Funds from ticks for dogs – the most effective

Came the warm days, who rejoice and people, and animals, and for the dog lover begins annual fundraising from ticks. It is in the warmer months, the four-legged friends threaten various parasites, which can not only spoil the mood with his presence, but also cause a variety of severe diseases. How to protect your pet from this trouble?

В любой момент домашний любимец может подхватить на прогулке клеща
At any time, a pet can pick up a walk mite

Types of funds from parasites

Preparations against ticks for dogs are available in different forms, each of which has its own characteristics and purpose:

  • Collar from fleas and ticks for dogs. This repellent ticks, and not for the destruction of. Collar is durable enough, It protects the dog's head and the front part of his body of parasites from 3 to 7 months (collar term actions are usually indicated on the package). The only drawback is that, that the rear part of the animal, especially large, poorly protected active substances collar, and mites can live on it. For this reason, the owner should regularly inspect your pet.
  • Drops of fleas and ticks for dogs. At the moment, the drops against ticks for dogs recognized as one of the most effective methods of controlling parasites. Means dripped on the animal's withers to the dry coat. It is important when applying the product does not bathe your dog for two days. Action droplets complex - the smell of the substance deters malicious insects, and soaked into the skin the active ingredients destroy parasites, which have already been put on the animal. Action drops lasts for two weeks on average,.
  • Spray against ticks. good means, repels ticks and fleas, which retains its effect on 1 weeks before 1 of the month. If your dog already has ticks, then spray them not to destroy. The only difficulty is to apply the drug. The tool should be applied evenly to the hair around the dog's body, also important, that the dog has not licked spray until it is completely dry.
  • Tablets for dogs from ticks. This is a novelty, which allows you to forget about the parasites for the period up to 3 months. The dog's body produce substances, that repel parasites and prevent infection.
Специальный ошейник способен отпугивать от собаки клещей и блох
Special collar is able to scare away dogs from ticks and fleas

List of the best remedies against ticks for dogs

The choice of funds should come from the nature of the content of your animal, his condition, age and breed. Main indicators - efficiency, safety and appropriateness.

It is considered the most effective drops, as they not only prevent infection, but also kill existing parasites. Drops should not be used often little puppy, sick and debilitated animals, all other carry them well.

Collars and sprays are considered the safest, but not the effective. They can be used to protect young puppies, pregnant bitches, old and weak animals. Usually after using these drugs need to further examine the dog for ticks and fleas.

As for tablets, the disputes go about their safety. They should not be given to puppies, pregnant females and to viscous, and small breeds (me 2 kg). But tablets are also believed to be reliable and easy to use, 4 pieces enough for the whole year.

In order to buy the best remedy against ticks for dogs, You should be familiar with the most popular of them. This list has been compiled on the basis of the recommendations of veterinarians and dog owners reviews.


This German company, which has long been known in the market as a manufacturer of high-quality protective equipment for animals.

It produces drops (Advantix ), which effectively protect the dog from ticks, mosquitoes and fleas, and permethrin in their structure caused some subcutaneous parasites. Means acting to 1 of the month.

The range of short collars, sprays and shampoos (Bolfo) designed for seasonal prophylaxis of parasites. Such a collar against ticks for dogs retains its effectiveness 4 of the month. Sprays are also aimed at the destruction of existing ticks and fleas.

Bayer introduced long-collars, that will protect the dog for 7 months.

Review shows, that Bayer products customers like, but some of them pointed out the possibility of allergy. Also have found reviews about, Advantix drops that are well protected against fleas, but almost did not deter ticks.

Капли "Адвантикс" хорошо защищают собаку от клещей
Drops "Advantix" well protect the dog from ticks


American company, which has long been supplying our market quality collars, drops and sprays of parasites. Collar capable of killing mites 5 months, and then another 2 month deters pests, Spray kills fleas and ticks quickly and protects your dog for a week.

Buyers generally satisfied with the quality of products Hartz, but note, that the next day after the expiration date dog can pick up mites or other parasites. Tools virtually odorless, so comfortable for dogs, and for its owners.


This Russian preparations against ticks for dogs and cats. they are issued in the form of droplets and sprays. Drops protects against parasites for one or two months. Spray guarantees protection within two weeks after application. Collars company does not release. The main difference of the funds from the previous two is its price. She at times less, although the quality is high enough funds.

