How dangerous trichomoniasis in men? The symptoms and treatment of diseases

Trichomoniasis in men - one of the most common genital infections, that affects the prostate, seminal vesicles, testes and epididymis. All insidiousness of the disease is, its symptoms in the early stages mild or almost imperceptible. At the same time representative of the stronger sex is a source of infection for other people and the support of Trichomonas, which exhibits resistance to antibacterial agents.

При первых же симптомах следует незамедлительно обратиться к врачу
When the first symptoms should seek immediate medical attention

If in time to see a doctor, the treatment of trichomoniasis is quite fast and easy, thus completely kills the infectious agent. But often men seek help, when there are signs of complications and the disease progresses. Trichomoniasis quickly passes from the acute to the chronic form. If the infection is detected at a late stage, the consequence may be infertility.

Ways of infection

Habitat urogenital Trichomonas are genitourinary organs. It is not resistant to the external environment and other organs quickly dies. Consequently, often the infection occurs during vaginal intercourse. In oral and anal intercourse the risk of infection is unlikely, but there is a risk of transmission of bacteria by touching the genitals.

The disease can be transmitted through everyday and in contact with the genitals of such items as a sponge, towel, toilet seat, medical instruments, if they are infected by the bacterium.

Чаще всего болезнь передается при половом контакте
In most cases, the disease is transmitted through sexual contact

Features of the causative agent

The causative agent of trichomoniasis is a protozoa - Trichomonas. They live almost their entire life cycle in the human body and thrive without oxygen.

There are three species of Trichomonas:

  • vaginal;
  • oral;
  • E..

Vaginal Trichomonas most active and pathogenic, living mainly in the mucous membranes of the urinary tract, but it is also able to penetrate the human blood. In a favorable environment - the absence of oxygen and the temperature of the human body, bacterium multiplies rapidly. Its impact is aggravated by the fact, that it becomes a protection for other infections (Ureaplasma, herpes, chlamydia, gonokokki, candida fungi). It is able to absorb them into itself and spread throughout the body, which can cause serious organ damage and lead to a reduction of the immune system. Trichomonas is also a shield to protect from these infections drugs actions and cells of the immune system.

disease has 4 basic forms of flow:

  • acute;
  • podostraя;
  • chronic;
  • trihomonadonositelystvo.
Так выглядит возбудитель заболевания
Here is the causative agent

The symptoms of trichomoniasis in men

The incubation period lasts from disease 2 to 200 days. As already mentioned above, initial stage of the disease being virtually asymptomatic. Usually the first symptoms begin to manifest itself in the development of complications.

When the result of ingestion of Trichomonas begins to develop urethritis (urethritis), man feels:

  • itching of the penis;
  • redness of the area around the urethral opening;
  • pain or burning during urination;
  • frequent urge, especially in the morning hours;
  • purulent mucus malodorous of the urethra;
  • burning after intercourse.

Urethra narrows gradually more and urination becomes painful. The discomfort may spread to the perineum, scrotum, glans penis and loins. When ascending type infections affect the bladder and the ureter enters the kidneys.

Признаки трихомониаза у мужчин
Signs of trichomoniasis in men

An infection of the prostate leads to the development of chronic prostatitis, symptoms are:

  • a nagging pain in the prostate gland;
  • frequent and painful urination, false desires, feeling of not completely emptying the bladder;
  • sexual function disorders - painful and premature ejaculation, weak erection;
  • increased anxiety and nervousness, associated with unpleasant sensations.

If the immune system is weakened by other diseases of man, lesions may appear in the form of ulcers on the skin and the median suture of the mucous membranes of urinary organs, as one of the symptoms of infection, caused by Trichomonas.

As mentioned, treatment of acute forms of the disease, identified at an early stage, It is a lot easier, than the treatment of chronic forms of, which comes about two months after infection.

The symptoms of the chronic form of vague and undistinguished. They are expressed as follows::

  • a significant decrease in erection;
  • slight discomfort and difficulty urinating.

