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pubic lice, according to many doctors, - contradictory creatures. They are able to live from month to month in suspended animation, if you do not attach to the owner. They live under the sand and under water 2-4 day. But at the same time, if you deprive them of power (tear from owner), they will die for 24 hours. Can live and reproduce at temperatures below 30 degrees.

It looks like pubic lice, Lifestyle

Pubic lice - it is a fine human parasite, which exists on the hairy parts of the body. Often the genitals and anus. Rarely settles on eyebrows, in the armpit, the hair.

Вошь - мелкий паразит человека
Lice - small human parasite

Dimensions pubic lice (they are called ploschitsami) do not exceed 1-3 mm. And females 1,5 times more males. Their color from brown to pale gray, which complicates their detection. The duration of the life of an adult 24 day. Without power there can be no more than a day, while the nits can withstand up to a week.

As a main meal at the lice and nits human blood. Female lays eggs at the base of the hair, she is "attached" to the hair by means of the proboscis. The ideal condition for ploschits is sufficiently high temperature +30+38 degrees.

Externally, a parasite similar to crab, at least a hundred times reduced, it does not have wings and can not jump it. displacement method - crawling. It is considered a lazy parasite, because if it all "satisfied", can whole life will not move, and live on their host.

note! They can only exist in the human body. Unlike other parasites, who picked up a man only to power. Their evolution is aimed precisely at, never to leave the hair part of the human body.

Ploschitsa almost can not see anything, guided by smell.

Живет на волосяных частях тела
Pubic lice live on parts of the body hair

Power parasite

Ploschitsy eat only blood. To do this, they have a small growths in the mouth, them, they pierce the skin, in order to reach blood vessels.

After puncturing the vessel wall it extends your esophagus, sucking blood inward by analogy with the pump. In parallel with the bite injects it into the blood enzyme, which prevents clotting, and therefore, It facilitates the flow of the stomach.

Puncture hardly noticeable to humans, and after conducting enzyme felt itchy, similar to the one, that occurs after the mosquito bite. The skin around the bite swells up slightly.

Louse eats several times a day, about every 4-5 hours. In one sitting can suck 0,5 mg blood. Evolving at temperatures above +30. If the temperature is below +20 or higher +40 Egg development is not happening, adults can not breed.
Develops nit about 16 day, of them:

  1. 5-7 days develops egg.
  2. Since 13 to 17 the day the larva develops, During this time she performs 3 moult.
  3. for 12 hours adult female rid of guises shell, drinks blood and mate with the male, then immediately begins to lay eggs. During the day, she can postpone 1-3 eggs. Over the entire period of his life to 50.
К сожалению, данная проблема встречается и в наше время
Unfortunately, This problem occurs in our time

Ways of infection

Pediculosis refers to sexually transmitted disease and parasite infestation often occurs exactly after intercourse. But there is a category of people, are most susceptible to infection:

  • homeless;
  • people, living in areas of armed conflict and refugees;
  • employees baths, Hairdressing;
  • people, nepereborchivye in sexual intercourse;
  • employees of social sphere;
  • person, serving sentences in prisons;
  • military, living in barracks.

Important! Not only in unsanitary conditions can catch head lice, sometimes it has to be treated quite ordinary people, which can pick nits or lice in the pool or sauna. Lice can simply crawl from the patient to a healthy person, regardless of the conditions of life.

Upon infection, sexually transmitted parasites location is in the area of ​​the genitals. If infection has occurred in close contact, it is often lice, nits are located on the hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. However, they can migrate to other parts of the hair with more convenient for them and temperature conditions.

Заражение происходит, как правило, половым путем
Infection occurs, usually, sexually


The incubation period is about 1 of the month. During this period, no symptoms yet, but the lice and nits are already settled in the causal place. At the conclusion of this period begin to show the first symptoms.

  1. The first and most obvious symptom is itching, which is characterized by a special intensity in the evening for him. Pubic lice are women as well, as men, They have a number of other features:
  2. On the lingerie will be traces of ability to live lice in the form of small blackish dots.
  3. On the scalp lice will be visible after the blood saturation, because then they get rusty color. Nits look like nodules on the hair.
  4. As can be seen on the skin bluish spots, diameter up to 1 cm, which quickly disappear. This may be the secret of hemorrhage or parasite salivary glands.
  5. Voldıri. They appear after prolonged scratching the bite. They can also form blisters and eczema.
  6. Actually lice and nits. According to this indicator, you can define, how long the live parasites on your body. At the very beginning of their settlement, they are located at the base of the hair. As the regrowth they do not change their position. Height is determined by their placement and duration of infection.
Паразитов несложно обнаружить уже в самом начале их появления у человека
Parasites is easy to find at the very beginning of their occurrence in humans

note! If the form is running lice, on the pubic part there is clearly noticeable changes of the skin - the skin becomes rough, thick. At the site of scratching scars whitish hue.

infection Features

Infected with head lice to the same extent as men, and women. However, the complexity of the current infection is among men in the, that hair, which are suitable for colonization by parasites (triangular section) placed over the body - the anus, scrotum, life, chest, back, armpits. Here runs the rule: The more body hair, the enormity of the affected area.

The hair of the head they almost never occur, since the cross hairs circular - inconvenient for fastening.

Mostly pubic lice are parasitic adults, children get to these parasites after co-sleeping with parents, using other people's towels and bed linen. Due to the lack of vegetation on the genitals, babies are placed on the eyelashes and eyebrows.

By themselves, pubic lice do not carry any diseases. Except individual allergic reactions. Pose significant danger combed portions, that open in the way the organism infections, especially those, that are transmitted sexually.

Лобковые вши не являются переносчиками заболеваний
Pubic lice are not carriers of disease

The simplest preventive measure is an exception promiscuity and compliance with hygiene.


The first and most important event of the exemption becomes damaged areas of the hair.

note! Shower with soap and water will not be able to save you from parasites, because sticky saliva perfectly keeps them on the hair. Option to pouring kerosene also worth checking out for yourself, there are more advanced treatment options, which are also quite effective.

The key has a sequence of treatment 2 stages - the first is the destruction of the adults, on the second, some time later, - hatched nits. This is a necessary measure with an eye to the characteristics of life of lice.

It is also important to carry out preventive measures with all, who are in contact with an infected person. Implementation of disinfection of all things of the patient as a compulsory measure.

Профилактические меры после контакта с больным
Preventive measures after contact with patients

Effective agents for the treatment are:

  • kerosene-soap mixture;
  • Sulfuric ointment;
  • tar ointment;
  • special sprays and aerosols.

Use drugs on prescription costs and clear instructions on, so will be able to get rid of parasites probably.


Photos of the parasite bites and unpleasant affect every person, who see them. Pawn absence of infection - a steady and reliable sexual partner. Although in this case, there is likely to be infected by the pool or even in the bath. Already at the first symptoms it is important to seek medical advice, who will prescribe appropriate treatment.

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