It looks like fleas in dogs and what they bring? Review of effective remedies

Fleas in a dog - this is quite a common problem, which prevents a normal life, not only pet, but its owner. From flea infestation is not insured any dog, because they are just about everywhere (in burrows of animals, lawns and meadows, nurseries, as well as other animals). Even the most ordinary trip is potentially dangerous for your pet, if he has not previously been protected from these insects. Besides, fleas and their larvae can be brought into the house on shoes and clothes. Concerning, many breeders or ordinary dog ​​owners wonder, how to get the fleas in dogs?

От заражения блохами не застрахован никто, особенно собаки
The street dog parasites lurk at every turn, therefore it is necessary to give due attention to protection of the pet

The fleas are dangerous for dogs?

Before you start to treat your dog for fleas, or to start preventive measures, should find out, What kind of danger to the pet carry fleas?

First of all when infected fleas animal becomes very restless, as the constant movement of insects and sucking the skin causing intense itching. Because of this, the dog is constantly scratching and chewing on themselves, licking. Also cause constant scratching of the animal skin may be an allergic reaction to flea bites. In the saliva of fleas are different allergens, which act on the immune system of the animal. Because of the constant scratching of the skin in the body of your pet may be joining the secondary microbial infections, which may be manifested dermatitis and pustular diseases of varying severity. Such pathological states requires a long and high-quality treatment, as well as continuous monitoring of the condition of the skin affected dog.

Besides, insects, which are parasitic on dogs are certain risks to human, because no flea dog should something to eat to sustain their livelihoods. Of course serious infectious diseases in humans dog fleas will not cause, but pleasant effects of its small bites. Some people, like dogs, may develop an allergic reaction to flea bites. In the place, where flea bites, will render much itchy redness. Besides, Some fleas can cause severe inflammatory reaction with swelling of the skin, which has the name sakropsillez. This condition requires long-term treatment.

Also, fleas are a source of spread of helminth called Dipylidium caninum. This parasite lives and multiplies in the body of the flea. The dog's body he gets, when an animal during a flea bites through licking and swallows it. Passing through the digestive tract, worms attached to the intestinal mucosa and it actively propagates. In addition to violations of the digestive tract works, worms also brings a lot of pet problems, which are manifested by itching in the anal area, abdominal pain. The dog loses weight, may refuse food and active play, quiet life she can only dream of. Therefore, along with the breeding of fleas necessarily have to treat the animal from worms.

Блоха в шерсти собаки

How to identify fleas in dogs?

There are a number of characteristic features, who will testify, that your dog has been infected fleas. These include:

  1. During that, as the dog begins to itch, with hair piled small grains of black and white.
  2. When combing pet insects remain between the teeth of the fine comb to comb and prevent normal.
  3. In open areas of the animal's skin appear pink stripes from frequent scratching, which may eventually swell. The dog is constantly trying to lick these places, to reduce the itching and pain.
  4. While bathing insects are often localized in the head or neck, jumping into the water large groups.

If you find the above symptoms, you should immediately take special measures and remove fleas. It is not necessary to delay the disinfestation methods, because as fleas reproduce very quickly and can lead to severe conditions in your pet. Besides, These parasites can very quickly move around the apartment and bite people.

To begin to carefully handle the dog sleeping place, and her toys. All items are well-cleaned, blur or shake. With a strong contamination by insects all carefully treated with special facilities for the disinfestation. Also conducted a wet-cleaning facilities, if the animal lives in the house or apartment. Nice clean carpet, upholstered furniture, because these subjects are often shatters fleas. Sick dog should always be seen by a veterinarian for the purpose of quality treatment of special means. It should be remembered, that any treatment of the pet against fleas and ticks should be repeated several times in accordance with the instructions of the drug, since it is necessary to kill not only adults, but also their eggs.

Выявить блох у собаки очень просто

What is the remedy for parasites choose?

Now there are a lot of different tools, with which you can bring fleas in the dog at home. There are three main types of funds, which include:

  1. Means to kill the adult fleas individuals - insecticides.
  2. Facilities, which prevent infection - repellents.
  3. Combined means mixed action - Collars.

All drugs against fleas contain in their composition of matter, that repel and kill harmful insects, or promote their excretion dog skin. They are well and optimally packaged, thus very easy to use. Besides, such tools are effective and safe for most dogs.

Important: The remedy for fleas and ticks for dogs should be applied very carefully, that it did not fall on the mucous membrane of the mouth and eyes, since most of them are poisonous.

