What to do if the apartment infested fleas? Signs and methods of struggle

Fleas are mainly associated with insects, parasitic on animals. And this attack, fleas in the apartment, although not comprehend every second, but it is very unpleasant and dangerous. And so the first question, that arises when dealing with these insects in your own home, - how to get rid of fleas in the apartment? But first you need to find out, how they appear. If you do not solve the problem, it is possible to re-infection.

Самая распространенная причина попадания в дом блох - животные
The most common reason for getting into the house of fleas - animals

Causes of fleas in the apartment

The presence of fleas in the house may be suspected of painful bites, mostly on the legs. Most often, the infection occurs during the warm season. Room cleanliness has nothing to do with the emergence of these blood-sucking insects - they infest even in a perfectly clean apartment.

At the first encounter with the bloodsuckers in their own housing question, where they came from. But you should not be surprised: fleas are many opportunities to enter the house.

The main sources of infection:

  • Pets;
  • basements, porches;
  • from neighbors;
  • rodent, having the ability to penetrate into the housing.

Fleas live and actively breed in warm, moist areas. And because basements and bathrooms, humid place - a common cause of penetration into the house of insects. Besides, fleas "like" cluttered, unventilated and wet rooms. Fleas can be recorded with infected things.

Animals - another common cause of intruders. Dogs, cats, even parrots and hamsters can become not only a victim of bloodsuckers, but also cause infection of the dwelling. This is especially true of those animals, who regularly walk in the street.

When we answer the question, where are fleas in the apartment, We move on to the challenge to bring parasites.

Withdrawal of fleas: thing to consider

It should be understood, that the destruction of fleas in the apartment - the complexity and duration of employment. The main ways of getting rid of parasites - general cleaning with a thorough cleansing of hard to reach places, and processing the apartment with the help of special tools.

If the reasons for the appearance of parasites installed, the resort to preventive measures in order to avoid re-infection. If the cause of the animal, then you need to treat it. A basement apartment fleas have to output to the processing of basements. In apartment buildings for these purposes, probably, We have to call experts.

Перед использованием аэрозолей от блох необходимо выяснить, где они обитают в квартире
Before using the spray for fleas need to find out, where they live in an apartment


Before, beginning the process the surface of aerosols, sprays and other toxic agents, you need to thoroughly prepare. To do this, you need to identify the habitat of parasites.

Important! Earthmoving fleas in the apartment, they are the same basement, not like to settle up, than at a distance of one and a half meters from the floor. Therefore, special attention should be given to all subjects, located at this altitude.

As for places, where fleas live, it is the most secluded and quiet corners of the house - your bed, carpet, Stuffed Toys. Prefer insects hide in crevices and behind the skirting board, near the kitchen sink and furniture. If you have a pet, his favorite place to relax now a favorite place of fleas.

In training before the breeding of fleas is included:

  1. Thorough wet cleaning, during which special attention should be given to hard to reach places.
  2. Wash all things, underwear, stuffed toys, I covered with the further drying out in the sun.
  3. carpet beating, pillows and everything, that you can not wash. After - hanging them in the sun, if this is impossible - treatment steam generator.
  4. Caring for pet safety: cats, dogs wear collars protivobloshinye, and reptiles and cold-blooded animals removed from the premises, which will be held disinfestation. Aquarium close and turn off the compressor.
  5. Remove all food, that they are not put insecticides.
Влажная уборка - хорошее начало борьбы с блохами в квартире
Wet cleaning - a good start to combat fleas in the apartment

Now you can begin to master - the fight against fleas using insecticides.

processing insekticidami

Making a decision, than the process of apartment Fleas, start from the effectiveness of the means and money, that you are willing to pay for it. It fits any means, designed for insects - beetles, bedbugs and other.

But it is important to know not only, than poison fleas in the apartment, but also how to do it. The basic rules of disinfestation are as follows:

  1. Remove from the apartment pets, people went for a walk.
  2. Close windows and doors - a remedy for fleas in the apartment must act, rather than erode five minutes after treatment.
  3. Protect against the respiratory tract means getting - to wear a respirator or, in case of emergency, gauze bandage. Protect your hands with rubber gloves and wear glasses.
  4. Treat all surfaces, paying particular attention to nooks - under the baseboard and carpet, furniture and stuffed toys.
  5. Leave room for two or three hours.
  6. Returning, ventilate the apartment. A cleaning possible is better not to engage in a few days - during which time a new generation of insects hatch. But, meeting with poison, they will die.

