How to quickly cure a sore throat at home? Medicine and folk remedies

Angina and its main symptoms

Angina - enough frequent infectious nature of the disease, also bearing the name of tonsillitis. Angina can be caused by acute or chronic viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Sore Treatment at home is often practiced by our compatriots, because we, to be honest, We do not often go to the doctor with such "minor" problems. but, it is not quite right, because angina - is a serious disease, likely to lead to a lot of effects and complications. Often angina confused with flu, other ARI and ARI, but the main difference in the development of sore throat hyperemia throat and tonsils, as well as their swelling.

Ангина – заболевание инфекционного характера, также носит название тонзиллит. Может быть вызвана вирусной, бактериальной либо грибковой инфекцией
Angina - an infectious nature of the disease, also called tonsillitis. It can be caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infection

The main symptoms develop in about 5 days - growing swelling of the tonsils (developing tonsillitis), It appears redness, the patient complains of pain "scratching" nature, increased regional lymph nodes, due to an increase in temperature to 40 degrees Celsius added complaints of aches in joints and muscles.

It is interesting! Also, there is a kind of disease - angina without temperature, with which, Despite the apparent relative prosperity, must still comply with bed rest and apply treatments, prescribed by a specialist.

Forms of the disease and the characteristics of their treatment

Despite the national love to self, need to know, What is true of treatment tactics may prescribe only doctor. Differences between various forms of flow from one another and diseases involve a variety of approaches to the treatment. And can become effective as pharmaceuticals, and traditional treatments of angina at home. Before, how to begin to treat yourself - pass examination by a general practitioner, Laurent or infektsionista.

Symptoms and treatment of angina species:

  1. Herpetic type of angina in patients adulthood is characterized by symptoms of acute viral intoxication, accompanied by a rapid rise in temperature, intense pain in the throat, as well as the formation of vesicles in the back of the throat region and / or palate (as in the photo).
Герпетический тип ангины - характеризуется образованием везикул в области задней стенки глотки и/или нёба
Herpetic angina type - characterized by the formation of vesicles in the back of the throat region and / or palate

It is interesting! Herpangina just get sick again, since the patient produces lifelong immunity.

Treatment. With the development of this form of the disease are assigned broad spectrum antibiotics for preventing secondary infection layering on damaged areas of the mucosal. Rinse herbal decoctions for the treatment of throat has good reviews and is also widely practiced by patients.

  1. Tonsillitis - affects mainly the throat, peripharyngeal affected tissue, develops severe inflammation. Of symptoms characterized by a pronounced pain during chewing process, and swallowing - they are caused mainly muscle spasms; increase (from 38 degrees and above) body temperature; halitosis nature putrescent, increase in regional lymph nodes, and excessive salivation. Due to painful swallowing a child may refuse to eat.
Симптомы Фолликулярной ангины - ярко выраженные боли во время процесса жевания, а также при глотании, повышение температуры тела от 38 градусов и выше
Symptoms of tonsillitis - pronounced pain during chewing process, and swallowing, fever from 38 degrees and above

Important! Keep, during sleep in follicular tonsillitis sick child's head was turned to one side - so, so that the baby does not choke on saliva.

Sore Treatment at home in children with this form of the disease should be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist, as well as the treatment of pregnant women. For the treatment most often used drugs - antibiotics, often - first generation, for example - Penicillin, devastating effect on staphylococci and streptococci. When the doctor prescribes a dead flora child Amoxiclav (amoxicillin) or at least an effective Augmentin, which also has great reviews on the forums of young parents.

  1. Purulent or lacunar tonsillitis. Fast cure this form of angina in the home will not be easy. flow feature of this form of the disease is characterized by inflammation of the gaps with the formation of pus - pictured below shows a typical picture of this branch with the disease angina.
Типичная картина при заболевании гнойной или лакунарной ангиной
A typical pattern for diseases purulent or lacunar angina

Lacunar angina symptoms: increased, up to 40 degrees Celsius, temperature; severe headaches; soreness in swallowing, smack in the ears; constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Treatment. Locally applied antibacterial sprays: İngalipt, Bioparoks, and Geksoral. Tablets are also indicated for resorption Tonzipret based on vegetable components.

You can use herbal teas (chamomile, sage) rinse. Tonsils can smear Lugol's solution, is an old and effective means, proven over the years.

Patients need to comply with bed rest and drink plenty of fluids - water, vegetable and fruit juices, herbal teas. The amount of sugar in food and beverages should be minimized, and the food itself should be easily digestible and warm.

  1. Fungal angina - often called pathogen Candida, But there may be other options. Treated with antifungal drugs inside, such, like clotrimazole, Terbinafine and other - depending on the type of pathogen.
Возбудители кандидоза - вызывают заболевание Грибковой ангиной
The causative agents of candidiasis - Fungal disease cause angina

note! When catarrhal type of angina, flowing without fever, appointed alcoholic compresses - to 3 hours with a break from 3 hours and repeating the procedure. The alcohol is diluted with water 1:1, can be applied tincture of calendula, aloe, kalanchoe or vodka. Thyroid compress without prejudice.
Purulent forms of the disease - such heating not shown!

