Flu symptoms in children, treatment and prevention of diseases

In the season of colds and viral diseases treatment of influenza in children comes to the fore. For, to increase the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions, it is important to detect the disease in time. If you know the basic signs and symptoms, which is characterized by flu 2017 of the year, you can quickly cure the child and avoid complications. How to treat and dangerous than the flu in children?

Чтобы избежать опасных осложнений гриппа у детей - необходимо знать симптоматику заболевания и методы его лечения
To avoid dangerous complications of influenza in children, You need to know the symptoms of the disease and methods of treatment

Ways of infection

Influenza in children is caused by a virus, which has certain symptoms easily transmitted droplet and household by. Like any other virus, it primarily spreads through the air. During coughing, sneezing and even normal breathing occurs virus isolation, so that inhalation of air and become infected.

The penetration of the influenza virus in the organism occurs via any mucous membranes: nasopharynx, mouth and even through the eyes. for example, if the baby to touch toys or other things of a sick child, and then rubbed his eyes, the infection will almost certainly.

The symptoms and signs of flu

Like any other disease, flu develops in several stages. Knowing the symptoms and treatment of influenza, you can prevent a lot of problems. The first stage - is the incubation period, ie the period, which lasts from the time the child contact with the patient until the first sign of disease. How many days after exposure to the disease will, It depends on children's immunity. If your baby immune system is weakened, the disease can occur after 12 hours. With good immunity, if the body is strong and long resistant virus, The incubation period can last up to five days. On average, the first stage lasts two days.

A distinctive feature of the disease in a child - a rapid increase in symptoms. It is especially difficult to determine influenza in children under one year, because the baby can not communicate their feelings.

First of all you should alert following the child's condition:

  • generalized weakness. If the baby permanently sleepy, he sluggish, He does not want to play and engage in favorite things, We need to clarify the reasons for such behavior.
  • Fervescence. A distinctive feature of influenza - high fever with the flu in children, which can reach up to 41 degrees. How many days kept the temperature from influenza in children depends on many factors, including from time to initiation of treatment. Typically, the temperature decreases to the third or fourth day.
  • Muscle aches. It is a distinctive feature of influenza virus. However, even the eye muscles may ache.
  • Headache.
  • Nasal congestion. Thus on the first day nasal transparent, they gradually thicken. Usually on the third day runny already worried about a child is less than.
  • barking cough. It is not always the case with influenza cough, but more often it is just such a character.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting. These symptoms - not direct flu symptoms, but in some forms of the flu occur.

If a child complains of hallucinations, he observed seizures, dizziness happen - it's a sign, flu that hit the central nervous system.

flu symptoms in children are often confused with the symptoms of the common cold, but there are significant differences.

  1. The beginning of the flu - a sharp and keen, cold sick child gradually. In children, the symptoms of influenza appear instantly.
  2. Body temperature is high, especially in the initial period of the disease. With proper treatment, it will not stay longer than three days.
  3. Severe intoxication, which is expressed by chills, photophobia, aches in the whole body.
Грипп у детей необходимо начинать лечить на самых ранних стадиях
Flu in children should be treated in the earliest stages


If a child is ill with influenza, a diagnosis and begin treatment as soon as possible need. Do not look for your own experience, should immediately call a doctor, who will assess the severity of the disease and say,, how to treat flu in children. Dr. Komarovsky advises for mild to stay at home and take the medicine, designated pediatrician. But in severe cases, the disease is better to agree to hospitalization, special, if the child is less than 3 of the year.

