aktellik – how to use an insecticide? instruction

Aktellik is a potent highly toxic pesticide against household insects and insect granary, pests of agricultural crops and horticultural. It belongs to insectoacaricide and is one of the most effective. Instructions to aktellik states, he non-systemic drug interacts contact, directly with the parasite. Due to this property of the drug is not harmful to the plant itself, and kills ticks and other insects.


Aktellik possesses enteric contact action. Insectoacaricide released in cans and ampules.

Актеллик воздействует быстро и не требует длительного периода ожидания для сбора урожая. Практически абсолютный контроль вредителей обеспечен одним препаратом
Aktellik acts quickly and does not require a long period of waiting for the harvest. Practically absolute control of pests achieved with one drug

According to the feedback of experienced gardeners and farmers, Aktellik has the following advantages:

  1. Preventing the re-emergence of pests.
  2. It does not cause resistance.
  3. Safe for plants.
  4. prolonged exposure.
  5. Wide range of applications.
  6. Effective against most pests.

The active component acts in aktellik pirimiphos-methyl. Penetrating into the body of parasites, it violates the enzyme activity, responsible for neuromuscular transmission of impulses. Gradually disrupted all the insects bodies, that leads to the death. Since aktellik action has fumigantnoe, it can be used in pest control, living on the underside of leaves.

note! Drug acts quickly. The death comes from a few minutes depending on the type of parasites and weather conditions to 3-5 hours. The protective effect persists for 2 weeks for vegetable and ornamental plants, 2-3 Time for field crops and 8-12 months in the processing of granary premises by pests.

How to do the processing plant?

As the organophosphorus compound is aktellik, you can use it only after carefully reading the instructions. Effect of the drug is enhanced at temperatures from +15 to +25 ° C and a slightly higher humidity.

Обработка Актелликом позволяет избавиться от таких трудно искоренимых видов, как паутинный клещ, щитовки и ложнощитовки, белокрылка и минирующие вредители в самых труднодоступных для ядохимикатов местах, а также от трипсов, блошек, вредоносных жуков, мух и любых других насекомых
Aktellik processing allows to get rid of these kinds of difficult exterminable, as the spider mite, shtitovki and lozhnoshtitovki, whitefly and leaf-mining pests in the most remote locations for pesticides, as well as thrips, flea beetles, malicious bugs, flies and all other insects

In the treatment of indoor plants, garden or crops should take into account a number of basic rules:

  1. Do not spray the plants after the rain or if there is dew on the leaves, as well as 2 hours prior to the estimated rainfall.
  2. Do not use aktellik during high winds and extreme heat (above +25 °C).
  3. Do not spray the drug into the wind.

It is recommended to perform the treatment after 18:00 or in the morning before 9 hours.

Dosage for spraying indoor plants is 2 ml of 1 liters of water. Flow of the working mixture - 1 l 10 m2. Treatment should be carried out on the balcony or loggia, because aktellik has a pungent smell and toxic to humans and pets. Window after treatment should be open, and the door is firmly closed and preferably during the day on the balcony does not go.

Important! Aktellik compatible with many pesticides, addition means based on the alkali and preparations, produced in the form of wettable powders and dusts.

By visible signs of incompatibility drugs include the appearance of lumps in solution and liquids bundle.

Buy aktellik drug can be as low as 30 to 1000 rubles, depending on the volume. Country of origin - Switzerland.


Replace aktellik can such analogs:

  • able to;
  • Aliot CE;
  • Ato Beetle;
  • Biotlin;
  • calypso;
  • konfidor.

able to

Akhtar - a highly effective insecticide is a new generation of fast-acting. Its release in the form of a liquid concentrate, pellets, powder and tablets. The active ingredient in the formulation is thiamethoxam Akhtar. It penetrates quickly into the plant through the leaves and has a translaminar effect.

Актара относится к химическому классу неоникотиноидов, воздействуя на никотиново-ацетил-холиновые рецепторы нервной системы насекомых
Akhtar belongs to the chemical class of neonicotinoids, affecting nicotinic acetyl choline receptors, nervous system of insects

The advantage of the preparation is, that it does not accumulate in plants. Thiamethoxam action comes after half an hour when in contact with the pest and enters the intestines. It paralyzes the nervous system of parasites and leads to death.

The protective effect during spraying of plants is maintained for 24 days, when the root system processing - up 2 months. Consumption for indoor plants - 8 g preparation per 10 liters of water.

Price insecticide Akhtar varies 40-1400 rubles. Country of origin - Switzerland.

Aliot CE

Pesticide based karbofosa, has acaricidal properties and providing insecticide and fumigation effect on many insect pests. It destroys the colony of parasites 2-3 o'clock. The protective effect lasts from 1 to 2 weeks.

Release Aliot CE in ampoules 5 ml cans and 5 and 10 l. It has a deterrent effect and has a contact-intestinal action, thus it ensures complete and rapid disinfection of the spray zone. On 10 l enough to take 5-10 ml formulation.

Price Aliot FE - 80-4220 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.

Ato Beetle

It is a modern three-insecticide, providing a contact and systemic action on pests. It consists of thiamethoxam, lambda-cyhalothrin and alpha-cypermethrin. Ato Beetle release formulation in slurry form.

