Ringworm in dogs – pityriasis and ringworm with photos, symptoms, kinds, prevention and treatment of

Pityriasis and ringworm in dogs are caused by a fungal infection, falling on the dog's body from contaminated soil or spores from the skin (wool) another animal. The illness causes damage to the skin, number of symptoms manifested, the most characteristic of which is the loss of wool in restricted areas, accompanied by the formation of crusts on the skin. In general, the disease lishaom poses no threat to the dog's life, However, Under certain conditions it takes generalized form, spreading over large areas of the animal's skin and bringing him unbearable agony. Let us further types of lichen: pityriasis, stryhuschyy shingles, wet, Pink and shingles with photo examples. Pick up medication and traditional treatments depriving dogs, at home.

The attack on the animal's immune system

Often, the process joins a secondary bacterial infection, even more burdening the dog's condition.

Лишай у собак вызывается грибковой инфекцией. Заразиться заболеванием можно от спор почвы или других собак
Ringworm in dogs is caused by a fungal infection. Infected with the disease can be from mold spores or other dogs

If the dog's immune system operates at a physiologically normal level, that even if direct contact with the carrier - a disease does not develop. Infection of susceptible animals with weakened for one reason or another immune system.

Weak immune system is characterized by the following categories of animals:

  1. lactating bitches;
  2. Dogs with avitaminosis and receiving an unbalanced diet;
  3. pregnant dogs;
  4. animals, suffered a viral infection in a period of convalescence;
  5. puppies;
  6. older animals;
  7. Seriously ill dogs («Chumka», oncology, acute pancreatitis, diabetes and so on.).

Varieties of depriving dogs

Various types of depriving dogs differ from one another by the nature of the infectious agent, cause illness and, respectively, on the symptoms and treatment methods. The main types of depriving dogs:

  • Pink Ringworm in Dogs - the safest. It is caused by a virus. You do not even have to think, how to cure ringworm in dogs, as he goes alone for some 4-6 weeks.
  • Stryhuschyy shingles (generic name for Microsporum and Trichophyton) in dogs - a very unpleasant fungal skin disease. It can in a short period spread throughout the animal's body. His first signs can be seen without difficulty - in the skin of an animal found oval patches, reaching in diameter 2 cm. Then, in these places the skin is bald and covered with scales.
На фото показан стригущий лишай у собаки
The photo shows a dog lichen stryhuschyy
Стригущий лишай распространяется по телу собаки очень быстро
Ringworm spreads the dog's body very quickly
  • chromophytosis - ringworm (stryhuschyy shingles, One of the most common types of), also develops in dogs due to propagation in the skin of the animal fungal pathogen. The disease is most common among all types of lichen. In the initial stage on the skin appears small pink spot with no signs of inflammation, and then the affected area becomes yellowish or brown.
На фото трихофития (стригущий лишай) у собаки.
Photo ringworm (stryhuschyy shingles) the dog.

on the video: chromophytosis: Causes and Symptoms, by PolisMed.com

На фото отрубевидный лишай у собаки
On a photo of a dog chromophytosis. Click on photo to enlarge.
  • Moist dog ringworm, which also called canine eczema - an inflammation of the skin allergic, It is not contagious. Onset of the disease is characterized by the emergence of polymorphic rash, then the affected area swells. Canine eczema is accompanied by redness, the emergence of bubbles, cracks and patches of pinkish or bluish color.
На фото показан мокнущий собачий лишай на голове у рыжей собаки.
The photo shows a weeping dog ringworm on the head of a red dog.
Собачья экзема или мокнущий лишай
Dog weeping eczema or ringworm. Click on photo to enlarge.
  • Ringworm in dogs encircling, as a person, in dogs is caused by a herpes virus. His first manifestation can be seen in the abdomen and ribs - an animal tormented first itch, active dog itches and licks troublesome skin, and then places pruritic vesicles formed, fluid-filled. When such a bubble bursts, in its place formed a crust.
Опоясывающий лишай у собак вызывает вирус герпеса
Shingles causes canine herpesvirus.

Council! Do not attempt to diagnose photo, even an expert can not always do it without special diagnostic procedures.

