Trichinosis in humans – how to avoid infection?

In formulating such a diagnosis, like trichinosis in humans, symptoms and treatment are directly determined by your doctor. Self-diagnosis in this situation may not only be useless, but also dangerous. Only qualified parasitologist able to correctly identify the cause of changes in the patient's condition and to chart the necessary treatment.

What is trichinosis?

Trihinellёz - эto glistnaya invasion (infection), caused by a parasitic worm Trichinella Spiralis (trihinella spiralis). By themselves, the parasitic worms are very small, no more 5 mm in length, and thin. It is for such a parasite size and got the epithet spiralis - Latin for "piliform". Despite such small dimensions, The worm can cause severe organ damage. Symptomatology trichinosis is often mistaken for symptoms of regular flu - that's why it is necessary to apply to the competent specialist for the timely diagnosis.

Трихинеллёз – это глистная инвазия (заражение), вызываемая паразитическим червём Trichinella Spiralis
Trihinellёz - эto glistnaya invasion (infection), caused by a parasitic worm Trichinella Spiralis

Ways of infection

This disease is considered to be largely endemic. It is common in regions, which is actively used in the meat of pigs (particularly wild), badgers and bears. route of infection - oral-fecal. The source is a meat worms, which lacks sufficient heat treatment. Interesting, that the larvae do not survive in pure lard, but if it has streaks of meat, probability of infection increases significantly.

Important! Trichinosis sick person is not a source of infection!

Stage of development of the parasite

Since the entire Trichinella cycle of development occurs in the human body, it is parasitic in various organs. This manifests different symptoms.

intestinal stage

It begins with the consumption of infected meat. Capsules with the larvae begin to break down under the action of enzymes in the duodenum. Of these larvae, that the masses are moving to the food into the small intestine. Neutral medium, and large amounts of nutrients to the parasite creating favorable conditions for reproduction. The larvae grow, They reach sexual maturity and begin to multiply.

For this period of development is characterized by such symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • gripes;
  • abdominal pain.

migration stage

Through the wall of the small intestine the larvae penetrate into the bloodstream, and with it begin to spread through the body.

For this period of development is characterized by such symptoms:

  • swelling, especially noticeable on the face;
  • muscle aches, especially noticeable in the limbs;
  • fervescence to 40 0WITH;
  • the appearance of the rash, characteristic of allergic reactions.

It is at this period often patients come to the hospital. There, in the absence of the necessary tests, It may be erroneously diagnosed influenza, which is also characterized by the above symptoms.

muscle stage

At this stage, the larvae begin to settle in the tissues. Preference is given to the muscles, in which the active oxygen transport. Spread throughout the body differently. The greatest concentration of larvae found in the respiratory, facial, masticatory muscle, diaphragm - the muscle, who work most actively. Here comes the larvae growth, She twisted into spirals and encapsulated. During the year, the capsule wall and calcined in this way can be Trichinella years in the carrier body.

This period is also characterized by its specific symptoms:

  • facilitation of general condition;
  • appearance of erosions or "cones" in muscle.

possible complications

Трихинеллёз оставляет меньше последствий, если диагностируется на ранних этапах
Trichinosis leaves less consequences, If diagnosed in the early stages

Trihinellёz, as well as any other pathology, leaves less consequences, If diagnosed in the early stages. Since worms have an enormous destructive effect on the human body, after suffering a Trichinella infection may be encountered with such symptoms:

  • chronic diseases of the respiratory system;
  • CNS disorders work;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • disorders of the liver;
  • low immunity.

methods of diagnosis

Diagnosis of trichinosis necessarily led by an experienced specialist. If you experience symptoms, with similar features trichinosis, you should immediately consult your doctor. He will be able to make clinical history. A must is the question of eating meat in the last days. The most successful option would be to provide a sample of meat consumed for laboratory diagnostics.