The advantages include the insecticide:

  • the effectiveness of the early stages of development of the pests;
  • protective effect for 20 days;
  • dozhdeustoychivost;
  • It does not harm other plants and the environment;
  • pronounced detrimental effect a few minutes after treatment;
  • combined with all pesticides, except alkali;
  • non-addictive;
  • efficiency air at moderately high temperatures;
  • increases the quantity and quality of the crop.

The price of the drug Ato Beetle - 30-40 rubles for 10 ml. Country of origin - Ukraine.


Biotlin - systemic insecticide, providing an enteric-contact action. Protects floral and fruit crops from pests. It affects a few hours after treatment. It prevents the development of the younger generations of parasites, not addictive plants.

Биотлин - системный препарат для уничтожения различных видов тли на плодовых, ягодных, овощных и цветочных культурах
Biotlin - systemic drug for destroying various types of aphids in fruit, berry, vegetable and flower crops

The active component is imidacloprid Biotlin. It blocks the activity of protein receptors, which causes malfunction of the nervous system of pests, It leads to paralysis, then death.

Biotlin treatment should be carried out in dry weather, in the morning or evening, for 6 hours prior to the anticipated precipitation.

The price of the drug - 20-75 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.


Insecticide for protection against pests of fruit and berry fruit plants and vegetables. He is non-toxic and safe for the bees in compliance with dosage, these instructions. The protective effect lasts for 30 days.

На протяжении своего длительного срока активности Калипсо убивает всех паразитов при совершенно низкой норме использования
Throughout its long term activity Calypso kills all pests at very low rate of use

The drug has Calypso enteric contact action. He breaks the neural activity of the parasite, resulting in death. Repeated use can cause insecticide resistance, so it should be alternated with peers.

The dosage of Calypso for indoor plants is 0,5 ml of 1 liters of water.

Price insecticide Calypso - 30-50 rubles. Country of origin - Germany.


It is considered one of the most reliable and effective drugs of the new generation, designed to protect plants from pests. It differs efficiency, and prolonged exposure.

Insecticide konfidor provides contact-intestinal action. Active substance therein is imidaklorid. Release preparation in the form of granules, that need to be dissolved in water. The protective effect lasts for 1 of the month. It is maintained even when the air temperature is raised and after precipitation. It is not recommended to combine with alkaline pesticides Konfider.

note! The drug may be applied in combination with mineral fertilizers.

Price konfidor - 45-6200 rubles. Country of origin - Germany.

customer Reviews

Marina, 40 years old. I bought insecticide aktellik after, when I saw on their violets incomprehensible sticky foam and changing colors of the leaves. After reading the various forums, I understand, it is insect pests, and if you do not start a fight with them, all domestic plants may be destroyed. In the flower shop I recommend aktellik. The preparation is classified as hazardous to human health, so when you work with it necessarily should wear gloves and a respirator. The disadvantage consider it, that over time the plants produced on addictive aktellik, so the next time have to buy a new tool. Packing in insecticide handy, vial to break and dissolve in 1 liters of water. The smell is very strong, eroding then about 4 hours. Allergic reactions after use I did not have. Processed pots with violets 3 times a week with a break on the balcony. All manipulations were successful, foam with colors, I gently removed with a cotton swab. New no longer formed. Now waiting for their flowering violets and would recommend this tool!

Natalia, 54 of the year. All winter I watched, in a room on the windowsill to dry my room rose. I thought, that this is due to the season and is expected to improve in the spring. But they have not come. The plant began to wither and fall leaves. I turned to an experienced florist - my mother in law. She advised and suggested to buy aktellik, that the plants amazed spider mites. I seedling roses in three different pots and treated with preparation. Then, on the advice I have created for them greenhouse conditions, pulling trash bags. It is very convenient for quarantine, to a pest is not distributed to other plants. Minus aktellik I believe slaughter smell, at no less than 2 days. Later I took a rose from the pots and falls back into the solution. Then poured into a bowl of water, and there they were root system down. A week later, back to plant roses in pots, pre-ground whole scalded with boiling water. Treated plants aktellik from gun. A few days later I noticed, that they began to appear new leaves. This meant that, that roses liked Care, and they began to recover.

Veronica, 36 years old. Aktellik - is an effective and inexpensive means of. I bought it for the treatment of a laurel tree. A month ago, I found, that it curled sheets and dry, and in some places there were brown spots. The florist told me, that is the work of insect pests. Processed your plant from a spray several times. Smells terribly aktellik. Through 4 day I obsmotrela tree from all sides. It looked good, pests were not observed. Most damaged leaves I removed, as to leave them was useless.

Antonina, 60 years old. Very fond of houseplants. A couple of months ago bought land in the store and transplanted 5 Tsvetkov. after a week 3 noticed on the leaves of these plants the web with small dark insects. Immediately climbed to the Internet to check out, what it is. It turned, my flowers amazed spider mites. enough 1 processing aktellik, Dracaena recovered to again become beautiful. The advantage of the drug, in my opinion, This high performance at low cost. Package can be easily cut with scissors.

Valentine, 48 years old. Floristry - my main hobby. I love to grow ivy. This summer, began to notice, the plants wither and become unattractive look. He tore off the tops of the branches and showed a consultant in a flower shop. He told me, that the plant kills mite, and I advised him to treat it with insecticide aktellik. From its pungent smell sex in the evening after spraying headache. after 2 week I reprocess flowers. They began to revive, even new leaves appeared. For his birthday I was given a ficus. He appeared to be infected scale insects. Aktellik and I coped with it! I am delighted with this drug!

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