How to cure gonorrhea in men and to avoid complications?

Gonorrhea in men It refers to infectious diseases, which are transmitted through sexual contact of a sick person healthy. In gonorrhea observed purulent inflammation, accompanied by lesions of the mucous membranes of the genitourinary system.

Gonorrhea is among the most common diseases, Sexually Transmitted. At the same time outside the human body bacteria die quickly, for them dangerously high temperatures (more 56 degrees), the sun's rays and antiseptic preparations.

Against gonorrhea do not produce immunity in humans, therefore, non-compliance with precautionary measures infection can recur even after recovery. The probability of infection through unprotected sexual contact is about 50% (vaginal and anal sex), by oral contact this figure slightly lower.


The incubation period of gonorrhea in men short. The first signs of infection can occur through 2-10 days. However, in some cases, it significantly increases. This may affect the level of immunity and the presence of other diseases.

In time to begin treatment, you need to know, How does gonorrhea in men. Onset of the disease accompanied by pain and a burning sensation in the urethra, which builds up during urination. Also, there are pus and swelling of the urethra. It may sometimes appear small ulcers - looks like gonorrhea can be seen in the photo.

Гонорея у мужчин относится к инфекционным заболеваниям, которые передаются при половом контакте
Gonorrhea in men are attributable to communicable diseases, that are transmitted by sexual contact

Men gonorrhea leads to an inflammatory process, Affected urethra, therefore, the first sign of the disease is urethritis, which can vary in severity.

Gonorrhea can proceed in two stages: acute and chronic. If the first step occurs with pronounced symptoms, in the chronic symptoms of gonorrhea in men are blurred or non-existent.

The acute stage is also subdivided into 2:

  • podostruю;
  • torpid.

If time does not hold the right treatment for gonorrhea in men, the disease may progress to a chronic stage, which is fraught with the development of complications. Chronic stage can manifest spread of the inflammatory process - it goes to the prostate gland and testicles. Gonorrheal prostatitis is accompanied by frequent urination, prolonged and painful erection. In some cases,, disease when transferred to an advanced stage, there may be pain in the rectum during defecation.

The consequences of gonorrhea men may manifest inflammatory processes in the testicles. They are accompanied by swelling, the occurrence of bleeding and pain. Inflammation of the epididymis - epididymitis - is the most common complication.

Also for gonorrhea is characterized by the classic symptoms of an infectious disease: temperature rise, chills, headache.

In the chronic phase of the erased symptoms may occur disease: pain and swelling will disappear, but the disease itself does not take place. Its presence may indicate the appearance of cloudy liquid drops from the glans in the morning a member of the.

note! At any time, chronic gonorrhea in men can once again go to the sharp - just hypothermia or low immunity.


If you suspect that gonorrhea is necessary as soon as possible to see a specialist. With this kind of disease helps to cope venereologist - he will prescribe pills and tell, How long will treatment.

Diagnosis is performed using bacteriological methods and bacterioscopic. By means of laboratory tests revealed the presence of a smear in the gonococcus. Smear for gonorrhea in men taken from the urethra or anus. Also, the material for the study can be secret, secreted by the prostate and the seminal vesicles.

Another method of diagnosis - blood test for antibodies to gonokokkov.

При подозрении на триппер необходимо как можно раньше обратиться к специалисту
If you suspect that gonorrhea is necessary as soon as possible to see a specialist

It is also convenient to use a method of immunological sensitization. He is in charge of a special protein preparation intradermally, which provokes local allergic reaction to gonococcus. After the introduction of the vaccine in humans develops a reaction of delayed-type hypersensitivity. The presence of bacteria is determined by the size of the diameter of hyperemia: to 10 mm - weak positive result, to 20 mm - positive, more 200 mm - significantly positive.

