Ringworm in cats – how to recognize and treat disease?

Ringworm in cats is the most common skin disease. Among the several varieties of the disease ringworm in cats, perhaps, It ranked first in the incidence of. After contact with spores of the fungus, the pathogen into the body pet, in appropriate conditions, the fungus begins to actively proliferate. The first visual manifestation of the disease becomes a hair loss in areas, affected by fungus. The photo below shows, It looks like ringworm in cats:

Лишай - одно из самых частых и распространенных кожных заболеваний кошек.
Zoster - one of the most frequent and common skin disease of cats

types of depriving

Feline herpes is divided into several varieties. Types of depriving the cats are divided into:

  • Lichen planus, develops when the immune system of an animal disease, not contagious. it appears, usually, in the form of occurrence of red liquid bubbles, appearing on the mucous membranes and the skin of the cat and causing animal suffering, as these eruptions are accompanied by intolerable itching. but, This disease is quite polymorphic, and may give a different picture. With the opening of bubbles itching is usually worse. Animal recover spontaneously when restoring normal immune status.

note! If the animal suffers from immune deficiency, and the disease does not recede, the reliever appointed: antiallergicheskie, Local corticosteroid and sedatives.

  • Pink zoster - a similar virus is relatively harmless disease. It manifested as appearance of pink color to the size of foci 2 cm. itchy spots, their scaly surface. Disease allowed spontaneously when restoring the protective properties of the organism.
  • Eczema, or, as it is called - weeping zoster - also accompanied by itching. Foci look like reddish-colored spots, that are characterized by inflammation and the formation of bubbles. By scratching the itch intensifies. non-communicable disease.
На фото мокнущий лишай у кошек.
Pictured weeping ringworm in cats
  • variegated, or scaly skin disease caused by a microscopic fungus in cats and looks like a non-inflamed brownish-yellowish spot (cm. a photo).
На фото отрубевидный лишай у кошек.
In the photo chromophytosis cats
  • Ringworm occurs most often and is most contagious. Ringworm is caused by fungi Microsporum gypseum, Trichophyton и Microsporum canis. Respectively, the disease can be called "trihofitia" or "mikrosporiya" (the photo below - the cat's ear with a typical fireplace of tinea).
Стригущий лишай у кошек является самым распространенным.
Ringworm in cats is the most common

Important! Do not try to determine the type of photo depriving your cat, since it is not always a virtue, even the veterinarian. Show an animal specialist, which the, conducting special studies, be able to put the correct diagnosis and adequate therapy.


The symptomatology is almost identical for both diseases, as, by the way, and their treatment:

  • The doctor conducts a visual inspection of the animal.
При первых признаках лишая необходимо отнести кошку к ветеринару.
At the first sign depriving need to carry the cat to the vet
  • Further, the veterinarian examines the cat's skin with a Wood's lamp in a dark room (the affected area will glow in the ultraviolet).
Ветеринар проводит полный осмотр животного с помощью лампы Вуда.
Veterinarian performs a thorough inspection of the animal by a Wood lamp
  • Accurate diagnosis can be made only in the laboratory, what the doctor takes a scraping from the affected area and examines it under a microscope.
  • In complicated cases, demonstrated bacteriological examination.

Why is the animal sick

healthy animal, as a man, subject to the proper functioning of the immune system - not sick mycosis, even in direct contact. But the question "Does ringworm from an animal transmits to the man," only one answer - yes, certainly, transmission is possible.

When a number of factors, including including a weakened immune system, tinea infection occurs with the subsequent development of clinical disease:

  1. Sick animal can, weakened after a viral illness;
  2. Cat, having oncological disease;
  3. Animal with diabetes and other chronic diseases;
  4. older animals;
  5. Kittens and adolescents, are undergoing hormonal changes;
  6. animals (especially long-haired), living in a hot humid climate;
  7. At risk are identified and artificially bred, finally domesticated breed, unable to fight infections (Persian cat, Scottish lop-eared, exotic shorthair et al.).
Домашние животные могут заболеть лишаем, который занесен в дом на обуви или одежде.
Pets can develop ringworm, which is brought into the house on their shoes or clothes

Important! Infection can be brought to the apartment on the shoe, and even outerwear. I.e, catch ringworm from a cat person can, but the cat and, in turn, the infection can be passed from person.

But more often the disease is transmitted when the cat:

  1. Direct contact with sick animals (in Game, mating);
  2. When using common bowls, podstilkami, toys;
  3. Transfer kittens from the sick mother infection is also common;
  4. The disease can be transmitted to and in contact with an asymptomatic carrier;
  5. The source of infection may be, surprisingly, and soil, wherein the mushroom spores can persist for a period of two years.


In most cases, the first seat of depriving the cat appears on the face, then on the feet, after which the process extends to the ears, underbelly, back and tail.

