Symptoms and treatment of food poisoning in adults

Food poisoning - a very common phenomenon, It faced by periodically everyone. At first glance, it is not a serious disease, but untimely and improper treatment of even a slight food poisoning in an adult can cause a number of serious consequences, and the case could end up hospital, injections and droppers.

To prevent such a sad finale, We must be able to detect the disease at an early date and to know, how to provide first aid to yourself and your family.

Рано или поздно каждый человек сталкивается с пищевым отравлением
Sooner or later everyone is faced with food poisoning

Types and causes of food poisoning

In adults, food poisoning happens quite often, tk. people are quite careless about food, who ate. The most common causes of food poisoning are:

  • Poor or careless washed products;
  • Dirty hands or poorly washed dishes;
  • The content of toxic substances in food;
  • Eating foods that have expired or products with violations of the conditions of storage;
  • Meat and fish, past insufficient heat treatment.

note! Very often poison can be ready-made meals, buy in the supermarket or public catering. Usually, stale products are used for the preparation of these dishes, and storage conditions are not met.

All food poisoning can be divided into three groups:

  1. food poisoning, caused by germs and bacteria. Such diseases usually appear sharp and are massive (poisoning observed simultaneously by several people). In the food products fall, contamination of germs, which causes intoxication. This occurs most often in violation of the shelf life of the products or by improper handling of.
  2. Non-microbial nature of poisoning. This group is divided into two subspecies: first - toxic food poisoning (mushroom, poisonous plants), second - food poisoning in violation of certain conditions (undercooked beans, neprozharennoe meat, raw eggs, jam with bone).
  3. Poisoning with undetermined nature.

Determine the cause of poisoning often can not afford even the experienced doctor. An experienced doctor examines the symptoms and treatment is given only after further research and analysis.

Чаще всего отравления происходят из-за несвежих продуктов, которые хранили в неправильных условиях
Most often poisoning occur because of stale food, which was stored in improper conditions

Symptoms and signs of food poisoning

Symptoms of food poisoning are very diverse and depend on the type of pathology, general condition of the patient and other related factors weight. But there are some common symptoms, indicating the presence of food poisoning:

  • Pain of varying severity in the abdomen or epigastric department;
  • Cause nausea with vomiting in transition;
  • Dizziness, decompression;
  • generalized weakness;
  • Diarrhea.

Important! With the progression of the disease may develop dehydration, which is fraught with pathologies of the nervous system and the development of coma.

Because of the toxicity of the body temperature can occur. An increase in temperature indicates that, that the body has already included its defenses to fight disease-causing organisms and poisons. At first, in the adult temperature will not exceed 37,5 degrees. Further, the propagation of bacteria through the bloodstream, the temperature may rise to 39 degrees.

An increase in temperature along with other symptoms of poisoning (diarrhea or vomiting) - a very dangerous sign, requiring immediate medical intervention.

First aid for poisoning: sequence of actions

First aid for food poisoning should be provided to the person, close to the victims, or, if there is no one to help, Be sure to call an ambulance.

Important! Food poisoning in pregnant treat the disease alone is strictly prohibited. Be sure to call the doctor.

What to do in case of poisoning:

  • wash out the stomach. The main task for poisoning - to rid the body of toxins. An adult person can cause vomiting, pushing fingertips language. Process to induce vomiting occurs faster, should drink several glasses of warm water (but better - a solution of potassium permanganate). Should carry out the procedure to complete cleansing the body of toxins - as long as the person does not feel relief.
  • Admission sorbents. Using sorbents (Activated carbon, SMEK, Entyerosgyeli) It occurs withdrawal from the body of toxic substances.
  • Receiving a large amount of liquid. The wash procedure (especially in conjunction with a high temperature) strongly dehydrating. To restore fluid balance is necessary to drink plenty of liquids. Recommended intake rehydron or normal boiled water, and unsweetened weak tea.
  • Regime and diet. Organism after food poisoning is sufficiently attenuated, so after purging is desirable to adhere to bed rest. On the first day better not to give up eating, and then assigned to a dietary table (it is possible to eat after poisoning will prompt a doctor).
При отравлении рекомендуется пить больше жидкости, особенно чая с лимоном и другими витаминами
If poisoning is recommended to drink plenty of fluids, particularly tea with lemon and other vitamins

If after carrying out medical procedures in the home does not become easier, and the symptoms do not subside, should seek medical help.

How to cure poisoning

In a hospital adult patient with food poisoning washed stomach using a special probe. On the first day the patient does not give any medicine - carried parenteral meals and Drug Administration.

Following is the procedure rehydration and appointed reception absorbents, and if necessary (if found strong intoxication) appointed antibiotics.

A list of drugs with food poisoning:

  • Entersorbentı (Activated carbon) - reduce the effect of toxic substances by removing them from the organism. Are taken immediately upon detection of the first symptoms of poisoning.
  • antispasmodics (Drotaverinum, but-ESP) - are appointed in order to relieve pain in the stomach.
  • detoxification substance (SMEK, Rehydration) - reduce the toxic effects on the body of harmful substances and normalize the water and electrolyte balance in the body.
  • Antidiareynыe funds (Senadeksyn, loperamide) - accept the frequent, abundant pride.
  • Medicine for vomiting and nausea (metoklopromid) - relieves nausea, eliminates gagging, It has a spasmolytic effect.
  • Preparations for the recovery of the microflora (bioiogurt, lineks) - eliminate dysbiosis, help to establish the bowels.
  • intestinal antibiotics (nifuroksazid, levomicetin) - appointed with severe food poisoning (severe intoxication).
  • antipyretics (aspirin, nurofen, ibuprofen) - used in a significant increase in temperature.

All of these drugs are very effective in the treatment of food poisoning, However, before applying them is still necessary to consult with your doctor.

At home, in the recovery process after food poisoning can be used folk remedies:

  • Camomile tea, melissa, mint. It has a mild antiseptic effect, reduces nausea.
  • A decoction of dill and honey. For the broth used fennel seeds or dry herbs. It helps to relieve the symptoms of intoxication, establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Ginger tea. relieves nausea, It removes toxins from the body.
  • Drink from the hips, Tea with lemon juice. It increases the body's defenses, allow to deal with nausea.

Folk remedies have an auxiliary effect of food poisoning, they must be used in conjunction with the main treatment.

nutrition principles of food poisoning

чтобы избежать пищевого отравления, необходимо тщательно мыть овощи и фруктыAfter work food poisoning human digestive system significantly disturbed - washing and subsequent treatment removes from the blood all the nutrients and enzymes. Therefore, the diet after the poisoning is restoring and rehabilitation character.

diet principles:

  • powered by 5-6 times a day in small portions.
  • You can not eat after poisoning fat, smoked, acute, salty food, marinades, conservation, fast food.
  • It is recommended to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, eliminate from the diet of vegetables and fruits, causing intestinal fermentation.
  • Eat food should be exclusively in the form of boiled or baked or steamed.
  • Exclude from the diet of fresh dairy products (allowed dairy - yogurt), coffee, alcohol, pulse, nuts.

On the first day after the poisoning should refrain from all food, then the second day can begin to eat small portions.

What can I eat for poisoning:

  • dairy-free porridge;
  • vegetable soups;
  • Puree not water;
  • boiled (baked) dish of lean meat or fish;
  • Baked or boiled fruits and vegetables.

This diet should be followed for at least a week, and then allowed gradually to usual diet.

Food poisoning in an adult can last from one day to two weeks, depending on the severity of the poisoning, and causes, he was summoned. With the right approach, the recovery occurs quickly enough and the man returned to the familiar life.

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