Herbs against parasites in the human body

Every day, the human body may be exposed to the invasion of parasites. There are at least 2000 types of worms, can be used for human parasitism. generally considered, worms that live in the gut, but in fact they can settle in other organs, including the brain, a heart, muscle tissue.

Some types of worms, more precisely, their toxins, can affect the human psyche, causing weakness, fatiguability, apathy, and excessive hastiness. Sometimes the host parasite begins to suffer from insomnia. Cases of sudden exacerbation of chronic diseases, changes in appetite, abdominal pain.

You can become infected anywhere, of a beloved pet, including, sometimes eggs transmission occurs from person to person.

Nature took care of that, to this unpleasant and dangerous disease could escape with the help of natural remedies. Bitter, pungent taste, pungent smell - such properties have grass for worms and parasites may create intolerable conditions for the existence of worms.

How bitter herbs act on parasites

Bitter herbs have a paralyzing effect on the worms. Some types of parasites live, continuously moving towards the mass movement in the intestine, others - are attached to the intestinal wall. In both cases, the parasites lose their ability to be retained, their livelihoods significantly inhibited, which contributes to their removal. The composition of herbs has an impact on the life of worms because, parasitic organism that has no digestive system. Suction supply occurs indiscriminately its entire surface of the body - the action of natural compounds acting on individual entirely.

At the same grass against parasites have different medicinal properties, that help cleanse the body of toxins, which are released during the life of worms and when the decay.

must be considered, that the use of natural remedies to get rid of worms requires a sustained and uniform admission fees or decoctions. Besides, take should be strictly defined doses, without missing any receiving. Irregular use of these funds will allow the parasites to survive and proliferate.

The undisputed advantage of this method of getting rid of parasites is relatively safe, cheapness, and, subject to the regularity and proper dosing conditions, efficiency.

What kind of plants can be discussed

For the correct application you need to know, what kind of herbs and plants can help when infected with helminths.

  • The best-known antiparasitic remedy - garlic. Regular consumption of whole cloves in a single day can not only bring the worms, but also to prevent their re-occurrence. If the taste of the plant itself is poorly tolerated, you can buy it at a pharmacy tablet form.
  • It is also an excellent remedy is ginger - in its purest form need to eat half a teaspoon, add it to the dish, to make tea.
Самое известное противопаразитарное средство – чеснок. Но есть и другие травы и растения от паразитов
The best-known antiparasitic remedy - garlic. But there are other herbs and plants from parasites
  • Burning taste of these plants increase the temperature in the gut and in the organism as a whole, which is detrimental to the parasites. The same effect is mustard, horseradish, pepper, other plants with sharp taste.
  • Rosemary - is not only a seasoning, but also a means of parasites. The daily intake of half a teaspoon of the plant will help to get rid of the uninvited guests in the gut.
  • Angelica - contains compounds, harmful to worms. However, this plant has a number of contraindications, in particular, it can not be taken by pregnant women, persons, suffering from diabetes, in certain other diseases.
  • Sagebrush - contains substances, destroying skin parasites, It can be taken in the form of decoctions, extracts or capsules. can say, it is a broad spectrum of action. Along the way, it activates the pancreas, stomach, bowel.
Полынь – содержит вещества, разрушающие оболочку паразитов
Sagebrush - contains substances, destroying skin parasites
  • Calamus root - is able to bring all kinds of parasites, not only from the gut, but also from other organs, debug bowels.
  • Tansy - a popular antiparasitic agent.
Пижма – народное противопаразитарное средство
Tansy - a popular antiparasitic agent
  • Chamomile is well known - to drink enough cup of chamomile tea every day.

The last two tools - a herb to cleanse the body of toxins, that accumulate during the stay of parasites in the human body.

Each of these plants has a number of other properties, to be analyzed in the annex to the individual organism. Besides, a person may have an intolerance to some grass.

It is better, If the appointment of herbal remedies to hold the doctor, It would be nice to know and, against any parasite species will be conducted therapy.

Recipes charges of herbs and spices

The recipe first

It is necessary to prepare the following components:

  • wormwood (acts on the tape and round parasites) – 1 spoon
  • tansy (against ascarids and pinworms) – 4 spoons
  • seeds, carnation (can kill the eggs and larvae of worms) – 2 spoons.