Its main features:

  • stains, nude, oval or round shape;
Один из главных признаков лишая - пятна без шерсти.
One of the main features of lichen - spots without wool
  • The inflammatory response in the areas of defeat;
  • Intensive combing the affected cat places;
  • The appearance of crusts, greasy to the touch and appearance resembling dandruff;
  • The appearance of papules on the skin surface (not always).

Council! If you notice, that your cat behaves unusually (many itches), in his ears, muzzle, paws appeared strange spots - this should be a cause of early treatment in the clinic. The earlier treatment, the easier it will be.

If you ignore the symptoms of the disease at an early stage and begin timely treatment, foci quickly "raspolzutsya", and the infection will become generalized.

Besides, easily transmissible infectious agent may cause disease in man - the owner of the infected pet. Then disease therapy can be delayed for a long time - shingles will need to treat not only the cat, but also in humans.

drug therapy

The cat as soon as possible to get rid of the infection, it is necessary to see a specialist - vet. Only a doctor can know for sure, than to treat ringworm in cats in each individual case. Home treatment should be conducted in strict compliance with all the attending physician prescriptions.

  • As a method of combined feedback or primary therapy for early stage disease animal vaccination may be assigned, which in dermatophytosis is therapeutic in nature. Cat vaccinated with one of the antifungal agents (Vakderm, Polivak, Mikroderm), twice with an interval of 10 days of the vaccine is administered intramuscularly in each thigh alternately. The dosage is calculated individually.
  • To wash the animal appointed antifungal shampoos - Nizoral, Sebozol.
  • Topically treated lesions follows:

Wear rubber gloves, alopecia portion processed antiseptic solution (naprmer, chlorhexidine), blotted dry and the Taking of healthy tissue is applied to the locus of an antifungal cream or ointment from denying (for cats often use Itraconazole, Mikozoral, Lamifen, Veterinary ointment Yam et al.). Before processing it is recommended to remove about 1 see hair around the lesion by plucking. It is also possible to apply the antifungal solutions (Fungin) and powder.

Фунгин - качественный противогрибковый раствор от лишая.
Fungin - quality antifungal solution from stripping

Processing is carried out twice a day. To protect against animal licking wear protective collar.

Защитный воротник от вылизывания.
Protective collar from licking

Council! Do not forget to wear disposable rubber gloves!

  • In generalized infection or cat deep lesion may be displayed oral antifungals - Itraconazole, terbinafine, Griseofulvin, etc..
  • In order to remove the itching animal appointed antihistamines - Tavegil, suprastin, diazolin, Claritin.
  • For correction of immunity doctor may prescribe medications such, how Immunofan, Immunal etc..
  • To restore the intestinal microflora - probiotics are used, such, like Linex, Baktisuʙtil, Bifiform, Laktobakterin.
  • To reduce the load on the body is an important filter - the liver - can be assigned gepatoprotektory. for example, Essentiale forte.

Treatment of folk remedies

Treat ringworm in cats in the home of folk remedies can be, but only in consultation with a veterinarian and as a supplement to the basic therapy.

Numerous pet lovers forums contain advice on, how to cure ringworm in cats improvised means:

  • Grease - this technical liquid is applied to the skin of the animal twice a day until the disappearance of clinical symptoms.
  • Tar soap - used for animal myatya.
  • Iodine - a spot once a day smeared with iodine with a cotton swab with the capture of healthy skin and no more 7 days in combination with the subsequent (In a few hours) applying a factory antimycotic drug formulation.

Important! Iodine can cause skin burns, therefore, its use should be very carefully.

  • Brilliant green solution - Iodine alternated with "once through times".


If at this time the cat is healthy, the need to restrict its contacting with stray animals wandering freely, avoiding between them and your pitomitsy active games.

If you experience symptoms of ringworm in cats - always isolate the animal. Clear, what, if you live in an urban studio apartment, the task will not be easy.

Besides, until a negative test at the vet during the passage of treatment you will have to abide by such rules:

  • Often vacuuming all floor coverings, not bypassing attention and upholstered furniture. Mandatory recycling cleaner bag after harvesting.
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces, with which contacted the cat, rinse with water with the addition of "bleach" several times with a break in 3-4 day.
Необходимо провести в доме влажную уборку и протереть все места, с которыми контактировало животное с лишаем
It is necessary to carry out in-house wet cleaning and wipe all the places, with which contacted an animal with ringworm
  • Remove all covers made of cloth with furniture and wash them in the washing machine at 95 degrees with the addition of "bleach" or simply boiled in a large basin 20 minutes. Only in this way you will destroy the fungus, because it is incredibly hardy!
  • Perform wet cleaning using a chlorinated agent throughout the room.
  • Change the cat litter daily (and handle it in the same manner, like fabric covers).
  • Avoid high humidity in the principal place of a cat relaxing location area.
  • Annually make your cat vaccinated against zoster.

Faced with the manifestations of the disease in your pet, or at, do not panic. This - although unpleasant, but not dangerous and is always treatable disease, for effective therapy which only need to follow the recommendations of experts.

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