Oftalmomiaz, cysticercosis, Opisthorchiasis – worms in the eyes – how to get rid of the horrible parasites?

Many diseases in humans caused by parasites - creatures, living in the human body at his own expense and detrimental to. Parasites in the human eyes - no exceptions, including worms in the eyes. In our latitudes, this phenomenon is rare, It is the bane of the southern countries with hot and humid climate. But, despite the rarity, a problem occurs in our latitudes,. Advanced disease oftalmomiaz, cysticercosis or opisthorchiasis, can lead to blindness, and cause a number of injuries, so wee first symptoms to start the correct treatment, a qualified.

What are parasites live in the eyes

Parasitic diseases of the eye are divided into:

  • Oftalmomiaz - a disease of the body, caused by the introduction into the eye cavity of various parasites. The main cause is the penetration oftalmomiaza fly larvae or oestrus in eyeball structure. Distinguish superficial and deep oftalmomiazy.
  • cysticercosis - a kind of parasitic disease pathogenic for human, the development of which is triggered by a specific parasite larvae pork tapeworm (Cysticersus cellulosae). When cysticercosis parasitologists person is considered as an intermediate host for the optional helminth.
  • Opisthorchiasis - a helminth disease, caused by a flat parasitic worms and flukes class proceeding with defeat hepatopancreatobiliary system. During opisthorchiasis characterized by fever, abdominal pain, appetite disorders, skin rash, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, indigestion, astmaticheskim bronhitom, astenovegetativnım syndrome. Diagnosis is based on detection of opisthorchiasis opistorhisov eggs in duodenal contents and feces, the results of serological tests, Information biochemical analysis of blood, instrumental studies (ultrasound, holetsystoholanhyohrafyy, CT).

Very rarely in the eyes can parasitize roundworm, but these worms are increasingly prefer other organs, therefore such cases are exceptional.

The main danger of these diseases, as well as all infested, It is a long asymptomatic period. During this time, the worms in the human eyes can cause irreparable harm. In some cases, learn about the disease only, when it is loss of vision. Knowing the early signs of the disease need as soon as possible to take action and seek medical advice.

Oftalmomiaz - is infected insect larvae

Oftalmomiaz caused by the larvae of some insects, that form in the eye myiasis, destroys the soft tissue. Infection usually occurs spontaneously (ie. the insect is not a parasite), eggs fall into the eye, from which larvae. The larvae are parasitic way of life only a short period of time, grow and mature, then leave your own eyes (or trying to do it).

Distinguished by type intraocular and outer oftalmomiaz. Ocular myiasis is divided into front and rear Depending on the location of the larvae and very rare. It is difficult to diagnose, the main symptom is discomfort in the eye, itch, burning, but sometimes they are not. The presence of the parasite may indicate endophthalmitis, hemorrhage, retinal detachment. In tropical countries found destroying internal myiasis, caused by a large number of larvae, to "equip" their "home", causing severe damage not only soft tissue, but also the bones of the skull. only a few larvae are found in our latitudes,.

На фото схематически показан паразитический червь в глазу человека.
The photo shows schematically a parasitic worm in the human eye.
Spoiler. Several creepy photo examples defeat worms eye - parasite eggs.

На фото личинки глистов в глазах человека.
In the photo the larvae of worms in human eyes.

Офтальмомиаз вызывается личинками некоторых насекомых, которые образуют в глазу миаз
Oftalmomiaz caused by the larvae of some insects, that form in the eye myiasis. photo klikabelʹno.


Outdoor oftalmomiaz more common, and find it easier to. The larva is usually found in or near the cornea century, quickly causes redness and tearing. Sometimes the worm parasite and its movement can be seen under the thin skin.

Causes of oftalmomiaza and its treatment

myiasis eye - a pathology, which can be called an unfortunate accident. fly eggs can be put in the eyes, rubbing them with wet hands. oestrus females may release larvae into the air, after which they can be recorded on the cornea with gust. In rare cases, the flies, attracted by the smell, may postpone the larvae on the eyelid or mucous membrane of the human eye, if he has an infectious disease (eg, conjunctivitis).

