Where does zoster in humans? A photo, symptoms and treatment of the disease

It is considered, which deprives infected mostly children from the street animals, but the disease has several varieties. Not all of them are characterized by inflammatory and infectious nature. Ringworm is a group of skin diseases, that cause a person physical and psychological discomfort. In our latitudes, the most common ringworm, but this does not exclude the possibility of sick less common form of the disease.

Ringworm in humans - the main symptoms

Ringworm in humans, of whatever kind, he did not take, It has the characteristic features:

  • the affected area itches, shelled, it hair fall. In rare cases, itching is absent;
  • leather, infected with ringworm, It is the color, darker or lighter, than the rest of the skin;
  • rapidly deteriorating general condition and state of health;
  • affected areas have rounded view (more often) spots.

All other features of depriving a person depends on the pathogen. There are eight types of lichen, each of which has its own characteristics: pityriasis versicolor, zoster, scrofulous, shingles, black and white lichen, lichen planus, stryhuschyy shingles, pink lichen. knowing, It looks like ringworm in humans (one or the other of its kind) you can quickly see a doctor or to choose their own treatment.

Pityriasis versicolor (pityriasis, colored lichen)

This type of disease, which is caused by the yeast. It affects the hair follicles and form circular spots, having a diameter of about 1 cm. Expanding, they merge into vast patches with scalloped outline of the size of the palm. Colored or colored shingles called due to a rich color gamut: rashes can all the colors of yellow shades from light beige to dark brown. It occurs most often in the armpits, on the chest and back, but sometimes it affects other parts of the body. It does not apply to the feet and hands.

Разноцветный лишай (отрубевидный, цветной лишай) вызывается дрожжеподобным грибком
Pityriasis versicolor (pityriasis, colored lichen) caused by yeast-like fungus

Chromophytosis a person is treated with antifungal drugs. The disease largely depends on the human immune system, therefore its flow may be unpredictable. Sometimes it becomes chronic zoster, and sometimes he disappears without treatment.

zoster, scrofulous (lichenoid tuberculosis)

Scrofulous lichen growing on the background of joint tuberculosis, lymph nodes or lungs. It can also occur when medical treatment of lupus, which causes intoxication due to the mass death of the bacteria. The main symptom is a large number of painless nodules, that resemble seborrheic eczema. Usually located symmetrically on the trunk.

Ringworm usually extends completely after, as tuberculosis can be cured, separately to treat it is not necessary. On the ground, papules occasionally remains pigmentation or small scars, If the skin is tender (face, eg).

Лишай золотушный (Лихеноидный туберкулез) развивается на фоне туберкулеза суставов, лимфатических узлов или легких
zoster, scrofulous (lichenoid tuberculosis) TB develops on the background of the joints, lymph nodes or lungs

white shingles

White ringworm is quite rare, most often in children and adolescents. This disease, the nature of which is still not clear. It is not contagious, It does not cause much discomfort, presumably, associated with reduced immunity.

Main symptoms - white spots, which are most often on the extremities. They, usually, do not cause any physical discomfort, only occasionally can peel off and cause a slight itching. Increasingly, they deliver aesthetic discomfort, since visible on the skin, especially dark. Treatment of lichen in this case it is not necessary, he goes with the times. You need to see a doctor and to pass on the analysis of the nipple, to eliminate the possibility of fungal infections.

Белый лишай встречается довольно редко, чаще всего у детей и подростков
White ringworm is quite rare, most often in children and adolescents

black lichen (black mikosporoz)

Shingles is caused by black mold fungi Stenella arguata and Exophiala (Cladosporium) wemeckii. The fungus affects the palms and soles of the feet, at least - the chest and back, living in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. The crust on the skin surface is brown, almost black shade, because of this ringworm its name.

First, there are small round spots, which merge into the vast pockets of a diameter of a few centimeters. Ringworm has high infectivity, can be infected, touching the affected skin or bandage, who was on this skin.

Black and white lichens are found in hot countries, humid, therefore, considered to be tropical diseases.

Treatment is carried out anti-fungal drugs sulfur.

Черный лишай вызывается плесневыми грибками Stenella arguata и Exophiala (Cladosporium) wemeckii
Shingles is caused by black mold fungi Stenella arguata and Exophiala (Cladosporium) wemeckii


Shingles is caused by a human herpes virus, which remains in ganglia people, suffered once chickenpox. The virus persists for life and has an effect in reducing immunity. Most often they are ill elderly.

Shingles first makes itself felt pain in the nerve node, pain spreading along the nerve, skin in this place blushes, A few days later there are bubbles. They are similar to those, that appear chickenpox, but arranged localized, and the liquid in the vials whitish, not transparent. After that, blisters burst, crust appears in their place.

