Hong Kong flu danger 2016-2017. How to treat and how to prevent infection?

Every year the winter in our country not only brings snow and New Year holidays, but the epidemic of influenza and SARS. In the current season of the Russian and Ukrainian people attack the new strain of virus, It is known in medical practice Hong Kong flu h3n2 (Asian flu). He feared the, which can cause not only epidemic, but also the whole pandemic, covering several countries. The name of this disease was because, that in the distant 1968 , the Hong Kong flu epidemic has developed into a pandemic and rampant in Hong Kong, as well as in neighboring countries, then from it killed a lot of people.

note! The word "pandemic", indicating the rapid spread of a disease among the population, from Greek into Russian means "all the people". In comparison with the epidemic pandemic has more than large-scale distribution, and does not cover any particular region, but the whole state and often even neighboring countries.

Азиатский грипп h3n2 в 1968 году зародился в Гонконге и перерос в пандемию, унеся множество жизней
Asian flu h3n2 in 1968 I was born in Hong Kong and grew into pandemic, killing many lives

The disease itself, including Hong Kong flu, It does not pose a serious risk to human, but only when it is time to be noticed and taken timely measures for its treatment. The correct treatment can be prescribed only doctor, self-medication in this case could cause irreparable harm, because if there is no adequate treatment, may develop complications, life-threatening.

risk groups

During a pandemic 1968 It was marked, Worst of all, this flu was transferred to the people in childhood and old. That among them was the greatest number of deaths. Complicated course of disease in these populations is caused by the, their immune system is weakened by the most, in the elderly due to age, and the children it is not yet fully formed. Flu contributed to the development of their serious complications on the cardiovascular system, lungs, endocrine organs and the nervous system. In addition to the elderly and young children, Hong Kong flu 2016 It presents the greatest threat to people, with chronic heart, vascular, endocrine, pulmonary pathology, because it can cause the occurrence of complications and worsen existing illnesses for. For women in the position of Hong Kong flu h3n2 strain doubly dangerous: First of all, during pregnancy the immune system is weakened women because of hormonal changes and changes, so the pathology will be severe; Secondly, at the early stage of fetal influenza can cause various malformations.

so, can be identified at risk, for whom the flu 2017 , the most dangerous:

  • kids up to the age of two;
  • elderly people over 60 years old;
  • People with chronic pathologies;
  • women, Unborn baby.

The Hong Kong flu danger

This type of flu is characterized by, that his strain mutates every twenty years. The main difference between the Hong Kong flu 2016 swine in the, usually with a virus infection of swine flu at once makes itself felt, and proceeds rapidly, and influenza virus h3n2, getting into the human organism, usually it does not give signs immediately, symptomatology of the disease develops slowly and runs for a longer period. Because of this, many people do not take action in time, which is fraught with the development of dangerous complications of influenza in Hong Kong, associated with cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory and nervous systems.

Гонконгский грипп официально называется H3N2
Hong Kong flu is officially called H3N2

If a person carries the disease on their feet and do not take measures to eliminate the disease, or is treated properly, then there are consequences, representing a serious threat in the form of the following complications:

  • development of myocarditis - inflammation of the lining of the heart muscle (infarction);
  • severe pneumonia;
  • a manifestation of the strong state of shock;
  • encephalitis and meningitis development;
  • rarely is the emergence of tracheitis, bronchitis, inflammation of ear and sinus infections, disturbances in the functioning of the liver, pancreas, kidney, the endocrine system.

Important! With extreme caution should be approached to the Hong Kong flu treatment, using only the prescribed medication your doctor, people with chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma, a heart, nervous system), which can progress to a more severe due to the presence of influenza virus in the body.


The first signs of the Hong Kong flu are similar to symptoms of the common flu. They appear in the form of headaches and general weakness, sleepiness, slackness, fatigue, occurring a few days after the virus enters the body. You may also see a significant malaise, nausea and sharp increase in body temperature, which is more difficult to decrease, associated with general intoxication of the organism. In addition, there are chills, and body aches, especially in the extremities, burning sensation in the eyes and cramps, dry cough, nose and throat congestion, are disorders of the digestive system.

As soon as the first Hong Kong flu symptoms need to call a doctor and wait for him, keeping bed rest and put aside all affairs. Later during 3-4 days you must take drugs, designated physician. If after this time there is no improvement, it is necessary to re-access to a doctor, that he has appointed more aggressive preparations for withdrawal from this state.

