Enterobiasis - what is it: signs and symptoms

Enterobiasis is called a type of parasitic diseases, called pinworms. This is the most common form of helminthiasis, which is accompanied by itching in the anal area, intestinal lesions and allergization whole organism.

As appears enterobiosis

to understand, what enterobiosis, you need to know, It occurs as a pinworm lifecycle, which cause the disease.

Adults pinworms infect human bodies through the intestines, and females are particularly dangerous parasite. Male, peredvyhayas the intestines, He does not live more than six weeks, whereupon usually dies. Females pinworms occur in the rectum, and from it come out, to lay their eggs, that the viability of up to three weeks.

After reaching the rectum, worms pass through the anal sphincter. Since it is most relaxed at night, pregnant females often go out at night it, causing human anxiety and severe itching in the anal area. Female throughout its path lay in the anal skin folds larvae (in each clutch - to 300 pcs), and then dies. The dead female looks, shrunken like a small lump.

The next stage of development is getting enterobiosis parasite eggs on his hands and clothes, whereby there is autoinfection. pinworm eggs get on the man's hand through clothing or scratching the anal area, and remain under the fingernails.

Important! Intense scratching the anus causes irritation of the skin around the anus. This creates favorable conditions for the accession of a secondary infection, as well as for the emergence of other additional infections.

I.e, pinworm larvae fall from the anus through the hands or household items in the person's mouth, and after - in the gastrointestinal tract. So the process is repeated again helminthic invasion, and the number of pinworms, each time growing more.

Энтеробиоз – что это такое
Pinworm larvae fall from the anus through the hands or household items in the person's mouth, and after - in the gastrointestinal tract

Ways of infection enterobiasis

Infection with human helminth begins after hitting worms eggs in the mouth, and then - in the intestine.

Causes of infection enterobiasis:

  • Failure to comply with hygiene (dirty hands);
  • Curiosity young children (the desire to try everything "to the tooth");
  • Nail-biting;
  • tactile handshake (Contact with an infected person);
  • Inhalation of dust in the premises, where the larvae can settle on furniture and environment;
  • Touching objects, where they could stay eggs of worms from an infected person (someone else's clothes, door handles);
  • The presence of animals in the house, which often are carriers of parasites;
  • Non-compliance with health standards (presence of flies, cockroaches and other insect vectors).

Pinworm larvae very viable, and about three weeks there may be under favorable conditions. therefore, even after treatment should carry out preventive measures to prevent the ingress of worms in the body, in order to prevent the occurrence of secondary infestation of parasites and bring all.

Энтеробиоз – что это такое
The main symptom Enterobiasis - appearance of itching in the anal area

Signs and symptoms of Enterobiasis

Manifestations of the disease are directly dependent on the intensity of the defeat parasites, physiological characteristics of human, the age and general condition of the patient. Worms in adults usually do not manifest themselves clearly, or symptoms is not pronounced.

Usually from infestation passes until the first symptoms of the disease 3-6 weeks, during which the gradually (as they mature specimens of worms) It starts to appear itching night. The patient may experience increased frequency of stool - 3-4 times per day.

Important! The main symptom Enterobiasis - appearance of itching in the anal area, It occurs more frequently at night.

Symptoms Enterobiasis can be more enhanced (it depends on the length of stay in the body of pinworms).

Parasites can cause the following symptoms:

  • Damage to the gastrointestinal tract: abdominal pain herpes character, nausea, frustration of a chair - in the acute stage of the disease.
  • The appearance of neurological disorders. adults: memory loss, concentration of violation, dizziness; children: flightiness, fast fatiguability, tearfulness, learning decline.
  • The appearance of scratches and cracks in the area of ​​the anus: redness, swelling, gnoynichki.
  • Allergic skin manifestations.

With each additional invasion more harmful substances will accumulate in the human body, left by pinworms, which will cause the development of various pathologies. Enterobiasis mass leads to diseases and conditions.

For the manifestations of complications characteristic enterobiosis:

  • anemia (due to absorption of worms nutrients and vitamins).
  • The occurrence of bowel diskbakterioza, gastritis, duodenitis.
  • Glistnaya invasion vaginas (vaginit, vulvitis) and endometritis (because of the proliferation of parasites on the perineum).
  • Mechanical injury of mucosa, occurrence of inflammation and granulomas (females can penetrate the skin on 60% of the total of its length).
  • High risk of acute appendicitis.
  • Decreased immunity and (Consequently) frequent colds.
  • Irritation of the genitourinary system in adolescents can lead to the early development of the sexual instinct, development masturbation, urination disorders.

Pregnant women enterobiosis development can lead to the development of toxicosis, and the intoxication of an organism harmful substances poses a threat to the life and development of the unborn baby.

To prevent the development of such complications, discover the first symptoms enterobiosis, should consult your doctor to identify the exact diagnosis of the disease and the purpose of effective treatment.

Энтеробиоз – что это такое
Basic research includes smear or scraping method and delivery stool


The indications for diagnostic Enterobiasis is the appearance of the following features:

  • Frequent nausea and vomiting;
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • perianal itching;
  • Stomach ache:
  • allergic reactions;
  • Stunting, weight (children);
  • development vulvaginita (among women).

Confirmation of pinworm infection is the detection of their larvae. Key studies include:

  1. Smear or scraping method - sampling from the surface of the skin near the anus of the material for research with a special spatula or cotton-tipped matches;
  2. Letting fecal enterobiosis.

Scraping must be conducted in the morning and does not require special preparation of the patient.

For analysis of the reliability of the diagnosis taken for three consecutive days (or a day). The children used the method of Graham, wherein the fingerprint is analyzed, obtained in the adhesive tape.

enterobiasis treatment

Successful treatment involves the simultaneous enterobiosis whole range of measures, prevent repeat invasion. First of all, This hygienic norms not only by the patient, but all contact with him by persons.

To cure enterobiosis appoint worming drugs:

  • pyrantel;
  • Vermoks;
  • Naftamon;
  • albendazole;
  • piperazine;
  • Dekaris.

Through 10-14 days of repeated treatment with drugs, to prevent re-infestation.

Anthelminthic treatment complement reception sorbents, cleansing enema, antiseptic cream.

Important! Treat enterobiosis need to simultaneously contact all participants, and the locations of the infected people careful treatment to be carried out.

When taking medication for any reason can not be (age, contraindications), the patient is treated exclusively hygienically, that a few pushes of recovery period.

Энтеробиоз – что это такое
Enterobiasis - a disease of dirty hands

How to get rid of pinworms yourself:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands (before eating, after a walk, after using the toilet).
  • Frequent change of underwear and bed linen, ironed with a hot iron clean laundry.
  • Do not allow children to handle his fingers in his mouth and biting his nails.
  • daily bathing, thorough washing away.

These measures are preventive enterobiosis, and virtually impossible to catch when they are subject to disease.

For treatment Enterobiasis used and various folk remedies (milk enema, garlic, pumpkin seeds). But these are not as effective and produce results only in combination with the primary therapy of disease.

Enterobiasis - a very dangerous disease, burdened by complications, and it should be treated in a timely manner, upon detection of the first symptoms of parasites. Although the illness is still easier to prevent, than cure - because tapeworm prevention is a must event for children and adults.

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