It is possible to change the amount of the mixture according to the ratio.

Mix all, make 1 tablespoon spoon collection 200 ml of boiling water, infuse for half an hour. You can use a thermos.

Take 3 tablespoons half an hour before a meal. May also be taken in the period between midnight and three o'clock - the period of maximum activity of parasites.

If you grind the collection, you can take it in powder form.

The treatment regimen is:

On the first day for half an hour before breakfast - 1 tea spoon, drink water

Second day - 2 reception, first - before breakfast, as described above, a second night in the same amount.

The third day - three meals, morning, evening and add a portion in the middle of the day. Just half an hour before a meal, teaspoon. Three times a day to take in a week.

Then, a week later, again follow the pattern of the first day, and so drink within a month, thus there is a smooth cleaning of the body from the effects of the host of parasites.

Русская тройчатка - рецепты сборов из лекарственных трав и приправ
Russian Triad - recipes fees from medicinal herbs and spices

The treatment can be repeated after six months.

recipe second

It is also very effective, however it produces milder influence on the body. It is necessary to take the plants in the following ratio:

  • calendula - 2 parts
  • Calamus roots - 1 part
  • cumin seeds - 1 part.

It is possible to change the amount of the mixture, proportioning.

Scheme adopts minutes gf, as in the first recipe, but three times a day to take over the 2 weeks, and then take over the 2,5 month once daily. Besides getting rid of worms, the mild cleansing of the blood and body systems from the effects of worms in the host organism.

How to get rid of parasites in a child with the help of natural remedies

Treat the child can only plants, not having in its composition of toxic substances. There are many recipes for kids, but the following are considered to be quite effective.

  • A large head of garlic boiled in milk, need 1 glass. Half of the dose received to do an enema. The course takes place during the week.
  • On 2 cups of boiling water - a teaspoon of wormwood. Insist, strain, take 3 times a day 20 minutes before a meal.
  • Effective against ascarids: onion, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse 12 hours. Take half a cup in the morning on an empty stomach. The course lasts 4 day.

Apply the best remedy, which obviously tolerates child.

These simple recipes can be used to get rid of worms in adults, Only need to prepare them in slightly different proportions.

For the preparation of therapeutic compounds can buy medicinal herbs from worms in the pharmacy. You can also, studying the properties of plants and the optimal time of harvest, make your own herbal stock.

If lazy to make charges

It does not always have time to seriously engage in the prevention and even treatment of parasites in the body. You should know a few recipes, that can help you along the way to get rid of parasites, between this and then. However, even these simple guidelines require regularity in the application of, otherwise the effect will not be.

  • Funny folk recipe - eat raw fox. Very quickly it expels parasites. Suitable fans to pick mushrooms.
  • Oak bark - extremely bitter astringent. Two tablespoons of boiled water and insist 6 hours. drunk once, fasting. can be repeated if necessary.
  • Eating a plant on an empty stomach, creating an acidic environment. Suit leaves of sorrel. Excellent prophylactic agent. Sorrel can be replaced with brine sauerkraut, to drink half a cup every morning.

by the way, Brine can get rid of Giardia.

  • An empty stomach every day to eat 1-3 garlic cloves, you can with a spoon of sunflower oil. Instead, you can use garlic onions. Eliminating the helminths, It has a bracing effect.
  • Slice the onion, pour a glass of boiled water, insist 12 hours. A portion of the drink on an empty stomach for 10 days. This tool can be taken from time to time as a preventive.
  • Pour a glass of boiling water, or wormwood tansy. Insist, strain. Drink three times a day before meals.
  • You can combine business with pleasure. Pumpkin seeds fry in the pan with a small amount of sunflower oil. In the process of cooking salt the. There are odd moments, eg, simultaneously with the series view. Chinese recipe treatment and prevention of helminthiasis.
  • Regularly eat pears with seeds. Seeds thoroughly chew.
  • Peel of pomegranate - known folk recipe. 5 g chopped peel pour half a cup of boiling water, insist 30 minutes. Take 4 times a day, a teaspoon. The concentration does not raise, Brewing strictly in the indicated proportions.


Herbs against parasites in humans: cooking recipes, especially the use of and contraindications. What tools can be used on grasses children.

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