Rare forms of the disease

The disease can occur in specific forms, when in addition to the urogenital system failure occurs and other organs. Symptoms and treatment in such cases does not correlate. Such forms include:

  • Gonokokkovyi pyerigyepatit. In this form of the inflammatory process affects the tissue, located near the liver. The disease is accompanied by pain in the right upper quadrant, raising the temperature, vomiting, nausea. Such complaints can lead to misdiagnosis - liver disease or biliary tract.
  • Gonokokkovyi pharyngitis. There may be pain in the throat, as the conventional pharyngitis. In some cases, any symptoms of non-existent.
  • gonorrhea Glaser. The reason it becomes a violation of rules of personal hygiene - gonokokki entered through dirty hands. Symptomatology includes flushing century, pyocele, light fear.
  • gonococcal prostatitis. In this disease there is pain and itching in the rectum, appear false urge to defecate, appear discharge from the anus (with pus and mucus or blood).
  • Generalized gonococcal infection. develops, when gonococcus into the blood. The disease occurs on the background of the temperature rise, polyarthritis, pustular skin reactions.
  • A particular case of a generalized shape is gonococcal arthritis. In this form there is loss of one or more large joints. Characterized by the acute onset, severe pain in the joints, fever, as well as local hyperthermia and hyperemia.


The goal of treatment - to eliminate the infectious agent. For the treatment used cephalosporin antibiotics, penicillin or tetracycline.

In some cases, you can assign in-patient treatment. This is true for the following situations:

  • The presence of complications;
  • Sepsis;
  • retsedivy gonorrhea.

During the period, when being treated, you must stop pursuing sexual activity. Also it is necessary to abandon the exercise and avoid hypothermia.

In addition to antibacterial agents is provided and supportive medical therapy, which solves such problems as:

  • immunity (vitamins, and immunomodulators);
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy (NSAIDs);
  • defense roasted (Hepatoprotection).

If there are complications and running states can assign multiple antibiotics from different groups.

When treating any sexual infection is important, to treatment were both partners. Otherwise, infection appears again. Even if the partner has no symptoms, it must pass inspection. The absence of symptoms does not mean the absence of disease, and does not reduce the risk and severity of complications.

Should not be at home to try traditional methods to cure the disease. You must use prescription medications, and after a course of therapy to re-pass all the tests.

Цель лечения гонореи – устранить возбудитель инфекции
The goal of treatment for gonorrhea - to eliminate the infectious agent


To eliminate the risk of infection, you should follow these recommendations:

  • with a regular partner sex life;
  • The use of barrier contraception during random sexual acts;
  • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

Council! Casual and unprotected sexual acts are very dangerous for men and women. In such cases it is necessary to use special antiseptic solutions as soon as possible after intercourse: miramistin, chlorhexidine.

The solutions introduced into the urethra during the first 2 hours after sexual contact. It should be understood, that this medicine - emergency aid and the way it is impossible to resort to on a regular basis. Frequent use of chlorine-containing drugs can lead to anatomical changes in the urethra (eg, scarring).

What you need to know about gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted only by, therefore, using, eg, washcloth, "Pick" it is highly unlikely. The life span of the bacteria outside the body is very small. To infection occurred asexually, biological material infected person must as soon as possible to get to the mucous membranes of a healthy person.

Some try to justify to partner, telling, that infection has occurred as a result of being bitten stray dog. This is not to be trusted, since dogs do not get sick with gonorrhea, although they may appear similar to a human pathogen infections.

You can not become infected with gonorrhea through handrails in public transport. A favorable environment for bacteria is a moist environment, in a dry environment, they quickly die.

All these points suggest that, that infection is possible only through sexual contact. Since the best environment for the life of the human body is gonococcus.

You should also be careful, if a partner says, that the disease was transmitted by a partner from a previous relationship. The first signs of gonorrhea in men occur after 1-2 of the week, and therefore, and sexual contact was recently. Or disease already existed, but was in chronic phase - with no obvious symptoms. For any impact on immunity, supercooling, poor personal hygiene could begin aggravation.

gonorrhea, as any disease, sexually transmitted, It can lead to serious complications. first, what should never be forgotten - it's preventative methods. In casual sexual relations, always use a condom. Gonorrhea can be transmitted through oral sex and (eg, if the partner gonococcal pharyngitis). If, however, the infection occurred, you must immediately consult your doctor and follow exactly the treatment regimen. In any case, do not run the disease and prevent its transition to a chronic form.

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