Acyclovir tablets – how to make adults and children? price, counterparts

Acyclovir tablets - is an effective and inexpensive means, which helps to cope with viruses. Most often it is prescribed for the diagnosis of herpes simplex 1 and 2 type. When using the drug noted positive dynamics. What is special about the drug and how to apply it? Can I use acyclovir children?

The composition and action of the drug

The active substance tablets - Acyclovir. It belongs to the group of nucleoside, one of the structural components DNA. In addition to the main material contained in the auxiliary components acyclovir: silica (aeroforces), lactose, starch, calcium stearate, sinteticheskiy polymer - povidone.

Таблетки Ацикловир – недорогое и эффективное средство, его назначают при диагностике простого герпеса 1 и 2 типа
Acyclovir tablets - a cheap and effective means of, it is prescribed for the treatment of herpes simplex 1 and 2 type

Tablets are flat and white. In blisters is located 10 tablets. On sale is the drug acyclovir 200 mg and 400 mg.

In tablets Acyclovir-Akrikhin also includes active substance of 200 and 400 mg. Auxiliary components are: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, povidone, indigo, karboksimetilkrahmal, and purified water. The tablets are light blue with dark or light patches.

Acyclovir acts directly on the viral DNA, by penetrating into it and oppression of its development. The substance penetrates only in virus cells, without damaging the human, and reacts with the thymidine kinase (substance, which emit only the affected cells). The result of such interaction is the triphosphate - component, fatal to the virus herpes. Therefore, further its synthesis occurs.

The bioavailability of the drug during ingestion is approximately 15-30%. The active substance binds to 9% to plasma proteins and is evenly distributed throughout the human body (in body fluids and tissues). At the same time the food does not affect absorption of the drug. He is also able to cross the placenta and accumulate in breast milk. The maximum concentration of acyclovir in the blood observed after a couple of hours, with currently accepted drugs. Metabolism occurs in the liver, and excreted by the kidneys (urine) on 84% in its original form and 14% as metabolites. In a small number is its elimination through the intestines (in feces). The half-life of about three hours.


There are a number of diseases, when assigning Acyclovir tablets. Use of the drug is appropriate for the following purposes:

  • For the treatment of infections of the skin and mucous membranes, which are caused by Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 type. This may be genital and oral herpes;
  • During the period of preventive measures for patients with recurrent infections in patients with normal immune status;
  • Treatment of primary and recurrent infections, which are caused by Varicella zoster virus (chickenpox) or Herpes zoster (shingles).

Important! Application of Acyclovir is also practiced at the complex therapy of patients with immunodeficiency, eg, HIV infection, as well as people, who underwent bone marrow transplantation.

Contraindications and side effects

Acyclovir tablets Instructions contains information on diseases and conditions, under which should be discarded from the drug. Like any other tool can cause an allergic reaction of the organism in the case of an individual sensitivity. Therefore, the appearance of unpleasant symptoms as skin rash or redness, should immediately refuse treatment with acyclovir.

Besides, such a dosage form of release, as tablets, not recommended for babies under 3 years old. The drug can be administered only as a doctor in cases, When a positive result from the application exceeds the potential health risks to the child. In this case, the dosage is calculated individually specialist, taking into account the weight and characteristics of the disease.

Таблетки Ацикловир не рекомендованы малышам до 3 лет. Таже препарат не назначают беременным
Acyclovir tablets are not recommended for babies under 3 years old. The exact same drug is not prescribed to pregnant

For the reason that, the active agent is capable of overcoming the placenta, Acyclovir tablets during pregnancy is not indicated. This may adversely affect the normal development of the fetus. means treatment can only recommend the gynecologist, if there is a sufficiently strong basis for this. As regards the period of lactation, the woman can use a tablet, but only for the duration of therapy required to give up breast-feeding the baby and go to the artificial mixture.

There are a number of side effects, which may to some extent develop an adult or a child while taking the drug. The most common manifestations include:

  • Headache, dizziness;
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • Soreness in the back;
  • Itching and rashes;
  • Temperature rise;
  • Fast fatiguability.

Less frequently observed side effects such, like appearance on the skin hives, sufficiently rapid hair loss. Although the latest manifestation has not been conclusively proven.

In rare cases, people, taking Acyclovir by herpesviruses, occur:

  • shortness of breath;
  • anaphylaxis;
  • Angioneurotic edema type;
  • Increase in blood urea and creatinine concentrations, and bilirubin;
  • Increased liver enzyme activity.

