How to get rid of lice in the home?

At the mere mention of the word "lice" scalp begins to itch. An infestation of lice - a thing very unpleasant, and a fairly common. Most often, this problem occurs in children, by virtue of their visits to various children's groups (school, Kindergarten, camp). Is it possible and how to get rid of lice in the home? If you are for the first time faced with parasites - do not panic. Today there are many tools, as a chemist, and folk, able to cure this trouble.

Некоторые вши, являются переносчиками опасных заболеваний, таких как сыпной и возвратный тиф
Some lice are carriers of dangerous diseases, such as typhus and relapsing fever

A little bit about parasites

Lice are known to mankind for a long time, the first mention of them occur before our era. Their particularly high activity during mass disasters: people live in crowded, not respecting the elementary hygiene. The same thing is happening in children's groups. Despite modern sanitary norms, likely to bring lice from kindergarten or school is still high. The parasites are transmitted by intimate contact with an infected: through clothes, linens, general comb. An adult can get in public transport, in the barbershop, stopping in a suspicious hotel.

Disease, caused by lice on the head, It called pediculosis. Parasites settle on the skin and begin to feed on human blood. Lice reproduce very quickly, postponing eggs hair, called nits. Recent firmly attached to the hair with a special glue. Therefore, get rid of the nits are much harder at home, than lice.

Attention! Fight pediculosis easier at an early stage, when parasites on the head quite a bit.

Symptoms and species of lice

The main symptom of head lice - itching is, arising from biting lice. In addition there are:

  • small spots on the skin of gray-blue;
  • pustular crusts, formed by scratching;
  • nits, adhering to the hair (appearance resemble dandruff).
Основные симптомы педикулеза – это зуд, и корка возникающих от укусов вшей
The main symptoms of head lice - itching and crust is, arising from the lice bites

In addition to these unpleasant phenomena, Lice are carriers of dangerous diseases. It is therefore important to know the, how to quickly get rid of lice and nits at home.

Need to mark, that insects can settle not only on the scalp. Different species of parasites cause different types of lice:

  • head (head lice);
  • Hanging (cootie);
  • pubic (crablouse).

Lice are transmitted as, as headaches, but pubic, basically, - during sexual contact with infested. Besides, can occur simultaneously infestation (infection) several species of lice. Therefore, in addition to getting rid of parasites on the body, be sure to hold clothing and linen processing, which can also crawl insects.

disposal methods

How to get rid of lice in the home? An integrated approach, combining:

  • destruction of lice;
  • getting rid of nits;
  • patient handling things.
При лечении педикулеза, необходимы комплексные методы
In the treatment of head lice are required complex methods

To kill lice developed a variety of different means. They can be divided into the pharmacy and folk. They differ in the degree of intensity of exposure. When choosing a remedy for lice, you need to consider the age of (Not all adults means suitable for children), propensity to allergies. Second step - get rid of nits - carried conventional combing. This can be used to as an ordinary comb, and special, as well as means, allowing peel nits from the hair surface. laundry treatment is carried out independently, and with the involvement of health services.

Attention! Quickly get rid of lice in the home and can be a radical way - completely shave off the hair.

Folk remedies against lice

Народные средства широко применяются при лечении от вшей
Folk remedies are widely used in the treatment of head lice


Treatment of pediculosis in kerosene is widespread. This product is capable of refining literally burn parasites, but along with them can suffer and scalp. Therefore, it is necessary to mix kerosene with vegetable oil at the rate of 1 part of kerosene 10 parts of oil. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair and scalp and polyethylene wraps. On top of additional costs to put a hat - to enhance the thermal compress. This mask against lice do overnight, and in the morning wash with regular shampoo. The next step - to remove dead parasites using comb teeth with frequent.

Attention! Keep this composition on the child's hair should be no more than an hour: Children's skin is more sensitive than the adult.


Vinegar is also able to treat head lice at home. It is not as effective, as kerosene: It will need at least 2 treatment sessions to completely kill parasites. Not to burn your scalp, vinegar diluted with water: 1 part vinegar (9%) on 1 of the water. Some recipes advise to add back 2 st.l. salt and 1 st.l. vodka. This mixture is applied to clean hair on 1-2 o'clock, then washed off. Vinegar relieves itching from the lice bites, and facilitates combing nits.

Attention! Rinse with vinegar can also be used after other means.


This prickly plant has pronounced insecticidal properties. To cure head lice at home, you need to prepare a decoction of burdock. Pour boiling water over the plant and allow to stand 1 time. The filtered solution was used as a rinse for the hair. It is a remedy for lice is gentler, and it can be used for kids, prone to allergies.

tar soap

Tar soap composition comprises a phenol derivative and an alkali, so that it is capable of destroying a variety of bacteria, germs, fungi, parasites. Besides, It relieves itching and dries pustules. Soap is used as a detergent for hair, but there is a caveat: hair to keep soapy least 30 minutes. During this time, tar soap time to kill live lice. Need to mark, it has no effect on the nits, so after shampooing tar soap, you can rinse your head with vinegar and comb the remnants of the parasites. maybe, will have to spend a couple of treatments to completely get rid of lice.

