Why perleches appear in the corners of the mouth and how to get rid of them?

Perleches corners of the mouth, I angulit (bridou, angular cheilitis) - it cracks, which are formed at the corners of the mouth, while they are covered with crusts, swell and rather painful. have hurt, speak, and in severe cases loss turns into sores, which cause even greater discomfort. Angular cheilitis or perleches occurs in adults, and children.

Most of all susceptible persons, wearing dentures, cheilitis often occurs in women. Zayed in the corners of the mouth of the child are both accompanying complication of infection by viral infection, habit of licking his lips. Young children can get Angulo as an additional event for teething.

Заеда (ангулит, ангулярный стоматит, ангулярный хейлит) — заболевание слизистой оболочки и кожи углов рта, вызываемое стрептококками (стрептококковая заеда) или дрожжеподобными грибками рода Candida (дрожжевая, или кандидамикотическая, заеда)
together (angulit, bridou, angular cheilitis) - mucosal disease of the skin and mouth corners, streptococcal (stryeptokokkovaya zayeda) or the yeast of the genus Candida (yeast, or kandidamikoticheskaya, together)

For what reasons there 'll pick at the corners of the mouth

There are many possible prerequisites for the development of such a problem, however there are a number of specific reasons, which may themselves, without additional conditions in the body, provoke angulita.

described below, why are perleches corners of the mouth:

  • ingestion of foreign dishes, unwashed instruments
  • habit of licking his lips
  • lack of affection for oral hygiene
  • the body hypothermia
  • traumatic and other lesions of the lips.

Besides, dependence of the appearance of this disease from the body of some states can be explained, why there perleches corners of the mouth in the absence of the above reasons:

  • low immunity
  • malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, especially at disturbances in bowel habits
  • the body's allergic reaction

It can cause cosmetic products:

  • bacterial defeat, which, in turn, may arise from the use of unwashed dishes and appliances

This may be Staphylococcus, Streptococcus or candidiasis. Sometimes scraping material is present all at once.

  • diabetes and other states of the organism, which are present at abnormal blood composition
  • beriberi - a lack of vitamins A and B
  • iron deficiency
  • disturbances in mineral metabolism, lack of calcium and other substances relevant
  • improper installation of dentures, violation of the proportions of the face as a result of this
  • mouth dryness
  • long-term use of antibiotics, as well as the frequent use of antibacterial agents without external evidence to this.

Often, women can appear Zayed corners of the mouth during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and a decrease in immunity. There may be other reasons, especially if you have chronic, systemic diseases, other pathological processes. In any case it is better to try to figure out not only, perleches treat both corners of the mouth, but the root cause of the disease.

Key features angulita

Usually begins immediately symmetrically on both sides, on the border of the oral mucosa and skin redness appears (cm. a photo), which hurts and quickly damaged - formed cracks.

If you do not start treatment, the cracks grow in size, They may even move to cheek, ulcers appear. Self-healing does not occur, because this part of the face is very mobile, formed crust cracked again, causing pain, and the lesion gradually increased.

In severe cases, bleeding can occur, even granuloma (pathogenic infiltrates, isolated from the surrounding tissues), they have brown, sometimes yellow.

If the disease is caused by the fungus Candida, on the surface of the affected area is observed cheesy plaque emergence. Upon infection by streptococcus appear pustules and crusts yellow.

На фото показано, как выглядит стрептококковая заеда
The photo shows, It looks like strep Zayed

If bacterial lesion is confirmed by the analysis of scrapings, appointed by the local media, effective against a particular pathogen.

child's treatment should be done only under the supervision of a pediatrician, as the majority of funds, employed adults, banned for use in children. So, in the case of bacterial angulita are assigned "Tsikaplast" and "Sikalfat". Use drugs need only after ascertaining the causes and treatment carried out also taking into account its.


Besides scraping, which taken together with the released liquid, swabs are taken from the damaged areas, and with the mouth. All material is tested for the presence of Streptococcus, herpes, yeast fungus. To clarify the diagnosis is sometimes required to take a blood test.

Besides, in the presence of primary disease, which served as an impetus for the development of cheilitis, appointed examination by a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, other specialists.

Dr. Komorowski believes, that accurate and timely identification of the pathogen, the pathogen can assign the treatment, which is necessary in each case.

Zayed treatment

Basically, perleches cure can be at home means available, but if through 2-3 day recovery does not occur, and the symptoms persist, should consult a doctor to check, It is not the result of bacterial contamination Angulo. You can also take a blood test for the detection of vitamin B2 deficiency.

When fungal infections have to apply antifungal agents recommended by doctor.