The main objective in the treatment of oftalmomiaza- how to remove the parasite faster, larva worm, and then deal with the consequences of his life. For external oftalmomiaze worm can be removed tweezers, sometimes you have to make a small incision in the skin or mucous. After that, remove necrotic tissue and pus, the wound is disinfected. The patient should take antihistamines and, in some cases, antibiotics. Sometimes you need long-term treatment of the cornea.

In the case of an internal eye infection of worms or worm eggs of insect larvae, they are removed surgically. In most cases around worm parasite formed granuloma, which extracts the surgeon, removing dead and infected tissue. In such cases, sometimes used laser and photocoagulation. internal parasite, in the eye of the worm, capable of damaging vessels, feeding the lens, cause abscess and cause blindness.

Important! Even if the worm is visible, removing it from the eye should only ophthalmologist. The specialist will help get rid of the parasites in the eyes as painlessly as possible and with minimal risk to the patient's health. He and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The video shows the case of intra-ocular myiasis in 1999 in the Russian Federation. Eye surgery.

In shallow and irregular anterior chamber was first instar larvae live subcutaneous oestrus (Hypoderma. prices. Hypodermatidae). not to look nervous!

Spoiler video.


Cysticercosis - symptoms and diagnosis

cysticercosis - a parasitic disease, affecting the eyes and internal organs of human larvae pork tapeworm. Infection occurs as follows:: eyes get eggs pork tapeworm, are larvae and create around themselves capsules - cysticerci.

cysticercs - Sleep is a parasite, that gradually increases within the capsule, in a larva state may be a few years. They are usually located in the anterior chamber, sometimes the cornea, vitreous.

About infected pigs tsepnem eyes can not long be felt, but gradually infected people start to complain about the distortion of objects, stinging and pain in the eyes, constant tearing and blurred vision. Running years the disease could lead to the complete destruction of the vitreous, vessels kinked, feed lens and blindness. In this situation, the forecast is unfavorable: after removal of cysticercus restore vision already impossible.

Цистицеркоз – это паразитарное заболевание, поражающие глаза и внутренние органы человека личинками свиного цепня. Фото кликабельно.
Cysticercosis - a parasitic disease, affecting the eyes and internal organs of the human larvae pork tapeworm. photo klikabelʹno.

Diagnose superficial cysticercus allows ophthalmoscopy, but a deeper location capsules it can not identify. Typically, an ophthalmologist for a while watching the patient and on the basis of history assigns RAC cerebrospinal fluid (with an antigen tsistitserkoznym) and blood. These analyzes are enough, to understand, whether there is in the eyes of the pork tapeworm larvae.

Treatment and prevention of cysticercosis

When the disease cysticercosis, Praziquantel is usually administered tablets or biltricid (These tablets also contain the so-Praziquantel, as the main active ingredient), which must be taken with meals three times a day for two weeks. Such treatment cysticercosis praziquantel tablets or biltricid necessary for, to cause the death of the parasites, but this should be done very carefully. In severe cases the eye, the patient is hospitalized. Cysticercus in the patient's eye is surgically removed, if their location allows you to do it.

На фото антипаразитарные таблетки, с содержанием Празиквантел. Таблетки Бильтрицид его так-же содержат.
The photo antyparazytarnыe tablets, with the content of praziquantel. Biltricid tablet so it contains the same.

Together with antiparasitic drugs administered to patients antihistamines, to avoid allergic reactions and deterioration of health.

larvae, in the form of eggs pork tapeworm, enter the human body through the raw or undercooked pork thermally treated, often the cause of infestation, It becomes an elementary failure to comply with food hygiene, as well as getting tapeworm eggs in the eyes with unwashed hands.