Если через 2 - 3 дня самостоятельного лечения не наступает улучшение, необходимо срочно обратиться к специалисту
If through 2 – 3 day self-treatment does not start to improve, urgently need to see a specialist

Inhalation - the perfect remedy for a sore throat, equally suitable for patients malenkihz, and adults. But the treatment of purulent angina using steam inhalation contraindicated. But to use the "nebulizer" device can and bluetongue, and purulent forms.

Nebulizer allows both inhaled pharmaceuticals, and decoctions of medicinal herbs. Of pharmacy herbal remedies are proven tincture of calendula and propolis, and the team and the drug infusion Rotokan Chlorophillipt, which in diluted form used in nebuliser.

Traditional methods

  1. Babies can be used for the treatment of angina potato compresses - boiled potatoes kneaded with vegetable oil and placed in two sachets, which is applied to the neck on both sides of 30 minutes.

Important! Treat this way form bluetongue angina, purulent same process condition may worsen.

  1. Treatment of angina kerosene - very interesting and effective method, not shown, but, a weakened body and liver and renal pathologies.

Important! Kerosene is effective in the early stages of inflammation, and for running process can even harm.

After contact with the mucous, kerosene specific manner irritated her, thereby activating the immune system. Once in the body and on the mucous, it activates the immune system, and thus all the hidden forces of the body "rush" to restore.

1 the water temperature 70 degrees Celsius is mixed with 3 parts of kerosene by stirring in a tightly sealed container. The emulsion settles around 10 minutes, then becomes visible boundary between kerosene and water, containing undesired impurities.

Water should be drained, and the remaining product three times a day to lubricate the inflamed areas of the mucous.

Also effective is gargling, and for the preparation of the solution take 500 ml of water, 1 a tablespoon of baking soda and food 1 tablespoon purified product. rinsing is carried out 4-5 once a day for a week.

  1. Propolis tincture - Pharmacy, or cooked alone - also is an excellent folk remedy for the treatment of purulent tonsillitis. 100 ml medical alcohol diluted to a consistency of 40-degree or warm water using vodka. take 10 grams of propolis, and placed in a solution infused in a dark place 7-10 days, occasionally shaking. This tincture works effectively with many ailments, and it is useful to have in your home medicine cabinet.

The proportion 1:10 tincture is mixed with warm water or 1:5:5 with water and broth chamomile (sage) and is used for 4-5 once a day as a rinse. The solution is kept with the broth is not more than a day.

  1. Gargle with baking soda. AT 250 ml of warm water was added 1 l teaspoonful. soda and rinse the throat 4-5 once a day (can and often). Promotes leaching of septic inflammation and relieving congestion.
  2. Gargling also carried out with hydrogen peroxide - of 3% peroxide in an amount 1 tablespoon dissolved in 200 ml of hot water. Rinse applies 3 times a day, hold it often - is not recommended.
  3. Beet juice - it contains substances, are needed to strengthen the affected body's natural defenses against infection attack it - iodine, acid: folic, ascorbic and nicotinic, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and tocopherol, zinc and sulfur.
В свекольном соке содержится йод, фолиевая, аскорбиновая и никотиновая кислоты, железо, кальций, фосфор, витамин А, а также токоферол, цинк и серу благодаря чему он является эффективным средством при лечении ангины
The beet juice contains iodine, folic, ascorbic and nicotinic acid, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and tocopherol, zinc and sulfur, making it an effective tool in the treatment of angina

Due to special properties listed ingredients beet juice has a disinfecting action, and also improves the overall reactivity of the body and the local immunity, that contributes to the rapid recovery of the patient.

  1. Garlic is used as a component rinses. The drug should be freshly prepared. For a head of chopped garlic add one hour. spoonful of common salt and stirred in a glass of water. Then insist within 20 minutes and filter. Apply fourfold per day in the form of rinse.
  2. Rinse with iodine - should immediately be noted, they are contraindicated during pregnancy and in diseases of the thyroid gland. ½ tea spoons of iodine dissolved in a glass of warm water and apply 3 times a day.
  3. One century. spoon chamomile and 2 Article. linden flowers pour spoon 200 ml of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, filter and used as a rinse 4-5 once a day.
  4. 2 Article. tablespoons of dried leaves, flowers and green twigs pour raspberry 200 ml of boiling water, insist 15-20 min., and after straining is used as a gargle 4-5 once a day.

And still, continuously treated without the supervision of specialists - not recommended. If you over 2-3 days of self-treatment does not improve the condition, an urgent need to see a doctor.

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