At home, the flu is treated by the following algorithm:

  • bed rest. This is an important condition for, which is quite difficult to observe children. When the temperature is lowered and relieving the state they want to run and play. Try to keep the child in bed at least two or three days.
  • excessive drinking. Particularly, this recommendation is relevant at high temperature. Komorowski is not recommended to feed the child against his will, cares if there does not want. It is better to give him more fluid. As a snack, you can give your baby vegetables or fruit, sweet tea, fruit-drink, compote.
  • antivirals. Assigned to the very first days of illness, antiviral agent directed to the fight against the causative agent of influenza. Antiviral drugs against influenza for children - it Arbidol. Tamiflu, Rimantadine and other.
  • antipyretics. should not immediately take antipyretic. C temperature before 38,5 the body has to cope alone. If the thermometer creeps up, then you need to give the right medication for your child. Most Viewed - Nurofen, paracetamol, Ibuprofen - all pediatric formulations.
Температуру необходимо сбивать только тогда, когда она превысит 38.5 градуса
The temperature necessary to shoot down only, when it exceeds 38.5 degrees
  • Fresh air. The room should be cool and not stuffy, it is often necessary to ventilate.
  • antibacterial drugs. To take antibiotics for the flu in children should only be prescribed by a doctor. Usually they are assigned, if the doctor foresees complications of influenza in children.
  • Treating the symptoms. If a child is tormented by a runny nose, rinse your nose with saline drip and Anaferon, Grippferon or other nasal preparations.

Many parents are interested in, How many days is treated by flu. In compliance with all the recommendations of the disease takes place in ten days. If in the influenza epidemic, it will no longer be afraid of your child. But here on the next time he is not insured, because every time there are new strains of influenza. for example, at 2016 and 2017 's disease is characterized by different symptoms and different experiences of the.


The flu is dangerous in a child in the first place possible complications. With timely treatment to the doctor the danger is minimal, but the delay in treatment can result in serious consequences, including death.

The most terrible complications considered:

  • Multiple nerve disease and other forms of neuralgia
  • Hemorrhage
  • Meningitis, meningoencephalitis
  • Myocarditis
  • other.

Hazards are joining the flu bacterial infection. That's why sometimes antibiotics - it's not just insurance, a vital procedure. The child has the flu may develop secondary complications - pneumonia, otitis, sinusitis and other diseases.


Prevention of influenza in children is to observe basic rules of hygiene and behavior.

  1. Teach your child to wash hands frequently, preferably with soap. after the street, guests, toilet visits, before eating - hands should always be washed. Special, if there is a flu epidemic in a given period of time in your city.
  2. Enter in your daily diet of the child as much as possible Vitamin C. It is found not only in the pharmacy of vitamin preparations, but also in the fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Do not let the air in the room to stagnate. Frequent airing - a great way to avoid illness.
  4. Pay attention to the baby's nose - it was through the nose flu virus usually enters the body of a child. Oxolinic ointment or viferon before going out form the protective film, repelling viruses. On arrival from the street and teach the child to wash the nose with water to cleanse the mucous membrane of the microbe.
  5. The child must know the basic rules of hygiene: not rub eyes with hands, poking his fingers into his mouth and nose, touching the face with dirty hands.

Memo prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in children will help you protect yourself from this disease. But best of all during epidemics, as well as a fall and winter, when the probability to catch large, Avoid large crowds. Summer is not so dangerous in this regard,, but for children from the flu and colds important protection at any time.

Another method for the prevention of viral diseases - vaccination against influenza for children. It allowed the kids to six months and is recommended when visiting a kindergarten child, school or other public places. A prerequisite for vaccination is the examination of the child's pediatrician. Can not be vaccinated, if a:

  • The child has recently recovered
  • Child is sick at the moment
  • There is a ban on vaccination neurologist
  • Allergy to egg protein
  • Some heart diseases
  • Bronchial asthma

Prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in children in the form of vaccines will be effective only for a particular virus strain, which acts in this year. That is, if children are ill with influenza, then this season for the second time is practically impossible to get sick. But here's the next season of colds it no longer applies. Vaccination should be done at least two weeks before the expected flu outbreak in your city. Optimal time - September - early October.

Ежегодно детям необходимо делать прививки от гриппа и ОРВИ, которые помогут защитить ребенка от новых штаммов заболевания
Every year, children need to be vaccinated against influenza and SARS, to help protect the child from new strains of the disease

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