ciliary mite – how to protect the eyes from injury?

ciliary mite (demodex) - the name of a microscopic insect, increased activity which causes disease, called demodex.

Ресничный клещ
Ciliary mite under the microscope

It lives mainly on the human face, often in the nasolabial folds, eyebrows, eyelashes. Sometimes it gets to the ear passages.

What is known about him

Its other name - acne Zheleznitsa, This microscopic worm length 0,5 mm. Settles in human follicles and sebaceous glands. It is nice to survive and on the surface, can crawl over the skin, moving on decimetre per hour. This leisurely migration usually occurs at night, they can not tolerate light.

They are quite harmless. Assumption, mites that can cause hair loss, not confirmed. This is possible when running the long form of the disease. Demodex is not able to penetrate into the organs and tissues.

If demodex waste products do not cause allergic reactions of the body, a person can not manage, he has these insects.

There are two types of this worm:

  • "Short" - prefer sebaceous glands
  • "Long" - live in the hair follicles.

Average dwelling place - a person, but may sit on my head, breast, hands. In connection with the consumption of food - sebum - can not live on dry skin, Consequently, disease susceptible people with oily and combination skin.

The causes of the disease

Until painful and visible degree of damage usually comes from people with weakened immune systems, in violation of metabolic processes in the body, common in older people.

  • Often become the cause of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hepatitis, liver problems.
  • The presence of such a disease as seborrhea mite creates particularly favorable conditions
  • Violations in the endocrine system and promote the development of demodicosis.

Symptoms of the disease

Since the mite usually begins to multiply in the eye, it is sometimes called ocular mite. The presence of abnormal amounts of mites cause overt symptoms:

  • eyelids, especially at the edges often swell
  • eyes are constantly itching, become reddish
Признаки заболевания на глазах
Symptoms of the disease in his eyes
  • morning around the eyes is going to pus
  • may appear discharge from the eyes
  • morning eyelashes may be stuck together, to them it is going to freshen pus
  • increased eye fatigue, It may even appear photophobia
  • eyes irritated all the time
  • may start to appear barleys, lashes fall out.

Talk about, that man somewhere contracted this mite, impossible - most experts believe Demodex opportunistic organism, that is, a certain amount of it remains on the surface of the body permanently, does not prove itself. So can continue for years, until, on the above or other reasons, mite begins to proliferate, Only then begin to appear symptoms. By itself, it is relatively harmless. However, toxins, allocated to them, with an increase in the number of individuals begin to produce toxic effect, and not only in the eyes.

There were similar symptoms - what to do?

When dealing with such symptoms preliminary analysis will be delivered immediately, tick on eyelashes - forever acquire a distinctive look. But for a precise definition of the disease have to pass tests:

  • skin scraping in places normal distribution demodex - examined for the presence of parasitic species
  • few eyelashes - ciliary sample, checked the secret of sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the eyelashes on a sample taken.

For the analysis is taken about eight lashes, they are placed in an alkaline solution, after which the doctor examines the material under a microscope. Upon detection of mites in the eyelashes or scrapes - insect specimens, its eggs, shells from eggs - diagnosed. If it finds only an empty shell, reappointed delivery of material to check for live parasitic mites.

If the parasite is found, It sets its type, It depends on it, for how long and in what way will be treated. It is more difficult to cure "short" type of mite, "Long" to heal faster and easier.

To improve the accuracy of the analysis, two days before the date of the biomaterial should not apply cosmetics, use highly alkaline hygiene.

How to treat demodicosis

We have to strengthen measures to personal hygiene, because re-infection occurs very easily and for the effectiveness of treatment of ciliary mite:

  • towels, Motherboards, soap, other means and personal care items should be stored separately, be strictly individual
  • all things ill erased separately, at high temperature, underwear - with chlorine or other disinfectant.
  • It is necessary to regularly wipe the skin, sanitize glasses.

Another important factor in recovery - right, rich in vitamins food.

  • Several complexes revitalizing physician may prescribe. These measures are aimed at improving the immunity, the establishment in the body of the normal mineral and vitamin metabolism.
  • During treatment, have to give up smoked, Sour, hot spices - for normalization of the intestinal mucous membranes.
  • the, who loves sweets, have difficulty. The problem is, that demodex is also a sweet tooth and a very good living with high levels of sugar in the blood.
  • In any case, better to reduce consumption of foods, can cause allergic reactions.

What should be in the diet:

  • milk products
  • cereal - oatmeal, buckwheat, other cereals
  • vegetables, fruits
Лечим демодекоз
When properly selected treatment can be quickly rid of the problem

medication treatment

In fact, treat demodicosis is difficult - and themselves mites, and their eggs are protected from the effects of thick shells of drugs, so courses of treatment of this disease is quite durable.

Along the way, be appointed and held courses of therapy comorbidities, to take preventive measures.

lotions are appointed, masks - they are prepared in the pharmacy prescription, special creams. After the course of the analysis, appointed a refresher course if necessary. For him matched other drugs.

The main means of dealing with demodex:

  • Sulfuric ointment - a cheap and very effective drug, radically destroying mites. applying it, it should be remembered, it is very dry the skin and can even cause burns. This tool is not suitable for the eye area, lips, century.
  • Eucalyptus and calendula in the form of tinctures. Used for cleaning the edges of the eyelids and eyelashes from the dried crusts of pus. Cleansing is performed twice, intervals 15-20 minutes. You can also wipe the handle and other affected areas.
  • Cream "Spregalʹ". Although it antiscabietic, it can be safely applied in demodicosis, he instantly destroy all unwanted flora on the skin and its upper layers.
  • Metronidazol, pills, ointment, gels. There are also drugs with similar effects - antiparasitic, antibacterial, antimicrobial.

Medication much more, than it is shown in the list. It is better, If the selection of drugs will make the doctor. demodectic mange treatment long enough, without medical supervision and verification tests distinct measures may be ineffective.

That the Council of People's Medicine

  • wormwood concoctions, celandine, chamomile.

On 1 a liter of boiled water is taken in a teaspoon of each herb, insist, strain. wash up, wipe the face several times a day.

  • Applications with garlic juice

Small swabs soaked in freshly pressed juice of garlic, is applied to the eyelids 15-30 minutes, depending on tolerance. Prompt treatment demodekoza eyelashes.

It is necessary to accentuate his own feelings, hate - the juice of garlic, despite its effectiveness, It can irritate the delicate skin of the eyelids and even burn it. Therefore, this tool be used with caution.

If the agent is well tolerated, swabs for each procedure 5 minutes to change to the new, with fresh juice. The mites eyelashes quickly disappear.

  • Stryeptotsid

grind 1-2 pills, add a little water. Apply for ever, the area around the eyes. hold 5-15 minutes, then rinse. Carry out the procedure once a day until improvement.

  • Compresses with decoction of oak bark

The perfect cure for a very disgruntled swollen eyelids. Teaspoon of dry oak bark pour boiling water, boil 5 minutes. cool, strain. tampons, soaked in broth apply to the eyes.

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