As the dog becomes ill and infected lishaom

  • The most common route of transmission of ringworm - from a sick dog, in direct contact (eg, in play with other dogs or during the mating).
  • When tinea fungus may latent carrier - then the dog is sick, but can become a carrier in the event of contact with a dog, having low immune status.
Чаще всего лишай передается между собаками во время прогулки
Most often, ringworm is transmitted between dogs during walks.
  • Often the dog is sick any kind of stripping, after contact with other people's toys, miskami, litter. They are not safe with collars and leashes, If your pet before they were infected with his brothers.
  • Athlete's foot is also transmitted from mother to fetus and breast healthy puppies infected mother.
  • In some cases, Ringworm in the form of spores dermatophytes, It falls on the dog's skin from the soil, which can persist for a long time - up to two years. But even if you own a lapdog, not going beyond the apartment, then your favorite quadrupedal can "catch" shingles, potershis on your street shoes or clothing.

Symptoms of depriving dogs, ringworm fungus

For fungal forms depriving dogs, or tinea (These include mikrosporiya and trihofitia) characterized by common symptoms, in particular - localization of lesions on the face, abdomen and limbs. If the amount of fungus on the legs becomes high, in the pathological process involved claws.

In the photo below you can see, It looks like in the case of ringworm in dogs:

Лишай на лапках собак
Photo Lichen on pads of dogs.

Subsequently claw cracks, its integrity is violated.

In young puppies lesions lishaom, fungus dermatomykoza, may have larger dimensions, completely covering the area of ​​the limbs and head.

Щенки подвержены сильному распространению лишая, который может охватить всю голову собаки
Puppies are heavily spread depriving, which may cover the entire dog's head. photo klikabelʹno.

Development Mechanism depriving dogs such:

  • The animal begins to rapidly fade. Then, in a limited area of ​​the skin of the animal develops a rash, merging into a spot. Intolerable itching tormented animal so, it begins to itch too active.

Council! Itchy skin - it is always a disturbing symptom, signaling about a pathological condition. It is not necessary to wait for the deterioration of pet health, you need as soon as possible to show your dog to the veterinarian.

  • The spot gradually grows, skin in this area is compacted and covered with reddish crust, sobakm falls in wool. The lesion becomes clear boundaries.
  • There are new centers of, primary spot may increase in size.
  • The dog looks depressed, worries, not eating, stops play.
  • In severe forms of the disease to the bacterial flora joins - under the crust occurs abscess.

note! There is an atypical form of depriving the dog. In atypical course of the disease may be absent of any of its characteristic features, eg, erythema, or intense itching at the site of injury deprive. but, alopecia lesions occur when dermatophytosis in dogs is almost always.

Diagnosis of depriving the dog

  • At the reception, the veterinarian examines dog visually.
  • After that, he shines the animal in a darkened room using Wood's lamp. Affected skin under ultraviolet light will be lit., the photo below shows, as:
Лампа Вуда позволяет увидеть все пораженные лишаем участки тела
Wood's lamp allows you to see all of the affected areas of the body ringworm
  • Determine the type of pathogen more accurately the vet will help microscopy scrapings from mycotic foci.
  • In some cases it is also shown and bacteriological examination of material.

Treatment of ringworm fungus

Depending on, a result was obtained when the diagnosis results of the doctor determines, than to treat ringworm in dogs, epidermomycosis, individually in each case,.

on the video: Treatment and prevention of ringworm and why sometimes after depriving the hair of their head grow, with Yuri Tyutchenko, candidate veterinary sciences.

Council! If you do not put a pet to the hospital and we intend to treat ringworm in dogs at home, Use rubber gloves when handling hearths and do not forget to comply with preventive measures. Diseases can be transmitted as from dog to man, and vice versa.


Lechyt stryhuschyy deprive a dog, should be strictly by appointment vet. Typically, therapy is conducted in several directions and includes the following formulations:

  • Antifungal cream or ointment from depriving dogs (eg, preparation "Yam", as well as veterinary drugs not out of the ordinary drugstores, prescribed by a doctor - Mikozoral, Lamifen, itraconazole). Topical preparations impacts aimed at eliminating the pathogen from the centers. They are also appointed as sprays, solutions, talc, shampoos, containing clotrimazole, Miconazole and other antifungal agents.
На фото мазь ЯМ БК, от лишая для собак и человека.
The photo ointment NM BC, by depriving dogs and humans.
Клотримазол - качественное противогрибковое средство для лечения лишая у собак
Clotrimazole - quality antifungal agent for the treatment of zoster in dogs.