Hydrogen peroxide

For those, who asks, how to cure head lice at home quickly and efficiently, should pay attention to this remedy. It is really effective in killing lice, and also helps to detach nits from the hair. But peroxide is dangerous to humans: it can burn the skin and, and hair. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide is diluted with water before use in a proportion of at least 1:1. Hold on the hair resulting solution should be no more 10 minutes. But even dilute it can discolor hair, so if you do not plan to become a blonde, similar means better not to apply.

Attention! Hair coloring paint, comprising hydrogen peroxide, also can help in the fight against lice.

Chemerychnaya water

Одно из проверенных народных средств – чемеричная вода
One of the proven folk remedies - hellebore water

Our grandmothers knew for sure, how to get rid of lice in the home for 1 day. One of the proven folk remedies - hellebore water, consisting of water and tinctures hellebore. This plant contains toxic alkaloids, causing the death of the parasites. At the same time, hellebore dangerous to humans: when ingested in large quantities, it causes poisoning, until death. Therefore, when applying Cheremichny water should be extremely cautious, avoid its contact with mucous membranes, and follow the instructions:

  1. Wash the hair with regular shampoo;
  2. hellebore apply water with a cotton swab on the scalp and through the hair;
  3. make warming cap: put on plastic cap, and the top roll up a towel head;
  4. stand means 30 minutes;
  5. rinse thoroughly with warm water and shampoo;
  6. comb hair comb.

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated every other day.

Drugstore remedies against lice

At the pharmacy you can offer a variety of shampoos, sprays, creams and lotions against parasites.


One of the most effective ways to get rid of lice and nits at home is a specialized shampoo. As active substances various components are used in shampoos. So, shampoos Niks, Hygeia and Veda of basic permethrin, Paranit - mineral oil Klearol, Pedelin comprises Malathion. What shampoo more effective? The most potent insecticidal action has Pedilin, but at the same time it is highly toxic. permethrin-based funds are the most popular, as the cause of lice and death at the same time are safe enough, if the instructions for use. There is one but:

Attention! Instruction prescribes withstand no more shampoo on his head 15 minutes. However, during this time do not always have time to die all parasites. Adult without allergic reaction it is possible to increase the dwell time to 30 minutes.

Paranit is the most mild means, so it is recommended for use in children and people with sensitive skin. Klearol is not an insecticide, but encapsulates the lice, what causes their suffocation. Besides, Included in paronite is a special comb for lice, which is very convenient.


С помощью спреев можно эффективно проводить лечение педикулеза
With sprays can effectively treat lice

lice home treatment can be effectively carried out by a variety of sprays. Their choice is wide enough. For children we can recommend products based on liquid silicone - it sprays Nydala (from 3 years old) and Dimethicone (from 5 years old). silicone, enveloping parasites, It contributes to their suffocation. In this case, no harm to human! However, security is a champion Spray Lice Guard. It can be used from birth, and also it is suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. The only drawback of this means - the high cost of. For adults, no allergies, It should be fine as powerful tools, As a couple plus and Ultra Pedikulen. These sprays will help get rid of lice in the home for 1 day application.

Attention! Creams and lotions against lice more appropriate to deal with pubic lice, since put on their long hair is problematic.


To date, invented many tools, allowing to quickly get rid of lice and nits at home. But to cope with the nits are not so easy. After all, they are protected by a solid shell and glued to the hair a special adhesive. Get help from a specially designed comb protivopedikuleznye. They have a dense metallic teeth, able to remove lice and nits from the hair surface, without damaging them. Innovative invention is comb, parasites affecting pulses of a certain frequency.

Attention! Use combs recommended in combination with other agents, as a chemist, and popular - it will provide the greatest efficiency in the fight against lice.

Handling things

Now, when you know, as well as what you can get rid of lice and nits in the home for children and adults, We talk about things disinfestation. Here, everything is much easier: high temperature kills parasites. We can not wash with boiling water head, but we may well boil things. And, it is optional to use boiled water: it will be sufficient long washing cycle with a temperature 90 degrees. Dry linen better in the sun and fresh air. In the control of body lice is expedient to invite health service, which will hold disinfection of clothing and bedding, mattresses, combining thermal and chemical methods.

In order not to be infected with lice, simply follow one simple rule: hygiene. It includes regular washing of hair and body, a change of underwear and clothing, the inadmissibility of the transferable personal hygiene items, etc.. warn easier, than cure! Be careful, and then you do not have to look for treatments for lice and nits at home!

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