Fleas in Cats – the main symptoms and treatments

Cats and dogs have long been perceived by people not just as pets, as well as real family members. Not surprising, that their health is given a lot of attention. Fleas in cats - a problem, faced by many pet owners. Luckily, certain rules will not only help to cope with it, but also to prevent the emergence of bloodsuckers.

Often people interested in fleas in animals, as they begin to appear in a dream. Dream book offers a variety of interpretations, but most of these adverse. If you dreamed of own a cat with fleas, then this may indicate improper alignment of priorities in life. Dream may bite human parasite, what to say about being tired from everyday worries. However it is better to focus on the actual fleas, and do not come in a dream.

Блохи у кошек - распространенная проблема
Fleas in cats - a common problem

What are the parasites?

Cat fleas are small insects, that bite through the animal and the resulting wound drink blood. They are known for their jumping ability, provided that flattened shape of the body and hind legs with two powerful. A total of six.

Their impact and has a rounded head, through which the flea is able to easily pass deep into the cats fur. Thus their body surface is covered with a variety of bristle, improves mobility.

It is interesting. Fleas can survive without food longer than a year.

often understand, how to get the fleas in cats, it becomes difficult due to the multiplication of these parasites. Females lay up to a time of eight small oval eggs, that, in the absence of adhesive backing, easy to fall off from the animal, especially in the conversion stage larvae. As a result, fleas spread throughout the apartment, often left to live in the cracks of the floor or carpets.

The most common places for the spread of parasites becoming cat litter, where insects tend to leave their larvae only at the moment, when there is an animal. Prior to that, they can safely remain in the cocoon.

Although only one flea at a time and does not give too many offspring, in cats is usually a parasite of about two hundred of these organisms, and each of them in a lifetime is able to defer approximately two thousand eggs. In this way, The sooner a person learns, how to get rid of fleas in cats, the easier it is to treat the animal.

Блохи в шерсти у кошки
Fleas in the fur of the cat

Why do you need to quickly eliminate fleas?

Usually the owner gets rid of the parasites from your animal immediately after, how to spot them. However, some people do not rush to buy some remedy for fleas and other medicines. As a result of this attitude the animal may be badly hit.

Since parasites bite through the skin of cats, they feel it, worry and begin to itch. Initially, this will not threaten something serious, but over time, the fleas in domestic cats can cause dermatitis, which subsequently leads even to a loss of wool in large numbers.

Activities of parasites and other causes of missed consequences:

  • Severe itching begins. Even one injury can cause discomfort in the animal for almost a week.
  • Strong proliferation of fleas can lead to anemia, especially in young kittens.
  • Fleas can cause the development of worms.
  • Because of them, starting infection or fungal diseases.
  • In severe situations can be nerve disorders in the cat.

While this occurs infrequently, but fleas can be dangerous for people. They are unlikely to be parasitic on humans, but the bite is quite capable, and this sometimes causes allergies. In this way, every pet owner should know, how to display the fleas in cats.

Из-за блох кошки начинают часто сильно чесаться
Because of the cat fleas begin often very itchy

How to recognize the presence of parasites?

Before you can use some popular or medical facility, pet owner should make sure, that pet parasites these insects. For this, in particular, you need to know, look like fleas in cats.

The most important criterion, allows us to understand, it's time to look for a means of precisely against fleas, it is their jumping ability. If during the examination of wool seen, that some small insects strong gallop, the, most likely, This will be a flea.

Perform self-examination as follows:

  • It needs a comb with very frequent teeth.
  • Under the pet sheet of white paper placed, usually sufficient A4.
  • With comb the animal thoroughly combed.
  • When this sheet is usually dumped on a variety of small particles.
  • Sometimes, even at this stage it is possible to notice bouncy parasites.
  • After the procedure, on the sheet are fleas and their feces, sometimes clearly visible small blood congestion.

This is the easiest way to determine, you need to buy a spray for fleas for cats or any other means. But we should also pay attention to other symptoms, appearing at the active work of parasites.

