Saving your eyes from blepharitis – warning signs and treatment of diseases

blepharitis - not a single eye disease, and a group of ophthalmic diseases, accompanied by chronic inflammatory processes, striking the lid margin. Blepharitis is difficult to treat. For the development of inflammation resulting golden stafilokkok, and the children - Staphylococcus epidermidis.

Blepharitis refers to the duration of the current disease, he often recurs, turning into a chronic blepharitis, a negative impact on performance, in severe cases can lead to loss of vision.

При первых проявлениях заболевания необходимо незамедлительно обратиться к врачу
The first manifestations of the disease should seek medical advice immediately

The reasons

Blepharitis can cause a variety of reasons. it:

  • The defeat of Demodex mites. For most people, they live on the skin surface, in the hair follicles. Reduced immunity, hypothermia, overwork can lead to activation of mites and their enhanced proliferation. Getting on the skin of eyelids, they provoke blepharitis.
  • allergic reactions. People with known hypersensitivity to various stimuli (dust, tsveteniyu) often suffer from allergic blepharitis. To this can be connected inflammation on the mucous, that leads to the development blepharoconjunctivitis. Eye blepharitis can develop diabetes mellitus, gastritis and other diseases, at which the disturbance of metabolic processes. The result is allergy, manifested by including a change in the composition of meibomian gland secretions, which are disposed between the lashes.
  • Overvoltage eye muscles can also provoke blepharitis. Most often it is seen in people, presbyopic glasses and do not use. eyes get tired, man begins to rub their hands and can carry infection. However, this is not the only way of infection: it can penetrate with blood or lymph from the patient's teeth, inflamed tonsils, from another inflammatory focus.

The child may be due to inflammation:

  • Diseases nasolacrimal ways;
  • invasions helminth;
  • violations, associated with the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • allergies.


Blepharitis in children and adults equally evident. Symptoms and treatment of blepharitis varies depending on its type.

  • scaly blepharitis (plain). In other words it is called seborrhea. Manifested by redness and hypertrophy of the lid margin, itchy. Develops a fear of light, lashes appear flakes, in appearance resembling dandruff. The eyes are very sensitive, they instantly react to light, wind.
  • blear-eye. A more complex form of the flow of inflammation. Typical for schoolchildren and adolescents. Symptomatology resembles a scaly blepharitis eye, but much more intense pain. On the edges of the eyelids are formed crusts, under which there are small bleeding ulcers. Eyelashes can fall out, and in the follicles accumulates pus. Can develop tissue scarring, in some cases - volvulus century. Inflammation can spread and even - to the conjunctiva, cornea.
  • Angular. Place of localization of the inflammatory process becomes angular slit eyes. In the corners there is an accumulation of foamy contents, eyelids hypertrophy. Another feature is the formation of cracks and sores. Most often, this form is diagnosed in adolescents.
  • seborrheic blepharitis. cause disease, associated with follicles of eyelashes, and meibomian gland. Often it occurs against the backdrop of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp, eyebrow.
  • rosacea. Characterized by the appearance on the skin nodules century.
  • Demodekoznыy. ticks, living in the follicles of the eyelashes. The initial stage of the disease accompanied by severe itching, particularly intense immediately after waking up. Other features include: pain in the eyes, sticky content. Further develop hypertrophy and hyperemia edges century. In some cases there volvulus century.
  • Meybomiev blepharitis. This type is characterized by loss of meibomian glands. When pressed on the lid is released the contents of a yellowish-white color. In the corners of the accumulated pus. Often this form occurs in conjunction with conjunctivitis.

Simple blepharitis is the easiest kind of disease.

Блефарит у детей и взрослых проявляется одинаково
Blepharitis in children and adults equally evident

Classification by place of localization

  • the front edge. In this form of blepharitis inflammation takes place only on the edge of the eyelid.
  • The rear boundary. In this case, inflamed and meibomian gland, which is fraught with later corneal lesion (keratitis) and conjunctiva.
  • angular. Inflammation localized in the corners of the eyes.

