Dekatilen – Emergency aid for sore throat. How to use?

Dekatilen widely used in dentistry and otolaryngology due to its analgesic and antimicrobial properties. Most often, the medication used, when throat pain arise. Also, physicians often prescribe it against infections of the oral cavity, caused by bacteria.

The drug has a wide influence. It eliminates various pathological microorganisms, including fungi and microbes. However, it is most effective against gram-positive bacteria and some Gram-negative.

Декатилен, используется в стоматологии и отоларингологии, чаще всего лекарство применяют, когда в горле возникают болевые ощущения
Dekatilen used in dentistry and otolaryngology, most commonly used medication, when throat pain arise

Release form and composition

Dekatilen made in the form of large white pills. They are present on each side of the chamfer. On one side there is the risk of the tablet, and on the other the impression words Merna. Lozenges for sucking packed in packages of twenty or a hundred pieces. They are placed in the blisters, ten tablets each. Such blister packs in one pack can be from two to four pieces.

Active components of the composition are the hydrochloride and dibucaine chloride dequalinium. As additional elements are present:

  • Talc,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • Colloidal anhydrous silica,
  • Peppermint oil,
  • sorbitol,
  • mint flavor.

Dequalinium chloride acts primarily as a bactericidal and fungistatic agent. It means, it suppresses the activity of bacteria and fungi. Mostly it refers to Gram, as well as some cocci. One feature of the substance is effective against microorganisms, which are resistant to the effects of antibiotics.

Dequalinium chloride does not affect the intestinal microflora. Due to the extremely low probability of absorbability is practically excluded balloting nervous system, internal organs or blood. The probability of breach of embryo development is also very small, However, the potential.

Лекарство подходит людям болеющим сахарным диабетом, так как не содержит сахара
Medication is suitable for people, with diabetes mellitus, because they do not contain sugar


In preparation Dekatilen instruction manual includes, Firstly, various diseases of the pharynx and the oral cavity. for example, it is prescribed in the following cases:

  • After operation, whereby completely removed palatine tonsils, tonzylэktomyy;
  • After removal of the teeth;
  • When an unpleasant odor in the mouth;
  • With the development of fungal infections in the oral cavity, such as candidiasis;
  • When mucous and gums (eg, the background gingivitis, ulcer and aphthous stomatitis);
  • During periods of outbreaks of various diseases, as a preventive agent.

Dekatilen tablets discharged at catarrhal infections. These include diseases like laryngitis, in which there is inflammation of the vocal cords, throat and mucous, and pharyngitis. This pathology is characterized by severe pain in the throat, which is accompanied by inflammation and tickling.

note. The medicine does not contain sugar, and therefore suitable for people, suffering from diabetes.

These lozenges are used in the treatment of angina. They are suitable for several types of tonsillitis, such as lacunar, ulceromembranose and catarrhal. It is necessary to pre-diagnose disease, to know and understand the type of pathogen, whether Dekatilen effective against him.

Во время лечения ангины, перед приемом Декатилена, необходимо провести диагностику, чтобы узнать тип ангины и понять будет ли эффективно лекарство
During the treatment of angina, before taking Dekatilena, you need to make a diagnosis, to know and understand the type of angina, whether or not effectively cure

Contraindications and side effects

Instructions to Dekatilenu not noted particularly serious contraindications, except for the purpose of any medical product. The tablets should not be taken in order, who have intolerance to any component of the formulation, including fructose. Also, the drug is not suitable for children younger than four years.

Important! Renounce the use is necessary in the event that, if a person has ever been observed in allergic quaternary ammonium compounds.

During pregnancy or breastfeeding means almost never appointed. Independently take it at a time prohibited. This can be done only in case of medical recommendations. If a person has an intolerance of some substance from the, is a pill certainly lead to allergies, which is expressed by itching and skin rash.

Very rarely, under the use of large doses of the drug, may develop necrosis. In general, an overdose is considered unlikely. As part of no matter, can affect psychomotor reactions, attention and concentration, Dekatilen so you can take drivers and people, working with complex mechanisms.

Принимать самостоятельно Декатилен во время беременности и в период кормления запрещено. Это можно делать только по рекомендации врача
Take yourself Dekatilen during pregnancy and during breast-smoking. This can be done only on doctor's advice

How to take the medicine?

Children over ten years old and adults are usually prescribed one tablet every two hours Dekatilena. When symptoms of the inflammatory process subsides, dosage decreases. During this period you need to dissolve one tablet every four hours. For children younger than ten years old (but more than four) unit dose is one tablet every three hours.

Most effective treatment can be achieved is through the dispersal. Chew the drug is not recommended. MUST NOT accept more than a dozen pieces in the acute phase of the disease, but it is better not to consume even more than ten. When the disease symptoms have subsided, Maximum dosage is only six pills a day.

The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor and the symptom disappearance rate. However, if no improvement is seen after five days after the start of treatment (This is as true for adults, and child), you must inform the specialist. Such may indicate an incorrect diagnosis, against which Dekatilen ineffective, or the need for appointment of additional drugs.

Наибольшего эффекта от препарата можно добиться рассасывая леденцы
The greatest effect of the drug can be achieved, dissolving lozenges

Reviews, cost and analogues

The feedback to the people Dekatilenu, Firstly, note taste of the drug, which manufacturers have achieved even in the absence of sugar. In this case, the medicine easier to swallow, eliminates dryness, It helps to cope with laryngitis and pharyngitis. However, the drug has a peculiar serious drawback - the cost.

Buy Dekatilen even in small towns is unlikely cheaper, than 680 rubles. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the cost is more 1200 rubles. That is why many people try to pick up the drug analogues Dekatilen. for example, It has a similar structure Trachisan, this antimicrobial and anesthetic lozenges.

You can consider the following options analogues:

  • Isla-Mint. Rounded green lozenge with mint flavor, started with the addition of Iceland moss. Used in the treatment of cough, especially in diseases such as pharyngitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. In the treatment of bronchial asthma can be an aid.
  • Septolete. The active substance acts benzocaine, It composed also has essential oils and menthol. Tool is used mainly against bacteria, but it is also effective against fungi and microbes.
  • Faringosept. It is effective against diseases, caused by staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci. If the abnormality is mild, then one of the drugs may be sufficient to treat. In general, the indications for use are almost similar.

One of the cheapest is a unique Lugol, which is produced in the form of a spray or solution. The active substance is iodine, but it is often added to glycerin, especially in aerosols. In addition to reading like a sore throat, pharyngitis and laryngitis, Lugol used against rhinitis, otitis, trophic ulcers, wounds and burns.

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