For self-help to the organism can be included in the daily schedule some regular events:

  • should improve their oral cavity: cure cavities, replace old fillings, better to brush your teeth.
  • use only individual towel and toilet articles
  • include in your diet vegetables, fruits, vitamin complexes.

Be sure to take vitamin E, include in your diet:

  • vegetable oil
  • liver
  • beef
  • carrot.

For the condition of the skin is also in vitamin A, it can be prepared with food:

  • persimmon
  • parsley
  • pumpkin
  • egg yolks.

You can find information about, what products are most useful when deficiency of certain vitamins and make your menu according to their own needs.

Заеды в уголках рта, или ангулит (ангулярный стоматит, хейлит ангулярный) – это трещинки, которые образовываются в углах рта, при этом они покрываются корочками, припухают и весьма болезненны
Perleches corners of the mouth, I angulit (bridou, angular cheilitis) - it cracks, which are formed at the corners of the mouth, while they are covered with crusts, swell and rather painful

For faster healing you can use natural remedies. Here is a short list of, than cure Zayed corners of the lips, If the hand is not pharmaceutical drugs:

  • oak bark, decoction of it applied to the affected area several times a day
  • linseed oil, oil with vitamin E - to smear several times a day
  • quite effective folk remedy for Zayed corners of the mouth - to smear the place of destruction gray ears, also helps with herpes on lips
  • kalanoé juice or purity, wipe the corners of the mouth several times a day
  • garlic juice, fast acting fungal lesions, It has antiseptic properties
  • a mixture of fish oil and honey, mix 1 a tablespoon of honey with 20 drops of fish oil and applied to the corners of the mouth several times a day.

Besides, It can be used pharmaceutical agents, which accelerate the recovery of the skin at the corners of the mouth:

  • eritromitsinovaya ointment
  • tetracycline ointment
  • 'Myetrogil Dyenta'
  • Cream "Lamisil" - with fungal infection
  • nistatinovaya ointment three percent - with an antifungal drug
  • good result gives Vishnevsky ointment, regularly applied to the corners of her mouth.

If you start treatment srazupri first sign cheilitis, it is possible to remove the symptoms fairly quickly.

However, application of ointments with antibiotic or antifungal effect without the need not give the desired result, therefore possible, will provide a better selection of potent drugs doctor.

  • For a quick cure should be excluded from the diet, at least for the treatment of hot dishes, products with an irritant effect, eg, lemons, other citrus. You should also monitor your habits and constantly licking his lips, especially outdoors.
  • the, who wear dentures, should visit a doctor with the aim to make adjustments and test again, whether they are properly manufactured and matched.
  • If the length of the face has changed due to loss of teeth, to restore dentition.

If the treatment is carried out in a child Zayed, the first thing you need to see a doctor and find out the exact cause of the disease, Why give up analyzes and scraping from the affected places.

If the pathogen remains undiagnosed or is not possible to show the child to the pediatrician for any reason, should be combined therapy affected places, that is, to use drugs, or alternately combining.

But if for a harmless-looking Zayed worth serious unrecognized disease, it attempts to cure the child can independently be a loss of valuable time. While slipping visible cheilitis symptoms, may be passed the initial stage of another disease - warns Dr. Komarovsky.

used drugs:

  • zelenka, fukorcin, solution of potassium permanganate
  • sintomitsinovaja or tetracycline ointment
  • antifungals
  • anti-inflammatory drugs (gioksizon)
  • Wound healing preparations (levosil).

Before applying the medication should wash the lesions with warm water and gently dry. The procedure should be performed after a meal, 2-4 times a day. dealing drugs, you should try not to call on the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy:

  • ultraviolet irradiation
  • electrophoresis, phonophoresis - procedures, enrich the outer layers of the vitamins and minerals integument.
При заедах больно есть, говорить, а в запущенных случаях поражение превращается в язвочки, которые причиняют еще больший дискомфорт
When you have hurt Zayed, speak, and in severe cases loss turns into sores, which cause even greater discomfort

disease prevention

Like most diseases, Angulo is easier to prevent, than cure. Therefore, you should know, how to get rid of the long Zayed, even for ever. To do this, you need to follow a few guidelines, to help avoid illness:

  • regular care of the oral cavity
  • visit the dentist at least, 1-2 once a year, timely treatment of caries and other oral diseases
  • in the offseason should take B vitamins, vitamin A and E, It can be a part of special vitamin complexes
  • winter before going out, should use protective equipment for lips: chapstick, special fortified creams or even just fat cream
  • must be in the diet products, which contain the necessary vitamins: cabbage, vegetable oil, garlic, oatmeal, nuts, other useful cereals, vegetables and fruits.

To cure ll pick at the corners of the mouth, should abide by the rules of oral care and try to create in the body of minerals and vitamins balance, which does not depend on the time of year.

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