Tapeworms in humans: symptoms, Types and Treatment

Tapeworms - a separate subgroup of parasites, that change hands at different stages of life. For an adult it must be representative of the class of vertebrates.

Abode adult parasites is gut, larval stage may be detected in muscle tissue, in the tissues of the internal organs.

This type of tape worms called because of the flat trunk, Segmented. The front part is crowned with the likeness of the head with suckers, hooks for attaching the inside of the intestine.

Finding any kind of tapeworm in the body it is characterized by weak, lubricated symptoms. With the penetration of larvae in different human organs and tissues, signs of the disease become strong and clear.

Ленточные черви – отдельная подгруппа паразитов, которые меняют хозяев на разных этапах жизни
Tapeworms - a separate subgroup of parasites, that change hands at different stages of life

classification of parasites

Tapeworms constitute a separate class, virtually all of its representatives can parasitize the human body.

Below is a general characteristic of this class of parasites.

The structure of worms in this class is defined by its name. They have flattened, long body, divided into segments (segments).

The front part of the body has a worm head, whose main function is to attach to the intestinal wall.

Nervous and digestive systems are poorly developed. Bodies of assimilation produced power are not necessary, Parasites suck the food throughout the body surface.

In this case, the reproductive system development of a strong, Tapeworms do not need a partner for reproduction, Fertilization takes place in each of the segments of the worms. The parasite produces an enormous amount of eggs, having high viability, This gives him the opportunity to survive in adverse conditions and find a host.

Worms on a number of signs also are divided into:

  • biohelminthes (different types of tapeworm, Echinococcus)

worms, for the development of which two master's needed - interim and final.

  • contact helminths (dwarf tapeworm)

Infection of this type of worm coming into contact with the objects, food, things, which have parasite eggs. Also can be transmitted from person to person.

There are also three subspecies - geohelminthes (They have only definitive host, larvae of this species of parasites mature in the external environment, eg, in the land), but it is represented by roundworms.

Kinds, parasites in humans

There are several types, which can parasitize the human body, some of them are of considerable size and a substantial life expectancy.

  • bovine tapeworm

This tapeworm is ingested with the meat of cattle, infection can occur when there is insufficient heat treated meat.

Бычий цепень попадает в организм человека с мясом крупного рогатого скота
Bovine tapeworm is ingested with the meat of cattle

The larva is attached to the small intestine with suckers, maturity of up to three months. The length of adult specimen could reach 10 m, gradually, the worm starts to span multiple organ departments.

  • pork tapeworm

Length of adult parasite of this species is somewhat smaller - up 7 m. Intermediate hosts are pigs. worm larvae mature muscle, way into the human body is the same - poorly processed meats. Infection occurs when animals eating feed, containing parasite eggs.

Промежуточными хозяевами являются свиньи
Intermediate hosts are pigs

The larva reaches maturity in the intestine, wherein suction is maintained and hooks. Strong attachment system allows the parasite is held firmly in the host intestine.

  • broad tapeworm

The larvae of this species of parasites ingested with the meat of fish - eating raw fish, poorly-welded or fried, can cause infection with the huge worm. its length can be 25 m, they live near 30 years old.

Личинки этого вида паразитов попадают в организм с мясом рыбы
The larvae of this species of parasites ingested with the meat of fish

The main habitat - small intestine.

  • Echinococcus

The only type of parasite, from which escape is impossible by conventional treatment. - you have to carry out surgery. The adult is quite small, Total 5 mm, dangerous to humans are the larvae of the parasite.

Опасными для человека являются личинки паразита, а не взрослые особи
Dangerous to humans are the larvae of the parasite, not adults

In the process of maturation, they form cysts in diameter up to decimeters (it's like a little ball), which may be located in the internal organs. Increasing in size, these formations begin to injure body tissues, which houses, nearby tissues. Can begin fester, and cysts rupture and pouring the contents into the tissues and body cavities.

Cyst wall is thick, centimeter, making larvae reach for drugs, against this type of parasites, no pill will not help. Only medicine - surgery, but it does not always bring the desired result.

It is important to recognize the disease and rid the body of the hazard. Belated intervention may be useless.

You can become infected by dogs and even cats.