В ветеринарных аптеках можно найти десятки действенных средств от блох
In veterinary pharmacies can be found dozens of effective remedies for fleas

Effective means to combat fleas in animals

Immediately it is worth noting, that the following funds may not be used for procedures on very small breeds. For these breeds as a chihuahua, yorkov, toytererov and similar such treatment has a high risk for their livelihoods. But how to get the fleas in dogs with low weight? Owners of miniature dogs best suited butoxy-50.

  • Preparation Frontline (Front line). This means French production and is discharged in the form of drops or spray. They contain: fipronil (9.8%) and S-methoprene (8.8%). Shows efficacy against not only adults fleas, but also against their larvae and eggs. Spray against fleas and ticks for dogs used on the skin in the area of ​​dot withers. The poison is not absorbed into the bloodstream, and only going in the sebaceous glands. After the animal spent processing can not be washed for two days. The expected protective effect within a month. The facility there are contraindications. Since the drug is not used for puppies up 10 weeks of age, as well as for ill adults. Possible vomiting when hit in the oral cavity of the pet. During the procedure should strictly adhere to the precautions described below. Remember, that for small breed has a limited weight. The minimum allowable weight - not less 2 kilograms. But in this case, enough for a pair of pipettes for complete machining. be careful, as there are likely to encounter a fake Frontline. In practice, this means it is impossible to distinguish, but this can only help you check the batch number. For, so as not to fall for the fake, buy the drug only in the audited points of sales.
  • Preparation Stronghold (Stronghold). These droplets from fleas and ticks for dogs are based on the solution 6%/12% selamectin, sold at straws. Formulations with different concentrations are color differences in the cap, So 6% the solution has a pink cap, but 12% - blue. Apply a drop on the withers (between the shoulder blades and the base of the neck) directly on the skin of your pet. Before applying themselves should push the wool, to the drug freely gets on your skin. Means effective against fleas at any stage of the life cycle (adults and larvae), as well as against some other blood-sucking insects. The dose of drug is calculated per kilogram of body weight by 6 mg selamectin of 1 kilogram weight of the dog.
Препарат Фронтлайн (Front line) - одно из лучших средств от блох у собак
Preparation Frontline (Front line) - one of the best remedies for fleas in dogs

Remember, that means manufacturer (Pfizer Animal Health, Country: USA), recommends not to stroke the animal after processing means for 30 min. During the first day of the drug kills all adult insects, and retards the development of larval forms. Through 30 days produce reprocessed prophylactically. Drops of fleas for dogs Stronghold completely harmless to the life and health of your pet, they are safe for females, pregnant or lactating, and puppies over 6 weeks of age. Use them is not recommended in the case of, if the pet is weakened or ill on the eve of infectious diseases. After the procedure, should wash their hands. Children are not allowed in the first few hours of the dog. The minimum allowable pet weight of 2.6 kg.

  • Leopard. Drops of fleas Bars Russian production, which include the pyrethroids permethrin. The drug enters the bloodstream, making it toxic to fleas and within a month, that leads to their death. Bars dogs against fleas for a relatively harmless drug, but it is not used up to 2 months of age. One pipette is enough for the animal weighing 10 kg. If the dog to 2 kg, it is sufficient for processing 20 drops. Price preparation is relatively low as compared to foreign analogues, which made it so popular. It is believed, it is the best tool among the cheapest.

"Cons" drops

Even with such high performance formulations dog against fleas have significant disadvantages:

  • High enough price.
  • for human toxicity.
  • Some contraindications.

In this case, it makes sense to allocate separately butoxy 50. It is quite cheap, but it is as effective as their counterparts. Its main advantage is that, that it is less dangerous and is suitable for small and debilitated dogs.

Ошейники против блох
Flea collars

Flea collars

I have long enough poison to fleas began to be applied to the collars, because the shampoo from fleas, spray, drops - it is not so easy and convenient, as we would like. Flea collar has its "pros" and "cons".


  • The medicine does not fall into the animal;
  • Special treatment is not needed;
  • Protection of reliability and durability;
  • No limitations in aqueous Procedures.

Popular and accessible collars for flea control are Hartz, Beafr, Kiltix, and Bolfo, they can be bought in the nearest pet store or vetapteke.

Flea collars for dogs should not be used for younger puppies 6 months, older dogs 10 years old, sick or debilitated, and pregnant (including false) and laktiruyushtih. Perhaps dermatitis development at too sensitive pet.

In addition to the collars and drops are also used by fleas tablets. It is to provide a means of separately titled "Bravekto". The drug is used to infect obstacles fleas and ticks, as well as a means to deal with demodex.

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