section can be at hardware stores.

For processing suburban area, you can make money with their own hands. They are not as effective, both methods above, but it can help in the absence of other options.

Одним из наиболее простых способов борьбы с комарами является выращивание на участке растений, запах которых не любят эти насекомые. К ним относятся помидоры, мята, пижма. Полынь также отпугивает комаров
One of the easiest ways to control mosquitoes is to grow plants on the plot, the smell of which do not like these insects. These include tomatoes, mint, tansy. Wormwood also repel mosquitoes

Another means for processing mosquito portion, which has a temporary effect, - fire. If you set fire to dry grass and thin branches, and add sage to the fire - the smell deters pests - can be for some time to forget about the pesky insects.

note! Folk remedies against mosquitoes in nature give only a temporary effect. Get rid of with their help it is impossible for mosquitoes: they are on time lose activity, but survive, and for eliminating the irritant source returned to the site.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes?

The hottest time of year, people of all ages perplexing questions: a mosquito choose to protect your skin? bites, scratching, itching - all of these symptoms spoil holidays, mood and self-esteem. To avoid this, It should take care and buy an effective remedy against mosquitoes in the country, which protects the skin.

Спрей надежно защитит вас в течение 3х часов при нанесении на кожу и до 10 суток при нанесении на одежду. Кроме того, оказывает приятное охлаждающее действие без ощущения липкости
Spray reliably protects you within 3 hours when applied to the skin and to 10 days when applied to the clothes. Besides, It provides a pleasant cooling effect without sticky feeling

There are a large number of such agents:

  • sprays Off! for adults and children. They have a good effect, scaring off mosquitoes while having a pleasant smell. Spray protects against insects for 4 hours. It can be sprayed as a body, and for clothing. Before, as a means to put on the baby's skin, should conduct a test for the likelihood of an allergic reaction;
  • pencils against mosquitoes, eg, – Gardex, Мosquitall. they are inexpensive, but rather effective. Reviews show, they are easy to use - compact structure makes the application easy, and the hands remain clean after use. Means of action for 4 hours;
  • mosquito patch. These remedies are suitable for babies from the second month of life. They do not need to be glued directly onto the skin: enough to put a plaster on a hat, stroller or diaper. Means impregnated with natural substances - these are essential oils. It provides on 3 to 5 hours of protection. It is a popular means of Magico-plast;
  • electronic devices - fumigators - to repel or kill mosquitoes indoors. This tool is suitable for garden, and for apartments. The device, connected to the electrical network, inserted plate or pour liquid. Upon heating, these elements begin to exude substances, that attack the insect. space protection is provided until, until the instrument is connected to an outlet, the main thing - to change the contents of the time. Popular fumigators - Raid, Moskitol, Raptor.
Пластырь удобен в использовании, он легко крепится на любые тканевые поверхности, не оставляя после себя никаких следов. Такое средство от комаров гарантированно защитит вашего малыша от укусов насекомых
The patch is easy to use, it can be easily attached to any surface of the fabric, without leaving any traces. This mosquito is guaranteed to protect your baby from insect bites

Means from mosquitoes and black flies for the protection of the skin can also cook yourself. As a personal protection, you can use essential oils. Mosquitoes react negatively to the tea tree oil, basilica, lavender, peppermint, geranium. On the basis of these oils prepared mixture aromalampy. Thus it is possible to fight against mosquitoes on a summer residence and the apartment.

Another means, It is easy to make at home, - a mixture of 9% vinegar shampoo. take on 50 ml of each component, and stirred, then the mixture is applied to exposed skin. Mosquitoes such mixture repels, and they will not sit on the treated surface.

The best remedy for mosquito in nature, According to experts, - It `s that, which has the least toxic effects on man. Unfortunately, It means the more effectively fight against insects, moreover it has a negative effect on human health. Using a variety of chemicals, you must abide by the rules of caution and follow the instructions. to learn, how to get rid of mosquitoes, and what means the most effective, You should be familiar with the range presented tools and choose the most secure.

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