The Hong Kong flu cure

In most cases, treatment of the Hong Kong flu passes at home. But if the doctor sees, that the disease is complex and relates to the patient at risk, he could be admitted to hospital. It is important to be sure to comply with bed rest, consume a lot of water, warm drinks in the form of a decoction of herbs and teas, eat only light meals and products. Of medicines are appointed antivirals, as well as medicines to address specific symptoms.

Application of antiviral action should not apply in all cases, the Hong Kong flu. If the disease has no complications, and the patient's condition allows us to hope, his immune system is able to cope with infection, the additional support in the form of antiviral drugs do not need. If the disease is difficult to, it is necessary to accept funds, which can suppress influenza virus type A. These drugs, eg, Rimantadine are, Ozeltavyr, Viferon, Tsikloferon, Mefenamic acid, and the like.

An integrated approach in the treatment of influenza in Hong Kong 2016-2017 It involves symptomatic treatment. It includes:

  • Antipyretics - can be used to lower the temperature of drugs, soderzhashtie paracetamol and ibuprofen, thus it is necessary to take into account, that heat quickly subsides, but exceed the recommended dosage is not specified in the instructions. When treating a child, medicines, reducing the temperature necessary needed, they can be in the form of suppositories, syrups and suspensions.

note! When the Hong Kong flu in adults and children is strictly prohibited the use of acetylsalicylic acid!

  • Cure for sore throats - there is great list of drugs, Rinse suit various solutions, sprays, lozenges, syrups.
  • Preparations for cough - are assigned depending on the nature of cough;
  • Sorbents - essential for the flu, as they help to purify the body from toxic products, to begin their use is best in the early stages of the disease.
  • Antihistamines - assigned to the removal of edema, at the same time a sense of relief in breathing, since release occurs airway mucous membranes.
  • Vitamins - to support the body's immune system and important vitamins, especially vitamin C, which gives strength and helps to defeat viruses quickly.
При гонконгском гриппе запрещено принимать ацетилсалициловую кислоту!
When the Hong Kong flu forbidden to take aspirin!

Vaccination against influenza in Hong Kong

One effective means, used to protect against the Hong Kong flu, It is vaccination. For, to avoid infection and to protect their loved ones, you need to be vaccinated against flu in Hong Kong, which is available at any clinic. For the adult population and are used Grippol Sovigripina vaccine, for the kids - and Ultriks Grippol. Vaccination should be placed at least two weeks prior to the anticipated start of the epidemic, since so much time is necessary for immunity. Particular attention should be given little patients, that the flu shot is not yet done. They require the administration of two doses of vaccine with an interval of a month. Parents need to be sure to take this into account, to catch up to the start of mass infection.

Irrespective of age, all patients prior to vaccination is necessary to pass inspection and check-up. Only after that the therapist can give permission for the vaccination. If the vaccine for any reason is contraindicated, the doctor will be able to recommend to the best time to move the vaccine or to cancel it altogether.

In the Russian Federation, influenza immunization is free only to the following categories:

  • children older than six months;
  • the students and employees of preschool institutions;
  • students and employees of educational institutions;
  • students;
  • medical personnel;
  • working in transport, Housing and utility companies, as well as in, related services;
  • older people from 60 years old.

The rest of the citizens of this grafting is done on a commercial basis in public or private clinics.

Чаще всего лечение гриппа H3N2 проходит в домашних условиях
Most often, the treatment H3N2 influenza passes at home

preventive measures

For, to avoid infection prevention measures must be observed:

  • avoid places, where there is a lot of people and minimize contacts;
  • try not to rub your hands over his eyes and nose, do not touch the person, since in this case the viruses from the hands can reach the mucous and penetrate into the body;
  • as often as possible to wash your hands well, especially after visiting public places and streets;
  • before going back home and wash the nose with salt water solution, This procedure clears the nasal passages from the accumulated bacteria and viruses, Besides moisturizing nasal mucosa contributes to the activation of local immunity;
  • make room ventilation and wet cleaning at home, and at work;
  • phones and other electronic gadgets be treated with special disinfectants;
  • support the immune system, taking food, containing vitamins, vitamin preparations, doing athletic exercises, avoiding fatigue and nerve excitation.

By following these rules, you can minimize the risk of Hong Kong flu and other infectious diseases, transmitted by airborne droplets.

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