Additionally carried out laboratory diagnostics. On its basis, we can conclude the state of the body and the presence of specific reactions.

diagnosis of feces

If you suspect that any bot compulsorily investigated cal patient for the presence of eggs and adult worms. Upon detection of adult worms in the material, we can conclude, that the patient is infected.

laboratory diagnosis

For a more accurate diagnosis, if the stool analysis showed no results and the result was blurred, performed immunosorbent assay (IFA). To perform this test is carried out blood sampling from a vein. In case of suspected blood trichinosis reaction is checked for the presence of specific antibodies. They are produced by the immune system of the patient in response to the proliferation of parasites.


Обязательным компонентом терапии трихиниллеза является применения антигельминтных средств
Trihinilleza mandatory component of therapy is the use anthelmintics

Trichinella parasite throughout the human body, inflicting thus irreparable harm. Therefore, the most effective therapy will carry, which was carried out in the first 14 days after infection. During this period, the defeat of the body more insignificant, worms have not yet had time to be encapsulated, Capsules and more sensitive to the effects of drugs.

Therapy may be performed as an outpatient, and in the hospital. The latter option is more preferred, because the clinical picture of trichinosis is not stable and at any time you may need urgent medical attention. For pediatric patients hospitalization is mandatory. A course of treatment, drugs list are selected for each case individually. To compile the course of treatment using such data as age, the patient's condition, the immune system, roasted, etc..

Compulsory component of therapy is the use anthelmintics. They allow you to block the transmission of impulses along nerve fibers parasites, thereby paralyzing their. Such exposure contributes to easy removal from the body. Examples of such agents include:

  • albendazole;
  • mebendazole;
  • Tiaʙendazol.

The main preference is given to the funds on the basis of mebendazole - it shows high efficiency in relation to the impact on Trichinella.

Additionally assigned a range of drugs, application which allows you to restore the work of all organs and body systems.

For reducing the temperature and preventing inflammation, as well as for pain, used drugs of NSAIDs. The most commonly used drugs on the basis of Ibuprofen, Nimesulida, diclofenac sodium, paracetamol.

To reduce the allergic reaction, appearing on the impact of parasites, and antihistamines are used for getting rid of swelling. The most popular are Fenistil, suprastin, Tavegil.

To treat food poisoning organism by destroying parasites, group means used glucocorticoids. They can also be administered in the case of severe injuries and disorders of the internal organs. The most commonly used drugs prednisolone, Dexamethasone.

In order to accelerate the metabolic processes and more rapid excretion of metabolic products are used with a dropper containing saline, glucose, sorbents solutions. They bind toxins and remove them from the body, restoring fluid and electrolyte balance.

Alternative medicine

Treatment trichinosis folk remedies can be used as the final stage primary therapy. Replace them traditional medicine is dangerous, because there is no way to fully appreciate the condition of the body and diagnose remission.


To prepare the required medication 6 teaspoons of milk thistle oil. They need to be mixed with 0,5 l olive oil and the resulting mixture was warmed on a water bath. This will ensure its homogeneity. Take the remedy is necessary for 1 teaspoon for 30 days 30 minutes before a meal 3 times a day. The means has a cleaning effect and cholagogue.

The mixture of herbs

Tansy, wormwood and clove used since ancient times as the treatment of parasitic diseases. Herbs for the treatment necessary to dry and grind in a coffee grinder. They are stored separately. Before use, mix tansy, wormwood and cloves in proportions 1,5:1:3. It needs to be taken daily for a month following a dose of 30 minutes before the meal.

preventive measures

Не рекомендуется употреблять в пищу «дикое» мясо — вероятность заражения в таком случае чрезвычайно высока
It is not recommended to eat "wild" meat - the probability of infection in this case is extremely high

Prevention of trichinosis carried out for the most part in regions, where the disease is common, and therefore is the most dangerous. Prevention is to conduct a quality heat treatment consumed meat. It needs to simmer for at least 3 hours, to completely neutralize the larvae.

It is not recommended to eat steak, shashlik "wild" meat - The probability of infection in this case is extremely high. Additionally in places exposed to the disease are carried out maintenance work, aimed at strengthening the veterinary and sanitary control.

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