In practice, use of the drug were reported more serious side effects, that arise in individual cases:

  • Jaundice, hepatitis;
  • leukopenia, anemia;
  • kidney failure;
  • Anxiety, tremor, ataxia, hallucinations, drowsiness, konvulysii, encephalopathy, coma.

special instructions

In patients with reduced immunity long-term treatment with acyclovir can lead to the formation of virus strains and insensitive to its action. At the same time during these studies revealed the virus thymidine kinase change, as well as DNA polymerase.

The drug is recommended to use with caution in patients, having problems with kidney functionality. Besides, the elderly and the elimination half-life of the active substance increases. To improve this process, it is necessary to use a sufficiently large amount of liquid. Additionally, you need to monitor renal indices (urea and serum creatinine).

Одним из побочных действий препарата является головокружение, поэтому во время использования средства, лучше отказаться от вождения
One of the side effects of the drug are dizziness, so while using the best means to give up driving

Guidance on the application of the drug informs, acyclovir that action can be enhanced while taking with immunostimulators. Treatment with nephrotoxic drugs can lead to serious disorders of the kidneys.

Driving vehicle at the time of use of an antiviral agent to give best, because one of the side effects are dizziness.

Important! The drug is not able to remove the risk of contracting genital herpes by, therefore, the patient should refrain from sexual intercourse, special, unprotected. It should be understood, that during the eruption the virus is active in more. At the same time, there are cases of, that the patient is watching at any symptoms, but it is a carrier.


Instructions for Use states, that the tablets can be taken before or after a meal. Thus they should be washed down with sufficient water. The dosage can be adjusted and vary depending on the complexity and neglect of the problem.

In the treatment of adults with infections of the skin or mucous membranes (на фоне Herpes simplex 1 and 2 type) circuit will next:

  • During the first five days appoint a five-time receiving aciclovir tablets 200 mg.
  • In this day means you need to drink at intervals of 4 o'clock, and at night - 8 hours.
  • In severe manifestation of the disease course lasts 10 days.

Important! If a patient has reduced immunity against HIV infection or poor absorption from the gut, if the dose is increased: by 400 mg 5 once a day.

Drug treatment should be administered since, how did the rash of herpes. This will increase the likelihood of positive dynamics in the shortest possible time.

With prophylactic acyclovir is prescribed to people with normal immune status in the following dosage:

  • 200 mg 4 times a day. The interval between the reception of 6 hours.
  • 400 mg twice a day (interval 12 hours).

Sometimes doctors prescribe smaller doses, eg, by 200 mg 2-3 times a day.

People with immune deficiency are advised not to change the dosage regimen: by 400 mg 5 once a day.

For the period of treatment of infections, which are caused by Varicella zoster (chickenpox) Adults are recommended to drink 800 mg five times a day. The course of treatment can last up to ten days. This therapy scheme with lesions assigned organism zoster.

How many recommend taking acyclovir to children, who fell ill with chickenpox? Doctors prescribe to children 3 dose years, equal 20 mg 4 times a day. At the age of 3 to 6 years, the amount of drug can be increased to 400 mg (4 fold), and older 6 – 800 mg (4 times a day). The course of treatment lasts 5 days.

Important! The daily dose should not exceed 800 mg.


There are a number of drugs, are similar to acyclovir content of active substance. They are also used in herpes and the like infections. These drugs should be referred:

  • Atsigeprin;
  • acyclovir Forte (pills);
  • Acyclovir - Acosta;
  • Atsiklostad;
  • Vivoraks;
  • Herpevyr;
  • Gerpesin;
  • Zovirax;
  • Lizavir;
  • Provirsan;
  • Supraviran;
  • Tsiklovaks;
  • Tsiklovir.


Today, drug buy at this price:

acyclovir 200 mg (Darnitsya) – 30-35 UAH, German production (acyclovir Herds) slightly higher - 144 UAH. acyclovir Herds 400 mg (Germany) – 230 UAH.


According to many patients, who faced such a problem as herpes, Acyclovir tablets actually have a positive effect. Wherein, using this drug in combination with an outer drug (ointment), It achieved maximum results in just a few applications. To combat the chickenpox are advised to also buy this tool. Typically, tablets are taking over 5-7 days until complete recovery. Some parents use on doctor's prescription pill for the treatment of hepatic angina. Dosage minimum - at ¼ of the tablet 3 times a day. Due to the antiviral effect positive changes observed after one day of drug use.

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