dreamed of bedbugs – which should be wary of reality?

Bedbugs - being, meeting which is always unpleasant person, so dreams with these parasites cause extremely nasty feeling. Particularly unpleasant dream, in which malicious insects climb into bed, clothing or crawl through the body. But whether such dreams carry some information for the person? A lot of dream books give different interpretations of dreams, therefore it is difficult to understand, what dreams bugs. Wise men advise you to listen to your own feelings - the emotions appealed dream, What impression. Intuition should tell, any interpretation of this story is closer to the specific case.

Вряд ли кому-то нравится, когда снятся клопы. Но что означают такие сны?
It is unlikely that someone like, when the dream of bedbugs. But the meaning of these dreams?

The total value of dreams insect pests

Dreams with these insects in general have an adverse value. Like meeting with bedbugs reality, a dream that promises trouble - tedious, unexpected, but minor. Bedbugs in the dream symbolize the vile people, that can deliver, substitute or just put in a bad light. Also dreamed malicious insects can warn you of possible diseases, quarrels and conflicts. knowing, what dream a dream, You can get away, if the time to understand the situation.

Sometimes bugs seen in the dreams of the people, who do not understand myself, have problems with self-esteem and feel overwhelmed. Bug or other insignificant, all despised insect - a projection of inner fears and feeling helpless. People, who dream such dreams, often very critical of myself, They can not love and accept yourself. Roughly speaking, subconsciously, they perceive themselves as puny insects.

Forest bugs are the epitome of people often, which a man took under his wing. Most often it is family members or friends, who are constantly in need of help, or openly use someone else's kindness. The man himself knows, that his guardianship passes all bounds, but nothing you can not do (does not want).

Подобные сны чаще всего ничего хорошего не сулят
Such dreams often do not promise anything good

the question, what dreams bedbugs and cockroaches, can not be answered unequivocally, so that there are positive interpretation of the dream. It may be one of those dreams-shifters, which is frustrating, but promise good things. Most often bugs in such cases portend receive a sum of money.

Veles Dream Interpretation

Treatment sufficiently unambiguous - bugs mean minor troubles. It can be a chore, domestic trouble or meeting with friends, that irritate (eg, some relatives or neighbors). But if the bug was just seen in a dream running through, the trouble in the end will bring to an improvement in the material conditions.

true, this same neznachytelnomu, as well as efforts. If a person tries to find the bug and spend time on it, it means the costs and expenses. If a person sees in a dream like eating bug (intentionally or accidentally), then he can not avoid the scandal with his familiar people.

Dream Miller

The creator of one of the world's most popular dream interpretation considers collections, that the bugs in a dream - a bad sign, promising long-term illness. The severity of disease is directly related to the number of parasite. Buggy bed clothes or warn about potentially lethal. If you dream push bedbugs, but it does mean, that the disease can be fought, it does not last long, but only if, if from a crushed bug follows the blood. If the water flows out of it, then this is very bad sign, boding worsening disease. The same value have seen bedbugs, crawling up the wall.

Клопы во сне – дурной знак
Bedbugs in a dream - a bad sign

Interpretation of Simon the Zealot

according to him, dream about bedbugs foreshadows a meeting with the unpleasant and quarrelsome person, You can quarrel with him or scandal. similar concerns, foe offset "drink blood", so after seeing a dream try not to spend time with unpleasant, snooty and boring people. Also, sleep may warn that, that in the immediate environment is malevolent or energy vampire, which eats your vitality. Sleep is especially truthful for people, who were born in the period from January to April.

Dream Interpretation Yellow Emperor

This mystical dream book claims, that the insect had a dream, to warn of evil spirits. They are dangerous for people, who have inadequate, inflated self-esteem, undermining their mental health, which eventually leads to physical disease. Seen bedbugs or cockroaches - an occasion to reflect on their self-esteem, review the priorities in life, attitude toward themselves and others. It is also necessary to learn to control your mood, avoiding extremes, and stop shifting the blame for its failures on others.