Опоясывающий лишай у человека вызывается герпес-вирусом, который сохраняется у нервных узлов людей, перенесших однажды ветрянку
Shingles is caused by a human herpes virus, which remains in ganglia people, suffered once chickenpox

The rash appears on only one side, is not symmetric. Ringworm is often accompanied by severe pain and high fever (38-40 degrees Celsius). In some cases, the patient is hospitalized. The patient is able to infect healthy human varicella-zoster virus.

Shingles is treated comprehensively: antibacterial agents used topically, received antiviral, antipyretic and analgesic drugs. After treatment assigned vitamins of group B.

Important! As soon as the first symptoms of herpes zoster, you must immediately consult a doctor, as this disease can give a lot of complications, including blindness, meningoencephalitis, disruption of the internal organs and pinched facial nerve.

Lichen planus

Lichen planus - is a long inflammatory process of the skin and mucous membranes. It is more common mucosal lesions. It occurs on the extremities, Krestcy, genitals and mucous, in the mouth. Manifestations of red lichen vary depending on the clinical manifestations of the disease.

  • typical. small papules, grayish, merge into large pockets, form plaques and has a specific gloss on all parts of the body, except mucous.
  • erythematous. Eruptions have a bright red color, form a soft touch plaques. Struck by depriving the skin peels off and swells.
  • annular. Ringworm is given clearly defined red ring. It can occur on all parts of the body, but most often localized on genitals.
  • Erosive and ulcerative. In this case, the clinical manifestation in some areas there are typical spots lishaynyh, and other skin defects formed atypical, with uneven, blurred edges.
  • atrophic. Lishaynyh spots are white and pearly shade.
  • Pemfigoidnaya. In the affected areas there are small red blisters. After recovery by blisters sometimes appears pigmentation.
  • Verrucous warty or. On-site lishaynyh lesions appear flat warts are small, covered with a minor amount of flakes and having a honeycomb structure. Near the warts appear papules, which causes severe itching.
Красный плоский лишай – это длительный воспалительный процесс на коже и слизистых оболочках
Lichen planus - is a long inflammatory process of the skin and mucous membranes

Treatment depriving in this case begins with receiving antihistamine, sedatives, topically applied hormonal creams.

Stryhuschyy shingles (ringworm)

Trihofitia called zoofilnymi antropofilnymi and fungi, affects the skin and its appendages. It is most commonly found on the scalp, but may be in other areas of the body, even the nails. Ringworm affects the upper skin layer, forming a reddish round spots, that itch and peel. The fungus destroys the hair follicle, and then the whole hair, causing it loss. On-site spots formed bald spots.

Additional symptoms and course of illness. There is a superficial, chronic, infiltrative-suppurative nails and shingles. Stryhuschyy herpes in humans krajne microbe, it is possible to pick up through touch, clothes. Suffer from this kind of depriving many mammals, It is the main carriers.

Treat ringworm need complex, including antibiotics, antifungal ointment, receiving antifungal tablets, increase immunity.

Трихофития вызывается зоофильными и антропофильными грибками, поражающими кожу и ее придатки
Trihofitia called zoofilnymi antropofilnymi and fungi, affects the skin and its appendages

pink zoster (Gibert's disease)

Pink zoster in humans is infectious and allergic disease. It is still unknown, what type gerpevirusa causes pink lichen.

The initial stage of depriving the people is very similar to the common cold: a person feels tired, broken, constantly wants to sleep. Soon appear the first rash, which allows you to diagnose.

On the human body there is the so-called parent plaque, representing a large (to 5 cm in diameter) reddish convex spot, which disappears in about a week. Around it begins to form a plurality of smaller patches. They are located on the trunk bowl, much less common face defeat, neck and extremities. The spots do not cause any discomfort, only in rare cases, a slight itching. In some cases, a low-grade fever.

pink depriving a person Treatment is mainly externally - corticosteroid ointment, different talkers, antipruritic. In parallel, the patient must take anti-histamines.

Розовый лишай у человека представляет собой инфекционно-аллергическое заболевание
Pink zoster in humans is infectious and allergic disease

Is it possible to cure ringworm in humans at home?

each versicolor, as mentioned above, called separate exciter, so treatment is adjusted individually. optimally, if diagnose and prescribe treatment specialist, as some species are capable of depriving severely deform the skin and worsen the state of health.

There are many ways of cutting home treatment depriving, which is the most common (tar, purity, furacilin, tetracycline ointment, aspirin), but self-medication can harm the skin, so the dosage is best to agree a dermatologist.

Except kongtagioznyh forms (stryhuschyy, the black), Shingles occurs due to failures in the body, due to which the immune system becomes vulnerable to fungi and various microorganisms. The main treatment is to increase immunity, leading healthy lifestyles. The patient should eat fully and take vitamins.

Ringworm often sick children, which the immune system is not strong enough, to resist harmful microorganisms. Also, children often get sick ringworm, which transferred the street cats and dogs. Limiting the child's contact with stray animals, parents significantly reduce the risk of children contracting ringworm.

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