Reviews of this facility in the network are mainly positive and talk about, Bars that ticks is very effective. Many choose the drops and sprays because of their availability, low toxicity and high efficiency. Sometimes there are reports, that the dog felt ill, but it happens in cases, when the hosts were miscalculated the dosage of the drug to the dog's weight. Also, there are reviews on "interesting flea dance", but it is a rarity.

Капли от клещей для собак и кошек. Производятся в РФ
Drops against ticks for dogs and cats. Produced in Russia


This is one of the new drugs against parasites, which is available in tablet form and intended for oral administration. It is available in different dosage for the weight of the dog 2 to 56 kg. manufacturers claim, what 1 Tablets enough, to protect the dog from the parasites on 3 of the month, she begins to act through 12 hours after ingestion. In this case, additional treatment against ticks dogs is not necessary. The taste of the tablets cuddly animals, the vast majority of them willingly chews, and only a few need to enclose the drug in food.

Judging by the reviews, the novelty are cautious for two reasons. The first - a high price. It is indeed high for one-time purchase. The second reason - the toxicity of the drug, there are reviews of indigestion, nausea and a dog. In small animals, if you believe the reviews, sometimes intoxication and symptoms of poisoning. With regard to protection, the dog owners agree, Bravekto that provides ample protection, no need to constantly handle the dog sprays and drops.

Bravecto - качественные таблетки от клещей для собак
Bravecto - quality tablets for dogs from ticks


American drug, which is produced exclusively in the form of droplets for different weight classes. The result appears after 12 hours and lasts for one month. Price of the drug is high enough, but it can be called almost universal. Stronghold repels and kills parasites, including. their larvae and eggs. He is struggling with scabies (Ear and zudnevoy), tongs, including. Ixodes, fleas, as well as internal parasites - worms and worms. By purchasing Stronghold, pet owner can not buy medicine for worms for your pet. Stronghold is suitable for very young puppies (to 8 months), Older animals and pregnant females.

Review of this facility showed, that all people, bought it, satisfied with the results. The only drawback - it is a high price, but it is a fully justified. Also, users have repeatedly stressed the convenient single package - no need to determine the dosage of the animal's weight. The only thing, what encountered criticism - not a very high efficiency in the fight against worm infestation.

Stronghold - известные американские капли от клещей для собак
Stronghold - known American drops against ticks for dogs


French drug, which is produced in the droplets and sprays. Both forms of release to protect against fleas for two months, repel mites and destroy within a month. The drug has a low odor and is colorless, Drops are available in the form of disposable pipettes in dosage, depending on the weight of the animal. After application the dog can not swim for two days and it is necessary to wash your hands after touching the meaning of the treated wool.

Most people, who acquired Frontline spray or drops claim, it's good, reliable and minimally toxic drug, which is suitable even for puppies. Of the few drawbacks - the high price and toxicity to humans for the first time after treatment.

Французское средство от клещей Фронтлайн выпускается не только в каплях, но и в спреях
French remedy for ticks Frontline produced not only in the drops, but also in spray

Rolf Club

The effective collars, drops and sprays against ticks and fleas, which reliably protect chetveronogo other for 1-2 months. The main feature of the product - its softness and maximum safety, it is suitable for tiny puppies and pregnant bitches. It not only deters pests, but also destroys them at all stages of development. Rolfklab also deters flying blood-sucking insects, such as mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

Reviews of mixed media RolfClub. Most dog owners are satisfied with the results, but many complained of allergic reactions in small dogs, which manifests itself in the hair loss, erythema, lethargy and apathy of the animal.


Dutch company, which manufactures quality drops, sprays and collars from ticks, which can be used to protect animals from the age of 12 weeks.

Drops and sprays to protect dog 2-3 of the week, collars also provide longer lasting protection - 5 months.

Beaphar - одни из самых популярных ошейников для собак от клещей. Выпускаются в Голландии
Beaphar - one of the most popular collars for dogs from ticks. Produced in Holland

Judging by the reviews, popular is the company Beaphar collars, that many buyers used successfully for six months. Sometimes there are complaints about the pungent smell, due to which the dog is long accustomed to the collar. The price of drugs is higher, than domestic, but slightly below, than that of imported means of the same quality class.

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