If blepharitis found the following symptoms:

  • itch;
  • rapid eye fatigue;
  • the severity of age;
  • light fear;
  • redness and swelling;
  • Scale formation on the eyelids;
  • loss of eyelashes and abnormal growth.

clinical picture

The disease starts with the swelling and redness of the eyelids, their thickening, loss of eyelashes. Additional hazards may create a situation, when the direction of growth of eyelashes change and begin to scratch the cornea. the infection can penetrate into such a wound, that may form on the cornea ulcers and erosions, and can lead to blindness.

Mild course accompanied by itching, redness, the formation of scales. In severe form of the disease, develop as a result of delayed or inappropriate treatment, are formed on the eyelid sores, from which the blood is released.

Compensatory reaction to the inflammatory process, It occurs in the form of scarring, is the wrong growth of eyelashes. Eyelashes become thin, fall, and the new grow poorly.

Externally blepharitis eyelids may also manifest itself in different ways, as seen in the photo.

Блефарит начинается с отека и покраснения век, их утолщения, выпадения ресниц
Blepharitis begins with swelling and redness of the eyelids, their thickening, loss of eyelashes

diagnostic measures

The diagnosis is based on the existing symptoms, as well as the results of laboratory and instrumental investigations. Blepharitis can occur in the form of atypical, then conducted bacteriological research content century. biopsy is indicated for suspected development of cancer process. Classic laboratory tests - complete blood count and urine - allow us to determine the severity of inflammation and the presence of complications.


Despite the presence of large amounts of drugs, for the treatment of blepharitis century, the process is complex and lengthy. The basis of treatment is determining the cause of the disease and its elimination, otherwise - inevitably relapses.

When peptic form you must carefully follow the rules of hygiene century. Crust and the contents gently removed with a wet cotton swab. If you peel hard, they must be pre-soften lotion. For home treatment using ointments with corticosteroids and antibiotics. In cases, when accompanied by conjunctivitis, blepharitis eyelids, appointed drops Dexa-gentamicin.

Treatment scaly blepharitis also means cleansing century. For treatment with hydrocortisone ointment appointed and instillation of artificial tears.

Treatment Demodectic blepharitis includes wiping century 2 times a day with saline. For the application using the ointment with hydrocortisone, and must be applied with great care it bedtime.

Important! The task involves the treatment of allergic forms primarily identifying allergen.

Treatment involves the instillation of the eye drops and antiallergic use ointments with corticosteroids. From blepharitis of allergic and infectious nature use Dex-gentamicin.

It is extremely important when the first symptoms to see a doctor, to learn, how to treat correctly, and not to self-medicate. A special group of people, prone to the development of ophthalmic diseases, are people after 40 years old. At this age, due to lower refractive power of the lens, eyes tired quickly, that provokes inflammation.

In the event of blepharitis women should abandon the use of cosmetics for the eyes.

morning, after waking up, you must first of all carry out hygienic procedures. This should avoid cold water, as this can worsen the situation due to venous congestion.

After purging necessarily performed massage century. At the pharmacy you can buy special glass rod. Massage movements are carried out towards the edge of the eyelid.

After the massage eyelids wipe alcohol and ether mixture. This should be done very carefully, that the solution did not get in eyes. After that, dig a doctor prescribed drops and applied ointment.

If not timely start treatment, blepharitis trigger the development of barley, halyazionov, keratin and t.d.

blepharitis treatment in children is also carried out, but still recommended dieting and immunomodulating therapy.

При возникновении блефарита женщинам следует отказаться от использования косметики для глаз
In the event of blepharitis women should abandon the use of cosmetics for the eyes

Prevention of blepharitis

Preventive measures are quite simple: Do not use someone else's towel for the face and touching your eyes with dirty hands. If someone in the family is ill with tick-borne blepharitis, you can not take his pillow.

Treatment of folk remedies

Considering, that the medication is carried out using antibiotics, We need to understand, that folk remedies for the treatment of blepharitis may only be used as helper methods.

The following recipes may be employed:

Rinsing with a mixture of strong black and green tea and a spoon of dry wine. Washing should be done as often as possible.

They can also be used chamomile flowers and marigold. Half a teaspoon of flowers are mixed and poured boiling water and insist. After that, as the infusion cools, its use inside. Drink it on the third part of the cup three times a day.

Forever apply fresh basil leaves, that prior to use should be a little mash.

Another means, offered by traditional medicine - Zelenka. A cotton swab dipped in zelenke eyelashes and coat with the base. should not fear, that will stain - means immediately absorbed.

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