How to effectively poison bedbugs in an apartment

Bedbugs confidently maintain leadership in the top lines of the ranking of the most popular insects on the planet.. In total there are about 40 thousand varieties, some live on earth, others are in water or underground. However, it is bed bugs that start up in city apartments.. Today are encountered as sensitive, and resistant populations. Scientists from all over the world continue to study the behavior and instincts of bedbugs in the hope of finding some kind of gap in their impenetrable armor.. And they keep biting and carrying infections, therefore, at the first signs of infection, you need to order the destruction of bedbugs from SES in Click or use the resources, that are sold in the store. The most effective drugs - in our material.

Bedbugs as a gift

Usually, bugs, appear suddenly and without warning. Even a clean apartment, away from garbage dumps, does not guarantee that, that bedbugs will not appear in your house. Due to their sustainable vitality, they fill houses, hostels and hotels around the world. As they spread, there is more and more anxiety and people want to know the reasons for their appearance. The most common causes are brought from the street on clothes and shoes, got into the house along with old furniture or migrated from neighbors through sockets and ventilation. Bed bugs' favorite habitats are sofas., beds, pillow sutures, places for plinths, under the wallpaper, bookshelves, linen closets, stripes, rugs, as well as household appliances. In general places, where you can hide from prying eyes, to go hunting at night.

How to poison bedbugs in an apartment

When a population is first discovered, urgent action needs to be taken to eradicate them.. The fact, that bedbugs can survive even in the most adverse conditions, and this makes it difficult to destroy. How to get rid of insects, who are able to easily survive the cold and wait for their prey for hours? To destroy bedbugs at home, only effective ones should be used., time-tested tools.


Cream-colored liquid insecticide with a mild odor. The liquid is diluted with pure water 1:10. The concentration of the composition may vary depending on the area of ​​​​the object. The drug destroys various insects - bedbugs, cockroaches, flies, fleas, kozheedov, mosquitoes. Leaves no stains or streaks, and the active substances continue to act for 6 months. Disinsection is carried out in compliance with safety rules - the use of masks and gloves.


causing dehydration, GEKTOR kills insects and their larvae within 1-2 hours. The main advantage is that there is no need to prepare a solution. It contains no oily ingredients., leaving greasy stains and aggressive components with a pungent odor, but before use it is recommended to wear a mask and rubber gloves. GEKTOR perfectly fights mites, fleas and lice.


The composition of the professional aerosol with an innovative formula includes 2 substances - neopamine forte and alpha-cypermethrin, due to which the bugs die immediately after spraying. After treatment, drops remain on the surface, so it has a long lasting effect..

Bedbugs have not learned to hide better and there are no “silver bullets” in the war against them. The reason for their survivability lies in poor-quality processing and banal addiction to some drugs.. The best option is to contact a professional company for pest control.. Specialists will carry out high-quality processing and destroy bedbugs at once, and you will not inhale dangerous poisons as you would with self-processing.

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