A serious consequence of the chronic form of the disease may become infertility patient. Also there is an opinion, Trichomonas that significantly increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Последствия заболевания хроничной формы
The consequences of chronicity form of the disease

Form carriage Trichomonas does not affect the patient and, respectively, absent any symptoms, define it may only analysis. But for others the man with the air of infection is a serious threat of infection in such a dangerous disease, like trichomoniasis.

note! If at least one of these symptoms, immediately seek medical advice for further diagnosis and adequate treatment.

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis in men

Before commissioning the analysis for the presence of Trichomonas in the body it is necessary to implement the following recommendations:

  • 2-3 Day to abstain from sexual intercourse;
  • do not use the funds for personal hygiene;
  • not taking medication;
  • morning before the doctor's visit is not to wash the genitals;
  • unable to urinate 2 hours before analysis.

For the diagnosis it is necessary to hand over a smear from the urethra to detect Trichomonas. In some cases it is necessary ultrasound of the prostate.

Для постановки диагноза необходимо сдать анализы и пройти обследование у врача
For diagnosis must pass tests and be examined by a doctor

How to cure trichomoniasis in men with medication

In the case of disease detection, man should always inform their sexual partner. Since the course of treatment should be held together in order to avoid re-infection. The treatment regimen is assigned on an individual basis. How much time is necessary to treat the infection is difficult to say, it all depends on the shape and complications have already arisen, as well as the state of the immune system. If the addition of Trichomonas in the body detect other microbes, it may arise their resistance to treatment.

For the drug therapy used such as a tablet: Metronidazol, Tinidazol, nimorazole, Ornidazol, Ternidazol and similar, for topical use, creams and Rozamet Rozeks.

If the study showed the presence of co-infection, appointed antibiotics, antifungal, antimicrobials.

In the diagnosis of chronic forms of trichomoniasis, except drugs antimicrobial action prescribers, aimed at supporting and stimulating the immune system, such as Kagocel, as well as a cure for Legalon and their analogues liver.

Besides the above preparations, if appropriate in a treatment regimen include painkillers, muscle relaxants and physical therapy.

Important! These drugs should not be taken together with alcoholic drinks, Therefore, during treatment and for one month after treatment, taking them is strictly prohibited.

At least a week after the course of treatment required to conduct control tests: inoculation of the culture medium and smear on PCR. Only after a negative person can be considered completely cured of trichomoniasis.

Проходим курс лечения
Medication should be taken strictly on a doctor's prescription!

Treatment of the disease at home

Trichomoniasis in men can be treated at home with the help of folk remedies, but before, you need to see a specialist. It all depends on the form of the infection, in some cases people's recipes will help only in combination with drug.

Recipes of traditional medicine:

  1. garlic and onion juice
    Connect equal portions juice and glycerin and mix well. Men lubricate head and urethra, after a while wash off means water at room temperature. of course 14 to 30 days.
  2. Horseradish
    In this case it is used as decoctions. For the preparation it is necessary to take 1 kg. horseradish and grind to a state of pulp, then pour 1 liter of water at room temperature and persist for days in a dark cool place. This solution is good to wash the penis and testicles in a month.
  3. calendula
    It has excellent antiseptic properties. For the treatment it is necessary to prepare a solution of the flowers of this plant. To do this, take one of the flowers and pour three parts water, insist for two hours. The resulting solution was washed genitals and rubbing the tip of the urethra. Apply at least a month.
  4. Chamomile
    In addition to the above recipe can be used camomile tea twice a day 200 ml. between meals. To prepare to take 5 tablespoons dried chamomile flowers and pour 400 ml. boiling water, push two o'clock. The course at least one month.

prevention Trichomonas fetus

Preventive measures are general rules, used to prevent all kinds of sexual infections:

  • Have sex with a regular partner;
  • Condom use with any type of sexual intercourse;
  • After intercourse, sexual organs antiseptic process, for example, Miramistin or Chlorhexidine, especially if the condom is damaged;
  • Personal hygiene;
  • Individually used household items (wisp, towel, linen);
  • Preventive examinations and examinations at least once in six months;
  • In the case of the slightest manifestation of discomfort in the genital area seek medical advice immediately;
  • Do not treat yourself without consulting a doctor.

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