food poisoning treatment at home – the best means

food poisoning treatment at home can be carried out independently, if the disease does not occur in an acute form, and do not present symptoms, life-threatening.

After first aid in case of poisoning should be connected from the home medicine cabinet drugs and folk remedies to improve the overall condition of the patient.

Medications for poisoning: that should be in the home medicine cabinet

In milder forms of assistance with food poisoning does not require special treatment specific, enough - to adjust the diet and drinking plenty of fluids to ensure.

The first case of poisoning produced gastric lavage: the poisoned person is given a drink of the water with a view to induce vomiting. This procedure is carried out until the moment, until the water from the stomach becomes transparent, ie. until you have removed all traces of contaminated food.

Если отравление не угрожает жизни, то его можно лечить народными средствами без вызова врача
If the poisoning is not life threatening, then it can be treated with folk remedies without having to call a doctor

After primary treatment begins poisoning via pharmacy and folk remedies.

therapies Act preparations
Regidratatsionnaya Therapy regidrantami Treatment after food poisoning is a major, tk. it is aimed at restoring water scarcity and electrolytes in the body. Therapy can be carried out in two ways: orally and parenterally (enema). Parenteral route usually used in severe cases of poisoning for young children. oral medications: Rehydration, Oral, Hlorazol, Litrozol.

Parenteral drug products:

Trisol, Acesol, Laktosol, Chlosol.

Sorbtsionnaya therapy Drugs in this group (entyerosorbyenty) facilitates the rapid removal of poisons and toxins by adsorbing. The formulations used in the absence of emesis between doses of other drugs. Precautions should be used at a high temperature chelators, as well as for young or elderly patients. White and black coal, polisorb, Entyerosgyeli, Sorbogel, Polifepan.
pain therapy Antispasmodics indicated for severe pain in the abdomen, intestinal spasms. Drotaverinum, No-ESP, Spazmalgon, Spas.
Antimicrobial and antibacterial therapy Antimicrobials and antibiotics are very rare food poisoning. Taking these drugs should be strictly prescribed by a doctor. Unjustified and uncontrolled intake of drugs exacerbates the development of dysbiosis, developing due to poisoning. Nifuroksazid, Intetriks, Furazolidon, Nifuroksazid.
Antidiareynaya and protivorvotnaya therapy Diarrhea and vomiting are a defense reaction of the organism to poisoning, therefore, in the initial stage of poisoning take such drugs is meaningless. When the bulk of the toxins already out with fecal and vomit, and vomiting or diarrhea does not stop, it is advisable to take drugs, stopping these processes. antiemetic: Motilium, Reglan.

antidiarrheal: trimebutin, loperamide.

Zharoponizhayushtaya therapy Most often, food poisoning does not cause high temperature performance, but to facilitate the patient's condition (especially in children) may be given drugs, reduce the temperature. Paracetamol, Ibuklin, ibuprofen.
therapy, restoring microflora Normal operation of the intestine almost always disturbed after food poisoning. Because expedient administration of drugs, reducing the intestinal microflora. probiotic: Lineks, Bifidumbakterin, Bionorm, Baktisuʙtil.
enzyme therapy If poisoning pancreatic enzyme production decreases, so a few days after the poisoning is recommended to take enzyme preparations. Mezim Forte, festal, eyebrow pencil, pancreatin.

Cure food poisoning at home and avoid hospital admission it is possible, if you have all these drugs (or their analogues) handy and know, how to use them.

How to cure poison without medication: folk remedies

To finally get rid of the effects of poisoning, withdraw all harmful substances from the body and to restore the functioning of all organs and systems, use traditional medicines, to help cope with the symptoms of intoxication of drugs no worse.

Каждый вид пищевого отравления требует определенный подход к лечению
Each type of food poisoning requires a certain approach to the treatment

How to act at various poisoning

In various poisonings using certain methods of treatment depending on the cause of, cause disease.

fish poisoning

By poisoning the fish must first wash the stomach by vomiting call. Then, it is desirable to put an enema of chamomile: chamomile flowers (1 ch.l. per cup of boiling water) make, cool and drain.

Adults for cleansing the stomach can be given a drink of vodka solution: 1 Article. spoon anisette dissolved in a glass of water and drunk in one gulp.

Poisoning of meat and meat products

First up - the artificial gastric lavage with warm soda solution. You can then use the vegetable broth and castor solution:

  • The beaker cooled boiled water to dissolve 2 Article. spoon of castor oil, add 0,5 no. spoons of lemon juice. Drink a sip every 5-7 minutes.
  • Flowers and grass chicory (8 tablespoons of raw materials) put in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water. Insist for 7-8 hours, then drink each hour (by 2-3 drink sips).
  • Yarrow and wormwood. Mix together in equal proportions of both grass. take 1 no. spoon obtained raw pour pint of water. Infuse hour. Drink five receptions during the day.

mushroom poisoning

From the use of mushrooms comes the strongest intoxication, which should be treated immediately and radical means:

  • Enema of chamomile. Pour one tablespoon of herb and flower boiling water. An hour later, drain and made on the basis of infusion enema.
  • Dill. Seeds and dried dill grind into powder. take 30 g raw pour cold water (0,5 l). At low heat and boil for a little later 7-10 minutes. Insist in a warm place for an hour, and after drink 100 Mr. broth during the day.
  • To prevent the absorption of toxins, You need to drink enveloping means: egg white, a glass of milk or whey.

How to ease the symptoms of poisoning

To relieve symptoms of intoxication and to facilitate the patient's condition, in cases of poisoning in the home, you can apply the following techniques:

  • In a liter of warm water add 40 g sahara, 6 g of soda and the same amount of salt. Drink for three doses.
  • The glass of water at room temperature to dissolve 6 g potato starch. Drink one-time fee - for reception.
  • enveloping means: pack of gelatin dissolved in a glass of water. chug.
  • In warm water, add 10 g apple vinegar, drink in one go.
  • Separate the protein from three eggs, whip, drink up.

Food Poisoning Treatment - effective ways

Folk remedies for poisoning should be applied only at the mild form of the disease and it is desirable, after consultation with the doctor.

cover - natural sorbent and antispasmodic. In the cup of boiling water to brew half teaspoon cinnamon, thoroughly mixed drink. after 15 minutes, drain, drink in small sips while still warm during the day.

Ginger - relieves nausea, removes toxins. One teaspoon of ginger pour warm (not boiling water!) water, let stand a few minutes. Drink throughout the day instead of tea.

Молотый корень имбиря прекрасно выводит из организма токсины и снимает тошноту
Ground ginger root perfectly displays the body of toxins and relieves nausea

Lemon juice - Vitamin C has on the antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, acid destroys bacteria, causes food poisoning. Lemon can be added to warm water (proportion 5:1) or just give the patient suck a lemon slice. Such treatment is not safe for people with chronic diseases of the stomach and duodenum.

marshmallow root. Grind plant and teaspoon resulting mixture pour boiling water (100 ml). Give the drink a brew, and then add honey and drink for 3-4 fold.

sorrel. crushing plants (30 g) fill 500 ml of boiling water. Cool and drink throughout the day (sip).

Tea and lemon balm mint - soothes and adjusts the work of digestion. Brew and drink, as an ordinary tea.

На восстановительной стадии хорошо помогает чай из мелиссы и мяты, который налаживает пищеварение
On reducing stage is very good tea from lemon balm and mint, which establishes digestion

Cure food poisoning is not hard at home, if you follow the basic directions of treatment: elimination of symptoms, elimination of toxins, and the establishment of the digestive tract works.

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