Symptoms of measles in adults – how to move “nursery” disease

Measles - is a common infectious disease, which is considered to be children, but occasionally they become ill adults. As it happens with most of the childhood diseases, in Goryeo, transferred in childhood, produces strong immunity, which persists for life. In rare cases, measles can get sick again, but it is associated with the pathology of immunity

people, not had measles, you need to make regular measles vaccination, special, if a family has young children. vaccination is necessary, as measles in adults takes a lot harder, than children, and the consequences can be dangerous. Vaccination is obligatory for older people, which are in contact with kids, so as measles at this age can significantly shorten the life of.

As the disease occurs in adults

measles virus, referring to the virus Morbillivirus, transmitted by droplets from a sick person (often a child), infection is particularly likely in the contact between a child, whose progress and catarrhal symptoms appear multiple rash. In this case, the patient becomes infectious only after 5 days after rash onset. The disease arises due to the fact, that there are no antibodies in adult human blood virus, which could be formed after vaccination or previous measles in childhood.

Symptoms of measles are no different from those of an adult, that there are children, but they appear more intense and hard. The incubation period is from one to two weeks. The main symptoms are:

  • the rapid rise in temperature to 40 degrees Celsius, tremor, fever;
  • lack of appetite;
  • weakness, frequent headache;
  • photophobia, rhinitis, kon'juktivit;
  • hacking, dry cough;
  • hoarse voice;
  • large patches of red color on the sky (measles enanthema);
  • red rash, showing on the whole body;
  • bowel violation;
  • disturbance of consciousness, rave.

measles is 3 stage, each of which has specific symptoms.

catarrhal stage

Once the incubation period for measles ends, an adult patient once high fever, appear conjunctivitis and cough. There is a dry, suffocating cough, hard breathing, and listening could hear the wheezing, significantly increase in size lymph nodes. Sometimes the patient's face swells, Bluetongue appears angina, throat is covered with red spots and swelling. Sometimes the beginning of measles has obvious signs of tracheitis and bronchitis.

The high temperature is observed a few days, then slowly on the decline. During this period, the diseased begins to feel better, but through 5 days from the first symptoms of the disease the temperature increases again, and on the human body there is a red rash. So begins the catarrhal period. On the second day after the rash appears unique to measles spots Belsky - Filatov - Koplik. Their a photo can be found on the Internet, to pinpoint disease. They look like small white spots, with red trim. Arranged on the inside of the cheek against the teeth. Duration catarrhal period averages 3 – 4 day, During this time, the symptoms become more pronounced.

На катаральной стадии корь вызывает высокую температуру, которая то подымается, то спадает
At step bluetongue armature causes heat, which then rises, it falls

stage rash

The rash appears in step bluetongue, but it is greatly enhanced by a few days and is distributed throughout the body. The first spots appear on the face, scalp, behind the ears to the neck, and then spread down. Latest patches appear on the legs and often merge with each other, forming a solid red spot. During this period, the patient feels most poorly, this is the most difficult stage of the disease, which often requires hospitalization. Thereafter, peak disease begins to recede

Usually, spots begin to fade after a half weeks in the same order, as appearing. In their place is formed sometimes pigmentation, which also is temporary.

После исчезновения пятен на теле, может появится временная пигментация
After the disappearance of the spots on the body, you may receive a temporary pigmentation


This recovery stage, when the patient's temperature returns to normal, and the spots become less bright and begin to peel. In rare cases, the spots appear on the site bruising.

What is different about measles in adults against measles in children

The disease is caused by a virus and has the same symptoms, but it takes a lot harder in adults, than children. This applies not only measles, but any other viral disease, which is considered to be the "child": chickenpox, scarlet fever, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis.

The main differences "adult" smallpox such:

  • extremely high body temperature (above 40,5 degrees);
  • rapid deterioration of health, Total bed rest is required;
  • spots appear very rapidly, coated solid "carpet";
  • disease, usually, accompanied by severe diseases: bronchitis, laringitom, meningoencephalitis, pneumonia;
  • recovery is very slow;
  • while measles in children treated at home, Patients with measles adults require urgent hospitalization.

complications of measles

Measles in adults is almost always accompanied by other complications and diseases. The most dangerous complication is pneumonia, from which patients often die, especially in the elderly. false croup, laryngitis and bronchitis are the constant companions of measles in adults.

Во время заболевания корью, осложнение пневмонией может носить очень тяжелый характер
During measles, a complication of pneumonia can wear a very difficult character

Measles is able to cause encephalitis and meningoencephalitis, which rarely occur in classical, explicit scheme (convulsions, loss of consciousness). they are usually accompanied by severe headache, that arises from time to time. Measles encephalitis is difficult to diagnose, so as headache is a frequent accompaniment high temperature. To put the correct diagnosis is needed encephalogram. This disease destroys the brain and affects the peripheral nervous system. Despite the successful treatment of the effects will last a lifetime, In rare cases, there is demyelination of nerve fibers.

Энцефалит в основном сопровождается сильной головной болью
Encephalitis mostly accompanied by severe headache

Measles causes a severe blow to the liver, after which it can recover for a long time, and did not recover until the end. Also, there are serious disturbances in bowel habits, that pass after recovery. Against the background of the cortex often have kidney disease, such as pyelonephritis and renal failure. This severe disease, which are difficult to cure completely, they often become chronic.

Photophobia, and eye inflammation in adults, suffered measles, often persist long after the completion of treatment of the underlying disease.


Treatment of measles in adults in the absence of complications is limited to peace, bed rest, except eye strain, drink plenty and reception antipyretics, Taki how ibuprofen and paracetamol.

If the patient is diagnosed with pneumonia, the treatment takes place permanently, with the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. In particularly serious cases use hardware breathing.

When encephalitis and high intracranial pressure is held detoxification and dehydration using droppers, and are anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant drugs. Sometimes prescribers to maintain kidney and heart.

Vitamin A in large quantities (Dose appointed doctor) greatly facilitates the course of illness and speeds recovery.

Important! Many sources are methods for treating measles in adults at home folk remedies. To do this, you should not! Measles is capable of killing, so be sure to consult doctor. Various herbal teas can be an aid, but medical treatment they will not replace.

prevention peel

Vaccination against measles is required for adults, as the disease can lead to serious complications and even death. Vaccination is obligatory for people to 35 years old, and for those, whose work is connected with children, irrespective of age. Correct vaccination produces immunity to the disease on 20 years old. usually done 2 vaccinated with an interval of three months. At the request of the patient a vaccine may consist of one, two or three components. Must be agreed with your doctor about other components of the vaccine.

Правильно проведенная вакцинация создает иммунитет к заболеванию на долгие годы
Correct vaccination produces immunity to the disease for many years

Be vaccinated in order to prevent possible both in public, and private clinics, but the state will be free vaccination, if the person is less than 35 years old. the, who are older, have to pay for the vaccine. Contraindication vaccination is allergic to chicken and quail eggs, are allergic to antibiotics. Pregnant and nursing women should not be vaccinated.

Shows immunization of adults in such cases:

  • routine immunization;
  • emergency vaccination man, which is in contact with a patient with measles;
  • vaccination before traveling to other countries.

After grafting is often observed temperature rise, headache, runny nose and cough. Usually, all these signs are later 10-15 days after vaccination. In rare cases, there may be a very high temperature (it is necessary to shoot down), coughing, even rarer are cases of encephalitis. Often the consequence of immunization is a red rash on the skin, which runs for several days.

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