Among them:

  • itch. Cat fleas almost always lead to such a manifestation. The most common animal feels it on the back or on the sides. Active and frequent scratching pet - a sign of the spread of fleas.
  • Traces of excrement and eggs. Sometimes it is not necessary to use a comb. Enough to push the wool hands, and immediately on the cat become visible particles, resembling pepper or salt. Even if it is not visible at the same time adults, such residues say, that they have.
  • Allergy. severe allergy may start from the bites of parasites on the animal's skin. Sometimes it is just an annoyance, but it can go in dermatitis or eczema. Generally, this expression indicates that, that the situation is much launched.

The list of symptoms can also include anxiety, test animal. Sometimes cats do not itch, and lick themselves. Also, the skin lesions are often observed small.

Основной симптом наличия блох - зуд
The main symptom is the presence of fleas - itching

How to get rid of parasites?

People, insects have noticed your pet, usually interested, how to get the fleas in cats at home. For effective treatment of owners buy proven tools, which will be discussed below. But it is necessary to consider separately the situation of a pregnant cat fleas.

In this case, engaged in home treatment is unacceptable. Any medications required to appoint only an experienced veterinarian. This also applies to newborn kittens and their mothers. Virtually all drugs for the fleas are in the list of contraindications to the use of the item "animal pregnancy".

For the rest is available quite a wide range of funds. Treatment of cats from fleas have one thing in common - in the composition of matter is always present insecticides. Usually, they do not harm the health of the animal, but it is better to choose proven brands, recommended by vets.

parasites carried Excretion via:

  • spray,
  • tablets,
  • Capel,
  • shampoos,
  • injections,
  • folk remedies.

Any owner it is very important to understand, that flea collars is not among the treatments. It is solely a method of prevention and support. Collar for cats has been used after, you must first process the representatives of the cat.

Если вы не знаете как избавить животное от блох, тогда лучше обратиться к ветеринару
If you do not know how to rid animals of fleas, best to consult a veterinarian

Sprays and pills

Sprays as a method of impact against fleas are not used too often. The fact, that they have a very high degree of toxicity. One side, it can effectively get rid of parasites, but, on the other hand, means dangerous for small animals and their nursing mothers. Also need to be very careful, to spray does not hit in the eye, nose or somewhere else.

note. Usually sprays help treat only in very severe cases, when other means of fleas and worms for cats failed.

Tablets of fleas less dangerous, but, usually, This method, too, veterinarians do not recommend. Of course, it does not stop pet owners, which sometimes do not even think about, that their pet can be an individual intolerance to some components.

As the advantages of tablets, such as Komfortis, it is worth mentioning their deleterious effect on the multiplication of parasites. In the case of the survival of the poison, insect still can not postpone offspring.

В основном при кошек избавляют от блох с помощью таблеток и спреев
Basically cats eliminate the fleas with the help of pills and sprays

Using the drops and shampoo

Very popular Drops of fleas for cats. They are easy to use, much easier than sprays or tablets, and thus unable to affect both the adults, and their offspring. Moreover, Drops of fleas and ticks for cats repel parasites, that could get to the body of an animal after treatment.

How to drip medicine:

  • Deal with it helps guide, which is present in each package with a means.
  • It is better to pre-test a drop of fleas and worms. To do this, they are applied to cotton wool and gently rubbed into the skin of the cat.
  • If after a few hours reaction does not appear, the tool can be used.
  • The droplets are applied to the neck or back.

Drops on the withers of fleas can not be used for the treatment of small kittens, pregnant or have recently given birth cats. Moreover, such a method would be profitable only in the event, if the animal is living at home or leaving it rarely.

Quite often used drops Bars of fleas. Active substance therein protrudes synthetic insecticide Fipronil. Parasites feel its smell, so do not jump on the animal after processing. The drug is considered to be harmless, Although some side effects may occur. Good reviews are and drops Celandine of fleas.

Flea shampoo for cats - one of the most popular methods of influence. Its price is very reasonable, and buy means you can not only in veterinary pharmacy, but in a simple supermarket. Moreover, This method relates to the safest. It is important to only rinse thoroughly after using shampoo.

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