And now need to find out, than the process of apartment Fleas, what means a better buy. Means of pest control are divided into several categories - aerosols, sprays, Douste. The most well-known agent for the control of fleas, bugs, cockroaches and other livestock;, - Dihlofos. Raid, Raptor, Butoxy - means of fleas in the apartment for domestic use. You can buy professional products, but should take into account, they have a very pungent odor and are more dangerous, than household aerosols. To professional tools include Sinuzan, Empire, Ekstermin F, Hlorpirimark.

Douste, or powders, less effective in question, how to derive fleas. But using them should not think, what to do with pets on the premises of processing time, and do not need to chase outside the household. Feverfew is the most popular and Fenaksin.

Help to pets

If bred rat fleas in the apartment, then they will be on a pet. Cats and dogs must also be processed, otherwise the fleas are not going anywhere. So the next question - how to get rid of cat fleas. To do this, use a variety of means, which can be purchased at veterinary pharmacy. You can choose the form of the drug, that fits your pet and convenient for you: drops, shampoo, pills, spray or collar.

Traditional methods

If the apartment is infested fleas, and the use of insecticides is not possible, you should use folk remedies. In most cases, they are no less effective, than chemicals. But their goal - not to kill insects, and survive out of the house. Flea react to sharp odors, so, sensing the aroma of strong-smelling herbs, parasite leaves the house.

The most effective folk remedies for fleas, available for home use:

  1. Eucalyptus, tansy, mint, sagebrush. These herbs repel pests. Fresh herbs can be expanded in a popular flea places. And you can make a decoction and spray this place with an atomizer.
  2. Fresh pine sawdust, too, lay in places fleas habitat, paying special attention to litter pets. So you can quickly get rid of cat fleas in the apartment.
  3. Baking soda and salt. Mix in equal parts and treat kitchen surfaces, furniture. This means you can slack off fleas and carpet. Treat carpets and rugs, and leave for a day. And after all vacuum thoroughly.
  4. A mixture of garlic and brewer's yeast. Sharp unpleasant smell very effective against fleas in the apartment. But think about, you also have to inhale this "aroma".

Important! After that, you vacuumed all surfaces, infected with parasites, do not forget to clean the vacuum cleaner itself. After all, these pernicious insects feel good inside, and perfectly able to reproduce.

Another popular method, how to kill fleas in the apartment, - it is freezing. The fact, fleas - heat-loving insects, they can not stand the cold. Therefore, long-term ventilation will help get rid of the parasites in the cold season. But this method is not always possible to apply: Fleas infest mainly in the warmer.

Etching folk remedies more laborious activity, but at the same time safer. And is it important, if a family has pets, susceptible to chemical agents, or small children. But if you use herbs, do not forget to timely change them for fresh.

professional help

If for some reason it is impossible to eradicate the fleas on their own, You can use the services of specialists. They will select the best means, and do everything quickly and carefully. Your task - to prepare their homes for the treatment of fleas. The only negative - the cost of the procedure.

note! Since no one remedy does not act on the flea eggs, after a while insects may reappear. But the new generation will not stay long: in contact with the treated surface before they die.

Если не смогли победить блох в доме сами, то наймите для этого специалистов
If you were not able to defeat the fleas in the house themselves, hire a specialist for it

preventive measures

fleas withdrawn, and you can breathe a sigh of relief. But do not relax: bloodsuckers can start the engine again. To avoid this, you need to take preventive measures.

Although cleanliness - not a guarantee, that your home will not invade enemy of fleas, but regular cleaning will significantly reduce the risk of. Cleaned and ventilated room, preferably with a minimum of carpet, and even at all without them, help in the matter, how to deal with pests and prevent their occurrence.

Do not forget to regularly check for the presence of a pet flea. Upon detection of bloodsuckers immediately get rid of them animal, as well as take care of protecting your pet with special collars.

Observing elementary preventive measures, a chance to meet with a flea in his apartment are significantly reduced.

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