Council! Before applying any topical medical preparation sostrig wool in, adjacent to the areas of hair loss and treat the original hearth, taking cropped land, antiseptic solution, eg, chlorhexidine. Then blot the skin dry and apply the primary therapeutic drug - as with the gripper portion healthy skin.

  • antibacterials (are shown in the case of accession of secondary infection - Doxycycline, ceftriaxone, ampicillin, Amoksiklav and others.).
  • In the case of mycosis as additional therapeutic vaccine preparation administered by these diseases. A preparation in the appropriate dose administered intramuscularly in the thigh - at least two times at an interval of 10 days in different limbs. After the first administration can occur visual deterioration of an animal skin integument. Do not be scared, this is a normal reaction. The doctor may prescribe one of dog vaccines: Vakderm, Polivak or Mikroderm.
  • In generalized and deep lesion to the animal assigned oral antifungals, which dosage is calculated strictly by weight. From the choice of preparations include Griseofulvin, itraconazole, Terbinafine and other.

vitamins, immunomodulators, probiotics to food, etc..

In addition to specific therapy, desirable to include in the course:

  • Probiotics to improve the functioning of the digestive tract (Vayo, Bifitrilak, Bifiform, Lineks, Baktisuʙtil);
  • antihistamines (Tavegil, diazolin, suprastin);
  • Preparations from the group of immunomodulators (Maxima, Riʙotan, immunofan, Immunol);
  • Good nutrition with correct protein ratio, carbohydrates, fats and minerals;
  • Hepatoprotectors to reduce the load on the liver;
  • vitamins (especially drugs to improve the state of coat).

Council! The dog can not lick the drug applied to the skin, put on her special collar, which can be purchased in vetapteke or make your own.

Household, folk remedies treatment of dermatomycosis in dogs

There is an opinion, that the traditional method of treating ringworm using drugs factory, can replace traditional therapies fungus. However, the, how to treat ringworm in dogs - defines veterinarian. Therefore, treatment at home with the help of public money must be carried out in consultation with a specialist. Most often, treatment depriving the dog at home, traditional methods and techniques, It is as an adjunct to basic drugs designated and includes:

  1. treatment of the lesion with iodine during 7 days;
  2. treatment depriving the dog cider vinegar (foci are processed daily 5-6 p. / day until the disappearance of clinical symptoms;
  3. treatment of cranberry juice (It is similar to the previous method);
  4. treatment depriving using grease (1-2 times a day this technical lesions treated liquid).

Prevention depriving dogs

If your pet is healthy, the need to limit his contact with stray dogs, avoiding action games, and in a timely manner each year to vaccinate your dog.

In the event of suspicion of the presence of ringworm in dogs - it is recommended to isolate the animal. clear, that in urban studio apartment is almost impossible. but, to obtain a negative result in a veterinary clinic and throughout the course of treatment for dog ringworm fungus lichen, you'll have to:

  1. As often as possible vacuuming fleecy soft floor coverings and furniture with subsequent disposal of the vacuum cleaner bag.
  2. All surfaces, which could theoretically even touch the dog, Rinse with warm water and "bleach" several times during the course of.
  3. Remove all fabric coating and wash them with a detergent with bleach 95 degrees or boiled for 20 minutes. The only way to get rid of ringworm fungus, he is very tenacious!
  4. Spend the whole room wet cleaning with bleach agent.
  5. Change the bedding daily animal (process as well, as a fabric coating).
  6. Do not allow to increase the humidity in the place of animals.
  7. Vaccinate your dog against tinea annually.
При выявлении лишая у собаки необходимо обработать моющими средствами полы и места, где собака ходила
In identifying depriving the dog must be treated with detergents and floor space, where the dog went.

If your pet is sick or you this unpleasant disease - do not despair. Treatment, of course, It can be prolonged, but, if all the positive regulations, you are guaranteed!

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