What would insure against many troubles and diseases of dirty hands, wean themselves and wean their children to rub eyes with hands, as the same as the face, minimizing the ingress of pests, viruses, fungi and bacteria on the face, usually with no 100% clean hands, something very difficult to achieve.

Яйца свиного цепня попадают в организм человека, через сырое или плохо термически обработанное свиное мясо, где впоследствии раскрываются в личинок.
Pork tapeworm eggs enter the human body, through raw or undercooked pork thermally treated, which subsequently revealed in larvae. Lord car straight.

To avoid contamination, do not eat raw and half-baked pork, and do not buy meat from questionable sellers and unverified products. Especially must be treated carefully to the meat of wild pigs.

Opisthorchiasis - features and diagnostics

Opisthorchiasis - is invasive disease, fish caused by helminths. Favorite places Opisthorchis (or feline fluke) - pancreas, gall bladder and ducts, both extrahepatic, and intrahepatic. Often, these parasites settle in the eyes, at the same time by invasions suffers not only the man, but pets.

Описторхоз разрушает сосуды глаза, из-за чего возникает покраснение
Opisthorchiasis destroys vessels eye, because of which there is redness

Opisthorchiasis destroys vessels eye, because of which there is redness, accompanied by sharp pain and tear (not always). Launched opistorhisov lead to keratitis, uveitis, horioretinitu, in rare cases, the destruction of the optic nerve and loss of vision.

Описторхоз – инвазивное заболевание, вызываемое рыбными гельминтами
Opisthorchiasis - this invasive disease, caused fish worms - parasites.

Symptoms opisthorchiasis - infected fish helminth

Most people, Fish infected with helminth, not just learn about the illness. Pain and heaviness in the right upper quadrant can be attributed to the severe food, and red eyes - fatigue, until the disease goes into a more severe stage. People with similar symptoms opisthorchiasis, you need to analyze their condition. fatigue, low immunity, increasing susceptibility to viruses, holetsistopatii and gastroduodenopatiya - these are signs of possible contamination of fish with worms.

For the diagnosis of fish helminth used:

  • Analysis of duodenal contents;
  • linked immunosorbent assay;
  • a blood test for eosinophils.

Opisthorchiasis: treatment and prevention of helminth in fish eye

Task opisthorchiasis treatment - removal of helminth parasite fish from the body. For this purpose, the patient is prescribed hloksila or other similar preparation steps, which must be taken by 2 to 5 days.

With him prescribe cholagogue and antihistamines, which accelerate the removal of parasites from the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts, they need to take a course in a few weeks. A good bonus will be herbal teas and special diet, reduces the load on the liver. eye treatment while symptomatic, after that, Opisthorchis both the liver and the gallbladder is destroyed, eye problems will also disappear under the condition, fish parasite that could not cause comorbidities. Through 4 months after treatment of helminth parasites of fish, We need to reassess the diagnosis, since the parasite eggs can live for 3 months after deworming, they do not act anti-parasitic drugs.

Описторхозом страдают люди, часто употребляющие в пищу речную рыбу без надлежащей термической обработки
Opisthorchiasis people suffer, frequently consume river fish without proper heat treatment.

According to statistics, opisthorchiasis people suffer, frequently consume river fish without proper heat treatment. Raw or smoked fish of unknown origin or local catch can be hazardous to health, therefore it is necessary to abandon it.

Conclusions of parasitic infections of eyes

worms, larvae, worms in the eyes - this phenomenon is frightening and unpleasant, capable of depriving in advanced cases, but timely diagnosis and treatment of antiparasitic tablets, and sometimes surgery, help cope with the disease. It is necessary to consult a doctor when the first symptoms of ocular parasitic, such as:

  • eye redness, mulligrubs, increased lacrimation;
  • blurring objects;
  • blurred vision;
  • fatigue and sleepiness in combination with red eyes.

Personal hand hygiene and food hygiene, as well as high-quality and properly cooked meat, fish products, help to avoid parasitic infestations not only the eyes, but also the internal organs and systems of human body, from animals and insects.

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