Chlamydia during pregnancy – dangerous than the disease and how to treat it

Enumeration of venereal diseases is enormous, but there is one, which is transmitted most often - a chlamydia. The disease is very insidious, in fact may not manifest themselves for a long time, namely during pregnancy bloom all its bouquet. sexual contact, who awarded a woman chlamydia, It could be long before conception, and will suffer and mother, and the baby in the womb right now.

Хламидии являются возбудителями инфекции, они в одночасье и бактерии, и вирусы
Chlamydia infections are the causative agents, they overnight and bacteria, and viruses

That presents a chlamydia?

Chlamydia during pregnancy - it's all the same venereal disease. Chlamydia infections are the causative agents, they overnight and bacteria, and viruses. With the latter, they are similar to those, that can not exist without an owner, outside of his body die quickly. They are not able to develop energy, and take it from human cells.

They live in the cervix, it is there for them the ideal conditions for growth and development. Difficulties in finding them by swabbing consist in, that they live in colonies, that is, not across the cervix. It means, that touches, taken from different areas of the cervix, can show the opposite results.

Chlamydia during pregnancy in women is fraught with complications, until spontaneous abortion. It also leads to a placental abruption and pregnancy loss. Consequences for the child during the passage through the birth canal of the infected mother may be:

  1. conjunctivitis.
  2. Chlamydia bronchitis.
  3. Pneumonia.

Fact! Chlamydia in the blood during pregnancy is found in 10% women, who are registered at the antenatal clinic.

Хламидиоз при беременности у женщины чреват осложнениями
Chlamydia during pregnancy in women is fraught with complications

transmission path

The most common form of infection is unprotected sexual intercourse with a man, who is sick, wherein the method does not matter. The problem is, that chlamydia can generally does not manifest itself, and people will not even know, he infects the other.

There is a possibility of infection as household waste. If you use someone else's underwear, towels, washcloths. public places: bathrooms, saunas, pools, standing water can also be a source of chlamydia, but there is only likely to be infected 5%.

Since the infection for a long time can does not manifest itself, the question arises whether it is possible to get pregnant for chlamydia. can get pregnant, but if you know, the disease has, it is better to pre undergo treatment.

Risk of disease during pregnancy

In non-pregnant women with chlamydia cause genitourinary system problems, are treatable without restrictions in the use of drugs, frequently antibiotics. They affect the immune system and can lead to complications in conception and childbirth in the future.

If the infection is detected at the stage of gestation, there is great risk of miscarriage in the early stages and in the later detachment of the placenta. When passing through the birth canal and the baby is infected. Therefore, to treat him, even during pregnancy, it is necessary to.

If the infection occurred just during pregnancy, chlamydia actively begin hitting the mucous membranes and cells of the immune system. A few days later the immune system begins to respond to the invasion and induces the production of white blood cells, as a result of the body's inflammatory process begins.

Хламидиоз при беременности необходимо обязательно лечить
Chlamydia during pregnancy must always be treated

How dangerous chlamydia in pregnancy?

In case of delayed detection or lack of adequate treatment of the pregnant, Chlamydia leads to serious consequences, namely:

  • inflammation of the pelvic organs, Chlamydia penetrate into the uterus, fallopian tubes and appendages;
  • Reftera disease development, which is accompanied by conjunctivitis, arthritis and urethritis;
  • on the urethral mucosa formed scars, which leads to a narrowing of the urethra;
  • fruit fading;
  • anoxaemia, which leads to damage to the nervous system of the baby;
  • insufficient supply of nutrients to the baby, which leads to anemia and vitamin deficiency;
  • by infection in the later stages of the fetus may be affected kidney, liver and pancreas.


according to statistics,, 67% women do not suspect, there are chlamydia in their body, as they are often introduced into the cells and does not submit itself known within 3-6 years old. During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur, and can develop such softly pronounced signs:

  1. Mucous or muco-purulent, yellowish discharge, having a bad smell.
  2. Itching and burning sensation localized in the internal genital organs.
  3. Discomfort in the abdomen.
  4. Discomfort during urination.
  5. Pain in the lumbar region.
  6. General weakness and fever.
При обнаружении подобной симптоматики, нужно незамедлительно обратиться к врачу.
Upon detection of such symptoms, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

note! Symptoms is not specific and are common to most infections of the genitourinary system, so the detection of such symptoms in themselves at any stage of pregnancy should seek medical advice immediately.