  • dwarf tapeworm

small tapeworm, The adult has to 5 cm in length.

Взрослая особь имеет до 5 см в длину
The adult has to 5 cm in length

Regardless of the size of, tapeworms types described are very dangerous to human. The body is deprived of most of the nutrients and vitamins, and constantly, over a long period of life, which can last for months or even years. Stay parasite in the body also means a constant intoxication, which gradually changes the composition of the blood, It leads to a weakened immunity.

disease, caused by parasites

Parasites do not just live and feed in the body, their stay in the man becomes the cause of the prerequisites for the emergence of various diseases. Besides, There are a number of diseases, which are caused by different types of tapeworms.

  • Teniarinhoz.

Infection of bovine chain becomes a cause of disease. May appear the following symptoms:

  1. vomiting
  2. constipation
  3. dizzy spells
  4. sharp abdominal pain.

Perhaps conservative treatment with antiparasitic drugs, Tablets should be administered only by a physician.

  • Tenioz

It is the result of infection of pork tapeworm. teniasis develops, if the gut has an adult individual helminth.

The disease may be accompanied by tsistotserozom. This disease can develop, If you create the conditions for getting the eggs of the parasite in the blood. From the bloodstream they fall into the muscle tissue.

There have been cases of the larvae penetrate the brain.

  • Gimenolepidoz

This disease occurs when infection dwarf tsepnem. its eggs, deferred in the gut, turn into larvae, that, in turn, are semi-mature individuals. This stage is characterized by the formation cysticercoid, who start very quickly reduce the intestinal functionality, destroying his inner epithelium and villi. If extensive lesions of inflammatory processes begin.


  1. anemia
  2. loose stools
  3. severe weight loss
  4. in intestinal pain.

Treatment is carried out conservatively, by receiving special preparations.

  • bothriocephaliasis

The cause of this disease is a stay in the body of any kind of tapeworm. Most often the disease causes a tapeworm.

The source of the infection can be treated with bad fish, sometimes - caviar.

The disease is expressed by the following symptoms:

  1. dizziness
  2. diarrhea, alternating with constipation
  3. bouts of weakness, fatiguability
  4. abdominal pains.

Treatment is carried out after the relevant studies, Tablets are assigned after determination of the form of the parasite.

This is not a complete description of diseases, which may be caused by tapeworms.

Symptoms of infection tapeworm

Заражение паразитом может сопровождаться различными симптомами
Infection with the parasite may be accompanied by various symptoms

While tapeworms are hardly manifest themselves, have symptoms, allow to suspect the presence of the parasite.

  • anemia, which has a strong tendency to grow
  • Noticeable weight loss
  • Stomach ache, persistent or paroxysmal
  • Can be pain in the liver, with a tendency to strengthen
  • stool irregularities, may be persistent diarrhea, or constipation, they can be interleaved
  • The stool may appear released segments
  • Nausea, sometimes vomiting for no apparent reason. It may be noted at obvious signs of toxic poisoning
  • The emergence of allergic reactions
  • Permanent weakness, fatiguability, disability reduction
  • changes in appetite

In the presence of at least some of these features, especially when the continuous presence of, You should check for the presence of parasites in the body. At least, do not be too lazy to go to the doctor.

Diagnosis and treatment

The basic way of determining the presence of helminth - fecal, and it is desirable to pass it within hours after defecation.

In order to effectively bring the parasite doctor needs to pinpoint its kind. Ribbon worms are difficult to detect due to the fact, that are fixed in one place and do not show up. Therefore, the re-analysis may be appointed.

Besides, body during the stay of the parasite undergoes a prolonged negative impact, so the doctor, depending on the general state of the patient, may appoint:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • drugs and pills, reduce the likelihood of seizures
  • surgery to remove the cysts of the parasite of various organs and body parts
  • to normalize the normal blood flow measures, especially in lesions of the brain
  • Special reduction diets - an effective remedy for intestinal damage
  • tonics.

You have to understand, that attempts to yourself to get rid of the worm does not give results. standard anthelmintics, which are sold in pharmacies, will not be able to withdraw it, and the use of stronger drugs without medical supervision could cost lives.

They are easy to kill, and for each type of helminth selected special preparations and doses, so you should not expose the health and life of unnecessary risk.

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