English dream book

In his version bugs - is the symbol of despicable, two-faced people, which are in the inner circle. If insects dreamed of a woman or girl, that her friends and acquaintances intrigues behind her. Two-faced friend can become unprincipled rival in personal life. For a man, a bug in a dream - a sign of another, which is plotting a betrayal. If a person, who saw a similar dream, It works in the trade, it is a warning of a possible fraud by the colleagues, which would entail the loss of large sums of money.

Также приснившиеся клопы говорят о наличии в близком окружении подлых людей
Also dreamed bugs indicate the presence in the inner circle mean people

modern dream interpretation

Why dream of a bug in a modern interpretation? Insect parasite is rotten person, traitor in your environment. Wherein, the closer the bug gets to you in a dream, the closer you are a traitor and an attacker. So, crawling on the parasite may mean the familiar room, friend, bug in bed - a close friend, But the parasite, drinking the blood is able to warn detractors among relatives. Crushing a bug - a bad sign, promising disease and trouble.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

One of the few dream-books, wherein dreamed bugs bode. To dream is malevolent insect - for material prosperity. In this case, the resulting profit is equal to the number of parasites seen - more than them, the more money you get. true, wealth does not fall from the sky, for him will have to work hard, but luck will be a faithful companion in the affairs. A similar dream interpretation also gives the Dream Wanderer.

love Dream Book

according to him, seen in a dream a bug - a warning about the betrayal of a loved one. maybe, beloved has changed or is going to leave you. Also, such a dream portend washes spat, cooling in the relationship, or the machinations of rivals from. maybe, insect hints, you start up too many people in your personal life, they try to influence you, violate personal boundaries.

Любовный сонник твердит, что сны о клопах говорят о предательстве любимого человека
Love dream book repeats, that the dreams of bedbugs talk about betrayal of a loved one

Dream Interpretation Vanga

according to him, Klopp - horoshee omen. Who saw the dream will be able to successfully resolve the old problem or to understand yourself. Bug - a symbol of the problem, that troubled for a long time, but now I came to the surface. If you press the parasites in a dream, it means, that all efforts will be futile and empty.

Freud's dream book

Freud argued, that the image of a bug in a dream symbolizes the children. If a lot of bugs, and most of them are located on the body, it speaks about the fear of being a bad parent. The man said, that brings up children properly or can not cope with them. If a person in a dream crushes bugs, it indicates a subconscious reluctance to have children. If the children are already, then the dream tells about deceived expectations of parenthood.

other interpretations

If family people dream, their night biting bugs, It can be considered the forerunner of sleep disorders in the house. Latent dissatisfaction with each other for a long time brewing, and it is about to become move in the quarrels and scandals. If the conflict still managed to escape, dream book advises to make it as constructive and not go to the person.

Dreamed bedbugs downers are often interpreted as depressive mood dreamer, which literally haunts him. It may well be, that this results not so long ago experienced strong vital shocks. From such sentiments do not always work out to get rid of without the help of others, therefore, did not disdain the help offered.

Также клопы могут снится тогда, когда сновидец находится в депрессивном настроении
Also, bedbugs can dream then, when the dreamer is in a depressive mood

What science says about the bugs in a dream

certainly, science in any predictions do not trust, it is necessary to confirm empirically facts. And as statistically significant and thus there is no documented evidence, bugs in my dreams for a man of science - no more than the experience of specific memories and imagination games.

Psychology experts say, that very often about dreams with bedbugs they say people, who happened to run into strong emotions, to some extent associated with insects. For example, this may be the most trivial fight with cockroaches in the country, in which especially impressionable women have every chance to experience quite a lot of stress.

often settlers, move to the new apartment, meet the challenge of bedbugs. Sleepless nights, itch, nightmarish feeling the presence of a whole colony of bloodsucking parasites under the mattress, experienced on the background of the hassle of moving and a huge amount of care lead to, that in a dream the most vivid emotions are played by the brain in a distorted form.


Dream-books from the above we can conclude that the bugs, dreamed you, It is an important symbol. Think of your own dream in the most minor details and then you will be able to find an interpretation, right for you. With it, you can avoid problems or to make so that Lady Luck has always been on your side. And even if fate did not remain a secret from you, and dreams are always pleasant.

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