Diagnose chlamydia in women at all stages of pregnancy need different methods. Exceptionally smear in this case gives only 30% reliability. Used to detect infection:

  • microbiological examination;
  • cytology;
  • immunoflourestsentsii reaction;
  • molecular genetic methods;
  • serology;
  • methods ekspressdiagnostiki.

Even if chlamydia is detected by one method, but not confirmed by others, it needs to be treated.

Sometimes it is necessary to determine, whether tainted fruit. In this case, amniotic fluid sample taken. Like any intervention, It frightens expectant mothers, but actually it is not so difficult, because the intake process is performed under ultrasound guidance, so you can monitor the status of the baby. Minimum risk for the child, but such manipulations will be able to timely detect disease, in order to avoid complications in the future.

Иногда необходимо определить, заражен ли плод, что позволит избежать осложнений в дальнейшем
Sometimes it is necessary to determine, whether tainted fruit, in order to avoid complications in the future

note! Detection of low concentrations of antibodies to chlamydiae in blood indicating a chronic course of the disease, if the concentration is high - this is a direct signal worsening.

additional studies

In most cases, chlamydia in pregnancy - is the result of unprotected intercourse. practice shows, what, usually, women, who detect chlamydia, are carriers and other sexually transmitted infections, so you need to be screened and tested for their presence. Upon detection of other infections, you can assign the full, multimodality therapy.

Important! During the passage of patients studies directed to other specialized skill to detect non-infectious diseases, especially chronic. During the treatment of chlamydia during pregnancy using drugs, which have a strong influence on the kidneys and liver. In the appointment of course the doctor need to know, not to harm the health of mother and baby.

Abortion and chlamydia

Chlamydia can cause miscarriage, but at the same time there is no indication for abortion medical methods of detection of infection. Treatment is carried out at special schemes. To treat the chronic form 20 and 30 week pregnancy rates. If there is an acute form, pharmacological intervention takes place immediately, but not before achieving the first 12 weeks of gestation. It is to this period are formed all vital organs.

Important! The course of treatment should take place both partners, if the family already has children, then the presence of chlamydia screening and they must pass.

 Курс лечения должны проходить оба партнера
The course of treatment should take place both partners

To treat or not?

Surprisingly, despite the danger of the infection for the mother and the unborn child, Doctors have diametrically opposed views about whether or not to treat:

  1. not treated, because it will be more harmful drugs, rather than harm from infection.
  2. treat, and it is desirable for the second half of pregnancy, when it is possible to diagnose with high probability of the presence of infection.

This controversy and disputes arise, because the choice of an effective and at the same time safe method of treatment is quite complex.

How to treat?

Chlamydia is treated solely with antibiotics. The complexity of the course assignments during pregnancy is, that the group of tetracyclines for use banned, because it has a bunch of side effects. Safer for the woman and the fetus is a macrolide.

note! Self-medication during pregnancy is fraught with spontaneous abortion and complications of pregnancy, so you should not experiment.

Treatment options for Chlamydia:

  • a single dose of antibiotics, having high sensitivity to chlamydia;
  • long-term treatment of the complex nature, which includes: antibiotics, vitamins, immunomodulators.

Moreover, treatment will be as a common, and local. Still have not lost relevance drugs with silver. If amazed appendages, necessarily need antibiotic therapy. When antibiotics are selected such, which do not pass through the placenta, and therefore, do not affect the child. Although fully eliminate the effect on the fetus can not be.


Hlamidimoz and pregnancy compatible, but the infection is detected at a future mother should still treat. Since chlamydia can become pregnant and bear a child even likely, but think about the consequences for the baby. All studies and analyzes handed over in time to save you and your baby from complications, in fact it is able to carry out timely treatment.

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