Symptoms of worms in cats - how to recognize the infection from pet?

helminths inhabitants are often of animals, They suffer from many representatives of fauna, and cats - is no exception. The frequent presence of worms in cats due to their way of life, important role in the infection of plays and their habit to lick their own fur. Consider the main symptoms of worms in cats.

animal infection paths are different. Kittens often swallow the eggs of worms with cat milk, worms in young cats being introduced into her body through the skin when in contact with sick animals, and tapeworms enter the body of the cat by eating infected rodents and fleas.

Worm infestation in cats are not uncommon, why spend timely diagnosis, identifying signs of worms in cats, very important. After all, your cat may suffer from the actions of his body intruders, if he is not given timely treatment.

Besides, many kinds of worms in cats is easily transmitted to humans, especially - not enough attentive to hygiene. The converse - available in humans on a shoe, hands and clothes eggs of worms, brought from the street, can be easily transferred to domestic cats, never leave the apartment or house. comes, that cats can be infected by human, and people can become infected by cats. therefore, if there has been contamination of worms, then treat it sometimes is necessary not only pet, but its owner.

Гельминты нередко оказываются обитателями организма животных
Worms are often the inhabitants of animals

The symptoms of the presence of worms in cats

so, how to identify, that the animal is ill. The main symptoms of worms in cats:

  • If you notice, that the stomach is your furry companion becomes a barrel shape at the relative thinness of the body, resembling the shape of a pregnant belly cat, it is a serious reason to think about the expressed helminthiases.

This stomach often speaks of defeat round worms, but, it is not necessary to be they.

Если вы заметили, что живот вашего пушистого компаньона приобретает бочкообразную форму, то такой живот чаще всего говорит о поражении круглыми гельминтами
If you notice, that the stomach is your furry companion becomes barrel-shaped, then a stomach often speaks of defeat round worms
  • Check with your pet fat layer thickness. Spend along the spine of the animal fingertips. Normally, you should feel a slight protuberance, but if the spine grope angular "knuckles", then we are talking about the disease and the lack of fat layer, characteristic of helminthiasis. Stroke the cat in the pelvis - and you probably also feel the bone sticking out - a sign of exhaustion and the likely destruction of helminth. The photo below shows, It looks like externally emaciated animal.
Обязательно проверьте у своего питомца толщину жирового слоя
Be sure to check with your pet fat layer thickness
  • Condition hair also plays a big role in the diagnosis of helminthiasis. Nutrients are absorbed in an animal helminths, in this way, food enters the body can not adequately provide all the necessary four-legged patient. Wool becomes matted and dull, Sometimes the animal begins to excessive shedding.
Состояние шерсти играет большую роль в диагностике гельминтоза
Status wool plays an important role in the diagnosis of helminthiasis
  • If a cat came loose stools, vomiting and other signs of problems in the digestive tract, then you should immediately contact with the animal to a veterinary clinic. Helminths can cause irritation of the stomach and intestine, the consequence of which is diarrhea and retching.

Important! intense vomiting, appearing in an animal with symptoms of blockage of the lumen of the intestinal helminth conglomerates - a deadly condition, and, if you do not consult a doctor as soon as possible, Your four-legged friend may die.

The emesis may be present live worms, sometimes - quite impressive size. They should not be afraid of, just wear gloves or take helminths, putting into the hands of a plastic bag. Then, tightly tied his, Take parasites in veterinary laboratory to diagnose - in case of vomiting, you will still need to quickly transport the cat to the clinic.

Гельминты могут вызывать раздражение слизистой кишки и желудка
Helminths can cause irritation of the stomach and intestine
  • Check the color of your pet's gums. Helminths often give rise to intestinal bleeding, The animals develop anemia. For kittens this condition can be fatal. cat weakens, it becomes sluggish. Mucous cavity thus very pale colored.
Проверьте цвет десен вашего питомца
Check the color of your pet's gums
  • kittens, affected helminth, lag behind their peers in development, they are apathetic, depleted, their wool is kind of dim.
  • Try to find a cat fleas, which can be a source of infection tape worms. Fleas themselves sometimes fail to see, but you will always find an affected animal fleas their excrement, have a characteristic appearance.
Блохи могут быть источником заражения ленточными гельминтами
Fleas can be a source of infection tape worms

On wet paper flea droppings left reddish spots.

by the way, Some pills are a combination therapy of worms for cats, impacting also on fleas and making it possible to display and the, and other right.

There is also a drop on the withers of worms for cats, which allow for the treatment of intestinal worms in cats in the home at the same time antibloshinoy therapy. Their name tells you a veterinarian at the reception.

What to do

so, you have established the fact, the cat, probably, been infected with helminths. But do not rush immediately to give the cat a tablet from worms (depending on the situation, applied suspension or droplets from worms, any means, simultaneously protects against fleas and worms). You must first install a certain type of parasite, settled in the cat's body. Depending on this, you can select the appropriate therapy. Not every owner knows furry pets, They look like worms in cats in general, and only you install them just units are the species of. For example, tapeworm can be detected for individual Segments, that extend outward and are often seen in the feces of the animal and in the perianal region on the fur cat. This is similar to rice grains small inclusions, with creamy white color.

Cat's house and bedding should be thoroughly inspected and washed, but better - to boil.

With animals it is necessary to visit the vet, it will issue the appropriate drug, tell, how to give it to the cat, or he will hold deworming.

С животным необходимо посетить ветеринара и он выпишет подходящий препарат
With animals it is necessary to visit the vet and he will prescribe the appropriate medication

for example, very suitable for applying a combined action of the drug dirofen, produced in the form of tablets, suspensions, pastes.

Дирофен. Паста 20. 7 мл. Дозировку препарата необходимо узнать у ветеринара
Dirofen. Pasta 20. 7 ml. The dosage of the drug should ask the vet

Important! If during the inspection of the cat and its excrement you can not find helminths and their eggs, this does not mean, that the animal is healthy.

Helminths can be imperceptible or almost not at all be allocated to the external environment. Hidden parasites in the body and lung worms. In cats, the disease can be asymptomatic for a long time.

And if you have even the slightest doubt or if you still have not attended regular (semiannually) treatment of animals in order to prevent, consult a veterinarian.

How to avoid infection

Time to identify the symptoms of helminthiasis in the cat and call your veterinarian, you will provide your darling a long and comfortable life. A itself will protect from unwanted infestation.

The animal is further need to process every six months in order to prevent the drug, which will advise the doctor.
Carefully read the instructions to the drug.

Important! Do not work without consulting a doctor kittens until two months of age and sick animals. This is done only in exceptional cases, extremely accurate dosing (and not all drugs) under the supervision of a veterinarian. Otherwise, the animal may die from intoxication.

The animal is not infected in the future, It should carry out simple rules:

  • Every year, hand over your pet's feces for analysis.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands after contact with our furry friends, if you are not sure, that the animal is treated and healthy.
  • Remind children of the need to wash hands after contact with the outside cat.
  • Observe food hygiene of your pet, do not feed him raw food.
  • Thoroughly wash and rinse with hot water tray at least once a week, whatever super-filler you have not used.
  • By following these simple recommendations, and your pet will be safe from intruders, and your communication will bring you only joy.

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